Do Vizslas Like To Swim? [Do They Like Water?]

Do vizslas like to swim

Are you a fan of the affectionate, loyal, and energetic Vizsla breed? If so, you may be curious to know whether these dogs enjoy swimming and being in the water. In this informative article, we’ll explore the swimming ability of Vizslas and provide you with tips for ensuring that your furry friend is safe and comfortable in the water.

While Vizslas have webbed feet and an anatomy that allows them to swim, they are not natural water dogs like some other breeds. However, with proper training, positive reinforcement, obedience training, perseverance, and consistency, Vizslas can become good swimmers and enjoy playing in the water.

It’s important to remember that swimming can pose some risks for Vizslas, such as exhaustion, hypothermia, and even drowning. Therefore, it’s essential to supervise your dog while they are in the water, use a life jacket if needed, and gradually introduce them to swimming in a safe and controlled environment.

In our upcoming article, we’ll explore the swimming ability of Vizslas in more detail and provide you with tips for ensuring that your furry friend is safe and comfortable in the water. Don’t miss out on this informative read that can help you better understand your dog’s unique characteristics and needs.

Can Vizslas Swim Like a Pro?

Vizslas were not bred to be swimming dogs. Because of their natural instincts, abilities, and body structure, they are known to be excellent hunters. It is not to become natural swimmers.

But the matter is, their body structure, energy level, and metabolism level are much helpful to become an excellent swimmer. Moreover, Since Vizslas have webbed feet, it boosts their swimming ability.

In fact, with their high prey drive and athletic body, and long snouts, they can easily navigate through the water. But, when their swimming ability is compared with water breeds such as labs, Newfoundland, absolutely their swimming ability is a little bit higher than what these dogs have.

vizsla puppy first time swimming

They swim just like other breeds.

Vizslas usually swim just like other dogs. The way they swim is very technical. they keep their head above the water surface while navigating through the water. So, it helps them to keep breathing during the whole swimming session.

What’s more, they bring their front legs out of the water to paddle. I’ve seen loads of Vizslas who can swim like excellent swimmers throughout my life. To be honest, there isn’t much difference between them and aquatic dogs.

Hunters benefit most from their swimming abilities.

Hunters benefit most from vizslas’ swimming ability because vizslas are known as one of the most talented hunting dogs in the canine world. When the strong prey drive and swimming abilities are married together, they can become skillful hunters. It would help fetch and hunt aquatic birds too!

Since Vizslas have incredibly full of energy and they like water, they won’t stop retrieve fowl.

Vizslas and their fear of water

As we discussed above, Vizslas like to swim and have an incredible amount of fun. 

But first, training them to swim is not an easy task. For the first time, they would have some unfamiliar feeling with the water. Anyhow this depends on the individual pup. 

It is imperative to eliminate their fear of water. Don’t be panic because it’s an entirely realistic situation. Because many dogs tend to be afraid of the water when it comes to their first experience with water.

Often dogs tend to drool as they feel some nervousness. But the fact of the matter is, you need to eliminate their fear of water in order to have fun with water in their future life.

vizslas like to swim

But don’t be rushed to do anything throughout the training sessions. If anything happens, which gives your Vizsla some bad memories with water, they will never ever be going to enjoy the water.

Moreover, If they are not accustomed to water when their puppyhood, you will have a hard time training them to water as they mature. 

So, Let’s find out some methods to eliminate this problem.

Be yourself in the water.

This is an excellent way to avoid their fear of water because dogs tend to do things when they feel like their owners are participating as well.

If your Vizsla sees you stay in the water comfortably and without any trouble, the fear of water will diminish to some extent.

Start slowly and step by step.

Never throw your Vizsla into the water by thinking they need to ease their fear of water. That could be causing the problem to escalate.

Start with a small pool. Dog swimming pools will be perfectly matched with this task. First, wet your vizslas’ paw, and get him into the water gently and slowly.

Go for a hike and find a good stream bed.

You need to build his confidence, and what I recommend is to go for a hike with your Vizsla. Then find a small body of water. But remember, the water level should be less than one-third of his height.

Now cross the water body. Probably your vizsla will stand on the brink and refuse to come. But don’t cuddle him. Just cross the water body without worrying about him anymore.

He will be moaning for a while. But, eventually, he will find a suitable path to reach you. Usually, when his water fears subside, you can start to teach him to swim.

