Do Boxers Have Webbed Feet? [The Hidden Truth]

Do boxers have webbed feet?

Have you ever wondered if Boxers have webbed feet? Well, wonder no more! As many people have asked me about this issue, I decided to do some research on it.

The answer is yes, purebred Boxers must have webbed feet to a certain degree. However, the degree of webbing is much lower than that of water breeds. The thin membranes between their toes help with day-to-day activities such as swimming, digging, walking, and especially during winter. It also helps maintain stability.

Understanding how webbed feet can benefit Boxers is crucial for any Boxer owner. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of webbed feet for Boxers and how they can help your furry friend in their daily activities.

By taking the right approach and providing the necessary care, you can ensure that your Boxer has a happy and healthy life. So, let’s dive into the world of Boxers and their webbed feet!

Boxers’ webbed feet are Extremely beneficial for walking.

So, considering the origins of this dog breed, we can understand the primary purpose of the boxers. Ultimately, we expect from him a hunting dog, a dog who can herd cattle, or just only home pet.

So, whatever the purpose boxers webbed feet are very useful for them. (Even they have very little).

As a hunting dog, this dog has to go to many places with its owner. Most time to a jungle or a bush. Boxers have to do a lot of jobs as hunting dogs.

boxers have webbed feet

So hunting dogs should be speedy, strong, and energic. Boxers have all those qualifications. So, he can run fast when chasing an animal.

When walking above different kinds of surfaces

Many times he has to go above different kinds of surfaces such as muddy surfaces or slippy surfaces. It’s straightforward to go above those surfaces with the help of webbed feet without sinking or falling.

But it is a bit harder than dogs that have well-webbed paws such as water dogs. So, when they walk above those surfaces which are difficult to walk, their pows become wider.

So, these wide pads then provide a considerable amount of surface area to maintain stability of their huge body.

Although they have a little webbing between their toes, it acts as a net between their toes. Therefore, while walking, they can grab as much as they can of the ground with the help of small webbing.

boxers have webbed feet

So thy can move forward or can stay stable. But as I mentioned above, it is way worst than other breeds who have good webbed feet. 

They have no time to think while chasing an animal when they meet such a surface. So these high energetic dogs able to hunt boar and bison easily with the help of webbed toes.

Boxers webbed feet are much helpful during the winter.

Think about whether or not you can walk through the snow without boots. I’m not talking about the cold. You cannot walk without sinking.

This theory also applies to dogs. If your boxer don’t have webbed feet, He will have a difficult time walking through the snow.

Since they have slightly grown thin membrane between their toes, it’s straightforward to walk through the snow.

Same as above mentioned, boxers’ webbed paws become wider and give broad pads to maintain stability through the snow.


As they play outside with snow there is a possibility to stuck snow inside their paws. You don’t have to worry when they play outdoor with snow, but when he gets back home, be sure to spread out their toes and clean up all the snow that is trapped in their webbing. Because it anguishes them so much.

So how to avoid that?

I suggest you to buy winter dog boots. It will be so comforting for your boxer.

Boxers’ webbed feet very useful for swimming.

Do boxers, good swimmers? Nope, they don’t. Because they have a deep chest, lack much of tail, and mainly because of small webbed feet. If you can find out, you will see a majority of Boxers can’t swim well.

As we both know, every boxer dog ​​has to swim at some point in their life. So it’s crucial thing training them to swim like a pro swimmer.

Imagine you are on a family vacation with your boxer. Let’s say you find a much attractive water place that is safe to swim. What do you do in this situation? Would you leave your dog on the bank?

How heartbreaking it is to leave him on the bank while you all play in the water. So be mindful if he does not know how to swim and it’s the first experience with water, there is a high possibility of sinking him.


As I mentioned above, his body structure is the main obstacle. Because the boxers have a deep chest, lack much of tail. Specially boxers have worst webbed feet when compared to water breeds.

Since we have discussed the negative aspects so far, it doesn’t indicate your boxer cannot swim. By giving great and consistent training with positive reinforcement, he will definitely be skilled at swimming like an Olympic swimmer.

