My Husband Wants To Rehome My Dog [15 Causes & 23 Solutions]

Husband Wants To Rehome My Dog

While many people love dogs, not everyone does. So, let’s explore what you can do when your husband wants to get rid of or rehome your furry friend.

First things first, why does your husband want to rehome the dog?

It could be due to biting behavior, peeing and pooping inside, heavy barking, destructiveness, allergies, health issues, heavy shedding, interrupting the relationship, high exercise requirements, financial matters, your priority to the dog, or even the puppy blues.

No matter how strongly your spouse clings to this decision, there are tactics you can use to convince them to keep the dog with you. It’s all about finding the right approach. If you want to know more about these tactics in detail, keep reading until the end.

Reasons why does your husband wants to get rid of the dog?

Not all people are equal. Someone may like pets, and someone may not.

If you can ascertain the exact reason why your husband/boyfriend wants to rehome the dog, you might be able to persuasion him not to do so by resolving that particular issue.

So, here are the possible reasons.

  1. Biting behavior.
  2. Pee or poop inside.
  3. Heavy barking.
  4. Destructiveness.
  5. You are prioritizing the dog over boyfriend/husband
  6. Aggressive to other pets in your household and other dogs.
  7. Allergies.
  8. Husband/boyfriend has Puppy blues.
  9. A health issue.
  10. High exercise requirements.
  11. The dog sheds too much.
  12. Interrupt your relationship.
  13. Playing rough with kids.
  14. The dog has separation anxiety.
  15. Financial issues.

1. Biting behavior.

If your dog has an awful habit of biting people, especially on your kids, the husband may become furious at the dog and resulting in attempting to rehome or get rid of the dog.

The fact is, this is really obvious regarding why does your husband/boyfriend wanna do this. Because he does put the family and its safety first.

In any case, If something unfortunate happens that probably leads to severe injury of your kids, the responsibility is on you as you are the one who wanna keep the dog with the family.

Quick reminder: 
I want you to don't lose hope. If there an issue out there, there must have a solution too. So, I'm gonna give you solutions for each issue plus 8 more solutions. So, stick with the article. 

Because of that, your husband may think the do is far better off in your house free of little ones.

But, everything depends on what we are referred to as a “Bite.”

Think about a puppy who bites you as a result of being a bit exceedingly excited. As everyone agrees, this small nip never gonna draw blood.

If this is the situation, your husband/boyfriend is probably incorrect. We know that by any means, we shouldn’t let a kid and untrained dog be alone.

On the other hand…

Suppose the dog bites your child got drew pretty much a considerable amount of blood and the child is afraid of canines, now the husband/boyfriend is correct beyond any doubt.

In fact, if the dog bitten kids or your guest more than once, the situation might be a little bit difficult to handle unless you made enormous of word of honors to correct this behavior.


It doesn’t matter a puppy or an adult dog. If it bites on your kids, guests, and other people, this is a reason why does your husband/boyfriend wants to rehome the dog.


Training: You have to spend more time training the dog. If you endeavor with a strong mind, you will be able to turn this offensive dog into an affectionate, kind to kids, loving canine.

Hire a dog trainer or behaviorist: These people are mastered about dog behaviors, and they can handle pretty much any breed of canine. Investing some money on this is so worth it in this situation if you really wanna keep the dog, especially the dog has bitten someone already.

Discuss with the husband/boyfriend:  He is your love. You should be able to talk with him. Tell him that you agree with his decision and ask for another chance. Possibly one month would be enough. Then continue with the training. At this point, I highly recommend you to go with a dog trainer.

Supervising: You need to take the responsibility to supervise your kids and watch all the time not to play with the dog until your dog trainer recommends doing so. Follow his advice 100% clearly if you really need to keep the dog.

2. Your husband/boyfriend may want to rehome the dog because it Pees or poops inside.

It feels so disgusting and frustrated when a dog poops or pee on a nice carpet on the floor inside the house.

I agree accidents can happen. However, If the dog continues to do so without any improvement in behavior, that can be the reason why your husband/boyfriend wanna get rid of the dog.

If the dog is just still a puppy, forgiveness can be given.

Here are why your dog might poop inside the house.

