Why Does My Dog Like My Roommate More Than Me? [7 Reasons]

Why Does My Dog Like My Roommate More Than Me

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! We all know that our furry friends are the best at showing love and affection towards us – I mean, who doesn’t love a good tail wag or slobbery kiss? But have you ever felt like your dog likes someone else more than you? Maybe it’s your roommate, and you’re left wondering what the heck is going on. Well, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

There are actually several reasons why your dog may prefer your roommate’s company over yours. It could be due to learned behaviors, lack of love and attention from you, not encouraging your dog to spend time with you, your dog’s energy level and personality matching better with your roommate, the behavior of the dog itself, or maybe you just aren’t aware of your dog’s likes and dislikes.

But don’t worry, just because your dog seems to prefer your roommate’s company doesn’t mean they’re disloyal to you! Dogs love attention and affection from anyone who will give it to them. So, if your roommate is constantly showering your pup with love and attention, it’s no wonder they’re drawn to them.

One thing to keep in mind is that dogs tend to gravitate towards calm and loving people. Maybe your roommate just has a more relaxed energy than you do, or maybe they’re more vocal about expressing their love for your pup. Either way, it’s important to show your dog that you love and appreciate them too.

So, if you’re feeling a little left out in the cold when it comes to your pup’s affections, don’t despair! Try spending some quality one-on-one time with your furry friend, showing them love and attention in your own way. And remember, at the end of the day, your dog loves you no matter what.

Why does your dog prefer your roommate over you?

1. Lack of love and care.

If your dog shows less interest in you than your roommate, he may seek more love and care from you. Maybe you are not perfect at petting your dog.

If you just feed the dog and let him rest, your dog will be grateful for feeding him. But the love he seeks will miss him always.

At that moment, your dog will try to find affection and care from your roommate. You love your dog a lot, but if you don’t show your love to the dog, he will never know that you love him.

This can be the main reason for the cold relationship between you and your dog. Think about a small child, feeding him will not be sufficient to make him happy.

He will ask for time, love, and many other things. Your dog can’t speak, so you have to understand his wants. Probably it will reduce the gap between the dog and you.

 2. You are doing something your dog feels uncomfortable with.

Don’t think that all dogs love petting and cuddling. Some dogs don’t like it. If your dog doesn’t like petting, he will feel uncomfortable when you start to cuddle him.

Maybe your roommate is not a dog lover and, therefore, he will not pet the dog.

Even though he is not going to pet him, the dog will love to be with your roommate just because he is not doing the thing that the dog hates.

Simple things can impact a lot. You should know what your dog likes and it will be helpful when you are dealing with your pet.

3. The behavior of dogs   

Dogs tend to be with strangers, visitors, friends, or roommates when the dog is in his familiar place. When the dog is in a new place, he will not try to be with your roommate.

From instinct, dogs seek the security of their owners when they are in an unfamiliar place. Your apartment is your dog’s home.

So he will associate with your roommate more, as the dog is at his home. According to the ‘Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 70% of dogs like to interact with strangers when they are at home.

The same journal says that 80% of dogs like to interact with their owners when they are at an unfamiliar place. So this can be a reason for the bond between your roommate and the dog.

Babies love to play with strangers or they will love to show their toys to strangers when they are at home.

But when they are out with mom or dad, they will not go to interact with others. This can vary from baby to baby Likewise, we cannot decide if all the dogs are similar.

4. Maybe you are not encouraging your dog to be with you.

You should encourage your dog to associate with you. Maybe your roommate gives him a treat when the dog comes to him.

Then, your dog will like to interact with your roommate. Dogs love to have treats. So the dog will notice that your roommate is the person who gives him little treats.

A small treat can make a big change.       

5. The dogs are sensitive to smells.

Smell matters a lot. Maybe your dog likes your roommate’s perfume. Sometimes dogs don’t like the smell of alcohol.

If you are consuming alcohol, that may be the reason for the cold relationship between you and your dog. The dog will like to smell meat.

But it does not mean that you should smell like meat. The dog always finds familiarity through the smell.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

6. The dogs like to be with the people who match their energy level and personality.

If the dog is playful and active, he will always like to be with an active person. If the dog loves to sleep a lot.

Then, his favorite person may be inactive. Likewise, your dog will love to have someone who matches his style.

Maybe, that person is your roommate. If your roommate and the dog are playful, they match well.

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7. You are punishing your dog.

If you punish your dog, he will try to seek the attention of your roommate. Punishing can harm the bond between your dog and you.

On the other hand, the dog will begin to interact with your roommate more and more.

The dog will feel fear to be with you and the dog will seek protection from your roommate when you are punishing him.

Simply this is a good reason for the dog to love your roommate more than you. 

In some cases, the dog’s hero is not the owner or the person who takes care of him. Dogs like people who go with their personality and energy level. 

Playful dogs would not like inactive people, whereas idle dogs would not like active people. If your dog likes your roommate more than you, you can assume that your roommate matches your dog’s personality and energy level perfectly. 

Some dogs would like to be with males, and some would like to be with females. So, it depends on your dog’s choice. 

Is it bad or, should you worry if your dog loves your roommate?

If your dog loves your roommate, it is good. You know that your pet is happy with your roommate. Imagine that your dog hates your roommate, it will be more troublesome for you.

So, you are lucky to have a dog lover as your roommate. Sometimes, dogs hate to share their living space with strangers.

If your dog doesn’t like strangers, you will be in great trouble. You won’t be able to share your apartment with your friend or roommate.

If you were able to do it, you would struggle to make your dog calm. Imagine that you are busy with work and studies, still, you are safe.

