Why Is My Basset Hound Not Eating? [13 Reasons & Solutions]

Why is my basset hound not eating?

Have you ever wondered why your Basset Hound isn’t eating? This can be a frustrating issue for owners, so let’s explore possible reasons and solutions.

Why is my Basset not eating?

Some Basset Hounds may refuse to eat due to mouth problems, other health issues, psychological factors, picky eating habits, time of day, age, weather, lack of exercise (both physical and mental), food bowl problems, attention-seeking behavior, medication, or vaccinations.

Since this problem can occur due to both normal and abnormal circumstances, it’s important to be aware of them as a responsible owner. Let’s delve into the potential causes and solutions.

Why do Basset hounds refuse to eat?

You know what, A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine asked me several questions about Basset hounds. After responding to him, I searched the internet to check if there sufficient content about Basset hounds.

Since I’m not happy with those articles, I decided to visit several Basset hound owners just to get some reliable information and experience.

So, I came up with series of articles about Basset hounds. So, let’s back to the topic.

Usually, Basset hounds may refuse to eat due to,

  1. Dental problems.
  2. Separation anxiety or Owner absence
  3. Your Basset hound is a picky eater
  4. Upset stomach
  5. The time of the day.
  6. Your Basset hound is doesn’t like the food bowl.
  7. The smell of the food bowl.
  8. Attention seeking.
  9. Medication or vaccinations.
  10. Appetite changes with age
  11. Due to hot weather.
  12. Lack of exercise
  13. Illness

So, let’s discuss all of the above causes in detail.

Due to dental problems.

If your basset hound suddenly refuses to eat, the cause maybe some kind of dental problem. However, this problem isn’t common as we think.

But, just to ensure, it’s necessary to check your Basset hound’s mouth to check if there is any problem. Even though these dogs are a little bit lazy, we know that most Basset hounds love to play fetch as they have a higher prey drive.

In fact, these dogs love to chew on sticks and other objects as they play outside. So, If your dog abruptly refuses to eat, we may suspect that he has cracked, loose or broken teeth.

If there are no teeth problems, check if there are any pierced objects to its gums, palate, or tongue.

We know that basset hounds have long ears and jaws. So, it’s quite normal to see drooling. But, if your dog suddenly starts to drool excessively, one of the reasons could be any kind of a mouth problem.


Here you should bear in mind that doesn’t try to do any kind of home remedies in case you figured out a dental problem from your Basset hound. The best thing to do is consulting a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Basset hounds may refuse to eat due to separation anxiety or owner absence

As we all know, Basset hounds are a really affectionate dog breed and extremely sociable creatures. They do love to have a human companion all over the day. Most importantly, the owner!

But if you suddenly get busy, It can be a little difficult for your dog to handle. The result is separation anxiety. So, if your Basset hound prone to separation anxiety, chances are the dog may refuse to eat or completely stopping eating.

In fact, you will see some destructive behavior from your Basset hound. They will start to chew on furniture, clothes, shoes, and other stuff. Moreover, you will receive many complaints from your neighbors about your dog’s barking and whining all day long.


So, when it comes to solutions, all you have to do is give some extra attention to your dog, When you return home after work, try to have a nice walk with your Basset hound.

In fact, if you are a busy person throughout the day, inform your family members to take care of the dog. Even though it seems like a huge responsibility, it’s not a big deal. All they have to do is give some attention throughout the day.

If everything goes smoothly, your Basset hound will start to eat again.

Your Basset hound is a picky eater

It sound seems like a little bit wired. But there are Basset hounds that are picky eaters. So, these dogs may refuse to eat on some occasions. That means some Bassets only prefer wet foods or pour gravy on foods.

Some dogs may begin to eat with a wide range of foods, and they tend to become selective as time goes. You have to solve this issue. Otherwise, the situation can be even worse.


Try to change the food brand or provide some delicious food to Increase appetite. So, you can try some dog food from Ollie, which really has the capability of increasing the appetite of your Basset hound.

In fact, follow the steps below to cure your picky eater.

  1. After selecting the dog food, give him a small quantity of food in a food bowl.
  2. Stay 5 minutes.
  3. After 5 minutes, take the food bowl away from the dog.
  4. Do not give any kind of snacks or dog treats until the next mealtime.
  5. Next time, offer a small quantity of the same exact food. But remember, this is only for 5 minutes.
  6. Take the food bowl away from him after 5 minutes and make sure not to feed him anything else as you did before.
  7. Since Basset hounds need water like other dogs, ensure to keep clean drinking water all the time.
  8. Make sure to rinse the food bowl every time you offer food.

But, be sure to increase the amount of food offer as he starts to eat again.

Your Basset hound may not like to eat due to an Upset stomach

This is one of the main reasons why some Basset hounds refuse to eat. If your Basset hound has an upset stomach, then simply they may not like to eat. Fortunately, this problem is not a huge problem. It can be cured quite easily.

In fact, notice the following behaviors if your dog has a loss of appetite.

  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea
  • Appearing nauseous.
  • Flatulence

In fact, check if your dog eating grasses as they stay outdoors. There are loads of reasons why some Basset hounds have an upset stomach. But, in most cases, it’s because of something they have eaten.


When you feel that your Basset hound is not eating properly as he used to be and the only problem with him is losing appetite, keep him fast for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, give him rice and chicken to settle his stomach, and hopefully, he will start to eat again.

If he refuses to eat even after 12 hours, you should consult a veterinarian.

Basset hounds may refuse to eat because of the time of the day.

If your Basset hound starts not eating all of a sudden, the problem could be the time of the day. It seems a little bit silly, but it’s true.

That means if the dog just wakes up in the morning, he may not feel hungry. Moreover, late-night also he may not feel hungry. So, this is a really normal circumstance, and there is nothing to worry about.

