Are Basset hounds good with chickens? [Owner’s Guide]

Are Basset hounds good with chickens

Have you ever wondered if Basset Hounds are good with chickens? It’s a reasonable concern because these dogs have a natural instinct to hunt. Bassets were initially bred to hunt small animals like rabbits. So, let’s dive right in and explore this topic further.

So, are Basset Hounds good with chickens?

Unfortunately, most Basset Hounds aren’t good with chickens. They’re often stubborn, low-energy, have a thin coat, and can be quite lazy. This means they’re not ideal as livestock guardians. However, with proper training, socialization, supervision, and other proven tactics, they can learn to protect chickens.

Regardless of breed, it’s always essential to have proper supervision to protect your chickens from your dog. Taking the wrong approach could lead to severe problems. So, let’s ensure the safety of our feathered friends and furry companions by taking the necessary precautions.

Are Basset hounds Chicken friendly?

You know what, Several weeks ago, a good friend of mine asked me several questions about Basset hounds. After responding to him, I searched on the internet to check to see if there sufficient information about Basset hounds.

Since I wasn’t happy with that information, I decided to do some research about them by visiting several Basset hound owners. I can get detailed information as well as a good experience about them. So, I can share with you the most reliable information.

So, I came up with a series of articles about Basset hounds.

Usually, Basset hounds are affectionate, friendly, gentle dog breeds. They are lazy enough and not ideal as a protection dog.

But be aware that these dogs have a slightly higher prey drive when compared to other average dogs. So, Basset hounds are more likely to chase after chickens and hunt or even kill them.

Because of that, there is a little bit of risk in adopting basset hounds and chickens simultaneously. But, this can be done with proper training, supervision, positive reinforcement techniques.

But, when we consider dogs like Weimaraners, Huskies, Greyhounds, none of them can be friends with chickens. Because these dogs have a really high prey drive, and most of them tend to chase and hunt anything that moves.

So, We can say for sure that dogs of that type are not suitable for chickens. But, this fact is a little bit different when it comes to Basset hounds.

Because these dogs are affectionate and friendly creatures. In fact, Most Basset hounds love to have a companion with them. If you try, chickens can also be good companions for your dog.

But keep in mind that they should always be trained for this kind of thing. But, If you already have chickens in your home, bringing a new puppy is not a big deal. Because the dog can get used to the Poultry when he grows up.

But if you already have a dog and are looking to buy chickens for your home, it can be a bit hard. Because dogs need to be trained not to harm chickens.

Characteristics of dogs that can guard chickens?

The characteristics and temperament of a dog are essential in protecting your chickens. I mean, there are a few things you should always look for before raising a dog as a livestock guardian.

Of course, there are certain breeds that are dedicated to such specific tasks. But, Do you really think Basset hounds can guard chickens?

So, let’s figure out the characteristics and temperaments of dogs that can guard Chickens or livestock.

They should be,

  • large or medium-sized
  • Muscular
  • Strong
  • At least moderately energetic.
  • Can withstand cold or extreme temperatures.
  • Can live outside
  • A high prey drive
  • Trustworthy
  • protective toward Chickens
  • Attentive
  • Active

In fact, they should be able to,

  • Not losing Chickens to predators
  • Being alerted to disturbances on the farm
  • Capable of herding Chickens

Can Basset hounds guard chickens?

If you want to keep a Basset hound to guard your poultry, they have to endure loads of things. So, when you read all of the above factors, it seems obvious that Basset hounds are not suitable for guarding Chickens.

As we all know the Basset hounds are calm and really lazy creatures. They do love human companions and prefer to spend most of their time inside the houses. So, how can they guard Chickens?

In fact, funny things also could happen. Suppose you have poultry and get a Basset hound to guard your Chickens. What will happen if the dog sleeps for two hours one mile away from Chickens?

Funny enough, ah? But remember that also could happen. Moreover, the most annoying thing is that these dogs are incredibly stubborn. Many owners find it difficult to train their dogs.

That’s not all. In order to become a livestock guardian dog, they should have the capabilities of working all over the day. But, the Basset hounds cannot be engaged even on long walks.

