I’m Jealous of My Boyfriend’s Dog [What To Do]

I’m jealous of my boyfriend’s dog

I know it sounds ridiculous, but can we really judge a book by its cover? I’ve been struggling with this dilemma for a long time, and in this article, I’ll discuss the issues and outcomes I’ve faced. Specifically, why do we feel jealous of our boyfriend’s dogs?

So, why do you feel jealous of your boyfriend’s dog?

You may feel jealous because he spends more time with his dog, always prioritizes his dog, gives more kisses and cuddles to the dog, lets the dog sleep between you, gives the dog more surprises, spends more money on the dog, and takes the dog on vacation.

If you’re not smart about how you handle the above facts, they can even break the bond between you and your boyfriend. Therefore, seeking advice from an expert is necessary. I’m here to help, so let’s dive in.

Reasons why you feel jealous of your boyfriend’s/husband’s dog?

Having a dog is a very sensitive and glad element. But if it is a reason to make a gap between you and your boyfriend’s lifestyle, it will be a path of jealousy. First of all, I am glad to tell you this is a very common issue and can be solved. 

This problem had become a headache for me. What I had to do is understand the situation and discuss it with my boyfriend.

Let’s catch what type of questions make me jealous.

  1. He spends time with his dog more than he stays with me
  2. He keeps his priority on the dog, not on me
  3. My boyfriend spends so much money on her more than he spends on me
  4. She gets more surprises from my lover than me
  5. She gets random cuddles and kisses. But I get nothing.
  6. Eww, she even sleeps between us
  7. The dog always grab my boyfriend’s attention
  8. My boyfriend carries her even our vacations
  9. Our dates are always limited because of his dog. He left me soon to watch her
  10. Most probably, she hates me too.

So you see, you have the above troubles too, don’t you?

1. Spending time

Most girls complain about their boyfriend/ husband spending time with his dog more than them. How is it possible? Yes, it is. Most probably, it breaks my heart too.

I feel so jealous of his dog, and his doggy doesn’t even let me join them. I’m so nervous at this time, and I’m afraid whether I am jealous of his pet or not.

2. Make Priorities

When I call him suddenly, he asks questions like that.

How is the dog?

Is she fine?

Did you feed her?

Take her to walk The thing I feel is he only cares about his doggy. Is that fair? I don’t think so. When we arrange dinner together, he gives food to his dog. Firstly, I feel sick of these types of things.

Being jealous was part of my life because of my boyfriend’s dog’s behavior

3. Spend more money for his dog

After going to a shopping mall, he tries to fulfill his doggie’s needs, not mine. He doesn’t care about the money he spends for his dog, but he cares about the money he spends on me.

4. Get more surprise

I wonder why he cares about his dog so much. I love dogs too, but this situation is higher than everything. His dog gets surprised by him more than I get. So commonly at that time, many girls felt jealous of their boyfriend’s pet.

5. She gets random cuddles and kisses from my boyfriend

My boyfriend has a girly Labrador buddy. He gets used to cuddling and kissing her randomly. I would like to be truthful. I don’t want to hug him after he cuddles or kisses his doggie.

And he doesn’t give me random hugs that much. I feel so jealous of the dog more than other times.

By the way, here is what to do if your husband/boyfriend wants to sleep with the dog.

6. She sleeps between us

Bedtime is the best time to talk about our day-to-day lifestyle, but my boyfriend plays with her after the dog arrives.

And keep her between us. Most of the time, these things happen. She ruins our moods, and I’m so jealous when she takes my lover back.

7. She grabs my lover’s attention

While we are talking in the garden, his pet comes to us and does some odd things to grab his attention. She is a super active and energetic dog. Therefore she can take his attention easily.

8. She comes with us everywhere

We normally go on a monthly trip after work. That is a simple vacation. The worst thing is my boyfriend wanna carry his dog with us. That is so unfair. I don’t want to be jealous of his pet. 

In my point of view, we should take a break from her at least during the vacation. His dog is running around my head every time, and this is Kinda nut

9. Dating problems

We do have not much time to meet outside and have meals because both of us are working hard. We rarely fix a date for a meal.

Sometimes our date does not work much because he wants to go soon to feed or take care of his puppy.  Under this circumstance, we cannot spend our time as we thought. I feed so badly.

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10. She hates me too

As I feel my boyfriend’s pooch doesn’t like me either. That’s why she annoys me that much. The truth is he got his dog before I met him. After I arrived, the dog started to act weird, and I was surprised at all.

In times to come, everything was fixed. But she might have felt jealous when I was with my boyfriend because  I had occupied her place.

What to do if you feel jealous of your boyfriend’s’/husband’s dog?

I heard that every dog owner positively attaches to their pets. Following that incident, you have to be strategic to figure out this problem. From my experience, I can advise you on how you react when you feel jealous of your husband’s/boyfriend’s dog.

I attached brief answers below,

The headmost thing you have to do is mature, Set boundaries between pet and human, have direct talks, not allow a bed for his pet, allocate a timetable, keep her dog care center for a bit of time, and be patient. 

Being jealous is not a good human right, so if you can realize this issue, try to be sympathetic because you still love your boyfriend/husband.