  • Poor house training.
  • Aging effects.
  • Medical issues.
  • Stress levels.
  • Change in the schedule. Ie. potty break schedule.
  • A different diet.
  • Anxiety.

Here are why your dog might pee inside the house.

  • Incontinence
  • Urinary tract issues.
  • Health problems.
  • Aging effects.
  • Behavioral issues.
  • Submission.
  • Over excitement.
  • Irregular potty breaks.
  • Fear.
  • Anxiety.
  • Change in environment. I.e., Move to a new house.


  • The dog is pooping inside the house.
  • The dog is peeing inside the house.


Housetraining: It seems like lack of house training is the issue here. If the dog is still a puppy, you can work on house training. If the dog is a grown one, the house training needs to be done again!

Hire a trainer: If your husband/boyfriend firmly states get rid of the dog due to this peeing or pooping issue, I highly recommend you invest some money in a dog trainer and perform the training.

Chat with your vet: You need to ensure if there are any health-related issues going on here. If so, necessary actions can be taken just by following your vet’s advice. If this is due to aging effects, he will give you sort of special pieces of advice. Make sure to strictly adhere to that advice if you really wanna keep the dog.

Discuss with your husband: Convince him that you really love and need the dog. Ask him for another month and promise to correct this behavior within that time period.

3. Heavy barking.

If your dog is habituated to barking all over the day, this can be the reason why does your husband/boyfriend needs to rehome the dog.

It feels so annoying when you hear heavy barking for long hours, even at night.

In fact, You will receive an abundance of complaints from the neighbors about your dog’s loudness.

Here are why does your dog bark so much.

  • Aging dogs tend to bark more.
  • Health issues.
  • Territorialism
  • Fear.
  • Attention seeking problem.
  • Loneliness.
  • Anxiety.


The dog barks heavily so much Day and night without change.


Train: You have to spend more time training the dog not to bark. Read this article in order to educate yourself on how to stop a Doberman from barking. Frankly, it works for any breed. So, it’s worth reading.

Hire a dog trainer: Since these people can solve the heavy barking issue within a short amount of time, I highly recommend doing so.

Consult your veterinarian: It’s always better to chat with your veterinarian in order to make sure if there is any health-related issue that triggers this lousy behavior.

Chat with your husband/boyfriend: Talk with him very politely and say that you entirely agree and understandable his concern, and ask for another month to correct the behavior.

4. Destructiveness.

Destructiveness is also one of the main reasons why some people need to get rid of their dogs.

To be honest with you, if we trace back to the root of this behavior, the blame might be on you. The most obvious reason is the lack of training and attention.

When you can’t trust him anymore and continues to misbehave, it’s pretty difficult to handle the situation. But, you gotta do that if you really wanna keep the dog.

Being vexed with the husband/boyfriend isn’t a solution. In fact, it will lead to so many arguments down the line.

Instead, what you have to do is that identify what influences this disagreeable behavior.

Here are common reasons why do dogs become destructive.

  • Separation anxiety.
  • Boredom.
  • Anxiety.
  • Health issues
  • Stress.
  • Hunger.
  • Teething.


The dog is extremely destructive, and it chews almost everything in the house. It can cause frustration for your husband, resulting in attempting to rehome the dog.


Heavy training: You have to spend so much time with several bucks. Possibly bitter sprays can help until you solve the issue with positive reinforcement techniques.

Hire a dog trainer: If your husband/boyfriend is about to get rid of the dog, first you need to chat with him and get another month of time to correct the behavior. Only a month would be sufficient. And tell him to rehome the dog if it continues to happen. Then invest some money in a dog trainer, and they know exactly what to do.

Consult a veterinarian: Sometimes, this issue may occur due to both physical and phycological issues. If you can spot out the exact cause with the help of a vet, the remedy process will be much easier.

Other considerations: Give some extra attention to the dog. Provide sufficient exercises on a daily basis.

5. You are prioritizing the dog over boyfriend/husband.

I need you to think about yourself for a movement. If you are prioritizing the dog over your husband/boyfriend, you should get over yourself.

To be honest, I love so many dogs, and they are a huge part of my life.

But, think about this a little bit… Your dog cannot take care of you when you are sick. Husband/boyfriend does. Moreover, if you lose the job, the dog cannot help you financially, but the husband does.

