Do Australian Shepherds Get Jealous? [Owner’s Guide]

Do Australian shepherds get jealous

Have you ever noticed your Aussie acting oddly when you’re petting someone else? If so, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explore whether Australian Shepherds get jealous and how to deal with this behavior.

The answer is yes, Australian Shepherds can get jealous. Due to their sentimental nature, they may become jealous of people who are closely related to them. This mood can affect them as they are very touchy. Signs of jealousy in Australian Shepherds include nervousness, fretfulness, rejection, sadness, and anorexia.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s important to understand and tolerate these issues. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with jealousy in Australian Shepherds. By providing them with plenty of attention, love, and affection, you can help them feel more secure and less jealous. Additionally, providing them with toys and engaging activities can help distract them from their jealous behavior.

In this article, we’ll provide you with tips on how to deal with jealousy in Australian Shepherds and help you create a happy and healthy environment for your furry friend. By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your Australian Shepherd has a happy and healthy life filled with plenty of love and affection. So, let’s dive into the world of Australian Shepherds and jealousy!

Why do Australian Shepherds get jealous?

It is a pleasure to feel a sense of love, care, and affection for everyone, including animals and humans. Many creatures crave love and security, which is not remarkable and mysterious.

This innocent soul has an unbreakable bond with its owner,  so being jealous is a very biological manner. Inside the word of JEALOUSY has protection, affection, love, and power.  Let’s find out the reason why Australian Shepherds are jealous.

1. When you hug your partner or babies more than your Aussies

You have no alternative to petting your Aussies because it will become mischief when you take out your attention from your Puppy. As a sensitive breed, the Australian shepherd is dedicated to protecting your life until they live.

That’s why Australian Shepherds are jealous of others around you. The time you hug your soulmate or babies, it may come to you and become annoying.

2. When your attention go somewhere else

Regarding a top-level attention seeker like Australian Shepherd, there are multifaceted angles to observe. Because everything depends on mental stimulation.

As an example, generally, you work with your laptop focusing full attention, it will make your Australian Shepherd jealous. Your Aussie does anything to grab your compassion. I’m put it on next.

During the time you work in a garage, room, garden or porch, or somewhere else, your pooch keeps an eye on hoping for attention.

3. The moment you try to cuddle another dog or a pet

It is gonna start a third world war. You have to be extremely patient at a time like this because Aussies are very endangered and careful when you deal with them. They can’t tolerate a condition like that.

As a result, there is some kind of a risk of becoming violent and miserable which’s why Australian shepherds get jealous shortly.

4. When new people staying in the home

You already know that Aussies do not have good companionship with strangers. If you don’t have any idea about it, please check my previous article which is “Are Australian Shepherds good off leash?“. Under these circumstances, Australian Shepherd gets jealous of you because he always keeps an eye on you.

Your Aussie is afraid of your behavior, especially when you hang out with strangers. At that moment, he may come to you and stand against the strangers. That’s all about love and affection.

5. After changed daily rotation

Australian Shepherds get used to working on a daily schedule. Because of your engaged life, you will not be able to work on time with your Aussie buddy.

That is not enough excuse for your puppy. They dedicate their life to you and always look forward to the owner’s attention, don’t let them feel lonely. That’s where you made a mistake.

That is the beginning of your Australian shepherd’s jealousy. Paying attention is the most essential thing unless they will hurt themselves or get sick.

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What are the signs that your Austrian Shepherd is jealous?

Considering this condition, you can realize some odd behavior patterns from your Aussies more than other days. You can briefly touch those weird attitudes occasionally because they let you know about their emotions.

This is very easy, and you might think that they are sick. Yes, jealousy is kinda sick too. Just kidding. That is a very normal and biological happening. Lemme explain what the signs that your Australian Shepherd is jealous of are.

  1. Growling and barking
  2. Aggression
  3. Pushy behavior
  4. Going to the bathroom indoor
  5. Stay alone
  6. Standing against and pushing other pet and people
  7. Attention seeking

1. Growling and barking

This is an ordinary sign, and every jealous puppy does this to let us notify them. This is the only way to express their dissatisfaction.  No one can confirm it till they find proof because sometimes they growling and barking after a stranger arrived.

Take another pet on your lap and pet them and watch your Aussie buddy’s reactions. If your Australian Shepherd barks and growls, that is a sign of jealousy. Are you happy now? You have found a sign. Do not do this as a game. It is very harmful to your puppy’s mind.

2. Aggressive

This one is a common sign among every hound too. Australian Shepherds are weak in bearing sentiments. When your puppy is aggressive at you, you have to calm him or her down unless your Australian shepherd will stand against you because of jealousy.

The reason is they dunno how to maintain their mind and feelings. It is your responsibility to keep your Aussie comfortable and convenient.

3. Pushy behavior

At a time like this, your puppy does everything they can to get what they want from you specifically. They will bark at you, jump on you for getting your interest.

Some kinda dogs bring toys and give you begging attention.  Australian shepherds get jealous when you concentrate on another thing.

