Can Basset Hounds Live Outside? [Owner’s Guide]

Can basset hounds live outside

Have you ever wondered if Basset Hounds can live outside? This is a common concern among many pet owners. To provide you with accurate information, I met with several Basset Hound owners to discuss this matter and other associated factors.

So, can Basset Hounds live outside?

The short answer is no. Basset Hounds are not well-suited for outdoor living as they are attention seekers and require lots of affection and care. They often escape if left outside and do not have a thick coat to withstand the cold. Therefore, it’s important to provide them with a warm and comfortable environment indoors.

While there are both pros and cons to keeping your Basset Hound outside, it’s crucial to compare these factors in detail. In this article, we’ll discuss this matter in-depth and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your furry friend’s living arrangements.

By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your Basset Hound has a happy and healthy life indoors. So, let’s dive into the world of Basset Hounds and living arrangements!

Are basset hounds are inside or outside dogs?

Before writing a set of articles about basset hounds, I interviewed several basset owners just to give you some accurate information.

As an owner, you may know that basset hounds are extremely affectionate and sociable creatures and they enjoy living with humans with loads of affection, caring, attention.

In most cases, basset hounds are not a suitable breed to try and make an outside dog. Their coat is very thin, and bodies are not made for both extreme cold or hot. But, I need to highlight COLD.

We know that these dogs are scent hounds and were initially bred to hunting here. So, They can even live outdoors. But, They were originally bred with the intention of becoming domestic dogs.

Remember, this is not only because of weather conditions or other difficulties. Basset hounds are extremely social dogs and they enjoy human company. That’s one of the reasons basset hounds jump on humans.

I discussed with 6 basset hound owners and found that just two of them have built outside shelters to live with their dogs. So, I realized that outside basset hounds are a possible thing to do.

In fact, they told me that their dogs are excessively outside dogs and they love to chase squirrels all day with having loads of fun. Moreover, they believe that living outside could give so many health benefits for their basset hounds.

But, when I discuss with other owners, almost all of them have told me that they prefer to keep their dogs inside, and they strongly emphasized that outside life is not suitable for basset hounds.

So, I found that these opinions are kind of controversial. Because of that, I decided to explain to you the pros and cons of keeping your basset hound as an outside dog. So, by reviewing those factors, You can make the final decision.

What are the pros and cons of leaving your basset hound outside?

So, when I go through this topic by discussing these owners, I found that it has some major pros and cons. So, let’s go and understand what they are.

Environment enrichmentBond might not be as strong
It can keep your dog busyThe risk for Fleas and Ticks
Health benefitsExposure to extreme heat and cold
Mentally stimulatedPotential behavior problems
Clean housePotential injuries
It will get dirty very quickly


Environment enrichment: By keeping your basset hound outside, They will have as much space as they want. So, they can play, and enjoy nature.

It can keep your dog busy: usually, indoor dogs tend to be last compared to outdoor dogs. Because they will sleep and become bored unless they have something to investigate. But, by keeping him outdoors, We can keep them busy all the time.

Health benefits: As my experience with that interviewed owners, outside dogs tend to have some sort of stronger body when compared with indoor basset hounds. Because, they can play, run throughout the backyard when needed.

Mentally stimulated: Usually, indoor dogs tend to suffer from several psychological problems. You have to do so many things in order to keep them mentally stimulated. But, as they stay outside, they can do whatever thing they want even you are not home. So, it’s a great way to keep him mentally stimulated.

Clean house: Normally, basset hounds do not shed too much. But, keeping them inside, The house can be dirty and slightly smelly.


Bond might not be as strong: If your basset hound stays outside all the time, the bond between you and the dog won’t be much stronger when compared with indoor basset hounds. Because they love to spend much more time with their owners, and they can share their warmth, affection with each other.

The risk for Fleas and Ticks: If your basset hound lives outside, They are more likely to be exposed to tiny parasites such as ticks and fleas. And that’s really, really bad for your dog. Here is why does your dog won’t let remove ticks.

Exposure to extreme heat and cold: when they live outside, they are more likely to be exposed to extreme weather conditions, especially cold. Since they have a thin coat, They can not withstand the cold. But, you can help with this by using several tactics. Let’s discuss that before the end of this article.

Potential behavior problems: If your basset hound lives outside, there is a high risk of developing some behavior problems such as escaping, barking, aggressive, digging.

Potential injuries: When they live and play outside, they are more prone to injury, and other joint problems. Because you don’t have more control over it.

It will get dirty very quickly: Your dog will become dirty quickly as he gets used to living outside. So, you have to groom, bathe him on a daily basis.

How long can you leave your basset hound outside?

Perhaps, now you may be wondering about how long can basset hounds stay outside. In most cases, it’s not may healthy for your dog to let them live outside.

Indeed your basset hound can enjoy some outdoor time with you, and make sure not to let its exposure to cold for more than 30-45 minutes.

In fact, understand that this time can vary with their age, health situation, precipitation, and wind chill. So, All of this should be kept in mind before you go outdoor to play with your dog.

