If you’ve Never Had A Dog, Should You Get One? [Read First]

never had a dog, should you get one

Are you curious about getting a dog for the first time? And do you know anything about how to adopt a dog? And are you searching for some answer for the issues you are dealing with? Let’s move on.

Having a dog for the first time is not easy, and you have to make so many sacrifices. Ensuring your protection, refreshing the monotonous life, and overcoming loneliness are a few advantages, while too many responsibilities, additional costs, having to spend a lot of time are several disadvantages.

Knowing the above facts is not enough for a fresher. There are more to consider because this is a broad subject. So I’m gonna go to clarify all the issues and doubts you are having already. 

If you have never had a dog, would it be a good idea to get one?

It depends. Yes, it really depends on the situation you are in. If you want to get a dog for the first time, there are many things to consider.

Buddy, this will be a turning point in your life. In my experience, having a dog is a miracle. Bigging is kind of hard, but if you can hold it up, the end will be a blessing.

You know what, your dog is your child, and he/she becomes part of the family as well.

  • If you are spending a monotonous life
  • If you have stress
  • If your area full of thugs and thieves
  • If you wanna do a big change in your life
  • If you need a real lover

Getting a dog is very vital. But don’t use your dog for your personal welfare. The dog has a life too. Treat him/her as a child.

All these consider if I give a direct answer for the above question my interpretation is YES. If you never had a dog, it would be a good idea to get one.

Why do you think like that? As a human, you should have this fantastic experience too. Although you have never had a dog, why is it a  good idea to get one?

  1. Your dog can refresh your monotonous life
  2. Dogs have the power of healing. Especially if you are in trouble (mentally), a dog can help you a lot.
  3. If you are a single person or overcome with loneliness, getting a dog can become a strength. Try this, it really works.
  4. You become a responsible person. – Of course, having a dog helps to build your personality. If you have a dog you cannot do irresponsible things anymore. You have a child to take care of. And then automatically you will become a responsible person.
  5. Protection is one of the reasons for having a dog. The dogs can become our best friend, child, smile maker and protector.

What are the challenges you will face as a first-time dog owner?

All things considered, I have found some challenges you may face as a first-time owner. These facts I found from my personal experience.

After reading this unit, you will be afraid of getting a dog as a first-time owner but don’t worry like I manage those issues; you too can organize well. First, let’s learn what the challenges you may face as a first-time owner are.

 Here I have added some brief answers.

You have to pay attention to your dog’s crate training, potty training, vet bills, and you will have a lot of sleepless nights.

Socialization, fund behavioral training, health problems(both mental and physical) are the challenges you face as a first-time dog owner. Let’s learn the descriptive way.

1. Crate training

If you are gonna get a dog as a first-time owner, crate training is one of the major facts you really learn. Every dog needs personal space.

We call it a crate. When you make a crate inside or outside your house, you need to focus on the atmosphere.

If it has a calm and pure environment, the training will be easy for both you and your puppy.

2. Potty training

Actually, this one is also an essential circumstance. You need to teach your dog about toilet manners unless they make your house hell.

3. Vaccinations, vet bills, veterinarian

The first month of a dog’s life is critical because they can become sick very easily. You have to do vaccinations on time even though you will face a kind of pathetic incidence.

Besides, you have to consider vet bills. You need enough money for vet bills.

You have to find a very talented and responsible doctor during this period because you must meet them at least twice a week. After all, this ear is essential for your puppy.

4. Socialization and behavior.

If you’ve an idea to get a dog for the first time, this is your responsibility for his/her socialization and behavior patterns.

Dogs are very cheerful, energetic, active, and play full. If you can’t teach your dog how to socialize, your dog will become a bashful one. That is a crime.

Another thing is behavior. A well-behaved dog can get much love and affection from people. Train some commands as well (sit, stay, lay down) and leash training, barking, and exercises.

5. Protect your dog from anxiety and fear

Some dogs are terrified of humans. Some of them start shaking when a man cuddles or hugs them. This kinda dog cannot exist in society.

Anxiety is also a huge problem they face. So as a responsible owner you have to help with this occasion.

6. Sleepless night

After I got a puppy, he was only three weeks old. So I had to feed him every time. I couldn’t even sleep properly, and another thing is that you have to limit your visits.

Stay on the puppy and keep your eye on them before they get into trouble.


This is also very important; furthermore, you have an idea to get a dog. You need to study food and nutrition as well. Dogs like children, so every mistake you make can affect your innocent puppy.