4. Stay alone

Consider this fact your heartbroken and jealousy  Australian Shepherd tries to ignore you and try to be alone. They might say no to eating, playing, and walking too. You can give them more hugs and worms to settle down the situation.

5. Stand against and push other pets and people

Your Aussies try to protect you from other people and animals. It does not matter if he or she is your closest person, Australian shepherds do whatever he wants because of jealousy and protection.

When you sit on the couch, your puppy will lay under your feet. That’s how they express their excitement.

6. Attention seeking

Is your puppy always annoying when you pay attention to other things? This is a sign of jealousy. Your Aussie will get used to bother you.

Barking, growling, peering at you, smashing tools are some of the strategies they do for getting attention from you. Take him and cuddle warmly, and then your puppy’s jealousy will disappear.

7. Going to the bathroom indoor

When your Australian shepherd gets jealous, he or she follows you wherever you go. It follows you everywhere, including couch, bathroom, upstairs, garage, etc.

If you go to the bathroom, your Aussie will follow you and lay outside the door waiting for you. Normally, Australian shepherds nug your leg with their noses when they get jealous.

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How do you stop your Australian Shepherd from getting jealous?

Well, let’s move towards the solutions. Although these things are sweet, we get in trouble sometimes because of your jealousy, Australian shepherd.

Are there any solutions to stop your Australian Shepherd from getting jealous?  Of course. Regarding these unconventional matters, you can get out of these conditions by studying these features.

  1. Do enough exercises
  2. Reward
  3. Give some toys
  4. Regular training
  5. Supporting

1. Do enough exercises

Staying at home makes your Aussie embarrassing. This is one of the main reasons to get your Austrian shepherd jealous because it doesn’t have enough relaxation.

They want their exercise period. Survey my previous article, and you will notice the regular time. Exercises will deduct your puppy’s unhappiness and increase creativity.

Your puppy can relax its mind and get close to you during this era. Getting close and spending time with you will calm your puppy’s mind.

2. Reward

Obyness should become your puppy’s priority. Your hounds should know that you are the boss here. When an Australian shepherd gets jealous and excited, you have to help them to become normal.

Train them to adapt to the commands. Command them until they realize the thing you are going to express. After accepting your authority, reward them. (You can give cookies, cheer up, a warm hug, etc..) In time to come, they will adapt naturally.

3. Give some toys

Toys will reduce your puppy’s loneliness and laziness. It will help you endure your jealousy of the Austrian shepherd’s behavior. When they play with toys, your Aussies become calm and quiet.

Some kinda Aussies climb down to the owner, and only a minority of Aussies make the bond with the entire family.

4. Regular training

Do you keep a schedule for your Aussie? Well, if the answer is NO, that is a terrible mistake. Training is very vital for your jealousy, Australian shepherd. Once their daily pattern changes, their behavior becomes chaotic. During the training, you can practice some commands. You can get a favorable experience as a decent owner.

  • Sit
  • Leave
  • Come
  • Run
  • Turn

5. Supporting

It is essential to note that you have to be supportive of your Aussie as a decent owner. Let your Aussie know that you are always with him or her. Make confidence in its mind.

Consider your puppy’s mental and physical health. Give your Aussie to cuddle, kisses, hugs, and make him special to you. In simpler terms, you can maintain your Australian shepherds using love language.

The only things they expect from you are love, care, affection, and attention. Those are the reasons for the Australian Shepherd’s jealousy.

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Things to be aware of

Yelling at them

Understanding is the thing your relationship makes strong. If you wonder why your Australian Shepherds get jealous that much, try to find the reasons, and yelling is not the solution.

That’s why I always mention that if you haven’t a true feeling about an Aussie, please don’t adopt him or her. This is a war about sensitivity and love. Please become an ally, not a villain.


Well, can you punish your Aussie by looking at his or her face? I know Australian shepherds are very annoying and always try to mess up with you and your things when they get jealous.

So what, that is the way of expressing their love. Poor Aussie dunno how to convey his or her love properly. Do not punish them without making an inquiry.

Punishing will directly affect their mental stability. So be careful when you work with your loving Aussie. Some people take an empty bottle and fill it up using dry beans and jiggle it when they bark.

Some Aussies hate that sound, and they shut their mouth. You can use strategies like that. Punishing is not suitable every time. Use your smart brain.

Over excitement

How does your puppy welcome you? Barking, jumping on you, licking, dancing, whispering are some of the examples. When your Australian shepherd gets jealous of you, these things expand.

Don’t take his behavior as too funny and cute. If you encourage your Aussie, it will cross the limit. Keep an eye on your puppy. Don’t try to respond. Just ignore his or her reactions. In the time comes, your puppy will deduct his or her weird actions.


If you are reading this article at this moment, I can confirm that you are a favorable owner. Because you are looking forward to caring for your puppy. B formulated about how to Australian shepherds get jealous and their opinions. Before I wind up, I would like to say that your Australian Shepherd is your second child, and don’t let it get jealous because your Aussie is an innocent soul.


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