Try to keep the time to spend outdoor under an hour, then your dog gonna be just fine. But, you must make sure that the dog has easy access to,

  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Shade

So, all responsibilities are on your shoulders in order to keep your basset hound happily, healthy without depriving that.

By the way, read this to understand whether Basset hounds are good with chickens.

How to train your basset hound to live outside?

If you really need to keep your dog outdoors, it always requires you to have proper training. Without adequate training, the dog will face a lot of difficulties and confusion. But, bear in mind they are much difficult to train when compare to other dogs.

So, first of all, should make sure that your basset hound has proper basic obedience training. I believe that these tips and tricks will help you to train your dog to live outside.

  • Spend some time with your basset hound outside.
  • Give him/her plenty of food.
  • Leave your basset hound alone outside.

Spend some time with your basset hound outside.

This is kind of very effective way to encourage your dog to live outside and to make sure that he has a lot of fun with it. So, you can run around, play fetch, play with toys, and cuddle him, just to make him happy being outside.

But, you don’t wanna be with him all the time. Just go and play or sit in the backyard for a while. In fact, getting another basset hound for your dog would make this process easier. So, by doing this way, hopefully, your basset hound won’t be afraid to be outside.

Give him/her plenty of food.

Providing high-value treats and tasty food that your basset hound love would be a great way to encourage your lovely dog to be an outside dog. So, you can provide loads of food into its shelter, then he/she can go and eat anytime that she wants.

Leave your basset hound alone outside.

If you do the above things, probably your dog will prefer to be outside the dog. So, when you feel comfortable with being outside for an extended time, leave him outside for about 2-3 hours.

It’s much clear leaving him outside would be more beneficial rather than being inside the home alone. Because staying inside the home alone could lead to prone to several psychological problems.

So, you can increase this time gradually, and more importantly, don’t be rush to do it in one day. But, here, your basset hound will need several things in order to become an outdoor dog.

What are the things you will need?

So, before you turn your basset hound into an outdoor dog, it is always crucial to meet all the needs and wants. That means you should have some early preparation and be aware of several things.

So, here are the things that you will need.

  • A comfortable shelter
  • Food and water
  • Toys
  • A proper fence

A comfortable shelter

This is the first thing you need to do even before starting the training sessions to be outside. That means you cannot leave your basset hound outside if he/she doesn’t have a proper place to sleep or get warmth.

In fact, your dog should train to understand the shelter is your dog’s territory and how to live in a dog house. Obviously, a shelter will protect the dog from being rained on or snowed.

In fact, if you don’t have a dog house or any kind of similar thing, your basset hound will dig into the ground to get some shelter. So, for well being of your dog and the backyard, just buy a dog house.

Food and water

This is one of the basic things you need to concern about. So, make sure to provide enough food and water to the dog house itself.

Always make sure to clean everyday food and water bowls. In fact, be sure to get advice from a veterinarian before making any meal plan for your dog.


Obviously, your basset hound will get bored as you leave him for long hours. So, you have to provide some toys just to make sure that your dog is not getting bored.

So, I personally love to give them,

  • Puzzle toys
  • Raw bones
  • Some other Chew toys.

A proper fence

If you are willing to keep your basset hound outside, it’s recommended to build a proper fence. But having a chain-link fence would be perfect because your dog can interact with the world and see what’s going on in the outside world.

When you should not leave your basset hound outside?

As discussed above, you need to consider a handful of factors before keeping your basset hound outside. Suppose your dog is well accustomed to living outside, but you should keep him inside your house on some occasions.

So, those situations are,

  1. When your basset hound is used to being inside
  2. During the winter season
  3. When outside is too hot
  4. When your basset hound acting ill
  5. When they are puppies

When your basset hound is used to being inside

If your dog is used to live indoors with you, I don’t recommend keeping him/her outside. I mean, if your basset hound is still less than 1 year old, they can be accustomed to that. But, if your dog is used to live inside for years, this is not a good idea.

During the winter season

We know that basset hounds don’t have a thick coat, and they cannot withstand the cold. So, you should not leave your basset hound outside during the winter. If you don’t wanna keep him/her inside your house, there are some alternatives you can try. So, I will explain it in the next title. If you want, kindly check out the next title.

When your basset hound acting ill

So, If you feel there is something wrong with your basset hound, don’t let him be outside because things can get worsen. Then, consult a veterinarian ASAP!

When they are puppies

Obviously, you know the reason. They are really young, and they don’t even have a thin coat. In fact, they need warmth, so you cannot keep puppies outside.

If you cannot keep your basset hound inside, What options can you try?

Instead of leaving your basset hound outside all the time, you can try some alternative solutions, and it would be better and appreciable.

Dedicate some area in your house just for your basset hound

If you don’t wanna give access house to your canine friend, you can dedicate some area just for your dog. So, by doing that way, you can dog-proof your house.

Try the garage

If you can let your dog be inside your garage, it would be even better rather than keep him/her outside.


Many people love these long ground dogs. So, if you are concerned about whether your basset hound can live outside, this is the best guide for you. It contains extensive knowledge and information about your problem. I hope it helps. So, Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this matter. Have a nice day.

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