However, This can also be a puppy blues condition. Therefore, read this to understand how long do puppy blues last and how to overcome it.

1. Be mature

My boyfriend treated his dog, and I feel that he ignored me. At that time, I was acting like a baby, and I regret it now.

Why do we do such silly things? Think beyond the reality, and then you will understand how much they love us.

Dogs always depend on us, and what happens when we refuse them? Try to be comfortable with your boyfriend’s/husband’s thoughts. Keep his dog with you for one day. You will feel the difference.

2. Set boundaries between dog and your husband/boyfriend

How do you set boundaries? The sound is violence. No, this is not the thing that you think. Look carefully at who is doing the dog’s things such as feeding, washing, training, walking, etc. Most probably, the answer is HE.

Try to do the above things yourself. When you do your dog’s duties, he can manage time to be with you. And you will attach to the dog. No more jealousy, no more pain.

3. Have direct talks

Tell your boyfriend/husband how you feel when they behave like that. Do not keep your feelings hidden inside your mind. Tell him how much jealousy you feel when he pets his dog. Open talks can reduce your stress and decide solutions for both.

4. Be patient

First, learn how to respect others’ feelings. Try to adapt according to the situation. Everything is not gonna happen the way we think.

5. Keep he/she dog care centre

Not the whole day. When you go for a vacation, you can keep the dog in a dog center. That’s how people are doing. And fix another day for a dog-friendly vacation. Your jealousy will disappear.

6. Set a timetable,

If your boyfriend/husband doesn’t have a timetable, he will mess up everything. Make a balanced schedule for him

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Does your boyfriend’s/husband’s affection for the dog mean he doesn’t love you?

Not at all. The bond between you and your boyfriend/husband is of another type. How they treat his pet is so different from the way he treats you. The problem is the way you think.

Just remember how supportive you are when he does his dog’s duties. Do you ignore them?

We can do much work when we have a good supporter. So be a supporter for your husband/boyfriend. That was the thing I miss. Your boyfriend/husband loves you as well as you do.

Commonly owners are deeply attached to their pets. It does not mean the dog doesn’t love you.

On the other hand, compare his behavior when he is with the pet and not with the pet. If he still refuses you, the problem is your boyfriend, not that innocent dog. Think twice when you make a decision.

However, if the dog guards your husband while he is asleep, it can be a huge problem in the long run.

How to be at peace with your boyfriend/husband and his dog?

Although you are an anti-dog person, if your boyfriend/husband loves the dog more than anything, you have to adapt to the situation. Giving up is not the solution.

Respect his feelings, be a supportive woman, try to do his dog’s duties, join his daily routine, fix a time for a walk with them, go on a picnic, try to understand your partner.

If you accept the above facts, you will not mess up with your boyfriend/husband and his dog. However, it can be a huge problem if your husband chooses the dog over you.

1. Respect his feelings

Dog owners are very sensitive and kind when they make decisions about their pets. So when you try to talk about this jealousy problem with your partner, do not be rough. You have to listen to him too.

2. Be a supportive woman

Although you don’t like your boyfriend’s/husband’s pet, you can help him do other tasks such as buying the dog’s food, cleaning the dog house, arranging toys, etc. Do not show your objections or jealousy. Try to be kind.

3. Join his daily routine

What does your boyfriend/husband normally do when he is not busy with his dog? You can help with his work while he is busy with his dog. He will appreciate you. That is a good beginning.

4. Fix a time for a walk with them

Walking with the dog is not a bad dude. Let your boyfriend/husband know how important his work is for you.

How to be at peace with his dog

Why do dogs become violent to you? Because of the way you treat them. If your husband’s/boyfriend’s dog is not good with you, you have to follow these strategies for getting his attention.

  • Call it lovely
  • Touch its head
  • Give puppy treats
  • Go for a walk with the dog
  • Feed him/her
  • Play with him/her
  • Give toys

Things to be aware of

Be positive

If you aim to settle down with your husband/boyfriend and his dog, you have to think clearly. Don’t mentally break down when your boyfriend/husband spends more time with his dog than you.

The problem might be you. Try to join them and treat him and his dog as your husband/boyfriend wishes.


If your boyfriend/husband loves his dog so much, being jealous is not the answer. Learn about dogs very well, and then you can show what you have learned. After seeing your performance, your partner will be excited. That is one method that grabs his attention. Talks about dogs with him more.

Be patient

Under this circumstance, most girls get angry with their boyfriend/ husband and that innocent dog. It will be a con for a long time relationship. If you can’t be patient with a bit of puppy, how do I spend my whole life with you?

Your husband/boyfriend will question that soon. If you wanna become the dog as your friend, patience is very necessary.


There is no endurance if you don’t trust your husband/boyfriend. It is true when he begins with the dog, you feel jealous. Because of that reason you shouldn’t make arguments with him. Or you will punish the dog. If you do this the things will worsen


We all are human, and everyone feels jealous when their partner keeps strong company with others, including the pets. The most important thing is mutual understanding. Love cannot rise if both haven’t a good understanding level. Pets break our boring and monotonous lifestyle. Let’s learn how to understand each other. I hope that you will grab all the facts I mentioned.


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