Do You Miss Your Dog While You’re At Work? [Do These 7 Things]

Miss Your Dog While You're At Work

Dogs are treasured companions for us. If you have a lovely dog at home, you know how wonderful it is to have such a companion.

So, the pain of leaving him alone at home when going to work is also challenging. Let’s have a look at what we can do if we miss our dog so much at work.

Let’s see why we miss our dogs so much at work. What to do if so? And the other few things associated with this matter.

Why do you miss your dog when you are at work?

Most pet parents always feel a little guilty about leaving their dog at home while getting ready to go to work.

They are thinking of how to leave the dog at home and go to work. As well as while working, they think of their dog.

We feel like we miss our dog badly. Actually, why do we feel so? Let’s see the reasons for us missing our dog so much when we are at work.

1. When we see another dog outside.

If you see another dog just outside playing with his master while you are at work, you feel like you have missed your dog so much.

At that moment, all you want is to go home and cuddle with your dog.

2. If we are bored or disappointed by something.

If we feel disappointed and bored due to anything in the workplace or wherever we are, we get a sense of missing our dog, as he is our closest companion who loves us.

3. He is like a member of the family.

While our dogs may look slightly different from humans, we feel like they are part of our family. A pet dog is an ideal companion to eliminate loneliness.

So, while at work, we feel like we have missed our dog so much.

4. If the dog is ill,

When our pet suffers from a certain illness or a disease, if we go to work, it makes us feel like we missed him, and we can’t even concentrate on our work sometimes.

5. I feel like I have lost a source of unconditional love.

The majority of your dog’s life is spent napping and waiting for your return. While we are at work, the thought of losing such unconditional love for the moment doubts us.

It makes us miss our dog boy.

6. Human seperation anxiety from pets.

Yeah, that’s true. Not only dogs but humans are also prone to separation anxiety from their pets.

Although this may sound a little bit horrible, overcoming human separation anxiety from pets is not a big deal with the correct approaches.

By the way, here is what to do if your dog is getting old and it makes you sad?

What to do if you miss your dog when you’re at work?

So you are missing your dog because of one of the reasons mentioned above. Eh? If we have to go to work every day and miss our dog so much at work, we must find a solution for this matter.

So let’s discuss some arrangements to cope with when we miss our dog.

1. Set up an interactive pet camera.

We can set interactive pet cameras in our home. This offers communication with the dog with our own voice while watching him too.

We can stay in touch with our dog while working at any time of the day. Actually, this is a great relief for us, who suffers from missing our pet partners so much.

2. You can hire an expert dog sitter.

Hiring a pet sitter or a dog sitter is an effective solution if we are worrying and missing our pet dogs at work.

Having an expert dog sitter will reduce the trauma of leaving the dog alone at home. The dog sitter or the pet sitter will perform all the requirements of our dog.

Feeding, replacing their water bowls, and providing exercise and playtime are all things that need to be done.

3. A doggie daycare center.

A dog daycare center is also ideal for keeping our pets. As we know, the pet keepers there look after our dog well, so we have nothing to worry about.

If we do worry and ensure the safety of our pet, a little space is left to miss him so badly.

4. Come home during your lunch hour.

If you’re more concerned about having a pet dog while working half of the day, see if you can visit your dog during your lunch break.

Even if you only have a few minutes at home between work and home, there will be enough time to check in with your dog, let them out for a potty break, replenish their food and water bowls, and give them a quick play to let them burn off some steam before being left alone after lunch.

If you don’t have time to eat during this break, try eating during your commute or later in the day at your desk.

5. Take Advantage of Your Free Time.

If you are missing your dog most often at work, you can use this opportunity to spend more time with your canine companion while you are free or else on your holidays.

You can make a better schedule, then you can balance spending time with your dog and other curricular.

You can take him along with you when socializing or getting your groceries too. Dog-friendly markets are there to enjoy both of you.

6. Carefully select your breed.

If you are already a dog owner, this is not for you. If you are a full-day working person and planning to get a dog, the best thing you can do is search for dog breeds and choose a dog that will cope well with being left alone for most of the day while you are at work.

As some dog breeds require more human interaction and some are more independent, they will be unfazed by long periods of solitude.

So, as we know they can handle the situation, we no longer have to worry about them.

