Why Do Chihuahuas Sleep Under the Covers? [5 Reasons]

Why do chihuahuas sleep under covers?

Have you ever observed your Chihuahua sleeping under blankets or pillows? This behavior can be puzzling for pet owners. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why Chihuahuas sleep under covers.

Chihuahuas have a thin coat, which makes them more susceptible to feeling cold. As a result, they tend to sleep under covers to maintain their body temperature. This behavior is typical of Chihuahuas and can also be attributed to their upbringing and health issues.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to understand that Chihuahuas may sleep under covers due to both normal and abnormal circumstances. By being aware of this behavior, you can ensure that your furry friend is comfortable and healthy.

Interesting fact: Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, with some weighing as little as two pounds. Despite their small size, they are known for their big personalities and feisty behavior. Chihuahuas are also one of the longest living dog breeds, with some living up to 20 years or more.

#1 Chihuahuas sleep under covers to maintain their body temperature

As I mentioned above, they have a very thin coat. It’s not like a German shepherds’ or huskies” coat. You may already know their appearance as a chihuahua owner.

Because they cannot bear up the cold. Here I mean, they can feel cold like freezing. So chihuahuas tend to find some worm places (Covers) that they can burrow and sleep.

why do chihuahuas sleep under covers

In fact, blankets, pillows are warm encloses places that your chihuahuas would definitely love.

But sometimes this trait can be somewhat annoying. Even with my personal experience, it’s hard to keep dried clothes after laundry.

If he saw those clothes, he would be inside within a few seconds. Sometimes we have to rewash the clothes.

The funny thing here is the sleeping undercover is human behavior. But chihuahuas also get used to it. It looks a little weird. Isn’t it?

By the way, read this to understand why your dog sleeps after baths.

Check out this cute video.

Do you know a typical human temperature lower than dogs? In fact, chihuahuas are tiny dog breed with deficient body fat.

In fact, they cannot maintain body temperature, even though they have a higher metabolism. So chihuahuas tend to sleep under covers during cold days.

So give some extra attention during the winter season. Provide some thick blankets which they can burrow.

It doesn’t matter if their owners have provided blankets or not. Chihuahuas have good talent to find and sleep under covers like blankets, pillows.

Probably he will use your stuff even without your knowledge.

#2 Because of their childhood habit

Usually, at an early age, Chihuahuas love to sleep next to their mother’s bellies with their siblings.

So they are staying pressed and warmly. Some dogs have that habit even they have grown up. So they tend to find a cover to sleep on when they feel sleepy.

This is not a big deal. So you don’t wanna worry about it too much.

Usually, we can define all dogs as “Denning” animals. That means they have a habitual tendency to relax, hide, and sleep in some small places in their houses.

Sometimes they may feel some kind of safeness in such places. But usually, we can see this behavior in small dogs. Mainly, we can see this behavior in chihuahuas.

So all of a sudden, they tend to burrow in those places without a second thought. I have had some worst experiences with this.

Once, when I was looking for my Chihuahua, he wasn’t anywhere. I searched for more than an hour. But when I look inside our laundry room, he was there in a blanket.

I think he felt too comfortable. So he did not answer me. In fact, I don’t usually allow him to burrow using our blanket. ( Don’t worry, he has his own couple of blankets.)

So he knew that hiding inside those blankets is an offense. What an Intelligent dog.

In fact, usually, my chihuahua burrows himself and sleeps under covers for long hours. He gets a little angry when I pull him out of it.

Because they love this behavior, and it gives them some kind of sense of satisfaction.

3# Chihuahuas tend to sleep under covers when they are sick

Usually, dogs are sleeping under covers when they are sick. This means they really wanna a dark place to stay in such situations.

Probably he may have a stomachache or something else. So, he doesn’t know what to do. Therefore they find a covered, comfortable place to hide and sleep.

chihuahuas sleep under covers

I know every Chihuahua owner has seen this behavior. But be mindful if your chihuahua sleeps more than usual under covers, it may indicate some adverse health situations.

But let me be honest. We cannot directly say if chihuahuas are sick or not by simply looking at their sleep behavior with covers. Because whenever they feel some sleepiness, they would love to find a nice place and burrow.

So don’t hesitate to consult a veterinarian to examine this problem.

