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Welsh Springer Spaniel owner interview;

A very big thanks goes out to Paul Sweetland from Devon,

United Kingdom, for sharing his story with us.

Welsh Springer SpanielJenson and Lewis with Jenson at the top!

Can you tell me a little about your Welsh Springer Spaniel?

Jenson (Jedi du domaine de Kerarzic Vilin ) is a Welsh Springer Spaniel, he is 4 years 10 months old, he was bred by a lovely lady who lives in Brittany in France. We bought him from her when we were living in Burgundy in France. He is a very lively active dog, he is very inquisitive and interested in everything.

How easy was he to train?

Welsh Springer Spaniels are keen to learn and respond well to training with lots of encouragement and praise. We did not find a training class for him in our area of rural France so we trained him ourselves, but when we returned to live in Devon in the UK, he was enrolled into agility classes which he loves.

How much exercise does he need?

Spaniels enjoy lots of exercise, preferably two long walks or runs a day, once you have trained them to recall they really enjoy running free and love to meet other dogs.  We like to take them to the beach, where they meet many different dogs, they are very sociable. They are very good as working dogs and enjoy working in the woods.

Welsh Springer SpanielJenson - the stunning Welsh Springer Spaniel

Does he have a particular doggy smell?

They have long feathery fur which if it rains can smell doggy, but they soon dry, look and smell as fresh as before.

Does he shed?

They shed hair so they need regular brushing. Grooming every day does not take too long, if you are going to show your dog it will naturally take longer, they look fabulous when professionally groomed.

Does he bark much?

Barking is not a problem but like all dogs they will bark if they get excited.

What is he like around other dogs?

Jenson is such a gentle dog so we have enrolled him as a visiting pets as therapy dog so that other people can enjoy him.  We love the breed so much we have now bought another puppy from his breeder, we have called him Lewis (Orient Express du domaine de Kerarzic Vilin) and he is now eight months old, the two dogs get on very well together.

How is he around children?

Spaniels love attention and get on well with children.

Is he a fussy eater?

They generally love their food and are not  fussy as long as you  treat them like a dog, not a human.

Welsh Springer SpanielLewis - lookout for Lewis at Crufts 2019


Since writing the review we are super pleased to say that Lewis has just qualified for Crufts 2019!  Paul is excited but a little apprehensive but we at dog-breeds-expert will be rooting for Lewis and sure he will be the star of the show and top dog!! Go Lewis!

Any other advice for people interested in getting one of these dogs?

If you too decide to have a Welsh Springer Spaniel, you will have a friend for life, they are often called "Velcro dogs".  Wherever you go they go, and they are happiest sitting or lying as close to you as possible. 

They have huge brown eyes which they will use to get you to do what they want, but don't give in to them - be firm and you will enjoy many years of happy life together.

Thank you Paul for your telling us about your Welsh Springer Spaniels and we wish Lewis good luck at Crufts!

Considering the Addition of a Welsh Springer Spaniel to Your Household?

We always recommend that you do your research before you go to pick out a puppy or visit a shelter.  The more you know about a breed, the better prepared you are to live with, care for and train.

We hope this interview with a genuine Welsh Springer Spaniel owner has given you an insight into the breed and whether it is the right breed for you!

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