How Much Does a Bernedoodle Cost? (2023)

Bernedoodle Cost
A bernedoodle is mixed of Bernese mountain dog and the poodle. Despite being cross-bred, it is in high demand and the third most rising breed after the Labradoodle and the goldendoodle.

For the past two decades, the Bernedoodle has been incredibly popular for its multi-colored coats and teddy bear looks. In addition, Bernedoodle generally has a more calm and friendly personality when compared to an energetic Goldendoodle. The best part about the Bernedoodle dog is that it inherits genetics from its parents that make it non-shedding as well as hypoallergenic. This makes for a wonderful family dog of Bernedoodle who fights allergic reactions to pets and does not like to shed dog hair. For these reasons, the demand for Bernedoodle is high and the prices also. We examined 10+ different breeders from the United Bernedoodle Registry (UBR) to determine how much a Bernedoodle actually costs.

What is the cost of a Bernedoodle?

Although there is a crossbreed dog between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, but he is one of the most expensive doodle dogs because of their high demand, multi-colored coat and its friendly nature. Bernedoodle prices usually range from $ 500 to $ 5000, it’s depending on whether you adopt or buy Bernedoodle.

What is the Cost to adopt a Bernedoodle?

The cost of a Benredoodle is going to be a lot more affordable if you want to adopt.t. The cost of adopting or rescuing a Benredoodle will be around $100 to $500 in adoption fees. Note that the adoption fee usually includes some basics things, like routine vet care, vaccinations, and microchipping.
In fact, your adoption rate will help the rescue center at their own expense and help most dogs in need of housing.
Breed-specific rescues usually take dogs of all ages. but you may have to place your name on a waiting list if benedoodle aren’t common in your area. Especially if you want a puppy.

Cost of Buying Bernedoodle From Reputable Breeders

If you buy a Bernedoodle from a well-known dog breeder, the standard price ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000. However, Bernedoodle price varies considerably based on different factors.

What things determine the Price of a Bernedoodle?

Like humans, every Bernedoodle is different. Demand for this Canine has grown significantly as a result of cute look, coat colors, calm nature and its hypoallergenic qualities. we will discuss all factors in below.

Coat Color

The Bernedoodle coat has a lot of color combinations and the price varies depending on how many unique colors you want. For example, a tri-colored Bernedoodle, a parti Bernedoodle, a Phantom Bernedoodle or a Merle Bernedoodle is more expensive than a one- or two-color Bernedoodle. You will have to pay extra $ 1,000 if you want the color of your desire choice in the bernedoodle.


Currently, the Bernedoodle is the third most rising crossbreed after the Golden Doodle and Labradoodle. Dog breeders cannot breed more dogs because it can damage the reputation of their business and the health of their dogs also. Instead, they increase the overall price of the Bernedoodle puppy. This is an important cause that increases the Bernedoodle price.

Breeder Performance and Trustworthiness

Bernedoodle Breeder’s track record raises puppy price. If you get puppy from trust worthy breeder. A breeder will do several health checks to maintain the quality of their Bernedoodle puppies. Every trusted dog breeder will perform a health check on their adult dogs to maintain healthy hips, joints, hearts, patella, as well as eyes.

If you want to buy a Bernedoodle puppy, you need to make sure you are buying one from a trusted dog breeder.

There are plenty of dog breeders at home, cheap breeders, and puppy breeders where you can get this dog at a very affordable price, But we advise you not to buy from them as it can cause a lot of health problems. as well as you will not get good quality dogs from them as you get from a good breeder.

Breeder Location

The geographical area also affects the price of Bernedoodle by approximately $300 or more. Bernedoodle in California or New York usually cost you more as compared to breeders in the Midwest. This leads to an adjustment of the cost of living with the land. You can get the cheapest Bernedoodle from a breeder in the Midwest, however, you will have to spend money to bring the puppy to you. Additionally, you may find it challenging to look after their facilities, check out parent Bernedoodle and look for puppies.

Size of a Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle comes in three sizes, which are Mini Bernedoodle, Medium Bernedoodle, and Standard Bernedoodle. The Mini Bernedoodle Size group includes teacup and micro mini sizes. These small-sized Bernedoodle sizes cost $1,000+ more than the original price of the Bernedoodle. The trio-color, micro-mini Bernedoodle is priced at over $5,000.