#4 Due to anxiety.

One of the other reasons why do chihuahuas sleep under covers is anxiety. These dogs can quickly suffer from anxiety.

Why? Every dog breed has bred upon a specific purpose. AS an example, those purposes can be service, hunting, protecting, watching, etc.

But actually, why did chihuahuas have bred? Actually, small dogs such as chihuahuas have initially been bred as companion dogs. So they love to stay close with their owners and cuddle.

But now, what happened? Many chihuahua owners tend to leave them for long hours due to busyness. So it causes their dogs to have higher anxiety levels.

Sometimes, when chihuahuas face unexpected incidents that can trigger their anxiety level, they tend to hide and sleep under the covers.

Mostly those incidents can be unexpected large sounds. So hiding under a blanket can make them feel something like a safe feeling.

We often see that Chihuahuas tend to sleep under covers when they first arrive at their new home and new owner.

So spending pretty much time with them is mainly required.

So give proper exercises which are suitable for chihuahuas on a daily basis. Giving about 30 minutes of exercise would be enough.

You can go for a nice walk around a dog park on a daily basis.

Important: Don’t give strenuous exercise such as cycling beside the dog, hiking, or running.

So by doing these things and spending enough time with them would decrease their anxiety level.

You will see your chihuahua will reduce burrow over time.

Here is why your dog tends to sleep after walks.

#5 Due to Stress and fear

Sometimes the chihuahuas may have stress and fear. Believe me, mental problems are not only for humans. Dogs also have them.

So you must be thinking about their both physical and mental health.

So when chihuahuas have stress or fear, often they try to burrow.

Why? If they have fear, hiding under covers can make them feel safe.

On the other hand, they tend to do the same thing as they have stress. So You have to do something to make them feel good.

Here are some kinds of stuff you can do to reduce their stress levels.

  • Give proper suitable exercises.
  • Play with him in your backyard.
  • Spend time with him
  • Take him for an outdoor walk.

So do these things, your friend will highly appreciate you.

Is it safe to sleep under covers for Chihuahuas?

Sleeping under the covers will not suffocate your Chihuahua. So it’s safe to sleep under blankets, pillows for him. It will help to keep his body temperature.

If they feel uncomfortable, they will come out immediately. So you don’t wanna worry about it too much. It’s totally manageable for them.

But I would want to suggest something here. When you give blankets to your chihuahua, don’t provide blankets which has a large area. ( Our blankets)

Why? If they burrow too far into the blanket, it can be so difficult when they want to go out. So, provide blankets that have less area.

In fact, wash those blankets at least once per week. Otherwise, bacterial infections can occur.

But sometimes the material of the blanket is also can be a problem. Because chihuahuas tend to sleep under cover even on hot days.

So, If the blanket is made of silk or something similar material, It can be so hot inside. In fact, this can be uncomfortable for them.

So be mindful when you going to choose a blanket for your chihuahua.

Can Chihuahuas be overheated under covers?

Spending time under a blanket when it’s cold around is suitable for your Chihuahua. But when the environment is hot, It causes your Chihuahua’s body to overheat while sleeping under the covers. I

In this movement, his common sense will work, and suddenly he will come outside.

Actually, this is the one reason why experts recommend crate training for them, I mean you have to crate them when you leave home. Because it can prevent some unexpected accidents.

But crate them is not crucial. If you can be satisfied with the safety of your dog’s surroundings, You are good to go. No more worries.

But you can buy a fairly large crate and make it so comfortable by putting on a blanket and toys.

As we discussed before, chihuahuas so much love to sleep under covers.

How can you tell if he’s cold at night or not?

Signs of feeling cold to dogs are similar to humans. Keep your eye on him during cold days. You may find some signs that your Chihuahua feels cold. They may behave like,

So if you can see this kind of behavior from your Chihuahua, keep a blanket in his sleep area.

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Why do chihuahuas sleep between your legs?

Not only chihuahuas but also other dogs are very like to sleep curled up. But when we consider your legs, it’s the perfect place for their sleeping shape.

Why does my dog burrow under the covers?

Actually this article is all about this problem.


If you have a cute chihuahua, probably you have identified he is sleeping too much undercover. There should be reasons for that. So, in this article, I have discussed the reasons for that matter.

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