The husband/boyfriend can live with you until your old age. But dogs don’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge dog lover. What I wanna emphasize to you is that your family is a pack. Each member has a priority level on this pack. The dog needs to be in its position.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with that if you meet all the needs and wants. Being over attached with the dog over husband and giving priority to the dog aren’t one of them.


Giving priority to the dog over the husband. If this is the case, that can be the reason why your husband/boyfriend needs to rehome the dog.


Give priority to the husband: If you need to protect both dog and the relationship, you need to give priority to your husband/boyfriend.

Get advice from a dog behaviorist: But, you shouldn’t do this right away as you realize the reason. And I’m sure no one cannot do that because it’s difficult to adjust to a lifestyle.

In fact, giving less attention to the dog all of a sudden can lead to a number of psychological issues. So, it should be done gradually and piecemeal.

Get help from relationship advice: Getting advice from a relationship expert would really help. But, I highly recommend you consult a dog behaviorist prior to meeting a relationship advisor. Then you can adjust the procedure that needs to follow based on the requirements stated by the dog behaviorist.

6. Aggressive to other pets in your household and other dogs.

Sometimes, your husband/boyfriend may attempt to get rid of the dog because of less compatibility with other pets in the household, which means the dog’s aggressiveness to other canines, cats, or any other pet.

Besides that, if the dog always tries to fight with other dogs as a result of being terrified of other dogs or intention of dominance (mostly in dog parks or on the road), This problem needs to be addressed a little more firmly.


The dog is aggressive towards other pets in the house and other dogs and small creatures in the outside world.


Socialization: Has your dog appropriately socialized? Seems like not! So, you will need to attend the dog doggy socialization class.

Hire a dog trainer: Sometimes, the issue is nothing to do with socialization. In such a unique case, investing money in a dog trainer is the foremost thing that needs to be done in order to keep the dog with you.

Chat with the vet: It’s a good idea to chat with your veterinarian to figure out if there are any psychological or

Issues with an introduction: Sometimes, the issue with the introduction to other pets. I’m not gonna dig into that huge portion of the training. So, it’s better if you can enlist the help of a dog trainer.

7. Your husband/boyfriend may want to rehome the dog because of Allergies

Maybe your husband or children have allergies to dogs.

If this is the situation, you will have a hard time solving this issue. If you are unable to do so, the dog will be rehomed as this is a fair reason.


Your householders have allergies to dogs.


Meet a doctor: First and foremost, consult a specialist doctor in order to understand if there is something abnormal going on in the person who has allergies to dogs. If there is an issue, necessary actions will be taken.

Here are several tips to minimize the issue

  • Bathe the dog on regular basis. Bathe the dog on a regular basis.
  • Use hair cleaners.
  • Create an allergy-free area in your home.
  • Consult with your veterinarian.

8. Husband/boyfriend has Puppy blues.

If your husband/boyfriend needs to get rid of the dog, the main reason could be puppy blues.

Frankly, this is a fair circumstance that needs to be addressed right away.


Your husband/boyfriend got puppy blues.


Educate yourself about puppy blues: For that, we have an extensive guide written by a veterinarian Dr. Pavithra and here is the article: How long do puppy blues last and how to overcome?

The above comprehensive article has covered everything you need to be aware of about puppy blues.

9. The dog has health issues.

Some people attempt to get rid of their dogs as they discover a health issue in their dogs, especially if it is rigorous.

As human beings, we know that if my dog has a particular health issue, we need to treat it as soon as possible. Only a heartless person can get rid of the dog in such a situation.


The dog has health issues and a husband/boyfriend.


Consult a veterinarian: Meet your veterinarian right away and seek advice and take necessary actions.

Correct his mindset: As a wife/girlfriend, you should be able to correct his mindset. Most importantly, you need to control yourself while talking without starting a quarrel. If you managed to do that, good for you and the dog!

10. High exercise requirements.

Some husbands/boyfriends decide to rehome their dogs as a result of being exhausted by endeavoring to provide sufficient exercise on a daily basis.

If all responsibilities about the dog are assigned to him, like giving exercises morning and afternoon, taking the dog for grooming, veterinary checkups, and other duties, his concern is fair.


Husband/boyfriend has an extravagant amount of responsibility for the canine.


