Are Vizslas Good Apartment Dogs? [Owner’s Guide]

Are vizslas good apartment dogs

Getting a vizsla as an apartment dog is a somewhat challenging decision. Vizslas are known as excellent hunting dogs with endless strength. So, let’s if whether vizslas are good apartment dogs or not.

Are vizslas good apartment dogs? Most Vizslas cannot adopt for apartment living. Since they are highly energetic active dogs, they require strenuous exercises and wide space to roam freely and play. But with proper exercise and fulfilling other requirements, they can adapt to apartment life.

There are loads of dog breeds that are suitable for apartments. But high-energy dogs such as Vizslas, Weimaraners have never been included in that list. But It doesn’t mean that they cannot adopt for apartments. So let’s dive right into the article.

The apartment life with vizslas

If you live in an apartment and looking for adopting a Vizsla, be aware that you have to be ready for so many difficulties and challenges.

Since Vizslas need an extensive area to roam freely and chase things, they actually deserve an active family and not for a lazy family. They like to be active outdoors.

Let me explain some of the difficulties you have to face.

For a normal house

  • In most cases, we know that a normal house has a dog door. So vizslas can go here and there as they want.
  • When they feel bored, they can go backyard and roam. So, It’s comfortable to look after them healthy and safe. 
  • Moreover, giving exercise is much easier. Owners can have a walk or run in the backyard in the morning with the vizsla. ( Having morning exercises makes vizslas easy to left alone)
  • While their dogs are accustomed to bark and whine, it does not bother neighbors. Because they have some distance between homes.

For an apartment 

  • Vizslas cannot go outside as they want. The only space these vizslas have is the apartment area.
  • They can be easily bored because of less space. It can be lead to anxious situations. 
  • Giving exercises is somewhat hard. You have to find a suitable place to provide exercise. In fact, it’s so annoying taking them out regularly. Imagine you are on the 4th floor:) so, it’s tough to keep vizslas as healthy dogs in apartments.
  • You wanna teach them not to bark outside noises or other nearby apartment neighbors’ noises because vizslas tend to whine as they quickly become bored. 
  • You have to take them out on a leash for peeing and pooping several times throughout the day.

Reasons not to recommend vizslas for apartments.

As I mentioned above, vizslas are not recommended dogs for apartment living. If you take a small look at their characteristics, you will realize.

Vizslas are hunting dogs, and they are extraordinarily energetic, loyal. Furthermore, they seek attention. They love to play throughout the day. Even you are such an active man, making your dog tired is not that simple. 

Personally, I know that some people keep them for hunting purposes, but their vizslas can stay industrious all day.  

Most apartments do not have a yard, and if they have a yard, they are probably small. Some cases have dog-friendly apartments with a dog park. But actually, they are too small and not attractive. 

If you live in a normal house, it is straightforward to open the door and let your vizslas play in the yard. If you have a fenced yard, you no need to worry anymore. 

As I mentioned above, vizslas love to spend time outdoors. When they have enclosed in a small area, they can quickly become destructive. So they tend to chew the furniture. 

Next, vizslas will start to cry and whine continuously. I don’t think the response from neighbors will be positive. 

If you can socialize them whenever you can, it helps for proper mental stimulation. Suppose you take them for a run. In most cases, you have to run next to the street.

Read this to understand whether Vizslas are good guard dogs.

What to do for adopting Vizslas for apartment life?

We have thoroughly discussed that Vizslas are not suitable for apartments. But it doesn’t mean it’s an impractical thing. 

But most importantly, you should provide the following.

  • Dedicate a lot more time than other vizsla owners
  • Dedicate a lot more effort more than other vizsla owners
  • Giving proper training that is suitable for apartment 
  • Providing good exercises with a proper plan. 

There are many rescue groups out there. So you can easily find a rescued vizsla. The problem is that absolutely rescued vizslas are not suitable dogs for apartments because many rescue dogs are accustomed to living on their territory.

vizslas good apartment dogs

But there is another possibility. You can find a dog who is already accustomed to apartment life. But when we examine humanity’s side, the transition from grown dog to another family is a heartless thing. Because vizslas are incredibly close to their families, due to this, their separation anxiety can be too high and adverse to cure.

On the other hand, you can find a vizsla puppy. 

