Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Like To Cuddle? [Are They Affectionate]

Do Bernese mountain dogs like to cuddle

Are you curious about whether those massive Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy cuddling? It’s a common question to ask, given their size! Let’s explore the answer.

The good news is that Bernese Mountain Dogs do like to cuddle and form strong attachments to their family and owners. They show their affection in various ways, such as sitting on laps, laying close, nuzzling, leaning, and even licking hands. With proper attention and affection, you can increase cuddle time with your furry friend.

However, it’s important to note that this behavior can vary from dog to dog and depends on the owner’s approach. If you want to encourage your Bernese mountain dog to be more cuddly, it’s essential to use appropriate methods. Improper approaches can lead to behavioral problems, so it’s crucial to be patient, loving, and consistent in your interactions with your furry friend.

How to understand if Bernese mountain dogs like to cuddle?

This dog is a breed that has become increasingly popular, especially with families. They are excellent family dogs and love to spend their time snuggling, hugging, and showing affection to their owners.

Bernese mountain dogs are also great when employed as search-and-rescue dogs or even a therapy support dog for adults and children.

I think this is an adequate introduction to these lovable creatures. So, let’s back to the topic.

You can understand if your Bernese mountain dog likes to cuddle by examining its behavior. Check if he/she shows the following,

  • When you sit on the couch, he/ she wants to sit on you or sit near to you.
  • Try to lay on you.
  • Nuzzling your hands and legs
  • Lean into you
  • Lick your hands and legs
  • Curling up against you
  • Sleeping with you in your bed
  • Rubbing your legs as cats do

Normally, Bernese mountain dogs tend to be overly affectionate, and they require or seek tons of attention from you. But this affection can be up to only a certain point.

With all of the above traits or behaviors, Bernese mountain dogs OK with cuddling and snuggling until they are tired. They don’t wanna hang with us. In most cases, they don’t wanna care what we are saying to cuddle them.

I mean, if they are tired and feel something like “cuddle time is over”, they are more likely to get up and walk away from us and just lay down in a quiet place.

But, have you ever thought, why do these dogs want to cuddle or snuggle with you? Well, there are a handful of reasons for that. They are,

  • It provides warmth
  • It provides affection
  • A method of relieving stress

It provides warmth: Bernese mountain dogs cuddle or snuggle because it provides warmth. It was the same behavior they had with their siblings when they were puppies.

It provides affection: Cuddling or snuggling is a way of showing affection.

A method of relieving stress: Many studies have proved that cuddling is a great stress reliever. It provides benefits to both owner and the dog.

What can make Bernese mountain dogs refuse to cuddle?

These dogs love to cuddle with their owners and family members to show their affection and get enough attention. But, several reasons can make them refuse to cuddle.

  1. Breed background
  2. Past experiences
  3. They are in the adjustment period.
  4. Seasonality
  5. Uncomfortable petting techniques
  6. Lack of physical and mental exercises
  7. Internal injury or bad health status
  8. Other

1. Breed background

The most significant reason why a Bernese mountain dog may not like to cuddle is its breed background. I mean, the Bernese mountain dogs were initially bred as all-purpose farm dogs.

Their primary responsibilities were,

  • Protect the farm
  • pull milk cart to local dairies.
  • Herd cattle

Suppose your canine friend also lives with this kind of responsibility. In that case, you may not recognize enough cuddliness or affection from your dog. Because they have to do their duty throughout the day.

But it doesn’t make them a less cuddly type dog breed. Because they are affectionate, loyal, faithful, and intelligent dog breeds.

2. Past experiences

If your Bernice Mountain dog is rescued, perhaps he or she didn’t get enough affection or warmth from a loving family. In fact, may not have enough basic obedience training.

So, they might don’t know how to relate and engage with people. If he had been working on a farm for many years, he might show less interest in cuddling and snuggling.

If you also own this type of dog, don’t worry! Let’s discuss how to solve these problems in the next subtitle.

3. They are in the adjustment period.

If your Bernese mountain dog is still a new member of your house, he might show some less interest in cuddling and snuggling.

But the fact of the matter is, it takes time. I mean, he/she need enough time to get used to your family members, house, and the surrounding. So, you have to be patient and take the necessary actions.

4. Seasonality

As I mentioned earlier, your Berners mountain dog may cuddle with you due to several reasons. The cuddle time can be increased during the winter season. Because they seek warmth from you.

Alternatively, it can be reduced during the summer. So, this is not something to worry about too much.

5. Uncomfortable petting techniques

Sometimes the way you petting your canine friend might be slightly annoying to them. So, observe its reactions as you approach different parts of their body.

Best spots to petSpots they don’t like to get touched
The base of the tailOn the muzzle
Under the chinThe top of the head
On the back of the neck (The spot where the collar hits)Legs

6. Lack of physical and mental exercises

Suppose your Bernese mountain dog does not get adequate physical and mental exercise. In that case, they are more likely to be prone to anxiety and other mental problems.

