Can You Crate One Dog But Not The Other? [When To Do So]

Can You Crate One Dog But Not The Other?

Dogs are incredible animals. How many dogs do you have, and how do you manage to crate them? Can you crate one dog while leaving the others out? That’s today’s topic. Let’s take a look.

Crating one dog without crating the others is possible and necessary in specific situations, such as when a dog is injured, pregnant, or has puppies, during a dog’s training period, or to create a comfortable atmosphere. However, this approach can have significant drawbacks.

You must consider several factors when crating one dog while leaving the others outside. For example, if the dogs are very friendly, separating them could be difficult. This is just one example; let’s explore more.

Can you crate one dog and not the other?

In simpler terms, YES, you can crate one dog and not the other. Some people see crating as a cruel and unusual punishment.

So I cannot agree with them because there are some special occasions and at a time like that, we cannot keep our dog outside.

If you have only one dog, that is not a big deal. The issue is now you have two or more. So like I said before, you are able to crate one dog.

Crate training is one of the crucial things when you adopt a dog. You have to crate your dog because of safety, training, give treatment, and such.

But why are the reasons for crating one dog while the other one stays normal? Do you have any interpretations?

If the answer is NO, this is the time to clarify all the sufficient reasons. What you have to do is keep reading this article. Let’s see.

Sometimes you have to do this because of

1. safety

We crate our dog because we want to protect him/her especially when the other one is so rude to the innocent one.

This happens because of jealousy. Most of the time, the owner protects the weaker one inside the crate. At a time like this, you have to do this.

DO NOT THINK TWICE. As soon as you recognize if the weak one has a threat, you must keep him/her inside the crate. So it is good to crate one dog and not the cruel one.

2. During pregnancy period

If your cute little buddy is gonna be a mom, she needs more space and a comfortable area. And also, you have to protect unborn babies as well as you can.

On the other hand, she needs to keep good mental health, so sometimes isolation helps her. Because most of the time, the other dog cannot understand her situation and try to get along with her.

That incident might have caused discomfort. The best thing is keeping your pregnant dog inside the crate. So it is fair to crate one dog and not the other.

3. Injuries

Unfortunately, your dogs can be injured while playing, getting their training, walking, etc. It is very difficult to get along with other dogs at a time like that because one of your dogs has a wound.

So what do you do? You have to a crate that injured one and not the others. When our dogs have injuries, we have to be very careful because it hurts the dog very much, and also it can increase while he/she is with other dogs.

Because other dogs try to play with the injured dog.

4. During the training period

You have to train your new dog before he/she gets along with your other dogs. So during this training period, you have to crate the new dog and not the other.

Because the new pup has so many things to learn. You will not be able to let him/her be with others until the train ends. So the solution is crating.

It will help keep boundaries with other dogs because this pup is a new one. The senior dog can hurt him/her. So crating is the solution here.  

5. Until comfortable with the atmosphere

This problem occurred when the new dog arrived. And also, your other dogs try to touch, bite and play with the new guy.

So this will become kinda weird for the new buddy. Because he/she doesn’t know how to deal with the new environment.

Crating will help him/her to rest and understand the situation. Does it affect the other dogs? Not all the time. It depends. But exactly, you can crate one dog, not the other.


  • If your dog is suffering from viruses and diseases
  • If your dog has bone problems
  • If your dog has babies
  • If he/she has mental problems such as stress, depression, anxiety
  • When your dog vaccine
  • Unexpected behavior

You will have to crate your dog during other dogs stay outside. I mean when other dogs are not in the crate. Those are the reasons to do this action.

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Is it bad to crate one dog?

Now you know the reasons why you have to crate one dog and not the other. There are plenty of reasons for that. So is it bad to crate one dog?

Some people think crating is a tough decision, but it is not. You can uncrate your dog after solving those issues.

Crating one dog is not an issue. But it depends on the way you do it. Are you planning to isolate your dog during the crating?

It is not a good idea because it cuts off the chance of making companions with each other. As an example, if you create one dog, you have to keep the other dog’s bed beside the crate.

It will help them to know each other, each other and see each other. Don’t isolate your dog at all. Let the other dogs lay next to the crate.

It feels more comfortable for the dog who is in the crate. Therefore, your crated dog can hang out with his/her other partners.

And also, you can make barriers when the dog tries to go here and there, such as baby gates. Unfortunately, If any case when your dog is injured or has some disease, going here is very risky.

So making barriers is an extremely important thing, although he/she is in a crate because we cannot lock up our dog all the time.

Let the dog know he/she is with the other dogs unless he/she feels isolated, and it’s not good for his/her mental health too.

As I said before, it is not bad to crate one dog; the most important thing is how you do it. So be careful because you are dealing with such an innocent pet.

By the way, read this to understand why do some dogs hurt themselves in the crate.

Pros and cons crating one dog and not the other

Everything has pros and cons, including this. So when you crate one dog and not the other, you can have various benefits as well as cons. Let’s talk about them.

SafetyRisk of being mentally ill such as depression, anxiety, stress
The other dogs are also safe if the crated dog has some kind of disease.Isolation will increase alienation
Help to identify atmosphere(if the puppy is new)Separation leads misunderstanding
Can support with potty trainingDamage to the companionship with the other dogs.
Take away from harmful thingsIncrease boredom
Prevent from attacking
Easy to manage
Easy to treat
Can not hang out with unnecessary friends

How to crate one dog without crating another dog?

This is not a big deal if the one who is going to crate is new to the home.

  1. At first, put the crate inside the room. If the other dog stays in that room or the family members spend lots of time inside the room, that will be perfect.
  2. And also speak softly, try to give the dog’s food inside the crate (until the dog suite with the crate)
  3. Keep soft blankets, pillows, and toys inside the crate
  4. Keep the other dog’s bed beside the crate (if they are friendly or act friendly, they can communicate with each other, and it will reduce boredom)
  5. Check the doors and you can give treats after the dog go to the crate.
  6. Do not let other dogs come inside the crate
  7. After introducing the crate, you can go for the next steps. (potty training, giving foods and beverages, giving medicine, etc…)

Crating is very helpful when the dog is injured or has babies because giving medicine and treating it is very easy.

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Things to be aware of

1. you should not isolate the dog

You normally make this mistake when you want to crate one dog, not the other. Here crating is not a punishment we do it for some reasons, as I have mentioned before.

Although you crate the puppy, let him/her be with the other dogs.

2. The other dog will see it as a magic

Do not let it happen. Always you have to break boundaries between the dog you crated and the other dogs.

Give sometimes to hang out with the other dog while you are crating one dog and not the others.

3. Set the dog free at night

Some dogs are not good at crating at night. They bark and cry continuously. At a time like this, you have to set him/her free.

And when you do it, please consider the atmosphere. Cover them with a baby gate or any barriers for your dog’s safety if there are any stairs.

And also, keep them with the other dogs only they can keep a good companionship with the crate dog.

4. Treat them as the same

Although you keep one dog in a crate, you cannot change the way you treat them. Same attention, safety, food, love, and care.

Don’t let them feel annoyed towards the way you treat them.

5. The time the dog comes out

You have to make a timetable before you arrange the crate. You should note down the time you train the dog, give food, go walk, the bath, etc….…

Because in time to come, he/she will automatically understand the time he/she goes out. As a result, he/she will not trouble you all the time begging to come outside.

Because the dog knows the time as well as the other dogs.


Having a dog is a blessing, so what will happen when it doubles? You have to pay more attention as well as time. There are some occasions that you have to crate one dog and not the other. In this article, I have clarified all the issues you deal with and solutions as well. So I hope you will get it in detail.


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