Be aware that if you can solve this problem, you will see that Vizslas are water lovers and would love to play in the water even hours in a raw.

How to train vizslas to swim?

This is also a bit complicated task. But it’s possible. If your vizsla has already eliminated the fear of water, this will be a straightforward task. 

Important: When you start the training session, It’s essential to have a dog life jacket. Because they need to learn how their body parts must be move. At first, they cannot understand how should be it happen.

If he doesn’t have a life jacket, He will paddle his four limbs to avoid drowning. So, he cannot learn movements easily. But when he has a life coat, It makes learning movements very simple.

So, let’s get started.

Find a shallow and gentle slope of a waterway. The water body should be a couple of inches of depth. You can start with puppy treats. Then gently ask him to come. (You too should be in the water) 

Don’t force them into the water. Because the dogs can feel it as a punishment method. And they’ll have a lot of bad memories associated with water. 

Therefore, take them gradually and gently into the deeper. 

Swimming can burn more energy than running. Therefore, your vizsla will start to splash quickly. Give him small support by giving small force upward. 

In most cases, your vizsla will keep his head above the water level and use only the front legs for paddling. But he also has to learn to use all four limbs to use when swimming. So help him to do it. 

Once they are good at swimming, take them into rivers, lakes, ocean. Then let them play at their own pace. 

Pro tip: sometimes, you can speed up this process. Take Vizslas for a swim with a dog that can swim well. Surprise! Your dog will learn very quickly. 

At what age can vizslas start swimming?

There is no specific answer to this. Because it depends on the individual dog, but usually, if they’re about 5 months old, vizslas can train to swim, and they will love water.

But don’t forget to follow all the instructions I explained.

Can Vizslas swim in chlorinated pools?

Yes. They can swim in chlorinated pools. But be aware that the level of chlorine must be in the normal range. But the problem is dogs tend to drink water while swimming or playing with water.

But you can prevent this problem to some extent by giving him drinking water before and after the swimming session. Be aware that the sensitive organs of dogs are much more sensitive than what humans have. It is therefore recommended to take appropriate precautions.

Keep in mind

While you teach your Vizsla to swim, there are a few essential things you need to know. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Vizslas can get cold quickly. 

We know Labradors are good aquatic dogs, and they can spend hours with water because they have good undercoats and many more features, which make them water friendly.

But Vizslas haven’t good insulating undercoat. If it’s too cold outside, don’t bring them to swim because they can get sick quickly. So, don’t expose your Vizsla to the water or the cold for long hours.

Furthermore, do not stay in the water much longer. Because if your Vizsla is already a puppy, he can get tired.

  • Be patience

Patience act an essential role in order to get anything to succeed! So, assume that you are teaching a human child. If you do not have good patience, your Vizsla will fail to swim, and possibly he will end up having a fear of water.

  • Supervise them

This is one of the most essential things. Do not allow your Vizsla to swim without any close supervision. Especially when they are training and alone.

  • Don’t take him for swimming during cold days.

This sound can be more obvious, but the fact of the matter is it’s extremely important. Choose sunny days to engage with the water.

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  • Dry them completely

If you swim with your Vizsla in a lake, it’s necessary to wash them with clean water. You can simply use a hose with some water pressure and it would help to remove some things which are trapped in his coat.

Make sure to wipe your Vizsla with a dry towel and make sure to clean their ears too.

Do vizslas like rain?

The majority of Vizslas love to swim and water. But most of the Vizslas don’t like rain. I had a male husky way back ago. He loves to run here and there while it’s raining. 

So if your vizsla doesn’t like rain, you have to face many difficulties during rainy seasons. Because most vizsla owners tend to bring them outside for peeing or pooping, but what happens is if there is raining, some vizslas will not step foot off the porch. 

As a result, You may find your floor is dirty. All of this happens because of the fear of rain of vizslas. So you have to overcome it. Use a raincoat or dog umbrella to get out.

Usually, dogs when their puppy age, go out to potty very lazily. As soon as they complete it, they return home within seconds. But as the vizslas mature, they will learn to hold it until the rain is over.


Many people love vizslas because of various factors. But most of them have common problems. 

  • Do vizslas like to swim?
  • Do vizslas like water?

So, this article is an in-depth review of these issues. I hope you enjoyed it.

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