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Interviews With Breed Owners

These interviews with breed owners might just help you decide whether a particular dog breed is right for you.

It's all very well reading facts and figures about a certain dog breed but what are they REALLY like to live with?!

To give you a deeper, more personal insight into life with a dog, some owners have very kindly taken the time to speak to me about their very own pooch.

My deepest thanks to all interviewees for getting involved and sharing their doggy stories and photos :)

But, this page is by no means complete.  We need your help.  Would you like to share your experience living with a dog (or two or three). 

Most people discover a breed or two that they are extremely fond of and then stick with that breed for decades. After living with a particular dog breed for awhile,  you become a DOG BREEDS EXPERT, too!  You can share your dog's story and make them a Star!


Continue down the page and read some interviews from fellow dog lovers.

Care to Tell Your Dog's Story?

If you would love to tell us about your special dog, whether it is a purebred, a hybrid, or a mixture of many breeds, we'd love to hear it. 

Many of our readers prefer to download the interview questions.  It's a simple process:

  1. Download the Interview Questions
  2. Read over them, and return the answers to me using the Contact Me Form here.
  3. I will contact you personally and you can then add as many photos as you like to your interview.
  4. You will be notified when your Dog's Story is live on this site.

Are you an owner of a blog?  I would be glad to add your link to your dog's story.  Just ask.

Interviews with Breed Owners

Jenson and Lewis, the Welsh Springer Spaniels

Interview with owner

Paul Sweetland

Phoebe, the Great Pyrenees, Interview with owner,

Sean Smith

Interview with Bryan

Owner of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Interview with Justin

Owner of Isaiah, the Siberian Husky

Interview with Sean Smith,

Owner of Lilly, the Golden Retriever

Arrow, the Jack Russell Terrier -

Interview with Skylar Miller

Interview with Elizabeth M,

Owner of Cooper, the Shih Tzu

Mollie the Cocker Spaniel - Interview with owner Alison Mackay

Mojo the Jug (Jack Russell/Pug Cross) - Interview with owner Rob Colquhoun

Paris The Dalmatian - Interview with Owner Charlotte Elborough

Lilly The Border Collie - Interview with Owner Jo Wilkins

Skye The English Toy Terrier - Interview with Owner Lesley King

Oscar And Fudge The Lhaso Aphso's - Interview with Owner Karen Muir

Toby The Dachshund - Interview With Owner Jenny Bingham

Mike The Caucasian Shepherd  - Interview With Owner Mario Beslic

Contact Dog Breeds Expert

If you are the proud owner of a breed not mentioned here already and would like to be interviewed then please contact Dog Breeds Expert with "Breed Interview" in the comments section along with your dog's name and breed.  Give your pooch the fame they deserve!