Your Dog and Your Room [7 Questions Answered]

Your Dog & Room

Dogs are weirdos! Here, we will look into 7 different weird things dogs do that are associated with you and your room.

When I first experienced some of these things, then I was like, “Hey, wait a minute… why would you do that?” So, let’s get into this.

1. Why does my dog come into my room and then leave?

Have you ever experienced that your canine is perpetually checking on you while you are in your room and leave?

Why does your dog come into your room and then leave?

Aside from you used to give treats to him for a few days in your room and the dog’s guarding behavior, if it comes to your room and then leaves, it’s a normal thing. However, if the dog barking, whining, scratching the door, sniffing, staring at you, the dog might need to go for peeing or pooping.

When I noticed this in the first place, I thought he was like, “wassup man…. Okay, I’m leaving..”

He enters the room and wanders around for a few minutes or so, then sniffs, leaning on you, relaxes for a bit, plays a bit.

After that, it opens the door and stare at you for a second and leave, and he checks the next person and on and on…

The cycle continues…

Wired, right? I’m sure you also had the same experience.

Initially, I was worried whether it has some form of anxiety or something even I provide him this much care and attention. Then I figured things out.

Here are reasons why they would do that…

  1. First, it’s very normal behavior.
  2. You used to give treats.
  3. Guarding you
  4. When it needs to pee or poop.

First, it’s very normal behavior.

Fortunately, this is a widespread behavior among canines, and it doesn’t indicate anything abnormal.

For instance, if you are worried about whether your furry friend is prone to anxiety, guess what?

If a dog is prone to separation anxiety. It tends to exhibit the following signs.

In fact, this doesn’t indicate anything like “Velcro,” and your dog is just enthusiastic about wandering off around the house. That’s why the dog to come to your room and leave.

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If you are doing something exciting and the dog finds that it cannot get your attention, it probably tends to leave the room after a couple of minutes.

You used to give treats.

If you used to offer treats at least three to four times during the past week or so, maybe the dog comes to your room to seek yummy treats from you!

If you are overlooked that, he will leave the room after a while hanging around.

Guarding you.

If your dog constantly comes to your room and leaves after a couple of minutes, it can be its guarding behavior.

Most dogs are super curious about what’s happening around them by visiting throughout the house and checking on every householder, and settling and having a quick nap whatever the place he prefers. Then continue this cycle again after an hour or two.

When it needs to pee or poop.

If your dog comes to your room quite often and looks at you for a while, the reason could be it needs to pee or poop, and when it realizes you didn’t get that, it may leave the room for asking help from someone else.

Here are the signs that tell you he needs to go pee or poop.

  • Standing silently at the door
  • comes to your room and wagging its tail while staring at you.
  • Whining.
  • Restlessness.
  • Scratching the door.
  • Barking.
  • Sniffing around.
  • Squatting.

2. Why does my dog open my door then leave?

This question is also a little bit cognate to the above one.

The canines are very social and pack animals. Your dog and other householders (including you) belong to this pack, and your dog may just need to check where every member is in the pack.

Actually, this deportment comes from their ancestors, and the dog just following its instinct.

3. Why does my dog leave the room when I come in?

Have you ever experienced that your dog leaves the room just after you come in? Is that just a coincidence? Let’s find out.

Actually, why does your dog leave the room when you come in?

Your dog may attempt to leave the room when you come in due to the dog is uncomfortable in your presence as you shouted at him before, it believes you as the alpha of another pack, you make loud noises in the room, psychological issues like depression & anxiety, intimidated by something or someone.

It really feels so regretful for anyone when the dog suddenly ignores or avoiding you.

It’s better to look for any specific causes for this abnormal behavior prior to judge about the dog.

A best friend of mine also had the same issue quite a while ago, explaining several possible reasons. Luckily, He was able to solve the issue after spotting the exact cause.

So, here is the list of reasons.

  1. The dog is uncomfortable with you.
  2. The dog is following its Alpha
  3. You are loud!
  4. Psychological issues
  5. Intimidated by something or someone

The dog is uncomfortable with you.

If you noticed that your dog leaves the room when you come in, the reason could be it feels so uncomfortable around your company.

Dogs are extremely sensitive to certain things, and they can pretty much straightforwardly guess whether you are sad, angry, and happy.

Since canines are really compassionate, they are more likely to your own energies. The reaction can be positive or negative.

Think whether you raise your voice, the dog in frustration, or in some kind of an angry.

It doesn’t have to happen often to hurt their feelings. Think if you shout at the dog when you are talking with someone while watching your favorite TV show, or even when you play games.

