How High Can a Basset Hound Jump? [The Amazing Truth]

How high can a basset hound jump

Have you ever wondered how high can a basset hound jump? It is reasonable to think so because they are so low to the ground. Since many people are concerned about this matter, I decided to write a helpful article.

How high can a basset hound jump? There isn’t an exact answer to how high can a basset hound jump. But a healthy basset can jump about 3-4 feet with no support. Getting into the habit of jumping can lead to back and joint problems. Their jump should be limited by supervision with other tactics.

Even though jumping and playing are beneficial for your basset hound’s health, excessive jumping can be slightly annoying. IIn fact, it might cause to occur some joint problems in adult dogs. So, let’s dive right in.

How high can basset hounds jump? The in-depth answer

As we discussed above, a healthier basest hound can jump about 2-3 feet. But, basset hounds are really more susceptible when compared to other breeds to back injuries and other joint issues.

But, when it comes to an old basset, actually they cannot hardly jump even 1 foot. Because as they getting old, they begin to suffer from obesity and other related health issues.

When we think of basset hound puppies, they cannot jump more than 1 foot. But when they are young, they can jump about 2-3 feet, as we discussed above. Because that is the most active and energetic period in their life.

But if the dog doesn’t get adequate exercise, as they getting younger, We can expect the common health issues that we can see from these young basset hounds. That means It limits the height at which it can jump.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what is the age of your basset hound, you should train your dog to be aware of heights.

As the owner, you should supervise him closely to minimize the potential problems to his back. That means it’s crucial to keep your basset hound jumping from

  • Couches
  • Beds
  • Downstairs
  • Any other high surface.

In fact, you should be mindful when playing in the backyard. As very affectionate and lovely creatures, basset hounds tend to become more playful and bouncy during their playtime.

They love human association and perhaps he can forget what he is doing when playing in the backyard. So, make sure there are no pits in your backyard.

If you’ve ever wondered when Do Basset hounds calm down, consider going through the link and reading that complete article.

How to train your basset hound not to jump on people?

Many basset hounds have a problem jumping on people. It’s pretty much common behavior and a way of showing their love and affection.

Even though that’s not a behavioral problem, it can be slightly annoying on some occasions. Suppose your basset buddy playing in the backyard that having full of muds.

Then what will happen if one of your friends came to your home, probably your basset will go and jump on him as a warm welcome. Then his clothes will be full of muddy and dirty.

So, it’s essential to teach your basset hound to stop jump on people. So, here are several tactics that you can give a shot.

  • Leashed and treats method.
  • Change his attention

Leashed and treats method.

So, I’m gonna explain this method as a step-by-step process.

  1. Tell one of your family members to stand away 5-6 feet away with your basset hound on a short leash.
  2. Then you should approach the basset hound slowly with having enough high-value puppy treats. But, you have to let him feel that you have puppy treats by letting him smell beforehand or showing him.
  3. So, this is the most important part. If your basset hound tries to jump on you, immediately take a step away from him and say “no” in a gentle, firm, and calm voice. Once you are able to move forward without your basset jumping, reward him with treats, and say “Good boy”.
  4. You have to practice about 2 times on the first day. In the second session, you have to change the rewarding them with just your positive attention. So, that way, You can prevent him from being food motivated.
  5. So keep doing this until it becomes a habit.

Change his attention

Understand that jumping can occur when your basset hound gets excited is usually an attention-seeking behavioral problem. Some dogs tend to bark right into the face just to get their owner’s attention.

So, you need to make sure not to reward such kind of behavior. If your dog tries to jump on you, changing its attention would be a great method to ease this problem. So, let’s understand how you can do that step by step.

  1. You need to turn your back toward him as he tries to jump on you. Make sure not to make any kind of eye contact. If you do, guess what? he got your attention. So, don’t look at him. Just turn back to him.
  2. So, when your basset has four feet on the ground, immediately cuddle him, reward him by saying “good boy”
  3. Inform your family members to continue this process until this issue is resolved.

How to teach your basset hound not to jump off from furniture or heights?

As we discussed earlier, there is a huge risk that has been involved with their jumping. It’s not good for your basset’s back and joints to frequent jumping or jumping off from the couch or other furniture.

In fact, almost every basset has been used to sleep on their owner’s bed, and since it is comfortable and warm, they try to jump onto it. When they get bored by sleeping, they will immediately jump off from the bed.

So, how can you solve this matter? Because you can’t let your basset hound jump into bed or on the couch without your assistance. It is not for any other reason, just to make sure it’s safe.

