When Do Basset Hounds Calm Down? [Owner’s Guide + 8 Tips]

When do basset hounds calm down

Have you ever found yourself wondering when your beloved basset hound pup will finally calm down? You’re not alone, dear friends! As a fellow basset hound owner, I’ve received many questions about this topic, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you.

So, when do basset hounds calm down?

Most basset hounds will start to calm down around 2-3 years of age. However, some may remain hyper even after 3 years. The key to helping your furry friend calm down is to provide them with adequate exercise, proper socialization, basic obedience training, sticking to a daily routine, and regular veterinary check-ups.

By meeting your basset hound’s needs and wants, you can help keep them calm and happy. However, it’s crucial to take the right approach to prevent any unexpected problems. With the right knowledge and approach, we’re confident that you and your furry friend can enjoy a happy and harmonious life together. So, let’s dive right in and explore the world of basset hounds and calming down!

When do basset hounds calm down? The in-depth answer

Adopting a basset hound is kind of a challenging task. But they are devoted friendly, gentle, sweet-tempered, tenacious creatures. In fact, basset hounds are cuddly and affectionate canines and often enjoy human company.

These days I am writing a series of articles about basset hounds. So, I have met several basset hound owners just to get valuable information and their experiences. (I have mentioned this in my previous articles also.)

So, most of them were really calm, and a few of them were really hyper. So, I have got loads of information which I’m gonna share with you now.

As I mentioned above, most of the basset hounds calm down around 2-3 years of age, while some of them remain hyper even after 3-5 years.

Some people think that these dogs are lazy creatures and don’t need much exercise. That’s one of the main reasons why do some basset hounds are not calm. (Anyhow, it can cause by several other reasons. Don’t worry, I will share all of them)

Remember, basset hounds are a hunting dog breed, and they were initially bred to hunt here. So, these ground canines are meant to be chasing after here all day. So, the lack of exercise could be a reason.

Here is why some Basset hounds lick so much.

How to calm your basset hound down?

As I mentioned earlier, adopting a basset hound is somewhat difficult because they are prone to several health issues, obesity, back issues, and joint issues. In fact, training a basset hound is a really, really difficult task.

However, you can take several approaches to calm your basset down. But, remember taking the right approaches is crucial in order to prevent some behavioral problems.

Sometimes you may have experienced that basset hounds jump on to people. Even if it seems because of their affection. It’s not! It’s kind of a behavioral problem. So, it’s time to figure out what you can do.

So, here are the most efficient ways to calm your basset hound down,

  1. Stick with a daily routine.
  2. Proper socialization
  3. Adequate exercises
  4. Basic obedience training
  5. Proper nutrition plan
  6. Regular veterinary checkups.
  7. Spend some quality time with your dog
  8. Provide mental stimulation

1. Stick with a daily routine.

This is one of the essential things you need to keep in mind. Dogs love to stick with a daily routine. Hey, Do you know that almost every dog breed has a very accurate internal clock?

That means, suppose you give high-value puppy treats to your dog for several days simultaneously, and you forget to provide it with the next day at that specific time. The dog will approach you to eat puppy treats strictly at that particular time.

So, that’s the nature of the dog’s internal clock. So, what I want to emphasize here is that dogs love to stick with a routine. So, you have to make an appropriate routine for your dog right away in order to calm your basset hound down.

2. Proper socialization will help you to calm your base hound down.

Socializing your basset hound at an early age is the best thing that you can possibly do. Because that will help to stay full of love, affection, friendly with your dog.

It helps your dog understand the outside world, creatures, and sounds, and it would allow him to reduce loads of confusion and misunderstanding.

In fact, here are some other benefits of socializing your basset hound.

  • Build confidence.
  • Better relations with neighbors.
  • Mental stimulation
  • It fosters healthy psychological growth
  • Usually, social dogs are much easier to groom
  • Less fear and anxiety.
  • To reduce aggression toward people and other creatures.

3. Adequate exercises

Usually, basset hounds that will receive adequate exercises have proven to stay calm when compared to other dogs. Note that there are so many benefits of providing sufficient exercise for your dog.

In fact, here are some other related benefits of providing enough exercise for your dog.

  • strengthen the bond between the dog and you
  • Reduce unwanted barking
  • Able to fight with obesity
  • Health improvements

But you need to always get advice from a veterinarian before making any exercise schedule for your basset hound.

4. Give basic obedience training in order to calm your basset hound down.

Providing basic obedience is the key to everything. So, it’s recommended to provide proper training in an early stage of their life.

In fact, here are some other benefits you will receive by providing proper basic obedience training to your basset hound.

  • To build a closer bond with your basset hound.
  • Your dog will be more social, friendly.
  • Easy to manage.
  • It helps their own safety.
  • Mentally stimulation.
  • They can easily understand the world and learn new things.

5. Make a proper nutrition plan in order to keep your basset hound calm.

To be honest, this is not directly affected by this matter. But, this is something you need to be really concerned about. Because not having adequate nutrition for your dog could lead to end up with several health issues.

