Are Shelties Good Running Partners? [Owner’s Guide]

Are shelties good running partners

Everyone likes to keep their dog as a running partner. How wonderful it is. You are reading this article because both you and I have the same question. What do you think about it? Will see.

Since shelties are active, playful, highly trainable, they are good running partners. They can be good running partners with proper socialization, proper training, use of new strategies, meeting exercise requirements, obedience training, consistency. Running can keep them mentally stimulated.

Although you got the above facts, there are more to consider when you take your sheltie buddy running. If you want to train your sheltie buddy as your running partner, reading the whole thing is necessary.

Is it possible to turn your Sheltie into a running partner?

Every Sheltie lover has this issue. They always find a solution that can turn my shelter into a running partner. In my opinion, jogging or walking with your lovely puppy is a kinda pride. Am I correct, guys?

When considering shelties, they are brilliant, playful, energetic. If you urge your strong Sheltie to turn into a running partner, there are a lot of conditions to consider.

Firstly lemme answer the above question. I know you are curious to find it rather than hearing other things.  The answer is YES. Yes, you can turn your Sheltie into a running partner without any doubt. But first, you have to learn many things from us.

These beautiful Shelties are an excellent watchdog. But the issue is they are not very good at running long distances. They only can walk for a short duration and short distance.

It might be 30 minutes or 2 Km because they get tired a lot. Don’t think that shelties don’t like to walk ok. They love to walk and need walking for their physical fitness. Considering their energy, you can prefer a suitable training method.

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When can you start running with your Sheltie?

Think carefully. Why do we allocate a certain age to train, educate or feed your puppy? Because they need some moment to adapt to the situation and grow their body parts to the normal conditions.

That’s why we lend priority to a puppy’s age. It is an essential matter unless your puppy will be able to get sick.

Leggo to find out when we can start running with our sheltie buddy. The point is you should avoid running with your Sheltie until fully grown. Regarding the shelties that the age would be 12-18-month-old.

Because shelties are very sensitive and eager, they cannot bear a situation like that when they are too young. You have to wait until they fully formulate. Whatever it may be, shelties are good running partners.

And keep this in mind, when you try to train your Sheltie running with you for the first time, be careful with the ground. Specifically, don’t let them run on cement because it will make joint cases. Like a good trainer, you have to be careful with all those matters.

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How far can you run with your Sheltie?

You already noted that shelties are not good at running long distances. The most important thing is running, and walking can improve your Sheltie’s mental and physical stimulation.

Every breed has a difference in energetic abilities. It’s important to note that over-limiting is very dangerous, and you have to confirm a suitable duration.

According to my research, experience, and investigations, I can tell you how far you can run with your Sheltie. Here we go. Good running partners like shelties can run 20-40 miles per week.

To tell in brief, if your running partner is fully grown, healthy enough, or well trained, he/she can run above distance. The good news is in time to come, it can be increased.

How to train your Sheltie to run by your side?

First of all, you should figure out is where you want to run with your dog. It is most probably a park, a ground or a road. And then you have to decide Which side of you should your running partner be on? (Left or right)

Let’s move on towards the leash. You have to consider how to run with your sheltie, on a leash or off-leash. If your dog is well trained, off-leash is not bad. I recommend that it is straightforward and safe when you use a leash during your Sheltie’s running period.

According to my vision harness is better than a leash because when your puppy runs with the leash, the pressure of the leash is directly attacked by your puppy’s neck. It is a very uncomfortable incident for your running partner.

But harnesses can divide the pressure throughout the body. As your running partner, that is the best decision you can take for your sheltie buddy.

  • If you have good weather conditions and good nature, this is the time to start running with your sheltie buddy.
  • At the beginning of the running, do things slowly. Let your dog know the rhythm and speed.
  • Now increase the tempo slowly. After he/she practices this method, you don’t wanna motivate your dog.
  • And then try to teach commands because they should understand about turning points while running. (U-turn, L turn)
  • If they follow your commands and rhythm correctly, give him/her treats and rewards.
  • Now you have good knowledge about your dog’s ability. Considering those skills, you can move on towards long runs.
  • As soon as your Sheltie gets the running rotation, you don’t wanna guide him/her anymore. Shelties will look forward to running with you.

Importance of keeping a dog on a leash

You will have several benefits of keeping your sheltie on a leash during running sessions.

  1. Keep the dog under your control.
  2. Safety and freedom
  3. Prevent from eating toxic
  4. Prevent form accidents

1. Keep your dog under your control

Shelties are highly energetic and playful. From my point of view, under this circumstance, taking them off-leash is dangerous because they will

Keeping the dog on the leash will answer the above question, and it is a favorable solution.

2. Safety and freedom

Didn’t you get the above problems? If you wanna give enough freedom on a leash, what you have to do is use a long leash. When you try to turn your Sheltie into a running partner, freedom is vital because they wanna make a bond with nature. The long leash helps you to protect both safety and freedom.

3. Prevent from eating toxic

Dogs are getting used to eating whatever they want. They cannot allocate what they should eat or what they shouldn’t eat. Without prior notification, your puppy will be able to eat something poisonous.

When they are on a leash, they cannot do it because you always keep an eye on them. This is a good remedy for when you train to turn your Sheltie into a running partner. Because bearing is a good quality for a dog.

4. Prevent form accidents

Most of the accidents happen when your dog is away from home. Playful and active dogs like Shelties try to run here and there when they are off-leash. Most of the accidents happen because of vehicles.

All this considered, keeping your Sheltie on a leash during this period is very vital. As an excellent running partner, your Shelties should obey the situation.

How to understand if you are overworking your Sheltie?