If you did, the blame is on you.

As I mentioned earlier, the canines are extremely sensitive to loud human voices, and they can easily distinguish whether you are talking to him full of affection or anger.

Anger makes your dog restless and very uncomfortable.

That can be the reason why does your dog leaves the room whenever you entered it.

The dog is following its Alpha.

As we all know, the canines are pack creatures, and they have a leader open referred to as “Alpha.” So the Pack members would like to follow the Alpha while avoiding the help of another pack.

When we go through the situation, I can easily guess that she is thinking either he is the Alpha or recognizes you as an Alpha of another pack.

Psychological issues

Some psychological issues like depression combined with other psychological problems can make them feel restless, uncomfortable, and near-human.

Since these issues can be developed up to a severe situation, they need to be addressed are right away when you figure them out.

Psychological issues might be the reason why your dog leaves the room whenever you entered it.

Intimidated buy something or someone

It seems to be there is something happened which intermediated your dog.

Just think about the following for a second.

  • Have you bring another dog, and you started spending most of your time with the new pet?
  • Did someone come to your house and the dog hasn’t seen this person because?
  • Have you changed house recently?

Your dog may be intermediated by the above cases, which can be why he leaves the room whenever you come into that, meaning the dog needs to avoid you.

However, now you have to amend the bond between you and the canine. To do that, I would like to recommend the following.

  • Give him exercise by yourself.
  • Groom him
  • Bathe him.
  • Occasional hand feeding is also recommended.
  • Have some cuddle time with him.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Teach new tricks.
  • Offer treats.

You are loud!

Does your room has a television? Do you play games without headphones? Do you switch on the home theater quite often?

In general, dogs hate loud noises. Perhaps, the dog kens what you are about to do whenever you entered the room. So, it tends to leave the room. This is one of the reasons why do some dogs scared of musical instruments.

4. Why does my dog come into my room every morning?

Have you ever wondered why does your dog come` to your room every morning?

Your dog may come into your room every morning because the dog is super excited in the morning. It needs to go outside to peeing or pooping, seeking exercises, and you are a bit too late to wake up. Besides these reasons, attention-seeking behavior, separation anxiety could influence this behavior.

My dog is also super enthusiastic in the morning. It approaches my bed and makes it euphonious to wake me up.

The dog is energetic and excited to go outside with you.

You are the reason.

  1. The dog is so excited in the morning
  2. It needs to go potty.
  3. It needs to do exercise.
  4. You are late!

The dog is so excited in the morning.

In general, all most every dog is super excited and enthusiastic in the morning with full of energy.

There is nothing to worry about in this behavior because he is just excited to see you after a long night!

So, it’s better if you can get off the bed rather than checking the phone.

It needs to go potty.

All the doors are closed! Then he was like, “how can I go outside? Wait a minute… yeah, I’m gonna wake him up.”

So, If your dog comes to your room every single day in the morning, the reason could be it just needs to go outside for potty!

It needs to do exercise.

Some dogs are just energy power station that seeks tons of exercises on a daily basis.

So, if you have such a dog, he will wake up every single day with a pack of energy.

So, your canine friend is more likely to come to your room every single morning just to remember you. “Hey, my man.. It’s exercise time.”

You are late!

Dogs have an exact internal clock that lets them know what to do every single hour or so.

If you accidentally sleep 5 to 10 minutes more than usual, your dog knows that something isn’t right, resulting in the dog enters your room in the morning and wake you up.

The reason why it needs to wakes you up is that the dog has so many works lined up already and it just needs your help in order to execute them.

5. Why does my dog keep coming into my room at night?

Have you ever noticed that your dog sneaks into your room and stands nearby just like expecting to get some cuddles in at night?

Here is why does your dog keeps coming into your room at night.

If your dog comes to your room at night, most likely the dog is a velcro dog and overly bonded with you, it recognizes you as the pack leader, a form of a greeting, you spend less time with him, attention-seeking behavior, to get into the bed, the dog needs to go outside for peeing or pooping.

By the way, here is why does your dog protect you while you sleep?

Well, I’m sure many people have experienced this.

It felt odd when I experience this for the first time.

This wired behavior may be influenced by several causes, and I hope the following reasons will help you figure things out.

  1. Your dog is a Velcro dog.
  2. It sees you as the pack leader.
  3. It’s just a greeting.
  4. You spend less time with the dog.
  5. Attention-seeking behavior.
  6. It needs to get into the bed.
  7. The dog needs to go out to pee.

Your dog is a Velcro dog.

