Labradoodle Breeders In New York [2024] | List of 7 Local Breeders

The Labrador Retriever is a beautiful dog. This breed was bred to be a hunting companion, but it also makes an excellent family pet. They are very loyal and loving dogs who will always love their families unconditionally. This is the best breed if you want a loving and loyal pet that can entertain your kids for hours.

List of Labradoodle Breeders In New York

Labradoodles of Long IslandSetauket, New York(631) 941-1111[email protected]
English Manor LabradoodlesWest Milford, New York(973) 697-8896[email protected]
Black Creek LabradoodleNew Paltz, New YorkN/A[email protected]
Stonegate LabradoodlesHighland, New York(845) 218-0580[email protected]
Lewis Manor LabradoodlesWilliamstown, New York(315) 964-2153[email protected]
Northern NY LabradoodlesLowville, New York(315) 376-3579[email protected]
Adirondack LabradoodlesLowville, New York(315) 775-7650

Labradoodles of Long Island

All puppies are raised at the Labradoodles of Long Island, New York house to guarantee they receive the best possible socialization. Since she began breeding Australian Labradoodles in 2006, you can trust that this breeder is doing everything possible to raise happy and healthy puppies.

In New York, all Labradoodle puppies are priced at $3000, regardless of gender, color, or size. This cost includes current immunizations, microchipping, and health examinations. Discuss their guardian dog program, through which you might get one of their breeding dogs at a significantly reduced fee. You will be given a Labradoodle puppy for whom you will provide a permanent home with your family. The dog will be returned to Labradoodles of Long Island for breeding and whelping until it is retired.

Also available from this New York Labradoodle breeder are genetic and health tests. Tests for the eyes, hips, and other joints are standard. In addition, genetic testing guarantees that the dog you purchase is clear of inherited disorders.

Name of Owner: Eileen
Setauket, New York
(631) 941-1111
[email protected]
Labradoodles of Long Island
Facebook Page: 
Labradoodles of Long Island Facebook Page

English Manor Labradoodles

Puppies from English Manor Labradoodles cost $2900, which includes the $400 non-refundable payment required to be placed on the waiting list. Families that have dealt with Joanne and English Manor Labradoodles rave about their positive interactions with her. She is incredibly knowledgeable about this specific dog breed and understands everything there is to know about Labradoodles. She is pleased to provide care instructions for the Labradoodle puppies she sells and ensure they all find loving homes.

Technically located in New Jersey, near New York, this breeder was included because they have over 20 years of expertise in producing dogs. They have conducted extensive research on their Labradoodle pedigree and genetic and health tests and provide excellent nourishment for their pups. You may rest assured that this Labradoodle breeder is reliable.

Name of Owner: Joanne
Location: West Milford, New York
Phone: (973) 697-8896
Email: [email protected]
Website: English Manor Labradoodles
Facebook Page: English Manor Labradoodles Facebook Page

Black Creek Labradoodle

New York’s Black Creek Labradoodles breed Labradoodle puppies as therapy and service animals. Emily fell in love with Labradoodles when they were utilized as assistance animals in the educational system. She has witnessed firsthand how the love, care, and responsibility of owning a Labradoodle can benefit many individuals. All breeding parents are subjected to extensive health and genetic testing. The price of these Labradoodle puppies in New York is $3000, which includes a non-refundable deposit of $350.

They are connected with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America and the Australian Labradoodle Club of America, making them a respectable Labradoodle breeder in New York. Before becoming an approved breeder, you are required by each of these organizations to do health tests on your dogs.

Name of Owner: Emily
Location: New Paltz, New York
Email: [email protected]
Website: Black Creek Labradoodle
Facebook Page: Black Creek Labradoodle Facebook Page

Stonegate Labradoodles

Stonegate Labradoodles had been breeding Labrador Retrievers for decades before 2017 when they fell in love with the Labradoodle’s teddy bear appearance and goofiness. From the age of one week, all puppies are trained using the Puppy Culture Program prescribed by the American Law Enforcement Animal Association. All breeding parents are genetically and OFA-tested for their eyes, hearts, elbows, knees, and hips to ensure their health. These Labradoodle puppies are among the healthiest in New York.

Labradoodle puppies cost $3000 regardless of age, color, or gender, and this price includes a two-year health assurance, microchipping, up-to-date immunizations, and 30 days of pet insurance. You will also receive a collar, leash, and pet food to facilitate the first week of Labradoodle care.

Additional packages containing a dog box, bowls, and other goods a first-time dog owner may not have are available. It is possible to have your puppy stay for additional training for up to eight weeks at a fee of $300 each week. This is a good purchase if you intend for your dog to be a service or therapy animal. If you lack the time required for initial training, we strongly suggest this Labradoodle puppy training. If you live within a two-hour radius of Stonegate Labradoodles, New York, you may be eligible to obtain a free Labradoodle puppy through their guardianship program.

