Labrador Breeders in Brisbane | List Of 2 Local Breeders

Labradors are among the most popular breeds of dogs around the world. They’re an intelligent, fun-loving breed with much energy and a good sense of humor. Their great personalities make them excellent family pets who can keep up with your kids while being playful enough to entertain them. Plus, they’re known as “man’s best friend” for a good reason: they love their owners and want to be part of every activity in their house. If you are looking for a Labrador breeder in Brisbane, check out the below list of breeders:

List of Labrador Breeders in Brisbane

Pawling Labradors BreedersWest Brisbane(040) 353-8277[email protected]
Copperkee LabradorsNorth Brisbane(040) 449-6899[email protected]

Pawling Labradors Breeders

Pawling Labradors are registered as chocolate and black labrador puppies breeders with Dogs Queensland. Our labrador puppies at Pawling are bred primarily on skeletal soundness and genuine Labrador type, with temperament and trainability as top priorities. All of our breeding dogs have passed “complete breed profile” testing.

Our chocolate and black Pawling Labradors reside in rural areas with restricted access to animals, fenced paddocks, fruit orchards, and dams. This location is two hours west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. By 12 months, all of our Pawlinglabs are well-socialized, Level 4 obedience, and livestock trained.

Location: West Brisbane
Pawling Labradors Breeders
(040) 353-8277
[email protected]

Copperkee Labradors

Proud owners of all three varieties of Labrador Retrievers – each as gorgeous as the next and all vital family members. We no longer participate in obedience because we spend most of our time showing our dogs at Conformation Shows. Our pups are extremely competitive, and we have bred and titled several Australian Champions and our first Grand Champion just lately.

All of our breeding dogs are hip and elbow-scored and PRA-free. We have several stud dogs with superior pedigrees, imported ancestry, low hip and elbow scores, and PRA and EIC clearance. Please visit our website for information on our dogs. Puppies are occasionally available and raised in a domestic setting.

Location: North Brisbane
Phone: (040) 449-6899
Email: [email protected]
Website: Copperkee Labradors
Facebook Page: Copperkee Labradors Facebook Page

Short History of the Labrador Breed

Labrador retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds worldwide, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In the 1500s, in Newfoundland, Canada, waterdogs gave rise to the Labrador Retriever. These canines were known as St. John’s water dogs and were used by hunters and fishermen to retrieve ducks, fishing nets, and ship ropes. The St. John’s dog was a working breed recognized for its pleasant disposition and ability to work long hours in frigid waters. Extinct is the St. John’s water dog breed. It is believed that the last of these dogs perished in the early 1980s. Yet, current Labradors have inherited their kind nature and propensity for working hard and assisting humans.

St. John’s water dogs were described as having medium-sized, robust bodies. They had black hair with areas of white on their chest, chin, feet, and face. Several modern Labradors and Labrador mix exhibit St. John’s water dog characteristics, including white patches on the chest or chin and stray white hairs on their feet.

Beautiful Labrador dog in Brisbane
Beautiful Labrador dog in Brisbane

Tips When choosing a Labrador Breeder

When looking for a Labrador puppy, choosing a breeder with your best interests at heart is important. Here are some tips that can help you find the perfect match:

  • Check the breeder’s facilities. Are they clean and well-kept? Do they have an odor or look dirty? Are there any signs of illness in the animals being bred there, such as runny noses or diarrhea? If so, this could indicate that something isn’t right with how they care for their animals–and, therefore, what kind of puppies they’re producing.
  • Ask to see the parents of your potential puppy’s parents and their health records (if available). You want to make sure that both sides of your pup’s family tree are healthy and free from genetic diseases like hip dysplasia or epilepsy before committing to buying one from them!
  • See what living conditions are like at this facility by touring their kennels; this way, you’ll know whether or not your dog will receive proper care once they arrive home with you!
  • Ask about the breeder’s history. How long have they been breeding dogs? What kind of dogs do they breed, and what are their specialities? Suppose you’re looking for a puppy who has been well socialized with many different people, other animals and experiences at a young age. In that case, this is very important information to know!

How Much Does a Labrador Cost?

The price of a Labrador puppy will depend on the breeder and the puppy’s gender, age, lineage and health. The average cost of a Labrador puppy in Brisbane is between $700 and $900. A reputable breeder should be able to provide information about your puppy’s lineage (parents) so that you can see how well they have been bred in terms of temperament and physical appearance.

Do Labradors Make Good Pets?

Labrador Retrievers are great family pets. They’re loyal, affectionate and playful with kids of all ages. They also get along well with other animals that live in the house. Labrador Retrievers are easy to train because they love learning new things and will work hard for their owners if they know it means treats or praise! If you’re looking for a dog who loves spending time with people and has lots of energy, then a Labrador Retriever could be perfect for your family!


There are many Labrador breeders in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. They have different qualities, so it’s important to research before deciding which one is right for you. We hope this article has helped you understand what makes a good breeder and how much they cost.

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