Why Do Chiweenies Lick So Much? [11 Reasons]

Why do Chiweenies lick so much?

Have you ever wondered why Chiweenies tend to lick so much? Since many people have asked me about this, I decided to do some research. Here’s what I found:

Why do Chiweenies lick so much? Chiweenies tend to lick as a way of showing love and affection to their owners. However, excessive licking may indicate underlying health problems. This article contains 11 possible reasons for this behavior.

Since Chiweenies may lick due to both normal and abnormal reasons, it’s important to be aware of this as a responsible owner.

#1 – A way of showing love and affection

I have visited about 15 different Chiweenies over the past few years. Believe me, every dog ​​was in the habit of licking their owners.

Actually, they use this trait as an excellent way to show their love and affection to their owners.

When a Chiweenie licking you, they probably trying to do one of two things.

  • They maybe want to tell you something.
  • Might be your pooch licking its way to some doggie detective work.

So let’s examine the first case.

They maybe want to tell you something.

When your Chiweenie sees you, they really wanna say, “Hello.” And since dogs aren’t so good with words, they gotta go with their body language to do the talking.

So when Chiweenies lick their owners, that’s kind of their way of saying, “What’s up?”

They could also be so excited to see you. Then they simply must say “Hello” by putting their tongue on your face.

It could also be your Chiweenie’s way of submitting and saying, “You are the Boss!”

Check out this nice video

So let’s examine the second case.

Might be your pooch licking its way to some doggie detective work.

When your Chiweenie licks you, he is basically learning your whole deal at once.

I mean they can detect,

  • The flavors on your skin tell a dog where you have been
  • Whether you played with other dogs
  • Whether you are in good health.

It’s amazing that a Chiweenine can learn all this from licking you.

#2- Licking is a pack trait

One of the main reasons why Chiweenies tend to lick so much is a pack trait.

What does that mean? In order to get connected with their pack, they used to lick pack members. So they can greet each other.

If there is a sick member, they can identify it by just licking. How wonderful is that? In fact, they really wanna make their pack members feel better.

For instance, when you lie down, your Chiweenie thinks like that you are not feeling good. So, therefore they are trying to help you to feel better. So he will lick you.

I mean, your Chiweenie thinks of you as a member of his pack. So he may want to treat you the same way.

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#3- Obsession

Most time, dogs lick so much because of Obsession.

But what does it mean?

Obsession can be developed by a lack of mental and physical stimulation. So that you have to do is look at to your Chiwweenie’s daily five essential needs which are,

  • Exercise 
  • Training
  • Socialization
  • Care
  • Affection

If you focus on providing those five daily essential needs, the Obsession should also fade away.

Note: Don’t take it easy.

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#4 Seasonal Allergies & Food allergies

Seasonal allergies

Mostly seasonal allergies can happen during spring and summertime.

Be mindful during these seasons and find out whether your Chiweenie soothes its paws.

If you see that kind of behavior, then soak their paws in lukewarm water and just leave it for 2-5 minutes in the water and let it soak.

Then Kindly consult a certified veterinarian in your area.

Food allergies

Mostly Chiweenies lick excessively due to food allergies. Since this problem is related to food, you need to change its diet.

But Be careful, don’t try to change the diet as the way you want. Because they already have food allergies. So kindly consult a certified veterinarian in your area. And get the instructions.

#5- Chiweenies tend to lick due to anxious and Boredom

If you own a Chiweenie who licks so much, probably the reasons are Boredom or anxiety.

So today, people tend to leave their dogs for long hours. Because most people are 9-5 workers.

Sometimes your Chiweenie is not getting enough exercise. Or else it can be due to separation anxiety.

So don’t leave your dog for long hours straight away. Try to minimize the time gap.

Be sure to provide adequate daily exercise. Especially you also need to spend time with your dog. Play a bit with him. Give some favorite toys.

#6- To calm down

How many Chiweenie memes have you seen so far? The reason why they become memes all the time is they become aggressive so quickly.

So if you notice carefully, you will see Chiweenies tend to lick their lips after some aggressive works.