Location: Highland, New York
Phone: (845) 218-0580
Email: [email protected]
Website: Stonegate Labradoodles
Facebook Page: Stonegate Labradoodles Facebook Page

Lewis Manor Labradoodles

Lewis Manor Labradoodles is one of the largest Labradoodle breeders in New York, but it provides superior customer service and has a reputable breeding operation. Their waiting list is public, and a $300 payment is necessary to ensure a reservation. The total price of a Labradoodle puppy is $3500, which must be paid before the Labradoodle’s collection at eight weeks of age.

Lewis Manor Labradoodles offers a limited number of trained service and therapy dogs each year; if this is your purpose for your Labradoodle, as opposed to owning one as a companion dog or family pet, you should speak with them. Inquire about their guardian program and possibilities to assist with training if you are interested in learning more about Labradoodle ownership. New York’s Guardian Programs are an excellent option for acquiring an inexpensive Labradoodle puppy.

Name of Owner: Miles and Katherine Lewis
Location: Williamstown, New York
Phone: (315) 964-2153
Email: [email protected]
Website: Lewis Manor Labradoodles
Facebook Page: Lewis Manor Labradoodles Facebook Page

Northern NY Labradoodles

The eight-member family behind Northern New York Labradoodles fell in love with the breed and now has many dogs inhabiting their house. Labradoodle puppies cost $2400, including a $400 deposit, and come with a health record, a sample of puppy food, a collar, and a blanket with the aroma of the litter and mother. Contact them to inquire about adding your name to the puppy waiting list.

Name of Owner: Matt and Laurie Kirkwood
Location: Lowville, New York
Phone: (315) 376-3579
Email: [email protected]
Website: Northern NY Labradoodles
Facebook Page: Northern NY Labradoodles Facebook Page

Adirondack Labradoodles

Every Labradoodle puppy of Adirondack Labradoodles New York is nurtured in their home and well socialized with children and adults. This breeder takes the time to acclimate puppies to various stimuli and lifelong circumstances, such as nail clipping and bathing. Most New York Labradoodle breeders will not provide this additional training and stimulation for their puppies.

The price of a Labradoodle puppy from Adirondack Labradoodles New York is $2800, including the mandatory $500 deposit to be placed on the waiting list. Each puppy is examined by a veterinarian, immunized, dewormed, and accompanied by a health guarantee. Parent dogs are healthy and genetically screened, giving you greater peace of mind when selecting your future Labradoodle offspring.

Location: Lowville, New York
Phone: (315) 775-7650
Website: Adirondack Labradoodles
Facebook Page: Adirondack Labradoodles Facebook Page

Tips When Choosing a Labradoodle Breeder

When choosing a breeder, you should look for reputable breeders who have been in business for several years. You can visit the breeder’s website and review their credentials or ask friends or family members who have purchased dogs from that breeder if they are satisfied with the results.

Before looking at puppies, you should also ask about the parents’ health history. If one parent has had surgeries on both hips and knees, it may be difficult for your puppy to get around as an adult dog; however, these conditions are not always hereditary, so don’t worry too much about this aspect of your decision-making process!

It’s essential to find out how well-trained each puppy will be when they reach maturity: do they already know how much exercise is needed daily? Does she like playing fetch games outside but gets stressed when left alone inside (like most Labradoodles)? These questions might seem obvious, but they still matter because if your new addition doesn’t meet expectations, then there’s no point in continuing with them.

Cute Labradoodle dog without a leash in New York
Cute Labradoodle dog without a leash in New York

How Much Does a Labradoodle Cost?

The cost of a Labradoodle can be anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. This is determined by the breeder and their willingness to spend money on the health and well-being of their dog. The more expensive your puppy is (and there are no guarantees), the more likely it will be healthy and well-bred.

Do Labradoodle Make Good Pets?

Yes, Labradoodles are great pets. They are intelligent and friendly, so they’re great with kids. Many people who have owned a labradoodle say they have the best temperament of any dog breed they’ve ever owned.

Labradoodles can get along with other dogs if allowed (as long as both dogs are well-trained). They also make good companions for cats! However, when it comes to other animals like horses or livestock (goats), let’s just say you might want to look elsewhere before adding one of these lovable but independent creatures into your life!


New York is home to various dog breeds, from the friendly pug to the tough boxer. The Labrador Retriever is one of these breeds and has become famous for its calm demeanor and intelligence. If you’re interested in adopting a Labradoodle, read up on their needs and requirements before deciding if they’d be right for you!

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