If your dog used to follow from room to room you around, constantly trying to climb up into your lap whenever you sit somewhere, trying to stay close as possible, occasional checking on you throughout the day, these are the exact sign of a velcro dog.

So, there is no wonder if your dog comes to your room middle of the night and sitting like expecting something.

It sees you as the pack leader.

If your dog does this, good for you! Because it recognizes you as its pack leader and the dog just needs to stay close to you and have some cuddles.

Maybe he is waiting for any sweet word from you.

The appropriate way to communicate with your dog in the middle of the night is by calling its name while giving a hot rub for a few seconds.

It’s just a greeting.

Canines are social creatures and prefer to have a company to hang around.

It doesn’t matter day or night. If it feels to check on one of the favorite family members, it will definitely go and check on him while giving a friendly greeting with a wagging tail and smiling face.

You spend less time with the dog.

If your dog occasionally comes to your room at night, it seems like you spend less time with him.

Think for a movement whether you had busy days in the past few days.

If yes, you need to set aside a little bit of time just for hanging with your dog. Playing fetch or any other game in the backyard also an excellent way. Giving him a nice walk by yourself is also recommended.

Attention-seeking behavior.

The dogs that have attention-seeking problems are also more inclined to exhibit this odd behavior.

Here are some other signs that will help you to confirm whether your dog has attention seeking problem.

  • Barking at you.
  • Restlessness.
  • Nipping
  • Licking
  • Poking
  • Clingy behavior.
  • Howling.
  • Stealing things and go away.

It needs to get into the bed.

If your dog comes to your room middle of the night, it might need to get into your bed.

In general, dogs prefer sleeping with their owners on the bed due to warmth, feeling the closeness, and the protection. In fact, being pack creatures could also influence this behavior.

The dog needs to go out to pee.

Maybe it needs to go outside for peeing. If all doors are closed and householders also sleeping, what are they supposed to do?

6. Why does my dog move from room to room at night?

Have you experienced that your dog moves from room to room at night?

Well, most dogs have similar quirks like that.

My Doberman also had the same issue prior to bringing my second dog, to be honest with you.

She was literally like to sleep nearby me, and it moves to my parent’s room or her own dedicated place for sleeping.

Here are several things I can suggest to you.

  • Even though this seems totally normal, it could also indicate some abnormal circumstances because uncharacteristic and unrecognizable restlessness can be symptoms of several health issues, including psychological problems. So, it’s a good idea to chat with your vet to make sure everything is okay with your dog.
  • However, it returns back to sleep just after quick movements and not exhibiting symptoms of psychological issues like distress. Perhaps you don’t have anything to worry about. Because he might go somewhere else, it heard a suspicious noise that can increase its prey and level of curiosity.

7. Why does my dog is scared to sleep in my room?

Have you experienced this odd quirk from your dog too?

It can totally confuse you when you try to what instigated this abnormal circumstance all of a sudden. Especially, it feels so heartbreaking when the dog used to sleep with you and occurred unusually scared at your bed abruptly.

You need to make sure whether the dog is scared of you or in the room. If it snuggles and cuddles with you as it used to do, then assuredly scared to sleep in your room for an unknown reason.

Here are some things you may suspect.

  • It seems like you rolled over the dog while sleeping without your intention and the dog couldn’t move barely survived, and this bad mind might be tormented by this memory whenever he attempts to enter the room to sleep with you.
  • Sometimes he just wanted to urinate last night, and your tiny dog finds it difficult to jump to the floor as the eyesight isn’t that great at night, and the dog doesn’t necessarily wanna pee on the bed. It’s better if you can take him out prior to bedtime. In fact, having a doggy stair to the bed is great, so it can get off whenever it wanted.
  • Think about whether you are moving all over the bed throughout the night. You know what? Dogs hate that.
  • It seems like your dog had some traumatic experience in your bedroom, and it might make them feel scared at your bed. We can suspect that something fell down suddenly and the dog was sleeping in your room it was totally frightened by that noise. In such situations, it’s better to give him some time, and you should stay in the room just like to pretend the dog the room is cool. In fact, it’s a good idea to meet a dog psychologist if the behavior doesn’t go away.
  • Sometimes the dog is scared of the ceiling fan in your bedroom.
  • Maybe the AC in your bedroom makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • Maybe you were dreaming and yelling at something all of a sudden,
  • Sometimes there is a strange smell in your bedroom, and the dog hates that.


You have to face a lot of confusion and misunderstandings when you adopt a dog as your ultimate friend. So, in this comprehensive article, we discussed 7 common problems regarding your dog and the room. Hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day.

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