Do Huskies Need Another Dog? [In-Depth Review]

Do huskies need another dog?

If you have a Siberian Husky in your home, you might be thinking, “Do Huskies need another dog?” Because huskies are pack animals. When you think about it, tons of problems come to your head. Because these dogs are more energic dog breeds. They often want to play. Maybe you get too tired from playing with him. So what happens if he has a partner? We dive into the topic and figure out whether or not they should partner with another dog.

Do huskies need another dog? The direct answer is yes. Having another dog with your husky makes him happier than being alone. But the choice is yours. There are advantages and disadvantages of having two dogs. So let’s jump to the topic.

Husky playing with GSD


i) Teaching to the second dog is easy. | because of husky

The first dog will expedite the teaching processes of the second dog. What does it mean? That means your first dog will help you teach your second dog.

So, basically, when you bring your dog home and your behavior to teach it all the cool things that you are going to teach it.

After your first dog learns everything that it needs to know, it’s going to help you teach the second dog. 

If you have dogs, you probably know that the younger dog will usually do everything that the older dog is doing. 

As an example, when you bring your first dog, it may very hard to teach how to go outside to use the restroom. No other dogs around to teach it how to do it, and you are the one that basically has to do all the work.

But when your second dog comes home, it can see how the first dog is going outside to use the restroom. Because it can see it from your first dog. And it can able to just emulate that immediately.

So when you get two dogs, it’s not going to take as long to teach your dogs how to do something. Because they are going to help each other out. And most of the time, they are both going to copy each other and do precisely what you are asking to do. 

So if you wan’t to know huskies need another dog. please keep reading till the end.

Do huskies need another dog

ii) Your dogs will be happier and healthier.

Whenever you give another partner to your dog, both of them will e happier and healthier. You might be thinking, “how can they be healthier by having another dog in the house” well, dogs are pack animals, and they love to have friends. They don’t really like to be lonely.

So when you are not home, it means you are out of town, or you are working, it’s always good to have another dog around. Because it puts your first dog, even the other one, at ease.

What does it mean?

When you own two dogs( husky and another dog), typically, they will play all the time. And when this happens, your dogs are actually giving a lot of exercise. Dogs are getting a lot of exercise are typically healthier.

Finally, they are happier and healthier, and they have a better life, just having a friend around.

iii) More love and more security

When you read this, you probably can feel this advantage as a selfish advantage. But it’s an advantage nonetheless. Most of the people need a higher level of security and more love in your life. 

If you already a husky owner, you can feel how much love they are giving. But when you have two dogs, that love will be double.

But you are also going to have a higher sense of security as well. When you have one dog, that’s great. You can feel safe in your house. But when you have two, they can really cover some distance inside of your property. That just makes you sleep a little bit better at night. 

your husky will make a good companion with the new dog. Due to that, automatically you will receive higher level security.

It’s no matter how much they can guard you. But at least they are going to bark or make some sort of noise wich is going to warn you. So that makes you a lot of comfortable at night. 

Finally, the third advantage is just love and security that are going to be given to you by your dogs. 


i) The more dogs – the more money

When you are going to get a second dog, you need to make sure that you have a huge budget.

Getting two dogs mean double the amount of food, medicine, vet bills. Which means probably it’s going to double the expenses. So you really need to be financially stable.

ii) Can be hard to manage husky and new dog

It is complicated to handle if you have two dogs. Especially when you have high energetic puppies like Siberian husky. You should bathe them. Previously, you went to the park with one dog.

But now, you have to bring both of them. Otherwise, one dog may feel sad. So, likewise, it will be a little bit hard to manage things with two dogs.

iii) Too much of poop from husky and new dog

When you bring another dog. The poops will not double. It will be more than that. Actually, I don’t know a scientific reason for that. But pretty sure that matter will happen.

So, if you are going to get another dog, remember that it is not just twice the amount of exercise but also responsibility, attention, and love. Especially consider the above pros and cons, then you can decide whether you need another husky or not.

Do huskies need another dog


Do huskies get along with other huskies?

Absolutely yes. They can make a perfect companion with another husky. They will able to get along with other huskies.

Are huskies better in pairs?

Actually, this whole article is about this. So I think you understood everything.


If you have a husky, you probably think about another dog. You may be a little scared because you have no experience. So, in this article, I have discussed “Do huskies need another dog” by considering the pros and cons.  

What do you think? Will you bring another dog? Comment below and let us know.

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