Does Your Dead Dog Know You Miss Him? [The Truth]

Someday, when your dog has to let you go,  you might still be crying, and, of course, an overwhelming journey to even believe that your dog has passed away. “Does your deceased dog knows whether he misses you?” For sure, he might be missing you!

If my dead fur pooch knows I miss him, how will I be sure? It is a matter within your heart and the signs around you! The different sounds you might hear, the different feelings you might feel, and so on might be the signs that your deceased dog is answering your grief in the most graceful way he can.

Moving on, let’s entangle your tangled thoughts about whether your dog knows he misses you and how you could communicate with your dead dog wandering alone in the deep forests.

Does my dead dog know I miss him?

To answer this question, I would begin with the term “etheric cords,” to be more precise. Etheric cords make spiritual connections in a relationship to be bonded together, not just for bonds between humans and humans but also for humans and animals or even objects.

The more you are bonded to someone, these etheric cords with a silver lining become stronger and stronger, which can bond us to a level with telepathic connections.

These bonds are up to you with someone or something to break or make them stronger. Moving on, these connections might even exist after death if the bond is utmost strong.

The same goes for the connection or the bond between you and your adorable deceased doggy!

Does your dead dog know that you miss him? Yes, he does. He is in his safe place and might still be missing you. The etheric cords are still tied together.

How do you know if your dead dog is still with you?

Now, let’s catch up on the signs our beloved dog might be giving us after he has returned to a blissful place or would instead call afterlife signs.

1. “I’ll be in your dreams, mama!”

Dreams are a way of communication but quite different from how we “really communicate in our day-to-day lives, aren’t they?

We humans always dream, our eyes owned or closed. When our eyes are closed, and we aren’t awake, we dream, yet not all are vivid or in our memory.

Among all these, if you were able to dream of your loved doggy, he might be signaling that he misses you as much as you miss him! These dreams are vivid. It might be so vivid that you feel it is truly happening.

Through these dreams, your doggy might be missing you or even trying to communicate with you to send you a message!

2. “I’ll be jingling my collar, mama.”

Different sounds you might only hear would also be an ideal sign from your doggy. This might be because your dog has interacted with those sounds you encounter, which will resemble your dog’s presence in your surroundings.

You could imagine his familiar sounds, including the little paw sounds of your doggy, the nail clipping sound, the scratch sounds, the snoring sound, the barks of happiness, and the playing sound. It is embossed within your heart and signals that your pooch knows he is missing you from the other side of the world. And yes, why not the familiar jiggling sound of his collar?

3. The smell, smell, smell.

Apart from different sounds, smells could indicate that your pooch might be trying to signal you.

Feeling like you’ve smelled the shampoo you have used on him? The smell of the fur of beloved pooh, the perfume you’ve used on him, or that quite hard-to-breathe smell that comes from your doggy after he has gone for a play. If you smell this out of the blue, he might still be around protecting you!

4. “With in-nature and the angel numbers.”

This is quite a beautiful way your dog on the other side of the world calls you out! A sweet little winged butterfly flying up on your shoulders with a gaze at your face.

Flowers blooming in your garden are pretty much out of season. While you are on a walk, a feather just in front of you might be the resemblance that he knows he misses you and lets you know how much he loves you!

Moving on, are you someone who believes in “angel numbers?” Were you able to see numbers such as 11:11,21:21 constantly on the clock on the day of a special day for your dog, or did you see those numbers on a license plate of a vehicle that you used to randomly go with your doggy? Again, your pooch is playing with numbers staying on the other side of the world.

5. “The moves.”

Yes, your beloved pooch has his moves! It might sometimes scare you, but it’s a beautiful sign he might just have to convey to you.

The message of “I love you, mama, papa.”Have you ever felt like the photograph with your cuddled doggy hung against the wall, moving on to another, or falling off an object randomly out of nowhere? He is just conveying you messages through those teeny-tiny signals!

Can you communicate with dead pets?

The simple answer is yes, you could! If you have loved them and cared for each other, they might have never left you.

1. The heart-heart bond.

Your fur-creature might be on the other side of the world, but have they left you? The answer is, again, No. He lives within your heart, treasured, day and night, through thick and thin, and never forgotten.

We might have talked to ourselves at least once in a lifetime, maybe to scold ourselves when we do something stupid or even perhaps to appreciate ourselves.

So, you can always follow this method up whenever you feel like you need to communicate with your doggy. He might not be seen, but the love your adorable, beloved dog has given you is engraved beneath your heart, and he still lives in there.

2. Visualization.

Visualization is a vital and creative part of our lives, isn’t it? It is indeed an important part of manifestations of whatever the requirement of our lives.

In the moment of grief, we hardly even think about the complex stuff, no matter how much we know that our fur-creature won’t return to us.

We still keep missing our pooch or questioning how we could communicate with our beloved blossom buddy. Things get immensely hard cause we are almost like broken pieces of glass.

At this moment, try taking a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and then again take a few breaths and repeat. Try to visualize how happy you were with him, the days you played fetch with your pet, or how he improved your gloomy days with every cuddle he gave him. Do you hear how he barked and wagged his tail happily with you?

Your pooch needed happiness in his life, and you gave it to him. Those memories you reminisce with him are one of the most powerful communication you will always cherish.

Communication does not always require the other party to talk! Here, you will communicate with your forever beloved doggy in your own visualizations, cherishing them each day.

3. “Feel the connection.”

As I’ve mentioned solely through the article, you both are bonded through “etheric cords,” through which the connection is strengthened.

Again, go to a quiet place, maybe even a place you have played with your doggy and close your eyes, and once again reminisce about the happiest memory or memories you had with your blossom buddy and let yourself feel the connection.

Eventually, the feeling of connection will be a beautiful way to feel everything between you and your beloved dog.

What can you do for your dead dog?

One thing is for sure. Your dog never wants to see you with tears and grieving all day and night, not taking your food and deprecating yourself.

Even when he lived just in front of your eyes, your dog wanted the best for you, the needed happiness for you. That’s one f the many reasons to come near you and cuddle you up or gaze up at you in the sad little face, trying to cheer you up.

The best you can do for your pooch is to give yourself time to grieve and let it all out, no matter the days. Anyhow to stand back in life to make yourself happy again, embracing the happy moments you had with him.

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Things to be aware of.

Remember, when your dog dies, you are much as important to everyone; therefore, taking care of yourself is vital and needed.

Let yourself grieve until there are no more tears, but as I’ve mentioned, stand up for yourself, your beloved dog, and your loved ones.


“I miss him,” the three words will always be there within you, and the best part is, does he know that you miss him? Yes, he does from the other side of the world. Again, I’ve mentioned how to communicate with your dog and what you can do on behalf of your dead dog, and it wraps it all there.

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  1. Come on. I miss my poor girl so much even after 14 months but she’s not in a better place and neither am I. She’s just not suffering anymore. I miss my dad too but he doesn’t reach out to me either and if anyone would have been able to reach out, he would have. It’s just wrong to delude people like this article does and it should be deleted

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