That’s a considerable disadvantage, right? In fact, they are small, less energetic, lazy creatures, and we cannot expect such a thing from these dogs.

But, the Basset hounds can be trained to live outside, and Only this factor can give a positive sign.

In fact, when we consider livestock guardian dogs like Great Pyrenees, Border collies, they are extremely responsible protectors toward their sheep. They have their own personality.

But, I wanna emphasize that we cannot expect such a thing from basset hounds because they mostly depend on their owners and really irresponsible creatures.

Besides this guarding purposes, the Basset hounds can live with chickens under proper supervision and training.

How to train your Basset hound to guard chickens?

If you really wanna turn your Basset hound into a livestock guard dog, note that it’s a really, really hard thing to do. But, they can be trained to be good with Chickens.

But, if they become guard dogs for the Chickens, they will be really good at warning the owner about the threat. Because these dogs have the second most excellent nose in the canine world. But, they will not investigate with the predator.

So, let’s see how both can be done.

The method

Step 1

If you feel something like your Basset hound is really sweet toward the Chickens from his first interaction and no aggression toward them, let your dog live with Chickens from the beginning.

But if the dog is still a puppy, it is not appropriate. I mean, letting him guard Chickens is a really unrealistic task for this kind of puppy. But, he should live nearby the poultry. So, he can get used to the Chickens.

Step 2

Then you need to create an excellent area for your dog near the place where the chickens sleep. Moreover, You need to ensure that the chickens don’t have access to the dog’s place. So, They will not compete for food.

Note that Basset hounds don’t have a thick coat. So, it’s tough to withstand the cold. So, you should provide all the facilities to keep him warm.

Step 3

It’s really important to watch your basset hound closely as he bonds with the Chickens. Check if he spends most of the time with the chickens sleeping way far away from the poultry.

Of course, if there is any kind of threat, check if he is barking. They might not be capable of engaging with the treat. But at least they can warn you about the threat.

step 4

If you wanna make sure that whether he barks at the threat, try to make some artificial threats. This easily can be done by throwing a stone toward the woods.

If you see positive behavior from your Basset hound, give him tasty treats and appreciate him.

If you feel the dog walk away from the poultry and wander, try to make a commotion among chickens and check if the dog comes to rescue the Chickens. If so, reward him for that behavior.

Step 5

It’s necessary to watch your Basset hound closely as he grows. Make sure to reward every positive behavior, and that will motivate the dog.

Which breeds are good with chickens?

Besides the Basset hounds, there are so many dog breeds out there that are good with Chickens. In fact, these dogs are ideal as livestock guardian dogs.

Here is the list.

  • Great Pyrenees
  • Anatolian Shepherd
  • Maremma Sheepdog
  • Tibetan Mastiff
  • Akbash
  • Komondor
  • Kuvasz

Things to be aware of

If you want to keep a Basset hound as a Chicken protecting dog, there are so many things you should be aware of.

First, meet a vet.

First, you wanna make sure that your dog’s health is excellent. Because the Basset hounds are prone to loads of health issues.

So, meet the Vet and Check if he is in a condition to live outside to protect the chickens.


The next most important thing is Nutrition. You have to ensure that your dog gets all the nutrition he needs. Because living outside all over the day is not an easy task.

In fact, providing the correct nutrition is really important in order to keep your dog healthy and safe. So, consult a vet and play his diet.


This is a vital thing you need to be aware of. Starting proper socialization with Chickens when he is at least 12 weeks old would be perfect.

The Basic obedience training

Basic obedience training is another most important thing you should be aware of. If you want to adapt your Basset hound as a farm dog, he needs to be taught an additional set of commands to keep everything nice and clear.

Give morning exercises

Some dogs have an extremely high prey drive. Giving morning exercises would help to minimize his prey drive. So, you can play fetch with your Basset hound for about 15-20 minutes.

Give meals with a schedule

Don’t change the mealtime of your dog. So, you can keep him from starvation, and he won’t be aggressive toward the Chickens.


The Basset hounds are adorable creatures, right? For various reasons, many people are curious to know if Basset hounds are good with chickens. So, In this article, we have discussed that matter in detail. Hope you found this helps. Have a nice day!

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