A pet dog is around you at home always. But what if it happens to leave him for 6-8 hours without you? Yes, that’s when you are leaving for work. We have to go to work and keep our dog at home. 

We will miss our dog so much at that time, as he is our best companion. 

If you miss your dog when you're at work, consider setting up an interactive pet camera to communicate with him virtually, hiring a dog sitter or walker, keeping the dog in a doggy daycare center, overcoming human separation anxiety from your dog, and making a quick dog visit at your lunchtime.

How to tell if you have separation anxiety from your dog?

Do you always feel alone without your pet dog? Or else, you won’t be able to concentrate in the office or at work?

Some people are missing their pet dogs after leaving them after just a few minutes. Yeah, we love our dogs that much.

But is it a sign of separation anxiety from your dog? Let’s discuss how to identify that you are a victim of separation anxiety from your dog.

  • Sadness, worry, loneliness, fear, and even despair are all common emotions.
  • apprehension about leaving your dog for even a few minutes.
  • We are devoting all of our resources to our animals while neglecting to take care of ourselves.
  • Avoiding social activities with family and friends
  • Frankly, maintaining attention or focus at work or on any activity is difficult.
  • Symptoms of headaches, stomachaches, nausea, diarrhea, elevated blood pressure, or other bodily indications due to anxiety or stress.

These are the symptoms that you are suffering from separation anxiety from your dog.

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If you have human separation anxiety from the dog, how do you deal with it? (solution #7)

Pet dogs are all-time lovelies. There have been numerous reported incidents of pets suffering from separation anxiety while their owners are gone.

However, pet owners can experience similar concerns when away from their dogs.

We have discussed how we can identify whether we are suffering from separation anxiety from our pet dog. And here, let’s see how to deal with it? 

1. Pet Care Background Check

If you are keeping your dog with a sitter or in a dog daycare center, it is best to investigate how they treat animals, their behaviors when interacting with animals, and more.

If you become comfortable and familiar with the surroundings where your pet is, it eases you to leave the dog at his care center.

2. Keep your pet by your side (figuratively).

As there are fewer pet-friendly workplaces, you can keep a framed photograph of your pet dog at your table or else a small one in your pocket.

If you can include a picture on your phone, computer monitor, or tablet screen, it feels like we are closer to our pet. This will reduce the anxiety felt within you.

3. Accept That Your Sadness Is Normal

If you feel like you are missing your pet so much, you have to accept that is normal. It’s quite normal to feel this way as you are working, and it contains workloads that make you stressed.

But changing the mindset to think of everything as normal will reduce the pain of sadness.

4. Cherish the Memories

You can treasure the happy times you shared with your companion dog. It could be a long walk, playtime, mealtime, or anything else. This really helps you to compel your sad mood.

5. A professional pet sitter

You can hire a professional dog sitter or pet sitter to keep an eye on your dog.

There is nothing to worry about your dog’s health, his food, or whatever, as professional dog sitters are highly demanding in their service.

It will give you relief.

6. Anxiety in your pet should be treated.

Knowing that your pet is experiencing separation anxiety might make you feel uncomfortable as well.

Consult your veterinarian for advice on how to reduce your pet’s anxiety, and you’ll feel better knowing they aren’t pining for you every second.

Things to be aware of.

I think now you know what to do if you miss your pet dog at work and how to avoid separation anxiety from your lovely dog.

But there can be a few things to be aware of. Let’s see what they are;

  • If you are working long hours, please remember how long you can leave your dog alone. Some breeds exhibit vicious behaviour if they are left alone for a few hours.
  • Headaches, nausea, stomachaches, diarrhea, elevated blood pressure, or other bodily indications can be after effects of anxiety or stress. (If you miss your dog terribly)
  • Do not take the dog to the work place without first checking whether it is pet-friendly or not.
  • Never become desperate while you are working, as you are away from your pet dog, as it makes you an irresponsible character.


It is true that we mostly miss our pet dogs at work. Sometimes it can cause separation anxiety from your dog. But now we know how to handle the situation well. It is not hard to have a pet dog if you are a working person. So far, we’ve talked about how to deal with missing your dog while at work and with separation anxiety on your own. As we all miss our companions when we are out of the house, I know that this fact will help you more and more. I hope to see you on another important topic like this!

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