Your roommate can take care of your dog, as the dog likes him. So, this is a huge relief.            

Some dogs are afraid of strangers. If the dog is not comfortable with your roommate, it is critical. It’s ok to express hate, but fear is something else.

It will reduce the appetite of your dog, and even you will misunderstand it as a disease. Again, I must repeat you are lucky, as your dog is comfortable with your roommate.                                                                                                                                      

It is not all about the dog. What if your roommate is not comfortable with the dog? Then, he will request you to keep your dog out of the apartment.

Some people are allergic to dogs. If your roommate is a person who is allergic to dogs, you don’t have an option unless you find a new apartment.

Some people find dogs so disturbing. On one hand, it is true. So, people who live with dogs could have tolerance.

If your roommate can’t tolerate it, again you are in trouble. This is a little effort to show you how lucky you are. 

But to be honest, you may feel jealous. It is ok to feel so, as you are the owner of the dog. You should understand the dog’s feelings.

Once you understood it, you would never worry about this kind of thing.

How to get your dog love you more than your roommate?

1. Show some affection to your dog.

Love will ensure your relationship with the dog. Dogs love to be beloved. So, you need to spend time with your dog. You should cuddle and pet him.

Every act of love will matter a lot to him. So, don’t neglect your dog. Dogs identify your love through your words and rubs. So, it is essential as food.

Some people love their dogs, but they do not show it. Animals can’t understand it if you don’t show any affection. This will help you to win the love of your pet over your roommate.  

2. Spend time with the dog.

Spending plenty of time with your dog can make your dog sensitive to you. So, sacrifice a considerable amount of time for him.

Take him for morning walks. Then, you can spend time together. Allow him to follow you. It makes the dog happy and he feels that he is safe with you.

This sense of security can increase the bond between you and your dog.

3. Don’t punish your dog

Punishing can damage the relationship between the dog and you.  If your dog is doing something wrong, train him well.

Training can minimize the misbehaviors of the dog. Punishing can make them more stubborn and at the same time, the dog will be afraid of you.

So, tolerance is important as these dogs are just like babies.  

4. Listen to your dog. 

 If your dog says, no to something, don’t force him to do it. Maybe there is a reason for his ‘no’. Normally, we respect our friends’ opinions.

If your friends say no to you, you just accept it. So why can’t you accept your puppy’s negotiations? Imagine that you order your dog to lie down.

If he refuses to do it, let him be like that. His no says a lot of things. Maybe he is suffering from a disease. 

5. Consider allowing the dog to sleep in your bedroom.

When you allow him to sleep in your bedroom, he will feel at home. This method is working for puppies.

If your roommate agrees, you can let the dog sleep in your bedroom. It will strengthen the bond and mutual understanding.

 6. Protect your dog.

Normally, people expect protection from dogs. People believe that dogs should frighten strangers. But dogs need more protection from us.

If you expect protection from the dog without protecting him, he will not love you. You need to protect your puppy from big dogs.

Then he will continue to love you more than ever. Maybe your roommate is protective and you are not, if so, you are losing your grip.                                                               

7. Try to do things that make your dog happy.

Do something which can make both of you happy. You can try some games like chasing the prey, hide and seek, fetch, and tug of war. If your dog doesn’t show interest in those games, you can buy him some rubber toys.

Sometimes, your dog’s favorite sport may be harassing a pet cat, probably you are completely against this.

Supply him with teddy bears to play with. It can be a good alternative. Some dogs love to dig in the backyard. You can still find some alternatives to make your dog happy.

This way you can increase the bond between you and the dog.              

8. Feed him healthy and delicious food. 

Don’t give the same food every day. It can reduce a dog’s appetite. On the other hand, food is a form of love.

The dog feels love when you provide him with tasty but healthy foods. Pet food can make them strong and healthy. While giving pet food, you can try some more dishes.          

Things to be aware of.

1. Don’t let your dog run with a stick in his mouth. 

Even though dogs like to run with sticks, it is not a good idea. You may think that you should do whatever the dog likes to do, to win his heart over your roommate.

But it is not the right thing. You should be aware of your dog’s safety. Veterinarian Jason Nicholas of Preventive Veterinary says that playing with wooden sticks can be disastrous.

You can use rubber toys instead of wooden sticks.                                  

2. Don’t use retractable leashes.

Michelle Szydlowski is a veterinarian at Beacon College in Leesburg. He says that retractable leashes are not safe for dogs and humans.

Your hands can get burns due to these retractable leashes and also it is difficult to control dogs with retractable leashes. This can cause unnecessary troubles.

As you can’t control him, he can easily attack anyone around you. When you try to grab the dog towards you, these retractable lashes can cause lacerations and amputations.

 3. Don’t yank on dogs’ leash.

Your dog will like to walk with you freely. So definitely, he doesn’t want you to, yank on the leash. It is painful and, at the same time, it can cause neck injuries.

Hyoid bone near the tongue can be fractured and it can be a reason for a lot of health issues.

These are some common mistakes you do, out of love. Be aware of these instances. You can easily win the heart of the dog by avoiding these things.

You are not going to compete with your roommate and you are just trying to be a good mom or dad for your dog.


Dogs need a good companion. Always try to be a good friend to your dog. If your dog loves your roommate a lot, observe him. He may have some special qualities that your dog likes. You can always get your roommate’s help to attract your dog. As I already said, it depends on your dog’s wish. His wish differs according to his breed. You may have special interests in some important people. But it doesn’t mean that you love them more than your family. Similarly, dogs feel the same. So be kind to your dog and try to become his favorite person.

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