Chiweenie Dog Facts


The Chiweenie is a really loyal, social dog. He is an adorable pup. These puppies normally mind to be unique and may differ from each other. If you are a single person, he may be a perfect companion to you. He is courageous, smart, and loving. These pups are mighty. The Chiweenie has proven to be a great family pet.

Chiweenies are mixed breed dogs, crossing the Chihuahua and Dachshund dog breeds.

Height About 8 inches tall
Weight 8-12 lbs
Color red, brown, black, white, tan
Lifespan 13-16 years
Price $200 – $550

Those are the basic things you should know. Let’s take a while and understand some more. Keep reading for better understand about Chiweenie puppy. Let’s take these issues one by one and discuss the stuff we should know.

1) How big do Chiweenie dogs get?

A lot of Chiweenie puppies manage to keep the shape of their parents.

All are expected to have a skin that is lengthy or short, silky. The Chiweenie puppy usually owns ears that are a bit floppy but will stand straight when alert.

2) Chiweenie temperament

Usually, Chiweenie pups are friendly and caring. They are always attentive to the surrounding. Chiweeies are with and desire to stay nearby to their owners. Don’t despair if you own a family with children; these dogs are very laid-back and friendly.

Chiweenie is too very faithful and can be very guarding of their family and loved ones.  Your puppy can have their favorite person and bond even closer than the rest of the family members.

3) Chiweenie upkeep and grooming

Chiweenie puppies barely shed. Hence when you wipe their coat at most once or twice each week, they can go.

For long hair Chiweenies, it is good to brush his hair for preventing tangling.

Grooming supports you in making a bond in contact with your puppy.  Nevertheless, Chiweenies requires sparse grooming.


A Chiweenie puppy should be brushed at least once a week. Manage a gentle brush and comb out any mattered hairs.


Bathe them in lukewarm water. Use a suitable dog shampoo pH balanced to dog skin.

Tooth care

Clean teeth regularly, twice or thrice a week. Use an excellent canine brush and paste.

Nail care 

Trim their nails regularly to avoid overgrowth or cracking. Trim according to the length and size of the paw.

Ear care

Clean their ears regularly to avoid building up of wax or debris that can cause infections.

4) At which age I should buy a Chiweenie puppy?

Wait until he gets 12 weeks old. These dogs need this much time to develop, mentally, and physically. For that, we should keep him with his mother and allow breastfeeding. It will be helpful for a healthy future.

5) What are the public health matters usually we can see?

Stay alert about your dog if he is breathing badly, A problem of activity level, Sleeping too much, or something like that goes and meets a veterinarian.

Some dogs are suffering from allergies. It can be food allergies or environmental allergies. In this case, quickly meet a vet. Otherwise, he will be weak.

6) Required time to exercise?

Exercise or walk when the weather condition is excellent. Don’t take them outside when it is very hot or cold. Instead, let them play at your home. Take water with your self when taking for a walk since they quickly become dehydrated. allocate at about 30 min for exercises. by doing exercises it will be supported for healthier future.

7) Can you train them well?

Training a Chiweenie puppy can be a little challenging because of their hard-headedness. this dog may pretty headstrong and needs you to have patience when teaching them.

Training is important to overcome behavioral issues. Guide them adaptability training and let them follow basic commands like stay, sit, come, down, etc.

Leash training

Train them to walk on a leash. Take a harness and take them on a walk. They need to know as a boundary and should not go beyond this.  


Housetraining your puppy. Let them know the specific area where they can eliminate. Establish a timing for it like after a meal and after he wakes up.

Crate training

Crate training also extremely important. It provides the puppy with an area where he can sleep properly. It also helps to curb behavioral problems. Always use positive reinforcement during training. Don’t punish or scold your Chiweenie

8) How should the house environment be?

Mostly they are indoor dogs. So the home environment can be affected them a lot. When you bring home for the first time, give them a loving and comfortable environment. So they can adjust themselves easily into new situations.

Check your puppy and house proof it.

Remove any toxic material that you don’t want them to chew.

They need to be socialized. This period is significant for your puppy. Teach them how to interact with new people, places, and dogs.

Take them outside with you and let them familiar with the outside environment. Designate a specific area where your puppy can rest and play. Provide a soft, comfortable bed in a few blankets. Provide their favorite chew toys for stopping them from chewing clothing, furniture, etc.

9) Suggested meals and nutrition

Food plays an essential role in securing health and the Chiweenie lifespan. this puppy our tiny dog kinds and they need high-quality, high protein-based food. Then digesting the foods easily is deserving of it.

Chiweenie is a mini dog because provide him a cup of dry kibble per day.

If he eats a lot give him some vegetables and foods like apples, watermelon, pumpkin.

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