Do Huskies Get Along With Small Dogs? [Owner’s Guide]

Do huskies get along with small dogs

Hey there! Have you ever wondered if huskies get along with small dogs? It’s a common problem among husky owners, and I decided to do a bit of research on the topic. Here’s what I found out.

So, do huskies get along with small dogs? Well, the answer is that it really depends on the individual husky. In most cases, huskies can get along with other dogs, including small dogs. However, proper supervision, positive reinforcement techniques, early socialization, basic obedience training, adequate exercise, and mental stimulation are all important factors in ensuring that your husky gets along with other dogs.

It’s worth noting that huskies can be somewhat jealous, so leaving them alone with other dogs without the right approach can be dangerous. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the topic and provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that your husky and small dog can coexist peacefully.

With a little bit of effort and patience, you can help your husky and small dog form a bond that is based on mutual respect and affection. So let’s get started and help your furry friends live a happy and harmonious life together!

How do huskies usually behave around other small dogs?

If your husky isn’t trained to control aggressive behavior, he can be slightly aggressive to other small dogs.

Moreover, the lack of training in basic obedience can be a major cause of this problem.

I have visited 5 dog owners who own both huskies and small dogs. In fact, I saw that every dog living with his/her companion very friendly and peacefully.

But I would mention here Something. One of the owners said to me that he has faced so many troubles during the introduction period.

Why? Because he bought another Chihuahua. I guess you can understand the reasons. Because Chihuahuas meant to be one of the most aggressive dog breeds around the world.

Do huskies need another dog

So I have gathered here all the experience and knowledge of those owners and my personal experiences.

So the general opinion is that huskies tend to be aggressive towards other small animals.

I mean, Huskies have a high prey drive. The main reason for that is their ancestors would have to hunt small animals for survival.

Let’s say you already own a husky and about to get another small dog,

  • What happens when they get together?
  • Will they become friends?
  • What obstacles will I have to overcome?

Likewise, you might have hundreds of questions. So being aware of huskies’ behavior is so crucial.

First, you have to understand something. All dogs have feelings like humans do. They can feel stress, loneliness, jealousy, anxiety, and other key emotions.

So, when you bring the new dog and hug it too much in front of the husky, It may hurt your husky.

Then what happens?

He can understand your change. I mean, they seek tons of attention from you. But when you give your whole attention toward the new buddy, it can be deleterious to the new dog.

See this video on how huskies seek your attention.

So make sure to give somewhat extra attention to your husky and let him feels that both of them gonna treated equally.

Read this to understand why do huskies talk.

Why do huskies tend to attack small dogs?

As we discussed above, there are a couple of reasons why huskies attack small dogs.

They are,

  • Due to strong prey drive
  • Lack of socialization
  • Due to hungry
  • Lack of basic obedience training

Due to strong prey drive

You may have seen a lot of YouTube videos of huskies. They are so cute, right? But they have one of the highest prey drives among the canine world.

In fact, huskies ranked on the highest places among dogs, which have the highest bite force. Sound a little bit scary, isn’t it? But that’s the truth.

Lack of socialization

The next problem is the lack of socialization. Huskies that didn’t receive proper socialization cannot get along with small dogs.

So giving proper socialization from an early age is a must.

Huskies can be aggressive toward small dogs due to hunger

Huskies can be a little bit aggressive as they feel hungry. To be honest, it’s a dominant genetic trait.

So it’s really important to train them to stop food aggression. If his new small buddy tries to eat your husky’s meals, the situation will only get worse.

So, there a lot of to do here. Keep reading, and then you will realize how to do that.

Huskies and small dogs cannot be left alone without having basic obedience training

So lack of basic obedience training can make a huge impact on your dog’s aggressiveness behavior.

I mean, if he doesn’t know even basic commands, how can he afford to do such kinds of thing?

How to prepare huskies to get along with small dogs

So, there are a several things you need to do before bringing a new little dog into your home.

I mean, you have to get ready your husky. If you do these things correctly, I bet you, you won’t find any trouble.

Okay, let’s dive right in.

Be sure to train your dog in basic obedience.

It’s crucial to give basic obedience training to your husky at an early age. If still not, be sure to give it immediately.

Don’t bring another new dog or animal until you are totally satisfied with his level of obedience.

I mean, your husky must able to act correctly on commands such as sit, stop, run, sleep, come, etc.

Try to eliminate all the aggressiveness activities of your husky.

Socialize him properly.

Huskies could become so much aggressive toward other small dogs unless they socialized adequately.

