When Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Calm Down? [Owner’s Guide]

When do Bernese mountain dogs calm down

Hey there! In this article, I’m going to talk about matters that are important to Bernese Mountain Dog lovers. As a responsible owner, you should be aware of the time period when Bernese mountain puppies calm down. Let me explain more.

So, when do Bernese Mountain Dogs calm down?

Most Bernese mountain dogs calm down around 3-4 years of age, while others may remain hyper even after 4 years. However, with adequate exercise, proper socialization, obedience training, a good daily routine, mental stimulation, attention, and regular veterinary checkups, they can learn to keep calm.

Proper exercise is one of the ways to calm down your Bernese Mountain Dog buddy. If you want more instructions, stay with me. I’m going to provide you with solutions to every other matter you may encounter. Let’s figure it out together.

When do the Bernese Mountain dogs calm down?

It is important to note that these Bernese are categorized as large breed dogs. As I think that’s why they take a long time to mature. When Bernese Mountain dogs turn 3-4 ages, they calm down step by step.

Until then, you have to look after your Bernese buddy well because this breed is high energy and they have terrific speed.

In their puppy era, Bernese are very social. They do not get enthusiastic when he/she meets a stranger. When we talk about their temperament, they are very

  • Affectionate
  • Energetic
  • Docile
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Faithful

If I explain beyond this for freshers, this breed is considered as working dogs. Ancient people have used this breed for farming. Maintaining draft animals, pulling carts was their business. That’s why they still love hiking.

They are highly muscular. However, they might as well have tried to calm down their Bernese buddy. Let’s turn to the next part and see what the new things are.

How to calm a Bernese mountain dog?

You need to understand some things and certain things you need to do for claiming your Bernese Mountain dog. We are gonna help you and share with you some solutions.

If you have a hyper puppy or wanna know how to handle this high-energy dog who is driving you crazy, first of all, you have to understand there are some purposes why your dogs act this way.

If you have a Bernese that is a hyper or high-energy puppy, you have to learn to calm your Bernese down and relax them. You have to start doing specific things and stop specific things as well.

First of all, I suggest you focus and provide for your puppy’s daily essential needs.  This is the key and vital to understand because most of the Bernese have behavior issues.

This hyperactive ness helps to expand stress, and stress develops bad behavior such as aggression. They all related to each other. That’s why you need to focus on every party of your puppy. It will help to calm down your Bernese mountain pup.

They are not the hyper whole of the day and have a specific limit of time. Let’s see what we can do to calm your Bernese mountain buddy down.

  1. Enough of exercise
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Proper training
  4. Massage
  5. Mental stimulation, relaxing music
  6. Socialization
  7. Call
  8. Attention
  9. Use toys

Enough exercise

How does exercise help to calm your Bernese down? Have you ever heard about physical and mental stimulation? Yes, of course, you have. If you have to stay at home for a long time, how do you feel? I cannot even think about it.

You see, high energetic pooch like Bernese Mountain cannot do it easily. They try to run here and there, try to escape, get injured, destroy some things are the outcomes. Providing daily exercise can help your Bernese to calm down.

3 walks for days are usually suggested. Two of them can be a short walk of about 15 minutes, and the long walk should be between 40 and 50.

You should keep your eye on your hound at a time like this because he/she will make contact with other dogs. It is not a good thing if your dog is unvaccinated. After your dog gets enough walk period, your Bernese Mountain will calm down.

Even dogs in a large yard or a farm need walking time because walking outside can change their view. It is boring when we stay in the same house and the same area doing similar things throughout our lifetime.

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Healthy diet

How does a healthy diet help to calm your Bernese Mountain dog down? Yes, food is the main thing in our life, and it can change everything at once.

When we provide food to our dogs, we don’t think much about the sugar level. Do you know that sugar levels can improve your hound’s hyper?

Of course, the high amount of sugar between 50℅ and 60℅ can increase your dog’s hyperactivity. So diet is one of a necessity. You can give green color vegetables instead of high amount sugar foods.

Proper training

If you fail to give your puppy proper training, it will provide your puppy’s stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Learning how to provide adequate training can improve your dog’s well-being and promote calm and positive behavior at home. Imma gives some strategies to calm your Bernese down and don’t miss them.

Under these circumstances, teaching basic commands can keep your Bernese Mountain puppy calm. These are the usual commands can tell you to your puppy

  • Sit
  • Lay down
  • Leave
  • Stop
  • Go
  • Come

Telling your dogs to such things helps to calm and guide your Bernese in situations. For example, when you are in an unfamiliar place such as a vet clinic, stranger’s home, or a park, your dog may feel confused and not know how to prevent these things. Barking, jumping up on people, running, etc.

At that time, you can use familiar commands, and then he/she will become calm. The first thing is education. Education can calm down your Bernese Mountain buddy because a well-educated dog can understand things well. Please always use positive training methods and do not punish them at all.


