How High Can Boxers Jump? [Owner’s Guide]

How high can boxers jump

Hello, boxer’s fans. Are you having a mistrust about how high can your boxer buddy jump? Although they are athletic, they are not outdoor types. Let’s figure out this mysterious quandary. 

Here is whether how high can a Boexer jump.

Usually, a healthy boxer is skilled in jumping over 6 feet. By making a fence (link or wood slate), having an entertaining yard, providing sufficient exercise, having proper training, mental stimulation, proper obedience training, and positive reinforcement can keep them from jumping over fences.

Although you grab the keys that how high can boxers jump, there are more to consider if you maintain a boxer. I’m gonna clarify one by one throughout this article. Stay with me.

How high can boxers jump? The in-depth answer.

Regarding this confrontation, you have to keep an eye on their behavior because inborn this breed is very playful, intelligent, fearless, and energetic. Whatever it may be, we ponder them as a loyal and calm breed.

Prompted and athletic jumpers able to climb over even a six feet boundary. This energetic breed needs a departure from its stamina. That’s why boxers attempt to jump very high.

Typically boxers are good at making the pilgrimage. As a result, the risk of being injured is outstanding. 

The thing is, no one can confirm the height of boxers jumping because it always depends on your puppy’s formation. When boxers grow, we can see dramatic changes shortly. 

  • Nourishing level
  • Weight
  • Nature
  • Training
  • Exercise
  • Mental health
  • Size
  • Environment
  • Gender
  • Height

The above factors affect your boxer’s jumping ability. To tell in brief, the owner has to involve every kinda moment. On the other hand, if your canine friend is intelligent enough, they will realize where he can stay comfortable and safe. And then they may try to stay inside the border. A minority of boxers have that kinda fitness. 

A well-grown and energetic boxer can jump over 6 feet. Is that real? Yes, of course. Some owners worry about that; that’s why I told you this matter depends on your pooch’s abilities. You can build a fence, by and large, considering your boxer, but the common verification is 6 feet. 

In conclusion, I would like to say you can use so many strategies for preventing this misbehavior. You don’t want to worry anymore. Here we are with plenty of solutions for how high boxers can jump. 

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How to keep your boxer from jumping over the fence? 

Why do you do that? Because you are a trustworthy owner. A dog is part of a family member. Boxers are very playful and energetic, so it is impossible to lock them in too.

This behavior is not suitable for your puppy’s health. In my experience, a majority of the pooches meet with an accident outside. The reason is they do not have enough guidance, training and the owner also doesn’t take it seriously.

Due to this fact, owners are compelled to be silent. Is that good? Not at all. Boxers love to do adventures. That’s why they try to jump over the fence and feel the outside. Every hardship has a clue. Lemme illustrates some blueprints of how to keep your boxer from jumping over the fence. 

Why do they love to go outside?

  • Not enough space to play
  • Not enough exercise to release his/her energy
  • When he/she have to stay alone most of the day
  • Not enough food and beverages
  • When he/she needs a partner
  • When hearing some familiar voices
  • Some puppies love moving things (vehicles, water, trees, other dogs, humans, etc.)
  • When he/she fatigue with the same views
  • Anxiety or stress

Please concentrate on the above facts and find out the mistake you make with your boxer buddy before taking action. I’m clarifying the strategies to keep your boxers from jumping over the fence. 

So, here are the solutions.

  1. Make a privacy fence.
  2. Keep a cable running across the top of the fence (a cheap solution)
  3. Decorate the fence naturally
  4. Make the backyard a little bit fun place for your dog to be
  5. Make a rolling fence
  6. Procure regular exercise
  7. Use L footer

1. Make a privacy fence.

What is the meaning of a privacy fence? You call it a privacy fence because your boxer cannot see vehicles, people, other dogs, including everything through the fence. You can use woods or something suitable to build this incredible and sweet fence.

The main ingredient is wooded because they are easy to find. Make sure the height of the fence and this wall kinda reduce your boxer’s jumping motivation. You see, this is an incredible solution, and this method isn’t harmful at all. The fence keeps your boxer buddy safe and secure. Finally, you can set your boxer buddy free. 