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What can you do to overcome above mentioned challenges?

Although you have to face the above challenges, we can prevent all of them. Every dark cloud has a silver line. Ao that I’m gonna tell you how to overcome those challenges.

1. Meet your vet

Don’t be afraid to visit your doctor, you have to visit the doctor at least twice a week. Because you have to be updated about your dog’s health.

(Both mental and physical) You will automatically get used to meeting your doctor and checking your dog’s health in time to come.

By the way, here is what to do if you miss the dog while you’re at work.

2. Hire a dog trainer

If you’ve enough money, you can hire a dog trainer. They will train your dog officially. As I think, as a first-time owner, you are not qualified to train a dog.

So the best thing is to hire a dog trainer.

3. Accept your vet’s advice

Yes, there are so many features to find out the things you want to know. But social media is not always correct.

A fresher like you can easily get cheated by others.  The best thing is to obey your doctor’s advice.

4. Make a timetable

As a fresher, you’ll not be able to take care of your dog alone. Under this circumstance, you can ask for help from your wife/husband/family members, friends, etc.

Then you will not have to spend sleepless nights.

5. Feeding

When you try to feed your dog, the big problem you face is choosing a proper meal for your dog. And overfeed also will harm your dog.

So what you have to do is make a food timetable with your doctor. And then you can follow the timetable. That is a straightforward tip.

A puppy or an adult dog?

Most freshers have this problem. In my experience, you should get a puppy as a first-time owner. If you are going to handle an adult dog, it will be so messy because you have to begin with zero.

Better get a puppy and also you don’t miss their childhood funnies if you get a puppy.

Are there specific breeds that suit first-time owners?

Yes, of course. There are so many dog breeds that suit first-time owners. As a fresher, you know nothing about this kind of dog breed.

There are some dog breeds; they are so aggressive and uncomfortable for a first-time owner.

If you are curious to have a suitable dog breed for you as a first-time owner, these breeds are very desirable.

1. Pomeranian

This dog breed is tiny, sweet, and attractive. They are most likely lap dogs, and they can get along with people, especially kids.

They are not harmful at all. They only need daily exercise for their welfare. They can train easily. They Especially get along with a single owner, but they can get along with the whole family.

2. Papillon

These dogs are also lapping dogs. They are full of loyalty. The special thing is they do not need a lot of exercises and are easy to train. This breed is very suitable for a first-time owner.

3. Labrador Retriever

This breed is very close to the environment. They are also kind, humble, lovely, kind, and affectionate. They can learn things very fast.

Therefore they can adapt to any condition. They are excellent with kids. So this lovely breed will suit you very much.

4. Boxer

This buddy is highly energetic, playful, and active. They are also very fond of getting along with kids. They want plenty of exercise unless they become hyperactive.

However, they are good at protecting their family.

5. Golden Retriever

This family dog is very close with children. They have lots of love to distribute to family members. They are dedicated to protecting the family.

They are loyal, adaptable, intelligent, and love to learn. Y

6. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

This small dog breed is kinda quiet. And also, they have the quality of affection and attentiveness. They love kids too. Their hair should brush regularly.

7. Bichon Frise

This dog breed is tiny, and they are apartment dogs. They can make a strong bond with their family at once. They look like big cotton balls. They are very companionable and easy to train.

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Things to be aware of.

When we get a dog as a first-time owner, that is not an easy thing. You already know it because you have read the above issues and solutions.

What are the things to be aware of when you get a dog for the first time?

  1. Don’t punish your dog- dogs are animals so they can make some mistakes. Punishment is not an answer. They are so innocent and sensitive so look after them very smoothly.
  2. Don’t let your dog go outside with unknown dogs- dogs are very good at making gangs. We don’t know about the other dogs. They might be very aggressive, they might have some diseases, under this circumstance keep your dog inside.
  3. Do vaccination on time- don’t forget to vaccinate your dog on time.
  4. Clean your dog – some dogs don’t like baths. As the owner keeps your dog clean.
  5. Feed your dog on time.
  6. Spend time with your dog- go picnic,dog walk


Today I have talked about a critical topic for people who have never had a dog. I have talked about the pros, cons, solutions, and challenges. This article is vital, especially for people who expect to get a dog for the first time. That’s why I did a clear, clean, brief, and necessary description. So I wish you to have a great life with your new buddy.


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