Do Vizslas Get Along With Cats? [Owner’s Guide]

Do vizslas get along with cats?

Many people adore high-energy hunting dogs like Vizslas, but some may wonder if they can peacefully coexist with cats. In this article, we’ll explore this question and provide helpful tips for introducing Vizslas to cats.

Due to their innate hunting abilities and prey drive, Vizslas are often perceived as incompatible with cats. However, with proper training, close supervision, and careful introduction, Vizslas can often learn to get along with cats.

If you’re considering owning both a Hungarian Vizsla and a cat, it’s important to be aware that Vizslas have a tendency to chase anything that moves. Therefore, it’s crucial to take various precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of both pets.

In this article, we’ll provide proven tactics for introducing Vizslas to cats and helpful tips for creating a peaceful and harmonious living environment for both pets.

What happens when Vizslas and cats get along?

It is reasonable to have such a problem. Because many believe that Vizslas cannot associate with cats due to a handful of reasons. I know, when we think about dogs who can easily get along with cats, Vizslas take a lower place in the rankings.

But the matter is it does not mainly depend on the breed. I mean, it depends on the behavior and traits of the individual dog and other factors.

Here I can point out some of the notable factors between those factors.

  • Whether or not your Vizsla has experience with cats.
  • Their introducing method
  • The amount of care they both have.
  • The training the dog received
  • Vizslas’ Exercises requirements.
  • Whether they meet their socialization needs.
  • Close supervision.

All of these factors must be satisfied if your cat and Vizsla are to live peacefully. Know that there are specific breeds that can easily get along with cats.

There are specific breeds that can easily get along with cats. The great Pyrenees is such a dog breed. But don’t look at these dogs from that perspective. Because some Vizslas might think of cats as play toys.

Even if they are familiar with each other, the cat is capable of chasing after. Even if they are familiar with each other, the cat is capable of chasing after.

see how much they love each other

Since the Vizslas are incredibly active, they cannot remain even for one minute without playing. If both of them are so friendly, Vizsla may try to sneak behind him and push over the cat out of his muzzle.

Sometimes, the cat can get angry and may swat with warning shots. Obviously, As a result of those swats., There might be some damage to your Vizsla.

So it’s necessary to prevent them from being fighting or getting angry with each other. Otherwise, many problems can arise. I mean, if the Vizsla also starts to chase after the cat and attack, the damage can be severe. Because Vizslas have an extensive amount of prey drive.

Overall, The behavior of vizslas around cats, mostly the same as when Weimaraners get along with cats.

How to train your Vizsla to get along with cats?

If you have read so far, you might have a good understanding of this matter’s seriousness. If you wanna leave your vizsla and cat alone, You need to have a proper introduction method.

But the matter is if you do an excellent job with the introduction, you don’t wanna worry anymore. Moreover, you can see how friendly they are.

The method I am going to explain to you is a proven method and I have even tried it several times and got amazing results.

So, here is the 5 step process.

  1. First, keep them separately.
  2. Spend some time with the cat.
  3. Spend time with the Vizsla next to the cat’s safe room door.
  4. Introduce the cat and Vizsla through the baby gate.
  5. The face to face meeting.

1) Keep the Vizsla and cat separate before they get along.

Once a new Vizsla brings to your home, it’s necessary to keep them separately. Know that It’s too dangerous to let them interact with each other without any controlled situation. 

You have to arrange a comfortable place that guarantees the protection of the cat. Often, this place can be a room where your cat mostly loves to be.

In my case, that room is our laundry room. I’m pretty much sure that your cat also would like the laundry room. So, after choosing a safe place, make sure to fix a baby gate to its door. Because we could have to ensure that only the cat can enter the room.

Then keep your cat inside the safe room and shut the door.

Important: Be sure to provide the following before closing the door.

  • Pure water
  • Food
  • A litter box

Remember that we have not yet allowed them to meet face to face with each other.

Do vizslas get along with cats

Now you have to do some specific task. Teach the “Focus” command to your Vizsla. You can easily make it with admirable talking and tasty puppy treats. When the dog is engaging with something, spell the command and try to grab his/her attention towards you.

Reward them for positive behaviors. He/she will learn immediately because they are such an intelligent dog breed. In the next few steps, you can understand why you need to teach him this command.

Although they haven’t yet met each other, the introduction session has begun. I would name this introduction session “The introduction through the scent” Because the cat can feel the dog’s scent, while the dog can feel the scent of the cat.

