Why Dogs Are Afraid Of Air Fryers [Reasons + Do This]

If you’ve ever wondered why your dog is afraid of the air fryer, you’re not alone. Many pet owners have experienced their furry friends reacting negatively to the sound and movement of kitchen appliances. Some dogs may become anxious or fearful, which can be distressing for both the pet and the owner.

However, there are solutions to help your dog overcome their fear of the air fryer. It’s important to keep the appliance away from your dog and provide them with a safe and quiet space to retreat to. You can also help them desensitize to the sound by gradually introducing them to it and rewarding positive behavior.

In addition, playing calming music or seeking the advice of a veterinarian can also be effective in helping your dog feel more comfortable around the air fryer. By taking these steps, you can help your furry friend overcome their fear and enjoy a peaceful coexistence with your kitchen appliances.

Why do some dogs are afraid of air fryers?

1. “Mama, this sound is no good”

Our blossom buddies are usually sensitive to sound and can hear a broader range than humans. They can listen to sounds in the range of -5dB and 15dB.

Yes, they are so good at hearing stuff. Proceeding further, maybe the sound of the air fryer is unpleasant to them.

If the frequency range is higher in air fryers, it might even damage our pooch’s eardrums if we could think of the worst that can happen. The poor one just trying to put things into words.

So in an instance where our air fryer is doing its work with a bit of noise, our blossom buddy would just curl up and hide behind a chair or get out of the kitchen and do whatever he can to get rid of the sound.

2. “Oh gosh, I can’t predict when this will come back.”

Do you have a “specific time” to cook the crispy chicken or your delicious chickpea recipe? Yes, the specific time might be the time you are craving for them, but your pooch does not know that.

After all, he can’t predict when the annoying sound of the air fryer will be back again.

As you might know, our pooches are scared of fireworks(link to the article why your dog is scared to go outside after fireworks?). They almost hate unpredictable sounds, so it goes the same for air fryers.

3. “Mama is this some kind of threat.”

“I can’t go near it. Will this just gulp me up?” I am just too scared, mama”, now these might be the poor blossom buddies’ thoughts when you switch on the air fryer to cook the delicious morning breakfast with chickpeas or crispy chicken.

Simply, he thinks he is in threat.

4. “Am I trapped?”

As I mentioned, your blossom buddy cannot predict when you will switch on the air fryer. At such a moment, he might have got the feeling of being trapped.

As a result, he will try to find places to hide, think of going outside, and know how to get rid of the sound of the air fryer. Yet, after all, he might have not been able to escape.

5. “In a stress- mode.”

Last yet not least, our blossom buddy might be suffering from stress which we have not noticed. Maybe he might be having “noise anxiety”, which is a phobia of loud noises.

This can result in the anxious behavior of the dog. Simply, it’s like a child having a nightmare and running up to you for help. Symptoms when your dog is in stress mode can be,

  • Trembling and shaking
  • Hyperalertness
  • Panting 
  • Lip licking
  • Hiding and freezing
  • Reduce intake of food

These are a few reasons our pooch might be scared and panicked by the air fryer.

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How to make your dog comfortable with the air fryer?

Let’s see how our pooch can be given a rest from being afraid of one of our daily utensils, “air fryer.”

1. “Music for a change.”

Who doesn’t like some smooth background music? So maybe some music might help in this case as well.

Whenever you switch on the air fryer, you can try on some songs so that your blossom buddy will be attentive to the song rather than the sound of the air fryer.

If not for music, you could even use some white noise so that the sound of the air fryer is blocked.

2. “Far-away.”

If you feel like your pooch is scared of the sound of the air -fryer, take him to a place where you assume that your pooch will not hear the sound. Create a safe place that he can think is safe for him.

Is your blossom buddy crate-trained? If yes, make the crate available for him whenever you are on the verge of using the air-fryer. If you still feel like your pooch might hear the sounds, just try the “music for change” method and use the crate.

Moreover, do you have a basement in your dwelling? Maybe, now you can make use of that as well.

Again, when you switch on the air fryer, you might think of making him stay in the basement for a while, but make sure he does not creep out and is not alone.

You can give him his favorite types of toys and let him play or maybe his favorite dish prepared by his dog mama.

3. “Let’s overcome the fear-desensitization.”

Make your dog sit next to you as your first step in a long run. Then you can begin with some videos which consist of the sounds of an air – fryer.

During the start of this session, ensure that you reduce the sound of the video so that your dog does not have any panic attacks or won’t be stressed. Later, if you observe that your dog is not stressed, you can gradually increase the video’s sound.

4. “Treats  and the video-Counter conditioning.”

In desensitization, we only used the video to make our blossom buddy overcome his fear. Yet, in the counter-conditioning technique, you will be using his most treasured toys and his favorite meal along with the sound of the air-fryer.

You can try this method out if you feel like the method of desensitization might not work for your blossom buddy.

5. “Aid of the professionals.”

Last but not least, if nothing works in changing the behavior of your pooch being scared of the air-fryer, maybe you could consult a behaviorist to help you and your pooch out. He will use different techniques so that your dog is not afraid anymore.

The other final option, other than a behaviorist, is taking your pooch to a veterinarian, and he will make sure to help you out and get off the trouble bubble.

Should you worry if your dog is afraid of such things?

Yes, it is a bit of a concern if your dog is worrying over the sounds such as the air fryer.

For example, if a toddler just runs to their parents and says, “mama, I am so afraid of that sound”, or just cuddles you off when they are afraid, we might casually say, “oh, that is just thunder or the sound of an air fryer, and there is nothing to worry about.

” Yet, you might not be that easily convinced of your pooch baby. Most of the time, your words might not help him eliminate his inner fear of such noises.

Your pooch would hide behind tables and chairs and struggle to find places where he can stop worrying about the desperate sound he hears.

He might even show aggressive and destructive behavior later on due to the stress created by the sound of the air fryer. Moreover, he might overeat or not eat, which would harm his physical health, making him overwhelmed or underwhelmed over the tiniest thing.

So, suppose you feel like your blossom buddy is afraid of such noises. In that case, it will be something to be worried and concerned about to give him the comfort he requires and get you, and you are poohed out of a huge trouble bubble in the future.

What other objects are dogs usually afraid of?

The answer to this “on what other objects are dogs usually afraid of can be quite subjective. Specifically, most dogs are afraid of objects that might produce light noises.

It can even be the blender in your house, just like the air fryer. Moreover, most dogs are afraid of firecrackers as well, as I have mentioned earlier.

Other than that, our pooches might be afraid of any object that has given a bad experience for them first-hand. For example, you might have seen some dogs scared of vacuum cleaners. That is mostly due to the first impression that they might have had.

So, likewise, the objects which are dogs are usually afraid of could be different from each other.

Things to be aware of.

One of the major things you need to consider when dealing with your pooch in these circumstances is how you act regarding his fear. You should be careful “not to be punishing” the poor dog. Try being kind to him cause punishing the poor dog will only traumatize him.


In conclusion, I hope you were able to enhance your knowledge of why your dog is afraid of the air fryer and much more.

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