Here are some tricks & tips to help you get rid of this problem.

  • Make it a habit to go to a dog park. Then let him play with other dogs. But here you need to supervise him closely. Because sometimes they can make new trouble.
  • Let him interact with other small dogs whenever possible.
  • Let him explore nature and let him feel and get used to sounds and noises around him.
  • Visit your neighborhood with your husky.

Sometimes you may feel these tips are more obvious. Yes, they are. But do these things, and you will be totally fine,

Important: Here, your full focus must be towards your husky. Because you have to take quick actions if he tries to do some nasty things

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How to train huskies to get along with small dogs

Have you ever seen that two dogs take an instant dislike to each other? Is your husky not great at making the first impression?

So let’s understand here how we can introduce new small dogs to huskies.

Many dogs, especially males, will want to assert dominance over another dog they don’t know. It’s typical behavior of all dogs,

But it is also something that can lead to confrontation. This is exacerbated when we introduce a new animal into a family with dogs already present.

watch how huskies react when you bring a new dog.

Some first meetings must happen smoothly and gently on their own.

But especially when your husky and new small dog is even-tempered. Others will wanna small help to ensure they know how to behave.

Introducing new animals as part of dog socialization and raining process both vital aspects of their education.

So if you do the correct way, you can let huskies get along with small dogs.

So catch the step by step process.

Start them on a leash – #1

You shouldn’t let dogs meet for the first time unattended. Especially if you are unsure how they will react.

When huskies and small dogs meet for the first time, don’t let them head-on. Instead, put them on a leash and then go for a walk together.

That walk should take about 10 minutes. But keep them separated from each other. They may touch a little. But you haven’t let them meet properly.

If your husky or new small dog tries to dominate or lunge it each other, use the leash to take them back in line, then focus again on the walk.

Use positive reinforcement to encourage them when they are behaving properly. Now they have spent a little time near each other. We can take it to the next step.

The first introduction: Before huskies and small dogs get along – #2

Keep them both stay on the leash, but choose wonder stand while the other is led around the back.

Dogs have anal glands that secrete a unique individual smell, by sniffing the gland. dogs able to recognize a lot of information about another.

It will also use this smell to remember the future.

Let the dog behind sniff one in front. Then you wanna reward them with the treat or some other form of positive reinforcement methods before making them stay.

Bring the other dog behind this one, and repeat.

Letting them off the leash – #3

If you want huskies and small dogs to get along, they can’t be on the leash together forever.

If any point during the interaction so far they have tried to dominate, you need to restrain them. So they know it won’t be accepted.

Once they can be together and behave, you can let them off the leash and interact. They may start to test their limits, but it’s important to remember they should always be monitored.

If they begin to fight, you need to intervene and put their leash back on until they behave.

Tips that help to introduce huskies and small dogs

While these methods will help make your dog’s introduction go smoothly, there some other things you should consider when huskies and small dogs meet.

I mean, puppies and adult dogs are different.

Puppies will be in a period where they learn about the world and socializing is an ongoing process.

But, adult dogs will already have an established character. We need to know what this is before we introduce it to the others.

Dogs need to be trained individually first. For this reason, your dog wanna at least they taught the basics before they start interacting with unknown dogs.

Teach them basic commands. Commands such as sit, heel, and stay will help you better control the dogs while being introduced to each other.

When training huskies to get along with small dogs, which will spend a lot of time together, ensure you do it on neutral ground.

This way, they are on an even playing field, and one won’t have to feel defensive over their territory.

If the first meeting doesn’t go well, you should take them away separately and try to reinforce their training. Once thy are better on their own, you can try again.

If they are still unable to be together without being aggressive or dominant, it’s hard to manage. So you should contact dog behaviorist to resolve the problem.

I hope you understand everything. Try the guide correctly, and then you can let huskies get along with small dogs.

How to get huskies to stop attacking small dogs?

Well, there are a few things we wanna do for huskies to prevent them from becoming aggressive towards small dogs.

So keep in mind the following things.

  • Train your husky to listen while on walks.
  • When your husky gives extra attention to your new small dog, grab its attention by using puppy treats, showing his/her favorite or something else you are good at.
  • Always treat everyone equally.
  • Don’t be rude to your husky.
  • Be aware of the anxiety level in your husky.

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If you are a husky owner and like small dogs too, you should get one. We’ve discussed if Huskies get along with smaller dogs, what problems can arise and the correct way to introduce the second dog to your Husky.

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