I’m pretty sure that you can be accustomed to the apartment presence with your vizsla. But you have to give each need for him since their puppyhood.

How to train vizslas for apartment life?

If you don’t have enough time and patience, it can be an impossible thing. Think it this way. Can we train a child to walk from day one? It requires time and extreme perseverance and patience. 

Actually, this is not rocket science. So, without any gobbledygook, let’s dive into the topic.

Important: The number one key factor is consistency. The vizslas are a somewhat stubborn breed. But they are super intelligent. Therefore, puppy treats and positive rewards will always be useful in training them.

So if you wish to buy a Vizsla for your apartment, get a puppy. ( There are many other factors to consider before buying a new dog.) because puppies are small, and you can efficiently train them. Furthermore, as they live in an apartment, they can easily adapt to that life since their childhood. 

But even a vizsla puppy has a tremendous amount of energy. So it’s essential to stay with a good exercise routine. 

They will grow within months. Therefore, providing proper apartment training for vizslas is helpful for these dogs’ good behavioral future.

Indoor training for apartment vizslas

House training is one of the most troublesome things you will face during training. As I mentioned above, you have to take them out several times per day for peeing or pooping. 

But using a puppy pad may so useful on emergency occasions. But don’t use the puppy pad when someone is at home. It is so useful whenever you are away from home all day.

But don’t let them believe the puppy pad is the only place that he can use. That’s why you need to give them use it rarely. 

When they need to pee, you will see the following things. 

  • Sniffing
  • Whining
  • Cry
  • Heading toward the door

In these situations, take him outside asap!

Crate training

The very first thing you wanna remember in order to be successful with crate training is don’t use the crate as a place that use to punish. Instead, let them know that it is his own territory.

Having basic obedience training will boost the crate training process. So it’s necessary to find a good trainer to give them basic obedience training. 

So before vizslas crate trained, they must know basic commands such as,

  • Come
  • Sit
  • Sleep

So whenever they do these commands well, reward them with puppy treats. If you do everything right, you will realize that the vizslas can live like Apartment dogs.

Giving food inside the crate will make them comfortable with the crate. In fact, keep the crate in a place which has nice looking. That means your vizsla should be able to see your activities from the crate.

Make his crate comfortable to sleep in. Do these things. Soon your vizsla will engage with the crate. If he spends too much time entering the crate, push him gently inside the crate. Then give puppy treats immediately.

How to socialize an apartment vizslas?

When you come to socialize with them, it can be a somewhat difficult task. Because he often spends time between the walls. 

He needs to stay outdoors with nature, other dogs, and people. So, take them to dog parks every day. 

So in order to develop good behavior from the apartment vizslas, positive reinforcement is a must.

The best home environment for vizslas

Again, if you are living in an apartment, vizslas are not suitable for you. There are many other breeds suitable for apartments.

If you are willing to own a vizsla, first, your family needs to be active. Having a fenced yard will be preferably more suitable. 

Fixing a doggy gate is significant. Then they can enter and exit whenever they want. So think whether vizslas are good apartment dogs or not!

You can easily play fetch in the backyard. Furthermore, giving strenuous exercises are a must. You can take them for,

  • Long walks
  • Long runs
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Bike rides

Vizslas benefits from living in an ordinary house rather than living in an apartment. Vizslas love to feel nature and hear the noises, Stay for hours with the environment. Most importantly, it will help them stay mentally stimulated.

Does My Apartment Complex Allow Vizslas?

One of the main things you need to figure out is if your apartment allows pets. So, it’s important to arrange a meeting as soon as possible with the owner of your apartment in order to figure out the answers to your question and all the other related problems associated with that.

Here, the meeting will be more focused on the following matters.

  • What happens if the Vizsla starts to barking.
  • What if he growls or barks at someone.
  • The smell could come from the dog.
  • What about the shedding.
  • The places he gonna use pooping and peeing.
  • The possible diseases which can affect human lives

You will need to find answers to all of those problems. Most apartment complexes allow dogs. But some apartment complexes tend to allow certain types of breeds by mainly examining their personality, behavior, and traits, and many more.

See the video below to understand the best dog breeds for apartment life.


Many people love vizslas. But most people live in apartments. So there are typical problems among them. “Are vizslas good apartment dogs?” or “can vizslas live in apartments?” 

So this article is a complete guide that reviews that matter. I hope it helps.

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