Do Basset Hounds Like To Cuddle? [Are They Affectionate]

Do basset hounds like to cuddle

Have you ever wondered whether Basset Hounds like to cuddle? If so, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll share the experiences of several Basset Hound owners and explore whether these furry friends enjoy cuddling.

The answer is usually yes, Basset Hounds like to cuddle. They tend to show their affection by licking hands, sitting on laps, sleeping on their owners, leaning, nuzzling, laying, and rubbing. Cuddle time can be increased with proper training, care, affection, and attention.

However, as with many other breeds, a Basset Hound’s cuddly behavior depends on the individual dog and the owner. Using the wrong approach to cuddling could lead to the development of behavioral problems. It’s important to understand your furry friend’s personality and preferences and approach cuddling in a way that makes them feel comfortable and loved.

In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to cuddle your Basset Hound and ensure that they have a happy and healthy life filled with plenty of love and affection. By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can create a strong bond with your furry friend and enjoy plenty of cuddle time together.

So, let’s dive into the world of Basset Hounds and cuddling and learn how to create a happy and healthy relationship with your furry friend!

How to tell if basset hounds like to cuddle?

Before writing this article, I have met 6 Basset hound owners and got some amazing information and experiences. Two of them are quite adult, and three are in the adolescent stage, and one is a female puppy.

I’m so excited to tell you all the experiences I had and some awesome facts about them. So, no more story is needed. Let’s get to the points.

These cute, long, and short canine friends can be a good companion for a family. They can be perfect companions for both kids and adults.

Watch this video!

Naturally, Basset hounds love to cuddle and snuggle with their owners and even strangers. I haven’t met a single owner who owns a basset hound that doesn’t like to cuddle.

Their hanging silky long ears also make them a more cuddly type. Do you know the fact that these dogs hold 2nd place among dogs who have the best sense of smell?

Basset hounds want to sleep beside or on top of you and cuddle!

Normally, you cannot lay on the couch or floor if you own a Basset hound. Because if they noticed that, they would quickly come to you and next, IT’S SNUGGLE TIME!

I told you before that I have met several basset owners before writing this article. So, I went to the house of an old school friend of mine called ” Sneha” for lunch. And I spent probably 3-4 hours watching “Apollo”s (Her dog) snuggling and cuddling.

So, I was lying on the couch watching TV, and “Apollo” approaches near to me, lied top of me, and with his head tucked under my armpit.

So, when I feel a little bit annoying his unlimited cuddling, I put him down, and then what he did is he stretched out in front of me. Then he started to paw me, then I asked, “Sneha” why is that and she said to tickle Appolo’s tummy. Kind of funny, right!

I feel something like they tend to be more cuddly as they get older. If you often snuggle him up on the couch, your basset hound may love nothing more than sit on your lap.

Cuddling can be turned into playtime!

When you cuddle your basset hound, after several minutes, it can turn into playtime. If you refuse to play, they will suddenly get into the couch and try to get you to play and snuggle.

Even though they feel some kind of boredom, they just wanna sleep between your legs. They are a great foot warmer as you napping on the sofa.

By the way, read this to understand whether Basset Hounds can play fetch.

They love to sleep with the owner.

If you fall asleep on the sofa, indeed your basset hound will join you to sleep. By the time when you wake up, they are more likely to stay close to you. Often, they love to hug you and fall asleep all night with you.

Basset hounds particularly love to cuddle up under the blanket, and if you don’t tuck him in, you will be in for a rude awakening when he starts digging into your back and trying to get under the covers.

I think this is pretty much enough to prove that basset hounds are like to cuddle. But I would like to give you a few more different behaviors that these dogs show as they cuddling or snuggling.

  • Nuzzling hands and legs
  • Lean on you.
  • Try to lay on you
  • Lick your legs and hands
  • Rubbing your leg as cats do
  • Sleeping with the owner on the same couch or bed.
  • Curling up against you.

In fact, basest hounds tend to cuddle with their owners because of several reasons. The common causes are,

  • Cuddling provides warmth
  • It provides affection
  • It releases the stress

Cuddling provides warmth: As you know, these dogs have skinny coats, and they love to cuddle and snuggle with you to get some warmth. So, you will have more cuddle time with your basset hound during the winter season!

It provides affection: Hugging, snuggling, and cuddling is the main way how dogs show affection.

It releases the stress: Dogs tend to cuddle and snuggle more often as they need to release their stress. The advantage here is that the owner also can his/her stress.

What can make Basset hounds refuse to cuddle?

As we have discussed so far, you can quickly realize that these dogs are extremely attached to their families and seek attention all the time.

But if your basset hound refuses to cuddle all of a sudden, it can be a sign of big trouble. So, let’s figure out the reasons for this matter.

  1. Past experience
  2. Uncomfortable petting techniques
  3. Seasonality
  4. Lack of physical and mental exercise
  5. Internal injury or bad health issues

1. Past experience

Obviously, past experience could lead them to be less cuddly or snuggly. Suppose you brought a basset hound from a rescue group. Then you don’t know about their past experiences.

Sometimes they might have terrible memories with so many struggles. So, it could be one of the significant reasons for this matter. In fact, They may not have any kind of obedience training. Does it matter? Yes, It is!

We know that the primary purpose of these dogs was hunting here. If you got your canine friend from this kind of background, It could be a reason why your basset hound refuses to cuddle.

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2. Uncomfortable petting techniques

We know that as owners, we love to pet our animals. But the way you cuddle your canine friend might be kind of annoying for them. So, it’s crucial to observe his, her reactions, facial expressions as you cuddle your dog.

So, where to touch and where to don’t, you can easily understand the following table.

