Why Do Dogs Lay In Their Own Poop? [5 Reasons + Do These 5 Things]

Dogs and their poop are entirely another levels of matter which you have to deal with if you are a dog parent. You will find it really difficult when they start to lay on their own poop. I know it’s an awkward but quite a natural habit.

Dogs lay on their poops as they prefer the smell. Other reasons are the lack of potty training, boredom, and misunderstanding poop as food. Cleaning poop, using a leash, potty training, positive reinforcement, and consulting a veterinarian can help you with this condition.

So, it is time to reach the depths of this matter of doggies rolling on their own poop.

Why do some dogs lay in their own poop?

No obligation that doggies are cute pies filled with love and playfulness. But, still, they do have some odd habits as canines which are sometimes hard to deal with. So, laying on their own poop is such a bit of disgusting behavior.

Surprisingly, this is very common among them, and they love doing it. Even though it complicates, they have unique reasons to lay on their own poop.

Let’s find out what they are!

1. They prefer the smell.

Even though it is somewhat hard to accept, dogs really prefer the smell of poop. Not only theirs but also of the others.

So this is one of the most common reasons for dogs to lay on their own poop.

2. Think as food.

Some dogs tend to lay on their own poop to have those as a lovely meal. The protein they smell from the poop and suppose that it is something delicious can also be edible.

In such cases, first, they just lay on their own poop and gradually turn to consume them after a good job of smelling and sniffing.

3. Dirty dog syndrome.

This can be defined as an ill mental condition mostly seen in dogs adopted or bought from irresponsible breeders or puppy mills.

In this condition, a doggy might tend to lay in his own poop due to bringing them up without proper potty training and forcing them to hold onto such instincts.

Perhaps, it can be either a result of limiting him to the crate for long hours per day and since they become out of any option and do potty at the same place and lay on it.

This condition can develop as a habit in their elder life as well.

4. They are just bored.

Now, this is hilarious, but it is true. Doggies become easily bored if they have to spend a lazy day.

When they are out for a walk or a jog, they try to act nasty without listening to you. So, laying on their own poop once the job is done might be a part of their crazy drama.

They are doing it for fun sometimes.

5. No proper potty training.

Having no guidance or proper potty training when pups also affects crucial reasons for them to just lay on their poop without any hesitation.

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How to keep your dog from lying in its own poop?

To be frank, you cannot completely stop this bad habit of your doggy laying on their own poop at once. They will continue the habit of rolling on other canines’ poop since they have biologically unique reasons for their existence.

You can follow the below-mentioned methods to keep your dog from laying on its own poop. But remember, this will result differently based on your doggy fellow’s age and breed.

1. Clean the poop.

This could be difficult to continue all the time with some of you, but if you clean the area where they pooped once the job is done, you can keep your doggy away from laying on it.

2. Potty training.

Teach them to leave the place where they popped during potty training and let them know that it is not acceptable behavior to lay on poop.

Train them with proper potty training covering all the syllabus and observe whether they are doing it correctly.

3. Use a leash.

It is better to use a leash during a walk as it makes it easy to control when they attempt to lay on their own poop once they are done.

Simply take your dog away from the area where they pooped.

4. Use the ‘leave it’ command.

Suppose you have trained your doggy to listen to your commands. In that instance, you can simply use the command ‘leave it,’ which will make them realize that it is terrible to touch any substance or move any further.

Perhaps your doggy is new to the command, and you can train them at home using small substances. Continue training them until they get the commands drowned in their brain.

It will result better if you can use some of their favorite treats during the training and admire them for each positive act.

If your doggy obeys you, you can simply use this command and keep him away from laying on his own poop, which is quite a discomfort.

5. Ask the vet.

If it is a mental condition like a syndrome, you must get help from the vet, as explained.

Since you will need proper guidance to cure him as they are just poor innocent doggies who have no idea about laying on their own poop. They have only you. So, be kind and attend to them with love and care.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, your doggy might respond to some of the new methods which are formed by you.

So, be alert to their behavior and try any method or a tip to keep them away from laying on their own poop without harming or punishing them.

You might feel it is really a burden as you have to clean up the whole place where they pooped and your doggy. This is not a reason to give up on your little doggy. They just need proper training and a little understanding of dos and don’ts.

Above all, you need to have the next level of patience and a positive attitude towards your doggy with the hope of a solution. Then it does not matter the method you follow to get them rid of this bad habit.

Things to be aware of.

Since this issue is somewhat of a sensitive matter, you should be patient enough to bear their behavior.

Be alert about their hygiene and use harmless products when cleaning them up.

Do not get angry or punish them and never blame them. Instead, you can systematically use the above-explained methods until they get rid of the habit.


A doggy might have complicated habits like laying on its own poop without discomfort. But you have to understand that it is natural and familiar with almost all the canines.

The first thing you can do is gradually stop them from behaving in such a manner and let them understand laying on their own poop is not a proper habit. Be patient and kind, and you will have good results.

Cheers until next time!

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