I Accidentally Hit My Dog In The Eye [What To Watch For]

Accidentally Hit My Dog In The Eye

As pet owners, we strive to provide our furry companions with the best care possible, but sometimes accidents happen. One such moment occurred someone accidentally hit their dog in the eye. It can be a heart-wrenching experience that leaves me guilty and anxious about the dog’s well-being.

Accidentally hitting your dog in the eye can be a cause for concern. The consequences of such an incident can be eye injuries, such as corneal abrasions, bruising, or even more severe damage, like a ruptured globe.

The consequences of such an incident can vary depending on the severity of the impact and your dog’s response.

So what to do if I poked my dog in the eye with my fingernail?

This blog post is a comprehensive guide – keep reading.

What Happens When I Accidentally Hit My Dog In The Eye?

Accidentally hitting your dog in the eye can result in various consequences, depending on the force and location of the impact.

Some potential outcomes of accidentally hitting your dog in the eye may include the following:

1) Physical Eye injury

The eye is sensitive and can be easily injured. Your dog may experience pain, redness, swelling, blunt trauma, eyelid injury or watery discharge from the affected eye.

In more severe cases, the eye may become scratched, bruised, or even ruptured, resulting in vision impairment or permanent damage.

2) Behavioral Changes

Your furry friend may exhibit behavioral changes in response to the accident, including increased anxiety, fear, or aggression, especially if they associate the incident with pain or discomfort.

Your dog may also become wary of being touched or approached around the face, impacting your bonding and interaction with them.

3) Emotional Distress

Accidental trauma to the eye can cause emotional distress in your dog. They may feel scared, confused, or stressed due to the sudden and unexpected nature of the incident.

Accidental trauma to the eye can result in changes in mood, appetite, and overall well-being.

What Happens When I Accidentally Hit My Dog In The Eye?

What To Watch For?

If you accidentally poked your dog in the eye, it’s essential to monitor your pet closely for any signs of discomfort, pain, or changes in behavior.

1) Eye-related symptoms

Check for signs of eye-related symptoms, such as redness, swelling, discharge, squinting, eyelid injuries or excessive blinking. These can indicate possible injury or irritation to the eye.

2) Changes in behavior

Observe your pet’s behavior for any changes, including avoiding touch or handling around the face, reluctance to open or close the eye, increased sensitivity to light, or changes in appetite or activity level.

These may indicate that your pooch is experiencing discomfort or pain.

3) Emotional Distress

Look for signs of emotional distress, such as increased anxiety, restlessness, or mood changes. Dogs may exhibit fear, stress, or agitation after an accidental eye injury.

Contact dog’s behaviorist expert if the issue persists for a long period.

4) Vision changes

Monitor your furry friend’s vision to check for changes such as bumping into objects, difficulty navigating familiar spaces, or changes in depth perception.

These can be indicative of vision impairment due to eye injury.

5) Swelling or Bruising

Keep an eye out for any swelling or bruising around the eye or surrounding areas, indicating the impact was significant enough to cause tissue damage.

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What To Do If You Poked Your Dog Eye With Finger?

If you notice any of the above signs or have concerns about your dog’s eye health, it’s crucial to seek immediate veterinary attention.

Immediate care for an eyelid laceration is crucial if you accidentally hit your dog in the eye. It’s essential to remain calm to avoid further distressing your canine and to think clearly about the situation.

Assess the severity of the eyelid laceration. You can gently clean the area with a clean, damp cloth if it’s a minor cut or scratch.

However, if the laceration has deeper injury, bleeding excessively, or involves the inner eyelid or eyeball, do not attempt to clean it and take your puppy to the vet immediately for further treatment.

Your veterinarian can perform a thorough examination, provide appropriate treatment include antibiotic eye drops, and offer guidance on how to care for your dog’s eye during the healing process.

Remember, accidental eye injuries can be severe, and prompt veterinary attention is crucial to prevent complications and ensure your dog’s well-being.

Monitoring your furry friend closely and seeking professional medical advice can help prevent further damage and promote a full recovery.

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Consequences of Poking Dog Eye With Finger

Poking your dog’s eyes with your finger can have severe consequences and should be avoided at all costs. The eye is a delicate and sensitive organ, and any trauma to the eye can result in potential damage or injury.

Here are some potential consequences of poking your dog’s eye with your finger:

1) Eye Injury

Poking your dog’s eye with your finger can cause injury to the cornea (the clear outer layer of the eye) or other structures, leading to scratches, abrasions, perforations or even corneal ulcer . These injuries can be painful and may require medical intervention to prevent infection or further damage.

2) Pain and Discomfort

Poking your dog’s eye can cause immediate pain and discomfort, which can distress your puppy and potentially lead to long-term discomfort or sensitivity in the affected eye.

3) Inflammation and Swelling

Trauma to the eye can result in inflammation and swelling, leading to redness, swelling, and irritation. This can further exacerbate the discomfort and may require medical treatment to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

4) Vision Impairment

Damage to the eye from poking can result in temporary or permanent vision impairment, depending on the severity of the injury, and can significantly impact your dog’s quality of life and ability to navigate its surroundings.

5) Secondary Complications

Eye injuries can also result in secondary complications, such as eye infections, corneal ulcers, or even loss of the eye in severe cases.

These complications can be costly to treat and may require ongoing care.

6) Emotional Distress

Canines rely heavily on their senses, including their vision, to navigate the world around them. An eye injury can cause emotional distress in your pup, resulting in fear, anxiety, or changes in behavior.

7) Veterinary Treatment and Expenses

Depending on the severity of the injury, your puppy may require veterinary care, including examinations, diagnostic tests, medications, and potentially surgery, which can result in unexpected veterinary expenses.

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