Share responsibilities: You need to take some weight off from your husband/boyfriend if you really love the dog. In fact, what’s the point of adopting a dog if you cannot care about him. Giving affection isn’t sufficient. Right?

Hire a dog walker: Hiring a dog walker to lessen his workload is a good idea. However, I still prefer and recommend doing those things by yourself.

11. The dog sheds too much.

Some dogs tend to shed terribly with shedding skin in gross amounts. Many people just don’t like that.

So, this can be the reason why your husband/boyfriend needs to get rid of the dog.


Heavy shedding.


Educate yourself about their shedding: You should have a sufficient awareness regarding what’s normal and what’s abnormal.

Consult a veterinarian: If you feel the shedding is abnormal, consult your veterinarian right away in order to solve the issue.

Nutrition matters: Sometimes, the problem is a lack of nutrition. Therefore, you should go through its diet plan and create an appropriate diet plan with the assistance of a veterinarian.

Grooming sessions: Never skip grooming sessions. Make sure consistent brushing and regular bathing.

Besides the above, supervising its water intake, choosing the correct brush, choosing the correct shedding tool are also can impact the amount of shedding in your dog.

12. The husband/boyfriend may need to rehome the dog if it’s interrupting the relationship.

Think about whether the dog is too attached to you.

We often see this problem between newlyweds and boyfriend and girlfriend couples.

Suppose the girl owns a dog, and that canine tends to interrupt the relationship as a result of feeling jealousy or any other psychological issue. This can be the reason why your husband/boyfriend needs to get rid of the dog.


Dog interrupts the relationship.


If you really want to control this situation, there are a few things you need to be aware of. I strongly recommend reading the following article.

Does my dog think I’m his girlfriend?

13. Playing rough with kids.

If you have a high-energy canine friend that seeks numerous amount of exercises on a daily basis, with or without intention, it will play rough with your kids.

Allowing your kids to play with such a dog is just dangerous, and you need to realize that.


Dog plays rough with kids.


  • Don’t let them play without your supervision.
  • Provide the necessary amount of exercise on a daily basis.
  • Mentally stimulate the dog.
  • Provide chew toys.
  • Get another dog and let them play on their own.
  • Chat with your veterinarian about spay or neuter the dog. (But I wouldn’t recommend doing so)

14. The dog has separation anxiety.

If your dog has separation anxiety that leads to peeing and pooping all over the house, chewing things, and being destructive, perhaps this can be the reason why does your husband/boyfriend needs to rehome the dog.

Here are why do dogs get separation anxiety.

  • Being left alone for a long time
  • Medical issues
  • The dog is rescued.
  • Change of residence
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness

Here are other signs the dog will exhibit if it is prone to separation anxiety.

  • Defecating
  • Digging
  • Escaping behavior
  • pacing
  • Destructive chewing
  • Unusual urinating 
  • Balking and howling
  • destruction


The dog has separation anxiety.


  • Consult a veterinarian.
  • Provide sufficient exercises
  • Due sufficient amount of attention.
  • Proper crate training.
  • Provide a good mental stimulation
  • Invest some money on chew toys.

15. Because of financial issues..

If you guys have financial issues and live on a budget, your husband/boyfriend will attempt to rehome the dog since you cannot afford him anymore.

This is a fairly reasonable fact that you cannot deny. So, let’s see what you can do about this.


Adopting a dog is expensive, and you live on a budget.


  • Don’t hire dog walkers. Do it by yourself.
  • Avoid doggy care centers.
  • Invest in pet insurance.
  • Educate yourself with free content available on the internet and do most of the training by yourself.
  • Keep only must-haves for your dog.
  • Discuss with your veterinarian about his diet if it’s too expensive and look for alternatives. (That can provide the same amount of nutrition)

Other solutions that are worth considering.

We have already discussed 15 reasons why your husband/boyfriend may want to get rid of the dog with 15 possible solutions.

But, I promised to give you 23 solutions.

So, here they are…

  • Confine the dog to one area.
  • Having a fenced yard would really help.
  • Hardwood floor.
  • Try daycare.
  • Puzzle toys.
  • Obedience training.
  • Get help from neighbors.
  • Consult a professional psychologist.

16. Confine the dog in one area.

If the dog tends to pee or poop everywhere and shedding issues, it’s better to restrict the critical areas in your house like the dining room, living room, bedroom, etc.