Exercises are an essential element for your Sheltie’s mental and physical fitness. Energetic dogs like Sheltie wanna plenty of exercise to release their energy and power. Nevertheless, overworking is kinda hell. It can break down your whole life at once.

That’s why we should be careful when we train your Sheltie to turn into a running partner. Over-exercise and overworking can be destructive for your sheltie body. Let’s see what signs your dog shows you when they are tired. 

  1. Refuse to play with you
  2. Become lazy
  3. Refuse to move
  4. Change breathing pattern
  5. Limping

1. Refuse to play with you

This is one of the easy tricks to get. How does your sheltie play typically? When they become fatigued and overwork, shelties stop playing and doing workouts step by step.

At that time, you have to get the sign and keep your sheltie calm and comfortable. Becoming a running partner is not easy if they don’t have a good direction.

2. Become lazy

Shelties refuse to do their daily work. They are not gonna work on the daily timetable. Instead of it, shelties try to be silent and do nothing.

Be careful when you deal with your sheltie buddy because they are a very sensitive breed. Training shelties to turn into a running partners is not an important thing. Mental and physical health is the vital thing ever.

3. Refuse to move

They withhold every cutest thing they do. Is he/she running after you? Is he/she running around the house? In that condition, they reject all moving things. At that moment, the best thing to do is give a comfortable time to rest.

4. Change breathing pattern

When they become fatigued or fed up with running training, Sheltie’s breath level starts to change. Difficulty breathing, in general, is the major sign. It takes five to ten minutes to recover. Keep your dog calm and wait until he/she becomes normal.

5. Limping

Every sheltie has a walking appearance. They only JJ limp when they get injured or fatigue. If Your dog limps more than other days, please check on him/her and try to do suitable treatments. Does it mean that the priority is your puppy’s healthy? Yes, of course.

How to keep your Sheltie safe on the run?

There are several important things you should be aware of in order to keep your sheltie safe throughout and after running sessions?

  1. Don’t let him/her be off your site.
  2. Keep him/her on leash.
  3. Protect your dog.
  4. Meet the vet before and after the running at least once a month.

1. Don’t let him/her be off your site

You should keep an eye on your Sheltie because we dunno when your dog gets in trouble. Look around the place you are going to run and confirm the safety.

2. Keep him/her on leash

If you feel weird or nervous about the place you are going to run, keep your dog on a leash. Or if your dog is not good at being off-leash, don’t let him/her go far from you. Using a long leash will help both of you to manage each other.

3. Protect your dog

As a reliable owner, your job is to protect your Sheltie no matter what. As the guardian, when you don’t care about your dogs, they will become more aggressive. It is not good when both of you are running outside. Let them feel your love and affection.

4. Meet the vet before and after the running at least once a week

Before you run with your Sheltie, take him/her into the clinic and confirm its physical health. It will help your pooch be safe while running outside and having a good time with their partner.

What do you bring when you go on a running session with your Sheltie?

Here is the list of things you should bring.

  1. Pooper
  2. Water bowl
  3. Microchip
  4. Paw pads
  5. Dog treats

1. Pooper

When you go on a running session with your Sheltie, we cannot precisely guess how many times they wanna poop. So carrying a pooper with your dog is necessary, and it will be easy for you to manage things.

If you run with your Sheltie a long time, they will poop more than 3 times.

2. Water bowl

Hydrate is one of the issues you deal with when running with your Sheltie during both hot and cold weather. Drinking enough water is the only solution for hydration. So a water bowl is essential and easy for your dog while drinking water.

3. Microchip

Using this microchip, you can count your dog’s active ranges if you want. And you will never lose your dog while running because of this microchip. It can show every detail of your lovely Sheltie.

4. Paw pads

Why should we bring paw pads while running with our dog? It’s all about safety. Paw pads can protect your Sheltie’s paws from being injured.

  • Burning
  • scratching
  • Cutting

5. Dog treats

Dog treats are very vital when you go on a running session with your Sheltie. The main part of the dog treats is rewarding for your dog after doing the right thing or following instructions. This is a useful strategy for keeping your dog under your control.

Things to be aware of

Choose a calm place

When you try to run with your Sheltie for the first time, you have to choose a quiet and peaceful area because it is a new experience for your sheltie buddy. It takes a little time to adapt to the urban place. Your Sheltie will be able to be nervous and excited, therefore, find a less human place.

Be patient

You are dealing with an innocent pooch. Using rough words and punishment is not working here. Because that innocent soul needs love, attention, and affection.

Because of these matters, you have to be sympathetic until your puppy gets the right thing. At the end of the training, your Sheltie will become an excellent running partner.

Consider temperature

Why should you think about the weather that much? Both too hot and cold conditions are not useful for your Sheltie. If they go outside during a hot climate, your Sheltie will be able to get dehydrated and have some heat problems ( heat exhaustion and heat stroke).

Although shelties love cold weather, it can be harmful to their physical health. Cold ground can burn your puppy’s paw pad. What you have to do is keep your Sheltie comfortable during this period. That’s how you deal when you turn your Sheltie into a running partner.

Pet activity tracker

If you wanna know your running partner’s details and data, you can do it using those two things.

  • The Whistle Pet Health & Location Tracker 
  • Fitbark 2 Activity Monitor

What you have to do is attach them to your Sheltie’s neckband, and then you can see the data and progress the entire day.


Everyone likes their shelties to become running partners. Both you can spend time together while running, and it will make a strong bond between you and your Sheltie. Having a running partner is a kinda pride for every owner. Under this circumstance, what can you do to train your puppy? How can you do it? What are the issues you face? I have answered all questions like that. My main target was to teach you how to handle this situation. I hope that you will tolerate it well.


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