But, don’t worry. This problem also can be solved.


The easiest method to fix this matter is by feeding your dog at different times of the day. When you figured out the exact time that your Basset hound likes to eat, stick with that time.

I mean, dogs have a really accurate internal clock inside their brain. That means if the dog used to eat at 6pm, around 6pm, they would be waiting for food.

So, having a daily feeding routine is crucial in order to keep your basset hound healthy. In fact, with the exception of some ill-health conditions, they will never refuse to eat.

Your Basset hound is doesn’t like the food bowl.

Have you ever thought that most Basset hounds may not like to eat just because of their food bowl? Because some food bowls are made of metal and can make an annoying scratchy sound against the floor.

In fact, the reflection of the metal bowl could freak him out.

Besides noise, some Basset hounds refuse to eat just because of the food bowl’s shape and size. Too big or deep bowls are kind of annoying to them.

Some Basset hounds may not eat because of The smell of the food bowl.

You know what? Basset hounds have the second most sensitive nose in the canine world. So, disgusting scents could easily put them off their food.

Make sure to clean his food bowl thoroughly. If your Basset hound suddenly refuses to eat, check if you cleaned the food bowl using a different kind of washing-up liquid.

In fact, check whether there have old dried food particles that may smell. If so, remove them by cleaning them again.

Some Basset hounds may stop eating due to attention-seeking.

Some Basset hounds may refuse to eat just because they get attention, not for eating. That means, if you stand somewhere near the food bowl, he will get excited to get your attention instead of eating.

Medication or vaccinations.

Medication or vaccinations are a little bit common reasons why some Basset hounds stop eating all of a sudden.

Of course, you will be able to figure out if medications keep your canine friend from eating. Some medications may be caused your Basset hound’s stomach to hurt, while other medications will make them feel nauseous.

You know what? Some vaccinations can temporarily affect your Basset hound’s appetite.


When your Basset hound stops eating due to medication, it’s crucial to seek a vet asap!

If you figure out this appetite because of vaccinations, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. If you feel that your dog not eating more than he is supposed to, don’t wait to consult a veterinarian.

Some Basset hounds may stop eating eat because appetite changes with age.

We know that the elderly are generally tempted to eat less. So, when it comes to dogs, there is no much difference. As well as people, their appetite gradually decreases with age.

There might develop some dental and health problems that can make eating difficult than it used to be. There is one thing that most people cannot understand. Even though they have a great nose, the sense of smell could decrease as they get older.

So, that will make them desire less food more than they used to be.

Due to hot weather.

If you feel something like your Basset hound is eating relatively less amount during the summer, don’t worry. It’s an entirely normal situation. Because hot weather has some kind of a particular effect on the dog’s appetite.

That means how much your Basset hound wants to eat and can eat.

This factor also can be the same as other factors. That means just think about you as an example. Do you eat more during the summer more than in winter? Probably not beside some special occasions.

Reasons why hot weather could lead to less appetite in your Basset hound

One of the main reasons people tend to eat less during the summer is that humans find it difficult to digest fatty and heavy foods. The reason is we are relatively less active compared to winter. So, we don’t want loads of energy. That’s nature.

So, when it comes to canines, there is not much difference. It doesn’t matter the Basset hounds are lazy creatures or not. They are also a little bit less active during the summer. In fact, they need a relatively large amount of food during the winter just to cope with the cold.

Basset hounds may eat less due to lack of exercise.

This is also one of the main reasons why some Basset hounds refuse to eat as they used to do. Even though these dogs are kind of lazy creatures, you must realize that they are a hunting dog breed and have a higher prey drive.

So, it’s necessary to provide adequate exercises on a daily basis. Then, you might wanna make an exercise routine for your dog. But, remember to seek advice from a dog behaviorist or a vet.


If your Basset hound is not eating all of a sudden, one of the common reasons could be some kind of illness. Please check if he/she shows the following symptoms.

  • Sleeping in dark places.
  • Heavy drooling.
  • Bad breath.
  • Vomiting.
  • Red, dry and cloudy eyes.
  • Coughing.
  • A significant change in activity level.
  • Too much sleeping.
  • Excessive panting.


If you figured out that your basset hound is probably sick, it’s crucial to consult a veterinarian within 8-12 hours. In the meantime, try the following to increase his appetite.

  • Put dog food in the microwave and warm up it a little bit.
  • You can make his food more appealing by pouring,
    • Clam juice
    • Beef broth
    • Tuna water
    • Chicken broth over the food.
  • You can make the food softer by pouring warm water over the food.
  • Give him dry food if he used to eat only wet food.
  • In the meantime, you can try hand feeding.

Things to be aware of

Now you have figured out why does your Basset hound is not eating and possible solutions. But, that’s is not sufficient. There are few things you need to be aware of. So, let’s find out what they are.

Seek vet attention.

Besides normal circumstances, you should seek vet attention as soon as possible. Avoid home remedies and always follow the correct advice from your vet.

Don’t provide human food.

If you feel some kind of loss of appetite from your basset hound, don’t try to give human food in order to increase its appetite. You know what, most human foods are not suitable for dogs. So, you have to be aware of them as a responsible owner.

Here are some of the common foods that you should not feed your dog whatsoever.

  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Lemons and Limes
  • Chives, Garlic, and Onions
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Nutmeg
  • Flour and Raw Yeast Dough
  • Coffee, Tea, and Other Caffeine
  • Milk and Other Dairy Products
  • Fat Trimmings and Bones-


Most Basset hound owners have a common problem. I mean, Sometimes Basset hounds refuse to eat for several reasons. In this article, we have figured out the causes and possible solutions, and other related matters. I hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day!

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