But, you need to always make sure to get professional help before making any diet plan for your basset hound. Because there are loads of things, we need to consider before making a diet plan. So, bear it in your mind.

6. Regular veterinary checkups.

You need to regularly consult your veterinarian to make sure your basset hound is completely healthy and doing well.

7. Spend some quality time with your dog to calm your basset hound down.

As we discussed earlier, basset hounds are incredibly sociable, friendly, and affectionate creatures, and they require loads of attention from you. So, spending quality time with your basset hound would help calm him down.

So, here are some ways to spend time with him.

  • Get some exercise
  • Go to the shopping mall
  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a car ride
  • Play games
  • Visit dog park
  • Go to pet events
  • Cuddle your basset.

8. Provide mental stimulation

Lack of mental stimulation is one of the main reasons your basset hound stays hyper and is difficult to calm down.

So, here are some ways to mentally stimulate your basset hound.

  • Give Puzzle toys
  • Give Raw bones
  • Provide daily exercises.
  • Play with him.
  • Cuddle him.
  • Play calm music when you are away.
  • Go for a walk.

Why do some basset hounds stay hyper?

As my experiences go, I know some basset hounds tend to stay hyper even after 3-5 years, and they are much harder to calm down.

The fact you need to understand is each dog has its own personality. I mean, even pedigree dogs from original breeders tend to have their own personalities.

We know that most basset hounds do naturally calm down up to some degree during the initial two to three years of your basset hound’s life. But if your basset hound is still hyper, the chance is your dog’s personality may be a little bit more active when compared with other basset hounds.

In fact, there are multiple reasons why does your basset hound stays hyper, and by taking appropriate actions, you can keep him calm throughout the day.

So, here are some reasons why does your dog stays hyper.

  1. Lack of exercise.
  2. Lack of obedience training
  3. Due to separation anxiety

1. Lack of exercise.

Obviously, this is one of the significant reasons why this problem happens. Even though you feel basset hounds don’t need many exercises, they do need it. Here I wanna intensely mention to you that never try to make your own exercise schedule for your dog.

That means you do need to consult a veterinarian and make appropriate exercises schedule just for your dog. So, by doing that way, you can calm your basset hound down.

2. Lack of basic obedience training

As we discussed earlier, basset hounds are much harder to train when compared with other average dog breeds. That means you have to make a considerable effort. But if you give up, they will be the worst dog breed you have ever seen.

3. Due to anxiety

Basset hounds that suffering from anxiety much much harder to calm down. So, There are several reasons why they suffer from anxiety.

  • Change in residence recently.
  • Changing the daily routine of the dog.
  • Anyone leaves the house for an extended time.
  • The dog is still in his transition period.

How can you create a calming environment for your basset hound?

In order to create a calming environment for a basset hound, you need to have a proper understanding of your individual dog. Because every single dog is different even from the same litter.

So, being aware of basset hounds’ temperament, personality, likes, and dislikes, are much helpful to the owner to create a safe, happy, calming, and loving environment.

So, to make the perfect environment for your basset hound, it’s crucial to consider the following things.

  • Having a clean, safe environment.
  • Providing adequate protection from hazards.
  • Changing your basset hound’s bedding regularly.
  • Let him feel the taste of nature.
  • Make sure that the place your basset live is large enough.
  • Having easy access to food, clean water, sleep area, potty place.
  • Turning or calming music when you are away from home.
  • Avoiding high-frequency noises.
  • If you own a cat, be sure to make them friendly.

Things to be aware of

I think now you have a proper understanding of how to calm your basset hound down. But that’s not enough. There are a handful of things you need to consider throughout this process. So, let’s understand what they are.

Note that their energy level has an end.

We have discussed that your basset needs exercises in order to calm him down. But the fact you need to understand is their energy level is limited when compared to other high energetic dog breeds.

So, it’s crucial to get professional advice to make an appropriate exercise schedule for your dog.

Do not yell at your dog.

As we know, basset hounds are a little bit difficult to train. Actually, that’s the breed behavior and nature. More importantly, they are sociable, friendly dogs, and because of that, using calm, friendly, gentle, positive words is crucial.

Be patience

Since training something to your basset hound is slightly difficult, it’s really important to be patience with the process.

Make a fence

If you want to calm your basset hound down, it’s crucial to let them play, run throughout the backyard. But, there is a chance of running away with your dog. So, make a good fence.

Bring another companion

If you have to leave the house most of the time throughout the day due to your job or any reason, they cannot stay alone inside the house. It causes the development of so many psychological problems. Sometimes that may be the reason why your basset hound is so hyper.

If you have a good fence around your house, try to leave your basset hound outside during the day. It helps keep your dog active.

If you are afraid of leaving him outside alone, you can buy another companion for your dog. But there are so many factors you need to consider before buying a new dog.


Many people love this loving, lovable, friendly dog ​​breed. But most people are curious to know when do basset hounds calm down. So, This entire article is dedicated to a specific cause. I hope you find it helps. If so, consider leaving a comment below with your own experiences with your lovable basset hound. Have a nice day.

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