Look carefully. Dogs love massaging. There are certain reasons to give massages to your puppy. It can

  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Reduce pain and muscle soreness
  • Improve circulation and energy
  • Help for anxiety

The above advantages can take your puppy from good massage therapy. It is good medicine for calming down your Bernese mountain puppy.

Mental stimulation, relaxing music

What are mental stimulation and relaxing music? Does it help to calm my Bernese Mountain buddy? Yes, of course. Music is medication. It is beneficial for your hyper dog. Which occasion suits you to play relaxation music?

  • When your puppy suffering from anxiety
  • During thunderstorms and fireworks
  • Bad noise

What are the benefits of using relaxation music

  • Release their stress
  • They can take a great nap
  • Less barking

Reggae and soft rock and Classical music is recommended for you


What is the connection between socialization and calm down? Bernese mountain dogs can socialize at any time of his/her lifetime. But you know, any dog can easily socialize when they are a puppy.

Being social is one of the critical things to calm your Bernese Mountain puppy down. Because when a stranger comes to your home or goes to the place where people are around with your puppy, such as a dog’s clinic, dog training place, a park, your dog will be excited and confused.

Therefore you have to train him/her to be social, and then you will be able to control your puppy well.

Play games and give toys and puppy treats

Playing and games are also fundamental to the dog’s ability to stay calm, and giving your dog enough time and space to play will help to calm and other times. You probably already know your dog’s favorite games. I highly recommend puppy treats to practice to calm down your Bernese Mountain dog.

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Why do some Bernese mountain dogs stay hyper?

It can be some genetic issue, too, because, in ancient times, they were farm dogs. So they need good energy and power to do their daily work. Sometimes, that is one of the reasons for your dog’s hyperactive-ness. Let’s talk about the common reason you deal with it.

You already know that they are a large breed, so they need more exercise than another breed. That’s why claiming down your Bernese kinda hard.

  • Boredom,
  • lack of exercise,
  • anxiety,
  • Hyperthyroidism

 are some reasons.

You have to notice the above issue and take sudden action soon unless it will be tough to calm your Bernese down on time.

How to create a calming environment for your Bernese mountain dog?

It is imperative to note that only a comfortable environment can calm your Bernese Mountain buddy because they need both mental and physical freedom.

Everyone knows that our living area should prevent toxic things. It is the same as your puppy too. Let’s see how to create a calming environment for your Bernese mountain buddy.

Access to food and beverage

How to create your puppy’s dining area? That’s very important because their love of eating food depends on their dining area.

If you keep food and water near a place where your puppy is scared or disliked, that is very disappointing for your puppy. Make a comfortable and attractive dining area for your dog. That’s how to calm your Bernese down when they try to eat.

Enough space

Bernese are a high-energy breed, so they cannot spend their day inside a tiny area. You have to provide a suitable space for your Bernese unless it is challenging to calm them down.

They want to run fast, play, and do certain things, so they need a huge area. Make a big enough bed and keep some toys inside it.

Play soft music

Specifically, you can do this when you are not at home. Because the majority of dogs love to hear music, that’s why people have made relaxation music for their puppies.

It will reduce your puppy’s stress, loneliness, anxiety, etc.… Regular relaxing music can calm your Bernese down step by step. Like I said before, you can use classical music and a sufficient one according to your puppy’s favor.

Providing toys

There are highly recommended toys for your puppy’s mental and physical stimulation. Toys can decrease his/her boredom and loneliness. Some toys are suitable for Bernese’s teeth cleaning. And also, it can help with anxiety. It may be that these toys are suitable for their dental health either.

Calming supplements

You can use calming supplements only from a good veterinarian. They will check your dog, and if it wants, they will recommend a suitable supplement for calming your Bernese Mountain buddy down.

Environment fragrance

Have you ever tried this? If you try this solution, you have to take your veterinarian’s advice. Pheromones and some oil can calm your Bernese down, but only after your vet’s recommendation.

Dogs love to feel a familiar fragrance. These smells can reduce stress, nervousness, and anxiety, which is the best part of this.

Things to be aware of

Yelling at your dog

Having a canine friend is like having a baby. They worry about even the little things. Yelling, scolding, punishing is not necessary for your innocent puppy.

As a result of it, you will be able to take him/her under your control. That is not gonna help calm your Bernese down.

Puppy treats

When your puppy obeys your commands and does the things you tell correctly, it is time for puppy treats. Puppy treats are good guidance for calming down your Bernese mountain dog. Not only him but also every kinda breed.


From my point of view, this is kinda important. Some owners get used to punishing their puppies in dangerous ways. They use an electrical leash or else beat them.

Those are very uncommon because the Bernese only need love, affection, care, and attention. Because of some violent punishments, they become aggressive. Be careful when you deal with your Bernese buddy. Those bad habits will not calm your Bernese mountain buddy down.


In this session, I have explained common problems you deal with when calm Bernese Mountain dogs down. How do you feel about this multifaceted subject? I have explained some reasons and solutions one by one. I hope that you will understand these things clearly. Spend a great time with your Bernese Mountain buddy.


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