Spots to petSpots your dog like to get touched
On the back of the tail
Under the chinPaws
The base of the tailLegs
The top of the head
ON the muzzle

3. Seasonality

Obviously, seasonality can be a matter. As we discussed above, one of the reasons why do basset hounds want to cuddle is it provides warmth.

So, If you find less cuddling during the summer when compared to winter, this could be the reason. But, this is not a significant factor.

4. Lack of physical and mental exercise

So, lack of physical and mental exercise could be a significant reason why your canine friend refuses to cuddle.

But you should be aware that these dogs are not super active dog breeds, but still, they want moderate exercises on a daily basis. Such exercises can be daily walks, playing in the backyard, etc.

It helps them to stay mentally stimulated and maintain a healthy body.

5. Internal injury or bad health issues

If your basset hound refuses to cuddle all of a sudden, there might have some kind of an internal health issue. Because these dogs are prone to several health issues. So, I recommend you consult a veterinarian ASAP!

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How to increase cuddle time with your Basset hound?

As far as we know, basset hounds are kind of a more cuddly type dog breed. But as we discussed above, some reasons can affect their snuggly behavior.

So, in such situations, you need to be aware of suitable approaches to go for. Here is a list of things you can do easily. So, give a shot!

  1. Take him a walk
  2. Adequate exercise
  3. Increase the amount of time spent sitting or relaxing.
  4. Play with him when you have free time
  5. Snuggle him on his way
  6. Help him to adjust
  7. Consult a Veterinarian
  8. Do a small exercise

1. Take him a walk

If your basset hound refuses to cuddle with you, It’s necessary to thrive the bond between both of you. So, taking him/her for a walk on a daily basis is kind of a handy method that you can easily do.

More specifically, this method actually works. So, give it a shot. By the way, read this to understand why does your dog sleep after walks.

2. Adequate exercise

Sometimes you are kind of a busy person, and you don’t have much time to spend with your canine friend. There is no wonder if your basset hound refuses to cuddle with you.

These dogs are attention seekers and require a moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis. So, you have to allocate some time for your loving canine friend.

3. Increase the amount of time spent sitting or relaxing.

This is also another handy method. Even though you are kind of a busy person, you need to find some time at least the evening after your works. Then you need to sit beside your canine friend to spend some time sitting and relaxing.

Suppose your dog is lying on the floor, and you also can sleep beside him and start to cuddle. If he refuses to cuddle and try to leave off you, grab him gently backward by saying nice words. In fact, tasty puppy treats would help with this task.

4. Play with him when you have free time

If you have a backyard, it would be awesome, and you can try several games with your basset hounds. So, ask your kids or family members to join with you and spend some time playing, and it would make the bond between you and your canine friend stronger.

So, by doing this way, you will realize that your basset hound loves to cuddle and snuggle with you.

5. Snuggle him on his way

Even though you think that the way cuddling your basset hound is correct, sometimes it can be annoying for your doggo. Understand, nobody knows about your dogs more than your dog. So, you need to observe his/her reactions as you approach different parts of the body.

In fact, the table, as mentioned earlier, will help you accomplish this task!

6. Help him to adjust

As we discussed above, if your basset hound is still a new member of your territory, sometimes he/she just doesn’t wanna interact with none of the persons because they need to get used to new people, surroundings, sounds. So, it’s recommended to provide caring, love, affection to such canines.

7. Consult a Veterinarian

s we know, these dogs are all-time cuddlers. If your dog also refuses to cuddle all of a sudden, there might have some bad health situation. So, consult a veterinarian ASAP!

8. Do a small exercise

All right, here I’m gonna give you an excellent exercise that you can easily encourage your basset hound to snuggle with you. So, let’s understand it step by step!

  1. First of all, you need to sit on the floor by keeping your legs out straight.
  2. After that, flip your basset hound, and she/he can lay on their back between your legs with his/her head on your stomach.
  3. Then you have to give some tasty puppy treats that your doggo much love and encourage him/her to stay.
  4. If your dog tries to leave you by making so many struggles, let him/her go.
  5. Keep practicing this on a daily basis.

Do the Basset hounds cuddle more when they are a puppy, adult, or senior?

Typically, when we think about Basset hound, puppies, adults, seniors, all of them would like to cuddle without any difference whatsoever.

But, these dogs are prone to several health problems as they matured. So, in such situations, their cuddly or snuggly behavior can go away.

Do all Basset hounds like to cuddle and affectionate?

As we discussed earlier, almost all dogs of this breed are so much affectionate and extremely attached to the family. But, several other facts could impact this lovely behavior.

So they are,

  • Psychological problems such as anxiety, stress
  • Age
  • Distraction
  • Genetics
  • Weather
  • The past behavior of the dog
  • The owner’s behavior.

Things to be aware of

When you adopt a basset hound, you always need to be aware of several essential things.

Be mindful if you have small animals like rabbits.

As we discussed earlier, basest hounds were initially bred for hunting hare. So, if you own small animals like rabbits, probably these dogs chase after your lovely small pets. Because their innate tendency could lead to showing such bad behaviors.

Obviously, you cannot blame your dog for such situations. Because that’s what their main duty was, and they have a small natural prey drive too. So, be aware of that.

These dogs are difficult to train.

As we discussed above, basset hounds own the second-best sense of smell in the canine world. So, they were used to follow a scent blocking all the distractions right away. This natural behavior could lead them to be independent and highly alert.

So you might feel kind of basset hounds don’t like to cuddle. But even though it’s a little bit tough to train them, they can be trained.


Many people love to own these cute, long, short dogs. But most people have a common curiosity about whether basest hounds like to cuddle. So, This is an in-depth article covering all aspects of the matter. I hope this helps you. Have a nice day.

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