So this trait is a completely normal situation. So you no need to worry too much about that.

#7- Chiweenies lick as a habit.

Last month I went to a school friend’s house. He owns a male Chiweenie. This dog has properly socialized.

So when I went there, this dog started to lick me excessively. It felt kind of annoying to me.

So when I ask about it from my friend, he told me that this dog used to lick everyone since his puppy age.

My friend consulted many veterinarians, and they did not find any health problems from his Chiweenie.

So what I want to mention here is, Chiweenies can have a habit of excessive licking. Anyhow, I suggest you consult a veterinarian.

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#8 Like the taste of food

This is one of the best techniques to get to know if your Chiweenie loves the food. I mean, they will lick lips for about half an hour.

But in some cases, if the food is a little spicy, they will lick for a long time.

#9 Chiweenies lick their lips as a way of communication

Why do Chiweenies lick their lips? Whenever you recognize a dog licking his lips, what do you think? You may have thought that he might be eating something or must have eaten something lately.

What if you cannot find any food next to your Chiweenie, and he keeps licking lips?

Why is that?

As we discussed above, licking lips is a way dogs communicate. As you know, dogs communicate using body language other than verbal communication. Then they try to express their feelings. 

At what times Chiweenies will lick their lips?

  1. When hungry
  2. Appeasement gesture
  3. When confused

When Chiweenies feel hungry

This is one of the suitable methods to identify if your dog is hungry. But I should mention here, if you provide meals on a proper meal plan, you won’t often see this behavior.

But when the mealtime comes, your Chiweenie will start to lick their lips so often.

By doing so, they will try to send you the message, “I’m hungry man, please feed me.”

Most dogs are so intelligent, and they know how to tell their needs to owners by using body signals.

For instance, let me tell you one of my experiences.

I had a male husky about 8 years ago. Do you want to know how he told us he was hungry?

Well, it’s a little bit funny and intelligent behavior. He yawned loudly to say he was hungry. Then he used to look at our faces to make sure we heard that sound or not.

If not, he started to yawn very frequently.

So do not let them enter the dining room while you are eating. Especially, don’t miss meals and try to give enough food on time.

Due to Appeasement gesture

Lip licking by Chiweenies is often referred to as an appeasement gesture. This means that dogs who lick their lips are feeling stressed or not comfortable with something going around them.

One of the suitable methods to avoid this behavior is, they must be properly socialized. Unless they will get excited very frequently.

So you can go for daily walks in order to socialize them, Try to go to a dog park in the evening.

Then let him/her interact with other dogs. So this way, they will reduce licking their lips over time. Note that dogs can also lick their lips and swallow hard due to gulping attacks.

Chiweenies tend to lick their lips as they confused.

When Chiweenies cannot recognize what is going on in his surroundings, they tend to lick their lips frequently.

Mostly, you will observe this behavior during the training sessions.

Maybe they cannot understand what you are saying. So be sure to give training sessions in a clean way and gently and slowly.

In fact, they do not get to know what’s happening and what their owner wants the dog to do. This means you need to mentally stimulate your Chiweenie.

So that his brain can be trained to learn more and learn effectively. It’s advantageous if you can provide brain training for dogs. 

#10 Chiweenies lick excessively due to dental problems

We know that dogs are so playful, and they love to wander and love to explore things in the outdoors.

Dogs like to chew things, so they can have dental problems.

So if you recognize such kind of behavior from your Chiweenie, immediately check if he has any kind of dental problem.

Then immediately go and consult a veterinarian to make sure everything okay.

#11 Chiweenies lick excessively due to underlying pain

If your Chiweenie is licking its paws for the body part in rare ends or inner thighs, there might have some underlying pains.

Check whether you can see any difference as he walking. Find out whether he is sleeping in dark places. Check if he is sleeping more than usual.

If so, immediately go and consult a veterinarian to make sure everything okay.


Most of the Chiweenie puppy owners have a common problem. “why do Chiweenies lick so much? “in this article, I have discussed the reasons for that matter.

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