For the kitchen, you can use a baby gate in order to restrict access.

It’s better to keep him in a place where easily cleanable.

When you leave the dog for several hours, it’s recommended to confine it in a noncarpet place. Often the garage can be an example.

If you managed to do these things 100% perfectly, your husband/boyfriend won’t attempt to rehome the dog.

17. Having a fenced yard would really help.

Say your dog is kind of aggressive toward other dogs or any other outside small creatures. It’s recommended not to let him walk off-leash and roam.

It’s way better to put the dog on a leash and walk.

In fact, it’s better to invest some money on a fence and have a fenced backyard where the perfect nature to adopt a dog that can let him walk, roam, run, and play on their own with lack of limitations.

When you have a good solid fenced backyard, it doesn’t matter being aggressive toward other animals until the training finishes, Because, by any means, the dog cannot harm any creature whatsoever.

Then you need to take action to solve whatever issue the dog has with that promise on your hand, resulting in the husband/boyfriend refusing to get rid of the dog.

18. Hardwood floor.

If your husband/boyfriend needs to get rid of the dog by considering the damage to material items in the home, for example, carpet, you can come up with an alternative to the Floor coverings, especially when you are moving to a new house and husband refuse to take the dog to a new house right away.

So, a hardwood floor is a nice alternative for the carpeted floor, and it can provide remedies for the majority of his worries.

19. Try daycare.

If you aren’t satisfied with your dog’s behavior, and obviously, The husband/boyfriend isn’t either, it’s a genius idea to try a doggy daycare intermittently for several days.

If you do so, you will see a huge improvement within a week or two. Because these people work at doggy daycare are specialist in correcting odd behaviors in canines.

20. Puzzle toys.

Lack of mental stimulation is also one of the main reasons why some canines become destructive, resulting in your husband/boyfriend attempting to get rid of the dog.

So, puzzle toys are an excellent way to ease the boredom in dogs, especially in puppies.

21. Obedience training.

The main reason why does your dog misbehaves quite often could be a lack of basic obedience training.

To be honest, we cannot complete the obedience train on a specific day because it is a consistent and ongoing process where you can teach the dog new tricks and commands every day.

You should come up with a new idea every day because this learning process never ends, and you will see great success as time goes. New life

For me, I would like to train my dog new commands every single day. Once they are comfortable with one command, I am looking forward to moving to a new trick or command.

It is one of the excellent ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated throughout the day, making a well-behaved dog.

22. Get help from neighbors.

If you really don’t have sufficient time to set aside your canine friend, check in your neighborhood. Is there anyone prepared or happy to take your dog out for giving exercises.

Was paper love to do that, specifically the one who doesn’t have a dog and is still interested in dogs.

The reason why I want to mention this solution is that lack of exercise could lead to so many troubles, making your husband/boyfriend trying to rehome the dog for the purpose of escape from the problem.

23. Consult a professional psychologist.

If the dog is the cause of many conflicts in your family, it’s a good idea to consult a professional psychologist to seek help.

Sometimes the problem is with your behavior and the husband’s thoughts. So, I really recommend doing so.

Things to be aware of.

Well. Now you know the reasons why your husband/boyfriend needs to get rid of the dog and the exact solutions you can take. But that’s not enough. I have a few other tips that you need to be aware of.

  • It’s better to vacuum the entire house at least once a week. Your dog is a huge shedder, and the husband or kids have allergies to dogs. Next life.
  • Try to clean the house every day prior to the arrival of the husband/boyfriend.
  • Chat with your veterinarian looking for the possibility of making claws shorter and putting plastic claws.
  • Place a few towels on the furniture armrests to wipe the drool.
  • By trimming their nails shorter, they won’t touch or scratch the floor.

Anyhow if you have to rehome the dog, don’t just look for a shelter. You can ask your friends ask their family and close ones whether they need to adopt your dog because giving the dog to someone you already know is better.

If you still cannot someone, it’s better to interview several people and give the dog to someone you totally believe and feel comfortable with.


Does your husband/boyfriend need to get rid of the dog? Are you looking for solutions on what to do for this? This comprehensive guide contains 15 reasons why your husband/boyfriend wants to rehome the dog and 23 possible solutions. Hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day.