By giving great and consistent training with positive reinforcement, he will definitely be skilled at swimming like an Olympic swimmer.

Dog Breeds Experts

As I mentioned above the key factor of success is consistency. So train them to swim in regular basis.

see, they can swim

But how to train your boxer to swim?

The first thing I want to say is Don’t think your boxer as a loser. Because dogs are natural swimmers.

Don’t think your boxer as a loser. Because dogs are natural swimmers.

Dog Breeds Experts

So your boxer also has a natural tendency to swim. So utilize that advantage to bring his natural swimming ability into a higher position.

Start to give them training in their puppyhood. As far as my experience goes, you can start to give him lessons when he turned into at least 3-4 months old.

Since boxers are high energetic dogs, they require strenuous exercises. Try to go for hiking and long walks. What I want to mention here is, try to find shallow waterway which is shallower than the one-third of your puppy.

Then you have to cross it without helping your boxer. Most likely he will find a path to reach you as soon as possible. So this way he can get rid of the fear of water.

I suggest you buy a dog swimming pool. This is a much efficient way to train them. let your boxer to play as much as he wants.

Take him with you whenever you swim in your swimming pool or a lake. then take him into water gently and slowly. Give a small weight upwards and it will make good confidence in his mind because he knows he will never sink.

In this situation, the boxers will start to paddle by using their webbed feet. Give them small help to keep their head above the water surface.

Do this over and over, and eventually your boxer will become pro swimmer.

Pro tip: You can speedup the process by using plenty of puppy treats.

What if boxers don’t have webbed feet?

As I mentioned above, boxers are not known as dogs who have fully drown webbed feet. But they have up to a certain degree. So, no need to worry if they do not have webbed Paws. Because it’s really like they haven’t them.

But in this case, you have to understand the purpose of keeping a boxer dog. If you keep him for hunting, herding cattle, they really need it, although their webbings between toes are small.

If you keep him as a domestic dog in your home or apartment, boxers do not need webbed feet that much. But if you are still worried about his feet, go and meet a vet and check whether everything is okay or not.

It’s sad to say most people tend to breed Boxers as they want. As the results boxer breed becomes mutations with time. So it’s crucial to bring a purebred boxer.

How to find purebred Boxers?

Remember people may try to fool you very easily. Therefore it’s essential to be knowledgeable about this. So, just looking at boxers’ webbed feet is not enough to identify purebreds.

There are many other things you have to know before buy a new dog. So let’s understand how to find a purebred boxer.

This table may help you to understand the basic factors of Boxer dog breed.

Male height22-25 inches
Female height21-24 inches
Male weight60-71 lbs
Female weight55-64 lbs
Coat colorFawn, White, Brindle
Eye colorDark brown
Coat temperamentShort and easy caring coat

Specially, the boxers must have webbed feet up to some degree.

Look at their nose

Mostly newborn boxer has a pink nose with some white markings. That’s completely normal for dogs. As the boxers grew up, their noses can become fully pigmented. But in most cases, we can see a somewhat pink color on their noses.

Look at their head

The boxers have blunt muzzle. it’s necessary to examine their skull. Their skull,

  • Flat
  • Slightly arched
  • Not significantly wider
  • Not rounded

Look at their neck

examine their neck, usually their neck,

  • Muscular without excess hanging skin
  • Round
  • Sufficient length

Look at their back

Examine their back. Usually their back,

  • Muscular
  • Smooth
  • Firm
  • Straight
  • Short


Boxers are one of the most common dog breeds around the world. Therefore people tend to find a lot of information about them. So, one of the common problems is, “Do boxers have webbed feet? “. I have discussed pretty much everything through this article. Here is a short overview. 

  • Boxers’ webbed feet are extremely beneficial for walking.
    • When walking above different kinds of surfaces
    • Boxers’ webbed toes are much helpful during the winter.
    • Boxers’ webbed paws are very useful for swimming.
    • But how to train your boxer to swim?
  • What if boxers don’t have webbed feet?
  • How to find purebred Boxers?

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