You can do this in two ways.

Method 1

Don’t let him jump into your couch, bed, or any other furniture. IT’s so much clear, it’s not fair. And it’s not affectionate. so, You cannot do this unless you want to.

Method 2

Perhaps your basset hound is your bedmate. So, you can not impose any restrictions on access to the bed. So, you can make Dog steps to your bed. If there is any other couch or high place that he used to sleep in, you can keep another dog steps there too. So, the problem has been solved and both are happy.

How to make a jump proof fence for your basset hound?

As we discussed so far basset hounds are not perfect jumpers. They are not as fail as much as you think. Even though they are not scape artists, there is a considerable risk of scaping your dog.

Especially, young basset hounds can jump over even 1-2 foot high bumps. Don’t underestimate your basset hound, you should build a jump-proof fence around your territory.

If you want to stay close to your neighbors, building a whole wall around the house isn’t suitable, and it’s expensive. So, the most appropriate thing is building a Chainlink around the house.

In fact, the standard chain link is enough for most dogs. But we know that some basset hounds are huge diggers. So, If you want to prevent him from escaping by digging, it’s recommended to attach epoxy coated wire cloth that is around 3 feet tall to the bottom of that chain link on the inside where the basset hound is. So, you have to bury this into the ground.

So, in this way, you can keep your basset hound from digging holes and escape.

But there is another thing we need to consider. Some dogs can learn to climb this chain link. But, when we think about basset hounds, they have much larger paws and short legs with huge bodies.

So, they are less likely to have the ability to climb a chain link. But, If the fence is about 3 feet high, even a basset hound is more likely to climb it. and escape. So, you have to keep it in your mind.

What are the possible problems if your basset hound is used to jumping?

As we discussed above, your basset hound is not supposed to jump off from the bed, couch, and other furniture. Because there is a high chance occur some back problems and injuries.

When we think about basset hounds and their jumping, some jumping may not be harmful such as jumping off from a moderate height. It can be scaled 1-2 feet.

But there are specific situations that are really dangerous when compared with other risks that we have discussed. We know that there is a common problem among basset hounds which is overweight.

If your basset hound is overweight and jumping off from even moderate heights could lead to occur injuries and other problems to their back and joints as they already have considerable extra weight and pressure.

Things to be aware of

So, we have discussed so many things. But, it’s not finished yet, because there are several other things that you need to be aware of. So, let’s understand what they are.

Provide adequate exercises.

Even though basset hounds are not highly energetic dog breeds, they really need a moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis. So, taking him a 30-minute walk would be enough. In fact, playing in the backyard will be enough for your dog. But don’t try to play games that require a high amount of effort.

But playing anything around 30 minutes per day would be enough. So, you can try following games with your basset hound.

Mentally stimulate your dog

If your basset hound is used to jump on to people, that can be because of affectionate and behavioral problems. So, you need to keep your dog mentally stimulated.

So, you can do the following things in order to keep your dog mentally stimulated.

  • Give Raw bones
  • Give adequate exercises.
  • Provide puzzle toys
  • Play with him in the backyard.
  • Stick with a daily routine with the dog.

Be patience

This is one of the special requirements that you need to have if you own a basset hound. Because adopting a basset is extremely hard. You have to care about loads of things.

In fact, the training processes can be much difficult since they are really stubborn creatures. So, if you want to train your basset hound to do something, you have to be extremely patient with the process.

Don’t make your own exercises schedule

We know that basset hounds can become easily overweight since they are really, really lazy. But the fact I want to emphasize here is that don’t make your own exercise plan in order to keep him healthy or mentally stimulate.

Because you don’t know how much exercise a basset hound wants. So, don’t make any tries and errors with your lovely dog’s life, instead, consult a veterinarian and get advice.

Don’t make your own meal plan for your dog.

As we discussed so far, your basset hound cannot jump high because of its body structure and other related issues. If he gets overweight, things can get worsen.

So, if you think of making a meal plan for your basset hound just to keep him healthy, that might endanger your dog. Because we have to consider loads of things before creating a meal plan for a dog. So, I suggest you consult a veterinarian and take advice to make an appropriate meal plan for your basset hound.


If you own a basset hound, it’s pretty much fair to concern about how high he can jump. Because they are long and very close to the ground. So, this article has been discussed this matter a little bit deeper, and I hope you found it helps. So, it’s really appreciable if you can share your own experiences and thoughts about this matter. have a nice day.