7. Internal injury or bad health status

Internal injuries or lousy health issues can make them avoid their cuddliness behavior.


Suppose your Berners mountain dog suddenly refuses to cuddle, as the owner. In that case, you need to accomplish this task by discovering the reason(s) of their worries.

Sometimes, the cat jumped out at them, or the door slammed in the house, making too much sound. Of course, some problems cannot control. But others can.

I mean, if your dog is too scared of the doorbell, disconnecting it would make them feel better, or you might take some necessary actions to make them get used to that doorbell.

Suppose you noticed that your doggo refuses to cuddle on a typical day. In that case, you could erase up all the worries by giving extra attention to them.

Here I would suggest you do,

  • Sit beside them
  • Cuddle them while providing some distractions
  • pet them

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How to increase cuddle time with your Bernese mountain dog?

Well, you can do several things to increase the cuddle/snuggle time with your Bernese mountain dog. First, let me point out what are they,

  1. Increase the amount of time spent relaxing or sitting
  2. Play with him when you have free time
  3. take him a walk
  4. Adequate exercise
  5. Help him to adjust
  6. Snuggle him on his way
  7. Stay calm with him
  8. Consult a veterinarian

1. Increase the amount of time spent relaxing or sitting

You can see above that we have a handful of methods to increase the amount of cuddle and snuggle time with your Bernese mountain dog.

So, one of the efficient ways is to increase the amount of time spent relaxing or sitting with your canine friend. Try to sit beside him as much as you can. Because it can make a strong bond between you and your doggo.

As an owner, if you are always busy with your duties, and your dog is resting on the couch or on the floor, both of you are less likely to make a bond between both of you and connect with each other. So, both of you are unfortunate not to share the special movements in your lives.

As a family member, you like to spend time with your family members. Like that, sit beside your Bernese mountain dog and spend some time and cuddle him regularly.

2. Play with him when you have free time

If you have some free time, try to spend that time with your canine friend by playing games in your backyard. Cuddle him give small kisses in the morning and before bedtime would help to keep the affection alive.

By doing this way, it would help you to make the bond stronger.

3. Take him a walk

If you want to make a strong bond between you and your canine friend, going for walks on a regular basis would increase the trustworthiness between you.

4. Adequate exercise

Providing sufficient physical and mental exercises would help him to eliminate laziness and apathy in the body. By doing that way, they are less likely to be prone to some bad psychological and physical problems.

That means you will receive more hugs often and often. Thank me later!!

5. Help him to adjust

If your dog is still new to your house, you should help him adjust to so many things. Give your dog the attention, love, care they need. Stick with a daily schedule and start to provide basic obedience training.

Meanwhile, train him to get used to his name and other habits. All of these require your patience and effort.

6. Snuggle him on his way

Every dog ​​is different than other dogs. So, you need to examine how they would like to be petted and observe its reactions and facial expressions. Take a look at the above table.

7. Stay calm with him

Perhaps the way you are cuddling your Bernese mountain dog can be slightly annoying for him. If you don’t know its past experiences or life, it’s better to do everything calmly and gently.

8. Consult a veterinarian

Suppose your Bernese mountain dog loves to cuddle with you, snuggling every time. If he suddenly refuses to cuddle, there must be something wrong with him. So, in such a situation, I recommend you consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Does the Bernese mountain dogs cuddle more when they are a puppy, adult, or senior?

The Bernese mountain dogs will be just as snuggly and cuddly from one stage to another. When these dogs are puppies, over time, they will thrive and grow stronger.

Mostly Bernese mountain dogs love to be cuddle and snuggle by leaning to the owner throughout the day.

When it comes to adults, they immensely love to share cuddles with everyone in the house.

If you own a senior Bernese mountain dog, note that they will need tons of attention, hugs, cuddles from you and family members.

At this time, they are more likely to be prone to some health-related issues. So, that means they need you to spend loads of time with them.

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Do all Bernese mountain dogs like to cuddle and affectionate?

Mostly, these dogs love to cuddle, snuggle with their owner. But the fact of the matter is, it really depends on the individual.

It really depends on the following factors,

  • Anxiety or Stress
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Past experience
  • Owner’s behavior, ex:-Focus, Anxiety, Stress, Energy, Mindset
  • The weather
  • Distractions

Things to be aware of

Genetic health issues

Bernese mountain dogs are more likely to be prone to genetic health issues. So, be mindful and visit the vet more often.

They don’t like heat

These dogs are not that much like staying in hot places. So, Bernese mountain dogs are less likely to engage with activities like a cuddle, snuggling, and hugging during the summer.

High maintenance cost

If you want to buy one from this breed, Note that you have to spend at least $ 200 every month to maintain him. This much of cost will be on,

  • Food
  • toys
  • Insurance
  • Supplements
  • Health, etc
  • Grooming


Most people love these giant creatures. But, their size gives them a really slightly scary look. So, people are more likely to think if Bernese mountain dogs like to cuddle or snuggle. So, this article is a complete guide for this lovable problem.

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