Do Vizslas Have Webbed Feet? [In-Depth Review]

Do vizslas have webbed feet?

If you are a Vizsla lover, you may be looking for a lot of information about them. So you aske yourself: “Do vizslas have webbed feet?” Let’s look into this, because they do have many advantages from their webbed feet. 

Do vizslas have webbed feet? Yes, vizslas have webbed feet. But the membranes between their toes do not grow as much as the water breeds do. In fact, these webbings so helpful for vizslas to achieve their objectives.

First of all, you need to understand “what webbed feet are?”. Simply I can define it as a thin membrane between dogs’ toes. Often called it as “webbed feet.”  

As I mentioned above, vizslas haven’t grown webbed feet as water breeds do. As an example, Labrador retrievers have fully webbed feet because they are one of the water breeds.

Webbed feet are much helpful to Vizslas’ primary purposes.

 vizslas have webbed feet

Vizslas are one of the most talented hunters among dogs. Furthermore, they are intelligent, high energetic, and high prey drive. 

They can be a good family pet, and they have high energy to hunt all day. So vizslas’ webbed paws are very useful for them in day to day life. 

Even if you keep him as a domestic dog, he will be a good guard dog for you.

Vizslas’ webbed feet are much helpful for walking.

 vizslas have webbed feet

We already discussed their primary purpose is hunting. So they have to walk above different kinds of surfaces. 

Commonly hunting dogs have to go through muddy or slippery areas. So it can be a little bit troublesome unless vizslas have webbed paws. 

So, vizslas can walk above that kind of surface without sinking or falling. As they walk above those surfaces, the space between their toes increases. As a result, their pads get wider and act as a good grip. 

That’s not all. Vizslas’ webbed feet are much helpful during the winter. It is so helpful to walk through the snow. But there is a small problem here. 

When the snow goes between their toes, it’s so hurtful for them. That is why you should put on protective dog boots for them when going out during the winter.

Vizslas’ webbed feet are much helpful for swimming.

see first time swimming a vizsla puppy

You may be keeping vizsla as a hunting dog or just as a domestic dog. It doesn’t matter what purpose you are keeping them. In most cases, vizslas have to swim.

Vizslas’ webbed feet provide more surface area and act as oars when swimming. Also, it helps you navigate quickly in the water.

Vizslas are love to swimming. But their swimming ability is not better than water breeds such as  Portuguese Water Dog, American Water Spaniel, etc. 

If you are planning a family vacation, don’t hesitate to take your vizsla as well. Because some people have no idea of ​​their swimming ability. They are great swimmers.

But this doesn’t mean to let them swim alone. You must always be with him. It’s better if you can put on a dog life jacket for them.

Important: vizslas are not water dogs. Furthermore, they haven’t undercoat as labradors have. Be mindful as you take them for a swim. Because if outside too cold, Vizslas can be freezing. 

What if your vizsla doesn’t have webbed feet?

vizslas have webbed feet

Actually, don’t worry if your vizsla doesn’t have webbed paws. Because probably they have get used to it. 

If you keep vizsla as a domestic pet, actually you no need to worry. It can be a little bit difficult during the winter season. But you can axcept it by using dog booties. 

And if whistles are just domestic pets, they don’t need webbed feet help.

But if your vizslas’ duty is to act as a hunting dog and he doesn’t have webbed paws, You really have to worry about that. Because without webbed feet, hunting can be too much difficult task for them. I’m pretty sure, even if they don’t have it, they won’t hesitate to hunt.

If you’re still worried about it, go to a veterinarian to see if everything is alright.

I can honestly say if vizslas purebred, they should have webbed feet. Many people today tend to breed dogs without specialist advice. As a result, dog breeds can be mutations. You have to choose a purebred vizsla.

How to find purebred vizslas?

vizslas have webbed feet

Obviously, it is not enough to check only the vizslas’ webbed feet. There are many things you should consider before buying a new dog.

Often their nature is similar to Weimaraners, redbone coonhound, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. It’s not as easy as identifying an original Doberman.

So let’s understand how to identify purebred vizslas.

Male height22-25 inches
Female height 21-24 inches
Male weight44-64 lbs
Female weight40-55 lbs
Coat colorGolden, red golden, golden rust
Coat temperamentshort, dense, smooth, no undercoat
Ears temperamentfluffy ears
Bodyathletic body

Specially vizslas have webbed feet.

Look at their eyes

Vizslas’ eyes are blue once they born and open. 

Then the blue-green color eyes gradually fade to grey. Eventually, it becomes a warm yellow-brown color as they mature.  

If your dog has black around their eyes, that’s not a vizsla.

Look at their head

Vizslas have a strong head. Furthermore, the occipital bone is usually prominent than other dogs.

Look at their nose

Mostly their nose color is the reddish color. It combines with their coat color. If you spot a brown, black, or another color nose, that dog should not a Vizsla dog.

Look at their tail

They have a docked tail. The hair of the tail is not long. It’s short as their body.

Look at their ears

The ears are starting a little bit below the crown. Vizslas’ ears longer than they are wider.

 If you look at the bottom of their ears, you will see that it is somewhat rounded. The ears are usually thin.


Many people love Vizslas. But everyone has a common problem. “do vizslas have webbed feet?”. Actually, it’s a pretty reasonable question because webbed feet are much helpful for dogs in day to day life.

So, this article is an in-depth review of your issue. You can see a little overview below.

  • Introduction
  • Webbed feet are much helpful to Vizslas’ primary purposes.
    • Vizslas’ webbed feet are much helpful for walking.
    • Vizslas’ webbed feet are much helpful for swimming.
  • What if your vizsla doesn’t have webbed feet?
  • How to find purebred vizslas?

So guys tell me what your vizsla’s name is. Let’s find the most beautiful name.


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