Can Basset Hounds Go On Long Walks? [Owner’s Guide]

Can basset hounds go on long walks

If you’re a Basset Hound owner, you may be wondering whether these furry friends can go on long walks. It’s a valid concern, as basset hounds are known for their low-energy and somewhat lazy nature. After conducting thorough research, here’s the best answer for you.

Can basset hounds go on long walks?

The answer is no. Due to their low-energy levels, basset hounds cannot typically handle long walks. Instead, two walking sessions of 20-30 minutes a day are usually sufficient. However, the amount of time your basset hound can walk may vary depending on their age, nutrition, and health status, so it’s always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian.

While walking can provide several benefits for your furry friend, it’s important to be aware of the potential drawbacks as a responsible owner. In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of walking your basset hound and provide tips for keeping your furry friend healthy and happy. Don’t miss out on this informative conversation!

What will happen if basset hounds go on long walks?

A few months ago, it appeared to me that there were not enough resources on the internet about basset hounds. So, I decided to dig deeper into these lovable creatures to came up with an excellent, helpful series of articles.

Later, I went to see 6 different basset hound owners just because to be knowledgeable and get some awesome experiences about them. That means I can share with you guys the most reliable information about them.

By the way, you can find that series of articles about basset hounds here.

As both of us know, basset hounds are not high energetic and active dog breeds. Their energy level and stamina level are much lower when compared to other average breeds.

So Obliviously, long walks and long hikes are not Ideal for them. Because of that, excessive fatigue and possible bone issues could occur over time. So, it’s always better to have a good rule of thumb for every outdoor activity involved with your canine friend.

But being said that, it doesn’t mean that they cannot involve outdoor games or any other fun activities. I found that most basset hounds love to play fetch.

So, what about walking time or distance which is suitable for basset hounds? Since it depends on so many factors, I’m gonna discuss that under the next subtitle of this article.

How far can a basset hound walk?

As I mentioned above, this depends on several factors.

  • The age
  • Nutrition level
  • Health status

The age

When it comes to age, it’s always better to have a good rule of thumb for walking time. Since every dog is a little different from the other, this time could be varied. But obviously, basset hounds cannot go on long walks.

So, please follow the table below.

AgeTime (Minutes) Frequency (per day)
4 months15-202
7 months25-302

So, how often should you walk your basset hound? Two times per day is recommended. But, make sure to follow the times I have given on the table.

I know, some basset hounds are much stronger and have a high prey drive. In fact, they are a little bit high energetic when compared to other average Basset hounds. So, those dogs might need a little bit more exercise.

And one more thing I wanna mention here. Above mentioned times are pretty much average, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that those times are sufficient for every dog.

You are the one who knows well about your dog. So, if you feel that your dog has a high exercise demand, don’t try to take your own decisions and give long walks to your basset hound.

Important: Be sure to consult a Veterinarian in order to create an appropriate exercise schedule for your dog.

Nutrition level & Health status

The amount of exercise really depends on the nutrition level and the health status of your dog. So, don’t forget to consult a veterinarian to create an appropriate nutrition plan after checking her health status.

What are the pros & cons to basset hounds of walks?

As we have understood so far, basset hounds cannot go on long walks. But, low-paced exercises like walking are essential for this breed and extremely beneficial to their good health.

In fact, giving sufficient regular exercise could help to eliminate several bad behaviors. Regular walks really help to calm your basset hound down.

But, here I wanna emphasize that walking could give both pros and cons to your lovable canine friend. But, I’m not gonna explain each fact one by one, because you can understand them with your common sense.

ProsCons (Over walking)
Walking is an ideal form of exercise for basset houndsLong walks could cause joint issues.
It helps to socialize your dog.The dog can get exhausted
It can be used as a training opportunity.Increase the stress
Walking is really beneficial to reduce behavior issues.Less interest
It provides both health and mental stimulation. Possible health issues
It is good for your health too!

So, you can easily understand that dogs have loads of benefits from walking. But, if your basset hound goes on long walks, I can say for sure that your dog is in trouble. This is because these dogs don’t tolerate that much exercise.

How do you know if you are overworking your dog?

This is a really important thing you should be aware of. Because you should continuously check your canine buddy during walks just to make sure you are not overworking the dog.

But, if you overwork your basset hound by giving long walks or any other strenuous activities, it will be a result of a decline in his physical and mental well-being. Paying attention to his body language is really crucial to avoid such problems.

So, let’s understand how you can do that.

  • Excessive panting
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulties in walking and standing.
  • Too much lethargic after walking
  • Dizziness
  • Foaming at the mouth.
  • Change in gum color
  • Lack of urine
  • Laying down on the road

To be honest, these symptoms are abnormal circumstances, and you also can easily understand them. If you notice such kind of a symptom from your basset hound, consult a vet as soon as possible.

