Do You Have Doubts About Getting A Puppy? [Read This]

No matter the age, we always love having a puppy. Adopting an adorable little puppy from a shelter and bringing him or her into your home is one of the most alluring experiences in the world. So we are having doubts about getting a puppy, eh?

It is normal to doubt getting a puppy, especially for first-time owners. You will think about whether I am ready to have a puppy. Take advice from a professional as we must reduce having second thoughts before adopting a puppy.

If you are living with your parents, ask them. Think well before adopting the dog.

So, let’s see why we might doubt getting a puppy. What we can do if we have such doubts is get a puppy worth it with the doubts and many things associated with this topic.

Why might you have doubts about getting a puppy?

However, having a puppy is not always for enjoyment. They demand time, effort, patience, love, and attention. Having second thoughts and regretting adopting a dog or puppy is normal.

So definitely, we will have several doubts about getting a puppy. Why might we have doubts about getting a puppy? Let’s see why.

1. Whether getting a dog is the correct choice for us.

All pups require specific care to ensure they are healthy and happy as they grow older. If we adapt to a puppy, we must know this. Hence, we want to ensure that getting a puppy is the right choice.

Although we’d love to have one, without a proper schedule, financial strength (for vet bills and other requirements of the dog), and time set aside for them, we won’t be able to raise a pup. So, if we cannot provide the things a puppy needs, we must doubt whether getting a puppy is the right choice.

2. Getting a dog while we were not really ready.

Although we are fond of having a pet puppy, it will not always be a good decision. There can be lots of reasons which affect a second thought on adopting a dog.

If our future plans are unpredictable, we will have annual travel plans. Suppose we frequently relocate or expect to do so multiple times in the coming years (heading to school, applying to graduate school out-of-state, accepting a new job).

In that case, we are really not ready to get a dog. So these reasons make us have doubts about getting a puppy.

By the way, read this to understand if having a dog can ruin your life.

3. We have a hectic schedule.

One thing about owning a puppy that people quickly realize is that they want all of their attention. Puppies can get into trouble rather fast if they aren’t being observed, much like a human infant can.

So, although we like to adopt a dog by ourselves, if we have a busy life cycle due to our job or for any other reason, we have to think twice before making the decision to adopt a puppy because when they are kept inside for long periods of time without exercise or attention, many puppies’ behavior deteriorates.

Although we doubt getting a puppy with our hectic schedule, we can make arrangements to have one too.

4. We own some other pets.

This stanza does not imply that a home can not accommodate more than one pet at a time. But, if we have another pet dog with us or any other kind of pet, it is normal that you may have doubts about getting another puppy.

The experience of having several animals in the house can be pleasant. Still, dogs can constitute a threat to other household pets in addition to being dangerous around other dogs.

Therefore, it’s important to be alert to how the dogs interact with the other pets and the house residents.

5. Would family members and neighbors accept the presence of a puppy?

Suppose we are adopting a puppy because it is really cute. In that case, we must consider whether our family members agree with our decision.

Later, when the owner understands how much time and effort dogs require to care for, it may result in abandonment. So the puppy becomes a burden for the family members if they are not interested in the puppy.

Neighbors also avoid the animal as it is aggressive and destructive due to its abundance. So before we get a dog, we must seriously doubt this matter.

So far, we have discussed the major causes for a person to have doubts about getting a puppy.

What can you do if you have doubts about getting a puppy?

Having a pet can be difficult, and you might experience a bigger change than you anticipated. It’s common to feel a little overwhelmed, especially for newcomers.

Please be aware that feelings of anxiety, regret, or guilt are rather typical and that they nearly always disappear after some time if you’re wondering how to handle them. Let’s see what we should do if you have doubts about getting a puppy.

1. Consider all the relevant factors before adopting the puppy.

Before choosing a dog, think about the dog’s size, temperament, physical traits, initial and ongoing costs, and household environment.

Think about his needs for grooming, exercise, and training. Think about your way of life. So, after considering all the possible reasons for adopting a puppy, you are free of most of the problems that can be caused. Then you can avoid the doubts that you are having about getting a puppy.

2. If you are with the parents, ask for their consent first.

We should never have a puppy without getting our parents on board; otherwise, we’ll have many problems in the future. We need to get our parents’ permission to answer the question: can your family currently handle having a dog?

Can your family’s schedule accommodate a dog? How will you distribute the tasks? Etc. So, the parent’s consent makes it easy to decide to adopt a puppy.

3. Taking ideas from a professional.

Puppies and dogs require a lot of care, and taking care of them when you’re untrained can be particularly challenging. Making an effort to conduct some planning and research will help things move more smoothly.

To help you adjust to your new life, speak to other pet owners, join online communities, and follow Facebook pages. You have much to learn, but it will be worthwhile.

4. Finally, adopt a dog if there is no guilt feeling within you.

It’s important to understand that feeling guilty about adopting a puppy is natural and is something many individuals go through daily. As you are getting used to a new responsibility and way of life, it makes you stressed.

If you’ve recently accompanied a new dog or puppy into your household and you’re questioning if you made the right decision, know that others experience the same emotions.

Don’t worry. It’s normal to have some issues at first, particularly when you may be getting ready to adopt a puppy soon.

Is getting a puppy worth it?

Dogs are man’s best buddies. However, the time, effort, and consideration they require are still unspoken. Their unwavering devotion might change your life and even fight sadness.

So yeah, that’s the truth! Getting a puppy is undoubtedly worthwhile because it has so many advantages and is the best thing to ever happen to someone. It will be better to visit your neighborhood shelter or rescue organization, even if you’ve never owned a dog.

But are you ready for the responsibility? Numerous tasks are required of a puppy, including occasional feeding, managing medical costs, potty training, and keeping them company.

In conclusion, not everyone is prepared to handle the responsibilities that come with a puppy. Still, if you do, pups are actually worthwhile.

Things to be aware of.

So far, we have discussed so many things associated with the topic “Having doubts about getting a puppy?” But there can be things we should be aware of and want to give more attention to when talking about the doubts we are having when getting a puppy. Here, let’s discuss what those things are.

  • If you are not confident about adapting to a puppy by yourself and if your family members are not ready to accept a puppy, do not try to adopt one.
  • Don’t bring home a puppy with a doubting mind and rehome it because it hardly affects the puppy.
  • Never purchase a pet while having second thoughts as it causes unexpected troubles such as difficulty co-oping with the puppy, inability to pay medical expenses, etc.


As we discussed, it is common for people to have doubts about getting a puppy for several reasons. So, after considering lots of factors, we come to the final decision of adopting a puppy.

It is my idea that we must not bring home a pup if we have any doubts or second thoughts.

It may affect us as well as the puppy. Too in this article, we have discussed several reasons why we might have doubts about getting a puppy, what to do then, and other important facts.

I hope this article will be very useful to you and I hope to share another important fact with you in the next issue.

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