Bernedoodle Coat Types

Bernedoodle comes in three different coats: straight, wavy or curly. The coat type determines Bernedoodle generation. In general, Bernedoodle with longer wavy or curly coats (i.e.F1B) are more expensive than straight coats (i.e.F1) Bernedoodle.

This is because wavy and curly coats are more shedding and hypoallergenic. Therefore, you usually pay more for F1B or F2B Bernedoodle because they contain more poodle genes.

Generation Types

The generation or decoration of the parents used in the specific litter also affects the Bernedoodle price.

1. The F1 (first generation) Bernedoodle is one parent is a poodle and the other parent is Bernice Mountain Dog. An F1B raises an F1 using a poodle, which makes 75% of puppies poodle.
2. An F2 is a cross between two F1 dogs that are bred together. The F1 generation, generally the most expensive one, can be $4,000 or more while an F2 might go for $800.

Bernedoodle cost of ownership

Purchasing a bernedoodle does not only involve an initial cost but also consist of many things like the cost of feeding, medicating, and homing. lets assume if you buy a bernedoodle for $2250 to $3550, and your bernedoodle has a life expectancy of around 12 to 15 years, you’re looking at a total cost of $27.000 to $42,600. we break down some most common cost in below:

Other costs of a Bernedoodle

Dog Food ($300+ yearly)

Food prices definitely vary depending on the size of your bernedoodle. However, it is possible to give your dog quality food, so expect to pay at least $ 500 for dog food. Giving your dog cheap food with extra fillers will save you $ 300 on a budget. but I recommend that you use the best quality food for your dog.

Grooming Needs ($300 each Year)

Bernedoodle doesn’t shed, so you need to groom them regularly. The expense of grooming a bernedoodle is going to be around $100 each time and you’ll likely do this minimum of 4 times per year. The cost of grooming a bernedoodle is high, but it consists of many things like haircuts, nail trimming, hair shampoo, and ear care.

Training classes, boarding & doggie day care ($700+ per year):

If you would like to sign up and train for your Bernardool puppy for dog classes. Also, you should board into your doodle if you are going on a trip at some point. It usually costs $ 100 to ride a dog, so these costs can be very high if you take multiple vacations.


The Bernedoodle is known for his beautiful nature and loves to play with toys!. You need toys to prevent your dog from becoming bored and destructive. How much do you pay for toys in your Bernedoodle?
Puppies need good quality toys, from hard rubber chewing gum to toys to keep them busy and bored. Depending on your dog’s needs, you can expect to pay between $ 35 and $ 200 per year for toys.

Crate Cost

Whether you adopt or rescue an adult Bernodule or buy a new puppy, crate training will make both of your lives much easier when your doodle matches her new life with you. A medium for a large metal crate with a divider panel. It usually costs between $ 45 and $ 100.

Health Care

Health care is one of those areas where if you own a dog, we all hope you won’t have to spend on it health care, but if you and your Bernedoodle are unlucky, it will cost you thousands of dollars. It is recommended that you take your dog to a veterinarian once a year for a routine examination. The average cost of such a visit is about $50.
Vaccine boosters are recommended 2-4 times a year and can cost up to $ 20 each time.A heart warm test should be done once a year for your dog. That test costs $ 50.

You should have an emergency fund for any unexpected vet visits. Pet insurance is a great way to cover emergency vet fees, so this is another cost you should consider in the list of ownership!


How much does a standard Bernedoodle cost?

The typical price of a Bernedoodle puppy from a renowned dog breeder is approximately $2,000 to $5,000 plus. If you want a unique color just like a Merle or Micro Mini Bernedoodle you have to pay more (at least $ 4,000+), Tri-color coated Bernedoodles are the most desireable and generally the most expensive color.

Why do Bernedoodles cost so much?

Due to high demand, Currently, the Bernedoodle is the third most rising crossbreed after the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle. Dog breeders cannot breed more dogs because it can damage the reputation of their business and the health of their dogs also. Instead, they increase the overall price of the Bernedoodle puppy. This is an important cause that increases the Bernedoodle price.

Are Bernedoodles lazy?

The big Bernedoodle may need a little more exercise, but the smaller ones can be very lazy, making great companions for the elderly or those with health or consciousness – they also make good apartment dogs

Do Bernedoodles make good pets?

Do Bernedoodles make good family pets? The answer is a resounding yes. Bernedoodles make great companions for children, and as therapy dogs, they can help to ease anxiety in children who suffer from autism and other mental handicaps. They are also good family pets because they are gentle with children as well as other family pets.

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