Likewise, spend about 1.5 days with the dog.

2) Spend some time with the cat.

After about 1.5 days, it’s the most suitable time to spend some time with your cat. Before that, make sure to keep the Vizsla in a safe place. That safe place can be,

  • A crate
  • A dog room
  • With one of your family member

Now go to your cat’s place and shut the door. Can you guess what’s gonna happen right now? Since you already have spent some time with your Vizsla, the cat can feel the dog’s scent through your body and clothes. Believe me, it gives the cat thousands of messages.

Stay a few hours with your cat by cuddling him. Then go back to the Vizsla and spend time with him. Since you have spent some time with the cat, your Vizsla can also understand about cat through the scent of your body and clothes.

So, do this process about two times more. I know it’s so frustrating to do these things slowly.

We know that vizslas don’t like cats. But you need to be patient and try to do these steps correctly. Then you will realize that vizslas can get along with cats.

Here, if you can start to provide proper basic obedience training to your Vizsla, it would be so much worthwhile.

3) Spend time with the Vizsla next to the cat’s safe room door.

After some time, the dog will automatically approach the cat’s safe room door and be scrutinized. So, here you also need to go there. Then spend time with him by cuddling and talking.

When the dog hears the cat’s noise inside the room, he will start to growl and door or sneak towards the door and sniff it. Here, you have to grab his attention as soon as he begins to give attention to the cat. You can do this effortlessly by taking advantage of the “Focus” command and tasty treats with his favorite toys.

Spend about once hour next to the door. It’s better if you can repeat it once again.

4) Introduce the cat and Vizsla through the baby gate

Now return to the same place as we did in step 3. But here, we need to open the cat’s room about 1-2 inches. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about the baby gate.

Now stay next to the door and spend time as you did in step 3. Possibly both cat and Vizsla can see each other. But don’t let the Vizsla engage with the cat.

Important: Here, the Vizsla must be leashed.

Do this step three times a day for two days. Each time open the cat’s room door a little bit more. At last, open the door entirely. By following all of these steps precisely, your Vizsla would not need to worry about the cat even for a second.

When you are satisfied with the dog’s behavior in front of the cat, you can jump into the next step.

5) Let the Vizsla and cat meet face to face.

If you are in this step, you need to make sure whether the dog has completely abandoned its aggressiveness towards the cat. 

Keep the Vizsla on the leash. Now open the cat’s room door and let your cat come out naturally. Don’t force him.

Necessary: Always keep the baby gate open. 

Let the cat roam around the Vizsla for about 10 minutes. Then keep the cat again his safe house. 

After a while ( about 3 hours later), do the same thing. Likewise, gradually increase the time that these animals interact with each other. 

Eventually, you can realize the vizslas can get along with cats. 

Warning! : Don’t be hurry between the steps. If you want to do this, Patience is essential. 

If still, the Vizsla shows some aggressiveness toward the cat, probably you have been mistaken. So, don’t hesitate the redo this process.

When a new vizsla puppy gets along with your cats.

You may have a couple of cats in your house. Also, you may be willing to buy a new Vizsla puppy. 

In this case, you do not need to worry too much. Because the dog is still in the puppy stage, he can definitely get used to cats when they rise together.

When you bring a new vizsla puppy, allow your cats to roam freely as a typical day. Let them meet on their own terms. 

When you bring the new puppy first time, if he has grown a little bit, obviously he may be quite larger than the cat. So it can be a little bit problematic.

So try to understand whether you can supervise the dog. If you can’t supervise the Vizsla, don’t forget the puppy’s crate because you don’t want any trouble yet.

When mature vizslas get along with cats.

Sometimes you may find a grown vizsla from a rescue group. If you own a cat, the situation can be a little bit serious. Because

  • You don’t know about his past life. What they used and what they don’t use to do. 
  • Rescued vizslas haven’t received at least basic obedience training, and it can be a sign of danger. 
  • You don’t know about their degree of aggressiveness.
  • They are not socialized
  • Can be high prey drive, probably he may hunt small creatures. 

So above all incidents are disadvantages to your cat. Thus, a grown vizsla can do serious damage to the cats. 

So, if you own cats, it’s essential to think again before bringing grown vizslas.


Many people love vizslas as well as cats. But there is a common problem among these people. “Do vizslas get along with cats?“. Honestly, that is a fair question because these dogs have a high prey drive. This article is a full review discussing that issue.

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