When Your Dog Is Getting Old & It Makes You Sad [Do These 7 Things]

Dog Is Getting Old & It Makes You Sad

Are you afraid of watching your dog getting old? Although that is natural, every pet person has to face it one day, including me. We’re gonna see what we can do to make our minds up.

How pathetic this situation is for a pet person. This is a kinda dilemma. This dilemma can rise and fall according to the person. Let’s see how to handle this circumstance.

What can you if your dog is getting old and it makes you sad, and scared?

The very first moment you get a dog, you should realize that one day he or she will become older and decrease their capabilities.

As humans, we all have warm hearts, so it is impossible to stay calm during a painful disaster like that.

As a pet person, having those kinda tragedies is mandatory, and what we have to do is realize the truth.

1. Make an album adding the happiest memories with your dog

How can this point help you to overcome your feelings?

Everyone has a photo collection of special memories. I’m sure you have taken enough pictures of your lovely dog.

Collect them together and make an album. After that, you will be able to see the best memories with your poor old dog.

Those pictures will remind you about the beautiful days you spent with your dog. It will make you smile, at least for a while.

I’m pretty sure that one day you will thank me for this idea. Finally, we have only memories of your life journey.

2. Make the best of the period you have

It doesn’t matter how long your dog will live; the important thing is how much your dog enjoys it when he/she is with you.

If you are going to get sad for the rest of your life, you will miss the best period you have with your dog.

Under this circumstance, you have to spend time with your dog. Past is past and lives the present, and then you will not be able to regret in the future as well.

3. Make your dog happy and let your dog make you happy

Dogs are our best friends, mostly they are part of our family. Your poor dog always loves you.

It Doesn’t matter their age; their love is eternal. Although you are very sad and scared when your dog gets old, do not show your pain to your dog.

You have to act normally as well as their young age. Your dog can catch your difference easily. Do not act like a pathetic person.

Try to be strong when you are with your dog. And let your dog make you happy like the previous time. And try to join your dog. Don’t forget to make your dog happy too.

4. Don’t beat yourself up

Most dog owners try to beat themselves when their dog gets old. That is not your fault. Don’t think about the way you treated your dog during previous years.

Dogs are pure and innocent, and everyone will get old one day. You have the same destiny too. Something you might have rough for your dog.

Everything has a reason, and no one loves your dog as you do. Be a strength to carry on his/her elder era.

Being worried, scared, and sad is not a solution anymore.

5. Talk to someone

Is your dog getting old, and it makes you sad? How do you release your pain? Everyone has a close person, and you can say anything to him or her.

Find the best person who can set your mind. He or she should be your friend, family member, teacher, whatever.

The person who listens to you should have a kind heart. Tell him/her how you feel when your dog is getting old. Tell everything. It will help to release your suffering.

6. Meet your adviser/doctor

Although you can express your feelings with your closest person, he/she might not be able to give proper advice and solutions.

That’s why you have to meet a professional one. Because they have knowledge as well as experience. I recommend you to meet your doctor.

At a time like this, your mental welfare is more important than anything.

7. Do your best

Hey buddy, don’t give up. I know you really worry about getting your dog old. But you have done a lot of things for your dog.

You have sacrificed everything for your lovely dog, and there is more to do. Just calm down and remind yourself of what you have done for your dog.

You have given a precious life for your dog; not only that but also you have provided every need for your dog. You are the greatest dog owner in the world.

If your dog getting old and it makes you sad, consider creating an album including the happiest memories with your dog, making the best of the period you have, making your dog happy, letting the dog make you happy, staying strong, talking to someone, & getting advice from your adviser or the vet.

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Here are the general signs that your dog is aging.

Are you curious about the signs that your dog is getting old? Yes,’ why not. Everyone wants to know because it is a common problem among every owner.

So I think the below facts will help to understand the above issues clearly. Let’s see.

Most of the owners consider only their dog’s physical changes. It is good, but when your dog is getting old, its mental condition is also changing.

If you are close enough to your lovely dog, you can catch these signs easily. Let’s see what they are.

Physical changes

  • Change your dog’s weight- Unfortunately, this is a widespread fact among dogs. It means when your dog is starting to get old, his/her weight begins to lose.
  • Hearing problems – it means going deaf.
  • Vision problem – the ability of the vision can be lost.
  • Dental problem –  this is the time of losing their teeth.
  • Smelly breathe – because of dental problems, their breath can be smelly.
  • Become lazy – because of body pains such as arthritis, joint pains.
  • Become more stubborn – because of some mental imbalance.
  • Try to be alone – because they need freedom and rest.

Mental changes

  • Fear – not only family members but also they become afraid of objects too. That will become a very painful situation for you.
  • Increase anxiety – this problem is also a kinda common issue among old dogs. They suffer from anxiety when they start to get old.
  • Increase barking – when dogs start to get old, they bark a lot. Sometimes it will become a very troublesome incident. But be kind enough to understand the situation.
  • Change his/her sleeping time – some old dogs have a minimal period of sleeping. But some dogs start to sleep a lot. However, they change their regular sleeping schedule.
  • Confusion –  when your dog starts to get old, some dogs get confused about very little things and try to become more violent.

And it will not be able to be fixed again. Because of some physical and mental disabilities, they become like that. So you have to understand your dog before you take action.

According to the above facts, you will be able to understand the signs that your dog is getting old.

My advice is don’t ignore, punish, get rid of, or rehome your dog when he/she starts to show the above signs. Be kind, patient, affectionate enough to your lovely pooch.

Things to be aware of

1. Don’t show your pain

You know what? Your smart dog can notice both your happiness and sadness. Now you are already sad because your dog is getting old, and that sadness cannot hide from your dog.

They also feel sad when their owner is not in a mood.

So what you have to do is, if you can hide your pain from your dog, it will be a good thing because your dog loves you very much, and the dog will be able to get sick because of your painful behavior.

2. Don’t get rid of your old dog

Some dog owners try to get rid of their old dog and rehome because they want to run away from the pain and responsibilities.

That is a terrible behavior circumstance. Be kind enough to accept reality as a great human.

3. Provide more comfort

The very first time you feel that your dog is starting to get old, what you have to do is, you have to change the whole schedule you have been keeping since his/her young age.

The way you treat an old dog is very different. Do not let them go here and there always. There is a high risk of getting sick when they are old.

4. Give more love and affection

It really doesn’t matter how old your dog is. Typically dogs want more love and affection when they start to get old. And another thing is attention.

5. Don’t run away from your dog

How do you overcome your pain? People have their own ways to reduce their pain.

Some people give more love and attention when their dog gets old. But some people don’t like to see the way their dogs fade away day by day.

That is a very bad idea. Nothing is eternal so try to hangover with your old dog as soon as you notice it. It will be very painful for your dog if you try to run away from your dog.

6. Old dogs are good babysitters

Every dark cloud has a silver line. Do you know that old dogs are good babysitters? During this era, your dog’s behavior becomes unbelievable.

They are fond of taking care of babies when they are starting to get old.

7. Limit their exercises and let them stay free

When your dog is getting old, the ability to work hard, do exercise is reduced. So don’t push them to do the above activities.

Instead of it, you can provide more healthy foods, vitamins, and mental and physical therapies. Being tired is now a wise decision.

So keep your old dog free. Do whatever they want and do not push them to do some adventure activities as you did before.


Today I have clarity about a really sensitive topic, and every pet person has to go through it. Here I have interpreted how to face when your dog is getting old, making you sad. Furthermore, you can realize the signs when your dog is getting old.  Although this topic is so sensitive, we cannot leave it out. However, I hope this article will give you a console. Happy journey with your lovely pooch.