English Toy Terrier – What Is It Really Like? Find Out!

English Toy Terrier

English Toy Terrier Skye – an owner interview.

Lesley King took the time to speak to us about her experience of living with her English Toy Terrier, Skye.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your dog please?

A: Her name is Skye and she’s 13 months old. We got her when she was 3 months old from a Kennel Club breeder in Beverley (near Hull, U.K.) and she’s an English Toy Terrier.

An English Toy Terrier Dog sitting down on a rug, indoors
English Toy Terrier

Q: How easy was Skye to train?

A: I have a few dogs (Chihuahuas) and she has been the most difficult to train. She’s a typical terrier and is very easily distracted and always wanting to be on the go.

English Toy Terrier
English Toy Terrier

English Toy Terrier

Q: How much exercise does Skye need?

A: Her exercise depends on the weather! If it’s cold/windy/raining she prefers little and (very) often. Probably due to the fact her coat won’t provide much warmth and her body shape means there isn’t a whole load of body fat either.

On a nice sunny day, she’d be happy going for hours. She has bucket loads of energy!

QDoes Skye have a particularly “doggy smell” and how is her coat in terms of shedding?

A: She does have a smell but she doesn’t smell of dogs! Even her breath has a sweet smell to it. And she has next to no shedding too!

An English Toy Terrier Dog sitting down, with rosettes from 3 dog shows

Q: Is Skye an excessive barker?

A:She does like the sound of her own voice, but it’s usually triggered by a noise or something she is unsure of. A lot of the time my other dogs will set her off. 

Q: Does Skye have good recall off-leash?

A: She is very obedient when we are out and I have no qualms about allowing her off the leash because I know she won’t go far from my heels and will come back if I call her.

Q: What is Skye like around other dogs?

A: She is part of a 4 dog pack (5 if you include my mum’s) When she knows the other dogs she pesters them loads to play but when it’s a strange dog, she can be very timid probably due to her size in comparison to them.

English Toy Terrier Dog Breed
English Toy Terrier Dog Breed

Q: What is Skye like around children?

A: She is fab around kids, even young ones. I’d be more concerned about young kids with her! They seem to see her as a toy and like to pick her up which isn’t her favourite pass time, she’d prefer to be running around with them.

English Toy Terrier Dog Breed
English Toy Terrier Dog Breed

Q: Can Skye do any tricks or have any funny quirks?

A: She has a few quirks. She likes to sit with one leg up and when she’s watching what’s going on around her, she has a particular stance where she sticks her bum up in the air and stretches her front legs out. She seems to be resting her front legs because she carries her weight on them in her usual stance. Her idea of fun is also lying on her back and chewing her legs. Usually her back thigh. I don’t know why either!

Q: Would you class Skye as high maintenance or a fussy eater?

A: She’s high maintenance when it comes to exercise, mainly due to her energy levels and with food to a certain extent as she can’t have anything too rich i.e. Pedigree Chum. I wouldn’t change her for the world though.

Big thank you to Lesley for a little insight into life with the very cute Skye! 🙂

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