Best Dog Crate Reviews – Find the One for Your Dog!

Discover the best dog crate for your breed.

It’s important to research the best dog crate reviews for your furry friend – there are so many types and variations out there!  First of all, why might you need a dog crate at all? And which is the best dog crate for your dog?

Why would you want or need a dog crate?

A dog crate (also sometimes known as a dog cage) is an enclosure with a door, usually made of wire mesh, steel, plastic or wood. (Or a combination of these.) A dog crate can;

  1.  Provide a dog with a feeling of security in the home, as it can be their refuge and act like a dog’s natural ‘den’, giving them their own personal space.
  2.  Keep a dog securely in one place if you don’t want them wandering around when you are doing housework or when you have guests.
  3.  Be used to help toilet train a new puppy.
  4.  Finally, a crate can be useful for transporting your dog.

Best Dog Crate

A designer crate for your lounge

Some factors to take into account regarding a dog crate are:

  • safety – is it well designed?
  • cost – what is your budget?
  • durability – How long will it last?
  • portability – Can you move it easily?
  • style – Will it be part of your furniture, or more just functional?

A crate can be made of metal, wire, fabric or plastic – at dog-breeds-expert we do not encourage the use of plastic crates, with the current worldwide plastics problem. At times, though, they may be a good choice, especially for travel. They are usually lighter than metal enclosures, and have solid sides so that the dog cannot see out sideways, reducing distractions.

A wire crate

Benefits of the Best Dog Crate

  • It provides sanctuary and is the dog’s personal area.
  • Safety where an area of confinement is needed.
  • House training a young dog.
  • Preventing destructive behavior.
  • Travel of your pet.

A dog crate can be very useful. HOWEVER, it must not be overused or mistreated, as this can lead to behavioral problems. Be careful not to use it as a punishment, and ensure it is a comfortable place for your dog. Crate training over a period of time will get the dog used to the crate so they will stay inside without any stress.

Which Dog Crates Exist Out There?

So, which are the best dog crates out there on the market? We have been busy reviewing some for you to help you decide on your purchase.

BUT what about the dog? What are the things that you have to think about regarding your dog, before you can decide about a crate?

Size of dog crate.

It’s important to get a dog enclosure that will suit your dog. They need enough room inside to walk in easily, stand and turn around, and to to sit down without their head or ears touching the top. But not any bigger than that.

Many people buy a crate that is too big, believing that more space is always better. But unfortunately that’s not always true! While your dog will need enough space to move around, most dogs also like the feeling of security they get from an enclosure.

What other factors are important?

You also need to consider;

  • The age of your dog – puppy or adult?
  • Degree of visibility for the dog – can he see out easily?
  • How much ventilation your dog will need.
  • How the crate will look in your home.
  • Whether you intend to use the crate for travel.

Important Variables

Let’s look at each of these factors in turn, and see what your options are;

1. The age of your dog. Obviously, an adult dog has stopped growing, and will not change in size, whereas a puppy will be growing for about a year, depending on the breed.

You have 2 options here – either decide to replace the crate several times to accommodate the size of the dog as it grows,  OR get a resizable crate that can be adjusted over time. While the resizable crate may be more expensive than a smaller crate initially, it will work out cheaper in the long run, as you are only buying one crate.

2. Degree of visibility. Some dogs like the feeling of security they get from a crate with enclosed sides and top, with a wire grid at the from for them to look out of. These crates are usually made of plastic or wood.

On the other hand, there are dogs who prefer to see everything that’s going on around them. They will usually be more comfortable in a wire crate or enclosure.

3. Ventilation. This is a measure of how much air gets through the enclosure, which influences how well your dog breathes, and must be balanced against degree of protection from the elements if the crate is going to be placed outside the house.

4. How the crate will look. This is less important if the crate is to be situated outdoors. But if you plan to have your dog enclosure indoors, inside your home, you probably want something that will look acceptable. You may want to consider a “designer” crate.

5. Using a crate for travel. If you want to use your crate for transporting your dog, you need to take a few other factors into account.

First, it should be relatively light in weight.