I recommend 3 types of fence

  1. Chain linked fence
  2. Woods fence
  3. Slat fence

If you have any suspicion, you can make a fence using any materials. The point is safety and security. 

2. Keep a cable running across the top of the fence (a cheap solution)

Jumping over the fence is very harmful to your boxer buddy. First of all, this is an important subject. I think that people don’t sometimes realize how athletic boxers are.

They are capable of reaching speed. If you have an energetic hound like boxers, they can probably jump high. That’s why I think it is so important to have a good idea of what you need to keep a boxer contained in a backyard.

This method is so easy and cheap. What you essentially do here is keep a cable running across the top line of the fence. It doesn’t matter if your fence is wood or whatever you use.

What you have to do is keep a cable roof of the fence because your boxer doesn’t try to jump over the fence; he/she tries to jump through the fence and that cable. Did you get it? As a result of it, he/she may struggle. Look, it is straightforward to do this. Keep wires all around the yard.

Dude, please don’t get the wrong idea. Here I’m talking about simple cables, NOT ELECTRIC WIRES. I’m not gonna recommend electric things at all. 

3. Decorate the fence naturally

Wait, what? What is the connection between the heading and decoration? Be an excellent buddy. Do you remember I told you before that this matter depends on your boxer’s ability?

Some playful, energetic, mature boxers can jump over your typical height fence. Omg, what should we do now because we already have built a fence? Should we break and rebuild it? The answer is No. Grow trees along the fence and grow ornamental shrubs with thorns on the fence.

This strategy will break your boxers speed down, and your boxer will leave the thought of jumping over the fence. It will decorate your backyard and secure your puppy. 

4. Make the backyard a little bit fun place for your dog to be

That makes a lot of sense. What can you put in the backyard? And this is gonna be interesting.

If you have enough time to stay with your pooch, 

Go to the backyard with your boxer buddy because they want to discharge their energy. Do some games with your puppy. It will be hilarious and delightful. Playing with your hound will reduce her/his anxiety and stress.

It is both mental and physical treatment. If you give enough attention, your boxer will not try to jump over the fence or leave the House. Here I attach some games you can play with your boxer

  • Hide and seek
  • Use a flirt pole
  • Play tug of war with your boxer 
  • Play find the treats with your puppy
  • Play some water games

But, If you do have not enough time to play with your dog, 

What do you do if you cannot fix the time for your puppy? That is a simple case. Keep some toys in your backyard. After they get used to playing with toys, you no need to be worried.

Boxers will not focus on jumping over fences because their attention has gone toward the toys. What are the best toys we can provide them with? 

The jolly ball is a fantastic toy for your active dog. I’m gonna give some toy names under this session.

  • Jolly ball 
  • Kong Classic
  • iFetch Ball Launcher
  • Babble Ball
  • Hide-A-Squirrel
  • The Dogness Monster.

5. Food and treats

This is one of the main points. If you give everything to your boxer without tasty foods and treats, that is not working at all. Food is the main need for everyone, so think wisely and do the things to grab your boxer towards you.

Food is an excellent strategy to control your boxer. Keep some foods and treats here and there to find. Hide them all over the yard, and he/she will spend the day searching for hidden foods. Your boxer will expose them and not try to escape over the fence. 

6. Make a rolling fence

Rolling fence? What does it mean? Don’t take it too seriously. The method is straightforward to use. You have to make a cable running across the top of the line of your fence and take a PVC pipe, and put the wire inside the PVC tube.

So what is happening is when your boxer jumps up and tries to climb over the fence, that PVC pipe is starting to roll. It will happen over and over finally, your pet will take off his/her idea. That’s how we avoid those things coming to pass. 

7. Procure regular exercise

Like I said before, this breed is very energetic and playful. Because of that, they expect a specific time for releasing their energy. I assume that you know how difficult it is to keep your boxer inside a house most of the time. I suggest you take out your dog for a while and do enough exercise.

