Do Dogs Know We Help Them? [The Surprising Truth]

As a dedicated and kind dog parent, I know you always get the back of your fur baby. You do not consider depths and lengths when you have to help your little doggy. But don’t you ever doubt whether your doggy pal does know when you are helping him out?

Do dogs know we are helping them? Even though dogs cannot understand the concept of help, they know that you will make them painless, comfortable, or danger free from any situation they are undergoing. Through your body language, tone of voice, and from your eyes, a dog can identify that you are going to help him.

Let’s closely look at the above points and what researchers have put forward regarding the topic. Start reading! 

Do dogs know we are helping them?

It is confusing and remains doubtful when thinking about whether dogs know we are helping them. As humans and species gifted with developed communication skills, we can convey any feeling in our hearts. On the other hand, we can understand other people’s or animals’ feelings toward us.

Regarding that aspect, it does not mean that animals, including doggy pals, cannot understand or feel what we express. Even though they cannot convey it through words, they still manage to express it through their body language and behaviors.

Your doggy ball might not get the concept of help as we get it. But he knows you will help him when he is in pain or discomfort. Sometimes, he might need your help when he is undergoing severe anxiety and stress.

In such cases, you can see through his helpless eyes, blurred with tears, how he admires your help. Most of the time, your doggy pal understands your help as the love or care you have towards him.

You must know that your pooch has an emotional capacity equal to a two-year-old child, which highlights that he can feel basic emotions. He has a bit of a clear idea when you help him out.

So, let’s know how your doggy ball knows precisely when you are helping him. Read the next part.

How do dogs know when you are helping them?

Well, now we will find some interesting answers to your problem. How does your little pooch know when you will help him? 

There are some significant ways that your little doggy understands you will help him out. It does not matter what the circumstance is. All you need to observe is your doggy’s adorable reactions when you are helping him.

1. Your body language

Generally, a doggy ball identifies almost all your feelings towards him through your body language. They are genius in reading every minute change in your body language.

So, in the same manner, when you ought to help your little pooch, he identifies that you will give him a hand through your body language.

Do not forget that they can identify what you intend to do with him and whether it is a pure thought of help or harm.

2. Your facial expressions

Yes – your little rascal can read your facial expressions very well. So, when he is in a situation where he needs your help, the first thing he does is look into your face.

Then he gets to know whether you will help him or not. Facial expressions are one of the significant identification elements for dogs.

3. Your voice tone

Doggy pals can understand when we are talking and even can guess our moods through the tone of our voice. It is applied similarly when they confirm whether you will help him.

So, the tone of your voice plays an important role when your doggy pal is detecting that you will help him.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider your tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions when your little pooch is in a situation that requires your help more than anything.

He might not need any physical help, but an energy boost to his mind. When your doggy ball is suffering from a long-term anxious condition or unbearable stress, you should give your hand to him no matter how busy your schedule is.

So, do not suppose your doggy cannot understand or he does not know when you are helping him. Any creature can feel love and sympathy if expressed. In that case, dogs are extra special since they can feel their owner more than other animals.

Well, now you might ask how to convince your little doggo when you will help him. The answers are in the next section.

How do you convince a dog that you are going to help him?

It is true that your doggy friend automatically knows you will help him when he is in a helpless situation. But, still, it is better if you can convince him a bit more about what’s going to happen.

In a way, it is good for both you and your little pooch since he can have a clearer idea when you are helping him out, and he will stay calm when you are attending to his problem.

Let’s find practical ways to convince your doggy pal that you will help him.

1. Talk to your doggy in a soft voice

It is very much essential and practical at the same time in the manner you speak to your doggy ball. Obviously, any animal, including dogs, does not prefer when their owner is rough towards them in words.

So, if you want to tell your doggy that everything is okay and you will help him to come out of the difficult situation he has dug into, use your soft voice as much as possible.

Do not be harsh with words, and ensure you have your doggy pal’s attention when speaking. Your soft voice can take him into paradise since doggy balls fly in the sky when they feel loved and cared for.

2. Praise your doggy friend

One of the most productive ways to convince your doggy is by praising him. Use many positive words and let him feel he is a very good and cute fellow.

Then, gradually attend to his issue, whether it is a physical or mental need. All you do in this phase is create a solid bond between you and your doggy ball. Then make him trust you in the procedure.

Let them feel that he is a good boy and you are always there for him.

3. Mind your body language

Since doggy pals tend to identify that you are going to help them through your body language, you should be more concerned about your body language.

You must be mindful when reacting to his behavior and not show anger or hit your poor little pooch as they measure you through your body language.

Always approach your doggy ball in a friendly manner, stay calm, and never make a rush. Slowly attend to his issue, give him time to tell you that he needs your help, and let him feel that you got him.

4. Be calm and kind

As long as you stay calm and kind, your little pooch will be supportive in healing him. Do not ever hurt his feelings by being rude.

I know you can’t be rude to your pooch as you are sensitive and responsible for him. Remember that kindness is the magic to overcome any helpless situation.

So, I have shared what I have tried with my doggy ball when he needs my help. In the same manner, you can try it, and trust me, you’ll be surprised at the connection you build between your doggy and you. It is a strong bond that does not have words to express its value.

Things to be aware of.

Stay alert to your doggy’s mental condition when helping him out since even a little reaction can make him sad.

Be smart enough to read your doggy friend’s behaviors and identify exactly when you should help him.

If you feel like you can’t handle the situation alone, the best solution is to take him to the vet.

Do not make his situation more risky or uncomfortable in the helping phase.

Be kind and always talk to him in your best soft voice and make him feel he is in safe hands.


There might be plenty of situations where your little pooch requires your help. You are the only one he can reach and the only person who can attend to his issue kindly.

Therefore, be reachable to your little doggy friend and stay alert to his help-needed behaviors. Do not forget that he knows very well when you help him out, and do not forget that he can feel your empathy and love towards him.

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