How to Keep your basset hound safe on the walks?

Basset hounds are love to cuddle with their owners inside the house and not a suitable breed for strenuous outdoor activities.

Although these dogs are considered a lazy breed, most basset hounds are active and love to jump, run, play, and do other outdoor fun activities.

In fact, some basset hounds can tolerate even long walks. But, some of them won’t exhibit understandable symptoms of fatigue during walks and because of that, the results could be somewhat dangerous.

Due to that matter, it’s always better to take necessary actions as precautions. So, you can follow several easy tactics, just to make sure the safety of your basset hound during walks.

So, let’s understand what they are.

  1. Don’t forget regular veterinary checkups
  2. Be sure to warm him up before walking & Cool him down after walking.
  3. Be aware of the weather conditions.
  4. Carry a water bottle and small water bawl.
  5. Always keep him on a leash.
  6. Be aware of hazardous surfaces
  7. Observe his body language
  8. Carry an identification
  9. Be visible to drivers.
  10. Respect other animals and humans.

1. Don’t forget regular veterinary checkups

In general, basset hounds are often prone to a number of health problems when compared to other breeds. Because of that, regular veterinary checkups are crucial.

In fact, Walking is an exercise for your dog. So, these checkups are really crucial in order to prevent some unexpected health problems.

So, Please follow the table below.

Birth – 4 monthsEvery 3-4 weeks
4 month – 1 yearEvery 4 months
1 year – 7 yearsOnce a year
From 7 yearsEvery 6 months

Disclaimer: These numbers are very average for basset hounds. It could vary according to your dog’s health status. So, If your veterinarian suggests different time frames, be sure to follow your veterinarian’s guidelines.

2. Be sure to warm him up before walking & Cool him down after walking.

Before starting a walking session, be sure to warm up him by letting him navigate in the backyard. Mostly, this would be a suitable potty time. In fact, it will reduce potty times during the walks.

When you get home after the walking sessions with your basset hound, don’t go straight into the house. Because it needs time to cool down. So, again let him navigate in the backyard.

3. Be aware of the weather conditions.

In general, they cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions as we do. Even if you don’t give your basset hound a long walk, a 30-minute walk would be too much during extreme warmth days.

In fact, this is applicable even during the winter season. It is recommended to provide protective gear to withstand the cold.

4. Carry a water bottle and small water bawl.

It is really important to keep your basset hound hydrated during walks. So, make sure to bring a water bottle and a small water bowl.

5. Always keep him on a leash.

Using a leash during walks is really important in order to prevent some unexpected unwanted occasions. Sometimes, your dog might run away from you or misbehave. So, keeping him on a leash is a good solution.

6. Be aware of hazardous surfaces

Always be aware of hazardous surfaces. Usually, sand and concrete surfaces get extremely hot during the day. So, place your barefoot or hand for 10 seconds, and if it’s hugely burning for you, it’s unsafe for your dog also.

7. Observe his body language

As we discussed earlier, make sure to observe his body language during walks. By doing this, you can reduce loads of unexpected problems.

8. Carry an identification

Unfortunately, in a case, if you become separated from your basset hound while walking, There must be a proper way to understand your dog’s identity.

So, be sure to place an ID tag with your basset’s name and your phone number on the collar.

9. Be visible to drivers.

Suppose you give a walk to your basset hound during early morning and late evening. In that case, you both must be visible to drivers. So, having reflective gear and some kind of light will be useful.

10. Respect other animals and humans.

If you want to involve in outdoor activities with your dog, It requires perfect obedience training and socialization. It will help to reduce unexpected chasing after small animals and being aggressive toward humans and other animals.

What are the must-haves during the walks?

There are several things you wanna be aware of when you walk with your basset hound. So, let’s understand what they are.

  • Dog treats
  • Dog waste bags
  • Tissues or hand wipes
  • Flashlight
  • Reflective gear
  • Water bottle
  • Water bowl
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Money
  • Phone

Things to be aware of

There are several things you wanna be aware of when you walk with your basset hound. So, let’s understand what they are.

Check your dog’s paws

Always be sure to check your basset hound’s paw after each walking session. If there is any dirt inside, clean it.

Use proper exercise gear

If you want to keep your basset hound safe and comfortable during walks, it’s crucial to use proper exercise gear. So, use a 4-6 feet long sturdy leash and attach it to the collar or the harness.

In fact, if you can provide dog boots, it would be much more comfortable for the dog.

Observe him after walking

Be sure to check your dog’s behavior after every walking session. If you notice any kind of unusual behavior, immediately consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Tick protection

Actually, this is something you need to be really concerned about. So, after returning home, check if there are ticks attached to your dog’s coat. If so, be sure to remove them manually.


In this article, we have discussed whether basset hounds can go on long walks and other related common problems. I hope you found this helpful. So, happy walking!

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