Suppose you are too busy with your day-to-day business. In such a case, I recommend you hire a dog walker because this part is vital for your hound’s fitness. If you do this regularly, your boxer will not try to jump over the fence anymore. 

8. Use L footer

This is the best solution for preventing your boxer from jumping over the fence regarding my experience and investigations. Most people call it safety fencing or security fencing. Do you have any idea about this fence? Ok, well, lemme explain more.

This fence directly joins with your formal fence-like L type. It has 90 degrees between this new fence and your previous one. Some people bury this new friend Underground, and it is crowded with soil, and some keep it on the grass or earth. It is your choice, you can keep it whatever you want. If your boxer is a digger, this fence will become the enemy.

How to train your boxer not to jump on people?

Jumping towards the people is a way boxers show his/her affection and love. This must be a good thing, but on some occasions, this thing becomes nastier. Boxers have no barrier, and they jump on you the time whenever he/she likes.

Your boxer can ruin your clothes and injure your face easily because of this behavior not only you but also strangers have a risk too. As the owner, you have to find a treatment for this condition. Do not worry. Keep in touch. 

Socialization, lack of exercise, obedience training, being patient, using commands are the solutions for preventing jumps on people. Let’s figure it out one by one.

Discourage the behavior early

We usually think that it is lovely when your boxer jumps on you. Boxers also consider when it jumps on someone, it is time to pet and play. This behavior is very awful sometimes. What you have to do is ignore your hound. Don’t talk, make eye contact, and do not touch.

Train your dog not to jump when you enter the home

The time you arrive at your home, your boxer starts jumping on you. Go to the room without any response, close the door and wait a minute inside your room.

After one minute, open your door and if your boxer still tries to jump on you, go away and close the door again. Do this step until your boxer learns. 

Give special toys

After you give a toy to your boxer, he/she pays attention to the toys, and it is a good treatment. If you can, keep a toy on your front door and give it to your hound when a stranger arrives.

Get down on the dog level.

Some dogs love to stay close to your face. That’s why boxers jump on you and climb on you. In this manner, you have to bend the knee, touch your boxer’s head and say ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’

Use commands

Train your dog to obey your commands. The ‘Sit’ command is beneficial in these situations. When your boxer tries to jump on, you say sit’ and next, you will see good progress. After obeying, give some puppy treats. 


Boxers are very playful and active, so they need a lack of exercise to release their energy. If he/she doesn’t get enough exercise, they will become sick. When he doesn’t get enough exercise, he tries to jump over the fence, jump on you, etc…

Train your boxer to stop jumping on strangers

  • Back away from the leash
  • Dog stop
  • Walk towards the leash

Repeat this circle until your boxer gets it.

Anti-anxiety wrap

This anti-anxiety wrap gives some kinda pressure on your boxer’s body. It can calm down your boxer in various moods.

Things to be aware of..

Using electrical wires

I disagree with this thing. This is kinda violence. Pets are not our victims. They deserve everything except punishments. When the dog tries to cross the border, the sense of wires activates and gives an electric shock to your dog’s leash.

Although it is a good solution, I cannot agree with it. We should stay on the limit. If a boxer tries to jump over the fence, you have more things to do without this one.

Change the view

It’s so boring to watch that same view every day. Therefore you have to change your boxer’s environment. Keep new things to see your hound. Change the same decorations like flower pots, toys, and keep moving things. It will help to maintain boxers’ mental health and not gonna try jumping over the fence anymore.

Get a friend for your boxer.

This is a good solution for loneliness. Having a friend will motivate your boxer buddy’s physical health. When you get a new puppy, you have to choose a relative breed. Both can take care of each other, and it will reduce your boxer buddy’s anxiety and stress.


We know, as a reliable owner, we have to grab all of your puppy’s weaknesses, needs, happiness, etc.… I have clarity about jumping height, reasons, solutions, and the things you should prevent from. I think that you will fix all the jumping matters of your boxer from reading this article and hope you will grab the right things and spend a mysterious time with your boxer buddy. 


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