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Mojo the jug -
an Interview With
A Jug Owner

Mojo the Jug owner, Rob Colquhoun, took the time to speak to us about his experience of living with his Jug. A Jug is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Pug.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your Jug please?

A: Her name is Mojo and she's 6 years old. We got her when she was a puppy. She's a Pug/Jack Russell Cross (Jug)

A: She was pretty easy to train, as she's very intelligent.

Mojo the Jug

Mojo the Jug

Q: How much exercise does Mojo need?

A: We got Mojo before we had children and, since our son was born, it is rare that we get the time to give her the exercise she used to get when she was younger which was 4 walks per day at least. Now she gets walked twice a day on average, and often not for more than 10 minutes. But we now have a garden, so toilet walks are less necessary.

It is a point of regret really as we know exercise it is THE most important aspect of attaining a contented, healthy and well behaved dog.

Like Cesar says... exercise, discipline and affection are the 3 key rules to follow for a good dog/owner relationship. But life is busy & we do all we can, but for sure we would love to have the time to get out for more walks. Mojo loves the outdoors, but an hour is all she needs to tire due to her very short legs.

Q: Does Mojo have a particularly "doggy smell" and how is her coat in terms of shedding?

A: All dogs smell - especially when they get wet! However, Mojo has a short coat and gets washed quite regularly. Her feet smell like a hamster cage though!

As for shedding, her hairs get EVERYWHERE. They are sharp too, and hard to remove from fabric once they get themselves weaved in. She moults worse in the summer and after bathing.

Mojo the Jug
Mojo the Jug

Q: Is Mojo an excessive barker?

A: She is half terrier and barks quite often. However, this is usually linked to security, other dogs, territory especially and knocks at the door. She barks a lot when people leave the house...more jealousy than separation anxiety as given the choice she would always choose to leave with anyone who is exiting the property.. even visitors!

Q: Does Mojo have good recall off-leash?

A: Pretty good, I'd say around 80% ish. Occasionally she will do what she wants, usually when she wants to approach other dogs.

Mojo the Jug

Mojo the Jug

Q: What is Mojo like around other dogs?

A: She has little dog syndrome and will often display aggression towards large dogs if she is on a lead or if she is on her own territory. Off the lead on neutral territory she acts differently. She also loves a bit of rough and tumble with dogs of any size.

Q: What is Mojo like around children?

A: She used to be great. However, after some harsh treatment some years back from a few kids of 4-5 years old, she is now very nervous around children. Strangely submissive at first, but will snap a warning if she feels very threatened. She has snapped 3 times at children but never bitten anyone.

Mojo the Jug
Mojo the Jug

Q: Would you class Mojo as high maintenance or a fussy eater?

A: She will eat anything and everything she can get her teeth around!

Q: Can Mojo do any tricks or have any funny quirks?

A: She can give a hi five, a paw, beg and crawl. Mojo has so many quirks - she has a really unique and funny personality!

Big thank you to Rob for a little insight into life with the lovely Mojo the Jug! :)

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