Second, it should only be as large as the dog needs, and not any bigger. The more snug fit of a properly-sized crate will help to prevent your dog from being rolled around during travel.
Here’s how to measure your dog for size.

There are 2 measurements to take – measure the height of your dog when sitting, from the ground to the tops of your dogs ears. Add 2 inches to get the height of the dog crate.

Also, measure the length of your dog from nose tip to the root of the tail. Don’t include the whole length of the tail! Add 2 to 4 inches. This gives you the length of the crate your dog will need.

Dog Crate Reviews

SO, let’s get to those reviews!

Small Dog Crates

Small dog crates are suitable for Toy dog breeds and Miniature dog breeds.

These crates are usually about 24 inches in length, by 18 inches in width, by around 18-20 inches in height.

Carlson small dog crate

We like this crate for small dogs from Carlson; it is made of steel, has a secure locking mechanism, and can be folded down to store it or transport it. It offers durability and good looks at an attractive price. Click on this Amazon link or on the image below to go to the Amazon page  for this small dog cage.

Medium Dog Crates

Medium dog crates are good for the Medium size dog breeds, such as Spaniels, Terriers, Collies and Beagles.

These crates are usually about 30 inches in length, by 20 inches in width, by around 22-24 inches in height.

Midwest Medium dog crate

Above is a medium size dog enclosure from Midwest, made of steel, available with 1 or 2 doors in this size. It can also be folded down for storage or transport. Click on this Amazon link or on the image above to go to the Amazon page for more information.

This crate from Midwest also comes with a dividing panel, so that you can just use half the crate while your dog is a puppy, and then remove the divider when the dog has grown.

It has 4 roller feet to protect your floors and carpets, and comes with a one year warranty.

Best Dog Crate Reviews

Large Dog Crates

Large dog crates are best for those dogs needing more room, the Big dog breeds, such as Boxers, Basset Hounds, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Labrador and Olde English Bulldogge.

These crates are usually about 36-42 inches in length, by 24 inches in width, by around 24-26 inches in height.

Amazon Basics Large dog crate

We love this simple yet robust crate from Amazon Basics, above. At 42 inches in length, it is large enough for most large dogs, BUT if your dog weighs over 45lbs – 50lbs, you may want to go one size larger, to the 48 inch crate.

Click on this Amazon link or on the image below to go to the Amazon page for more information.

This excellent value dog crate also comes with a divider, so you can change the size of the crate available as your dog grows. It can be folded down flat for storage or transport, and is available in single or double door designs.

Extra Large Dog Crates

These Extra-large dog crates are great for the Giant dog breeds, such as Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, American Bulldog, Boerboel, Bullmastiff and Caucasian Shepherd.

These crates are usually about 42-46 inches in length, by 28 inches in width, by around 30 inches in height.

OR, for the biggest breeds –

These crates are usually about 48+ inches in length, by 30+ inches in width, by around 33+ inches in height.

Extra Large Dog Crate for the huge dogs out there.

Above is the extra-large 48 inch crate from New World, suitable for dogs weighing 90lbs to 110lbs. It is extremely well constructed, and has the same features as the other crates we recommend – option of 1 or 2 doors, and fold-down design for storage or transport.

Click on this Amazon link or on the image below to go to the Amazon page for more information.

Best Dog Crate Reviews

Designer Dog Crates

“Designer” dog crates can be of any size, but have extra design features, materials and finishes. These allow you to customize your dog crate to suit your own animal, and allow you to blend and match the crate design and appearance to your home.

You have a big choice of timber crates in various colors and finishes. Of course, these enclosures are more expensive, but will blend into your home very well.

One very smart crate that would be a great addition not only for your dog but for your house is the New Age Decorative Designer Crate with Bed.

This decorative crate adds a great design to any room and also doubles as a side/end table or sideboard!  There are 2 entry and exit doors for easy access and the dog house has a wide top perfect for magazines, plants, lamps or your drink!

It comes in 2 colors as shown and is best for small dogs.

You can find the best price on Amazon HERE.

One of the best designer dog crates
Two sizes of Small Dog crate

We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the best dog crate that we believe represent great value for money!

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