Why Will A Big Dog Get Obsessed With A Small Dog? [7 Reasons]

Big dog Get obsessed with a small dog

Do you love having both big and small dogs, but wonder if big dogs are obsessed with small dogs? If so, you’re not alone! In this article, we’ll explore this issue and provide you with the information you need to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

A large dog breed may become obsessed with a small dog due to sexual attraction, jealousy, curiosity, boredom, separation anxiety, playfulness, or fearfulness. To avoid this issue, it’s important to practice recall, avoid disturbing the dogs, teach them to obey commands, provide regular exercise, and feed them on time.

However, understanding the reasons behind this behavior is not enough to find a solution. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the issue and provide you with more information on how to prevent and address this problem.

By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that both your big and small dogs live together in harmony. So, let’s dive into the world of big and small dogs and learn how to keep them happy and healthy!

What causes a big dog to get obsessed with small dogs?

Although I am a dog person, I, too, couldn’t find a reason when my dog became obsessed with small dogs.

What I did was I allocated one day for my buddy, and I referred to him every behavior pattern. And I noticed the special things that happened around that time.

Finally, I could get some facts about why my dog is obsessed with small dogs.

I changed my house and moved to a new house. My dog missed his friends and favorite places. That is one of the major reasons for my doggy.

Everyone has different reasons. So, according to my experience, I’mma mentions the leading causes of why big dogs get obsessed with small dogs,

1. Sexual attraction

This fact is based on gender. If your large dog has been attracted to a small dog breed, you will have to face this matter several times when you are outside with your doggy, especially at the dog park or road.

We cannot say when and how it happens. However, when your dog feels sexual attraction with some other dog, it doesn’t matter the size of his/her mate.

This is one of the significant reasons for big dogs being obsessed with small dogs.

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2. Separation anxiety

What is this separation anxiety? If your dog tries to get obsessed with small dogs aggressively, that is a very dangerous situation.

It means your dog is suffering from a dilemma. If you try to give your dog up occasionally or if your dog has to stay alone at home for a long period, or if your dog is super stressed, this can happen.

3. Boredom

What is your dog’s daily rotation? As a dog, especially as a large breed dog, your dog should be well treated.

It means, do exercises on time, should get proper training and also someone should have to stay with him/her at least half of day. Because of the above facts, his/her boredom will be able to disappear.

At least you have to give your dog some toys to play with. Boredom can attack your dog’s mentality.

If directly affected by the dog and as a result, it will be a cause of your large breed dog getting obsessed with small dogs.

4. Jealousy

Dogs are very sensitive. Some dogs don’t like to see when his/her owner cuddles someone else.

If your dog is very emotionally attached to you, these kinda things can always happen.

Dogs are greedy for love, attention, and affection, and also, they don’t wanna let his/her partner be with another dog.

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5. Fear

Although your dog is a large breed one, he/she might be afraid of small breed dogs. It depends on their mood and attitudes.

At a time like that, your dog might be obsessed with small dogs because they try to save themselves. They see that dog as a threat to him/her.

They try to protect themselves, and that’s why they get obsessed with small dogs.

6. If your dog is playful

There are some dogs; they are very active, energetic, and playful. The only thing they want is to catch some dog to play with them.

They are fond of playing with dogs, and they don’t care about their partner’s size, breed, etc. All they want is to have a playful time.

In simpler terms, they are play dogs. So this kinda dog will be able to get obsessed with small dogs.

7. Curiosity

Have you seen these kinda dogs? They are very curious about everything. They are curious even when a leaf falls from a tree. 

They wanna know about what it really is. That’s why they obsess with small dogs. What they want is to identify who it is. Occasionally, it will become harmful.

So you have to keep your eye on your dog whether it is ok with that small dog or not.

What are the disadvantages when a big dog is obsessed with a small dog?

There are some disadvantages when a big dog is obsessed with a small dog, especially If it is aggressive. Everything has a limit; therefore, you have to be careful about your dog’s behavior.

Let’s talk about the disadvantages when a bog dog is obsessed with a small dog.

  • Accidents can happen
  • People will blame you – the problem goes toward the little one. Small dogs can easily be injured. If you can’t control your dog, another dog owner will blame you. Or he will be able to punish your dog too. Don’t take that risk
  • Runoff your dog’s energy
  • Both of them get hurt
  • Health problems can raise
  • Sometimes dogs can attack your dog.
  • Ability to spread some viruses and diseases from other dogs.
  • It will be a hazard to your dog’s safety

How to stop a big dog from obsessing over a small dog?

Do you wanna stop this mischief from your dog? Ok, let’s see why you wanna avoid this thing from your dog?

There are so many reasons, and I have explained the above. So here I’mma talk about how to stop a big dog from obsessing over a small dog.

There are several strategies used for avoiding your big dog from obsessing over a small dog.

Teach him/her to follow out ‘come, leave it, watch me ‘ commands, feed your dog on time,  do exercise regularly.

You can disturb when your dog tries to obsess with a small dog, keep your dog on a leash or use a long leash, practice recall, fetch your dog, clicker training, and finally, you can pull your dog away.

1. Teach your dog to obey commands

You can use the Come command, leave command and watch me command to control your pooch.

If your dog is beyond your control when he/she sees a small dog, command your dog roughly using the above words. And then you can keep your dog under your control.

2. Feed your dog on time

Sometimes your dog gets obsessed with a small dog if your dog is not physically wealthy. When your dog feels hungry, he/she gets excited or nervous.

If you keep your dog’s belly full, you can handle him/her easily.

3. Do exercise regularly

If the dog doesn’t exercise enough, they become stubborn because they want to release their energy.

Therefore, they try to disclose their energy doing what they want. That’s why they try to get obsessed with small dogs as soon as they see them.

What you have to do is let your dog relax and do exercises regularly.

4. You can disturb

You can disturb when your dog tries to get obsessed with a small dog. Show your objections to your dog.

In time to come, your dog will understand your complaint. Do not let them do it. The very first time you see it, you have to stop it.

5. Keep your dog on a leash

If your dog is very stubborn, you have to keep him/her on a leash when you go outside. That is the only solution you have.

Or else you can use a long leash for more satisfaction. It will be a good decision for both you and your dog.

6. Practice recall

Not only this case but also every dog must practice recall. It will help you to control your dog and keep your dog on track.

7. Fetch your dog

Why your dog should practice fetching. When you do that game, your dog gets used to obeying you. So it’ll help you to keep your dog under your supervision.

8. Clicker training

What is this clicker training, and why should you do it for your dog? Because of this training, your dog will be able to get exactly what is right.

A clicker is a ubiquitous tool that’s used in the dog training industry, and it always predicts the reward.

9. Pull your dog away

Keep your dog under your control. When he/she tries to run away from you by hanging out with a small dog, you can grab your dog towards you.

Under this circumstance, your dog will understand that you don’t let him/her do it. As a result, he/she will not try to run away from you when he/she sees a small dog again.

Things to be aware of.

When you are going to overcome this problem or deal with it, you have to be very careful because this is your dog and they are very sensitive.

One mistake can change your dog’s whole life. So be careful when you involve an issue like this.

  1. Do not punish him/her

Punishment doesn’t always work. It can affect your innocent buddy. Try to be patient and be strategic.

  1. Keep your dog on a leash

If you are not able to control your dog when you are in the dog park or outside, do not think about releasing your dog from the leash. Or you have to keep your dog at your home.

That is not a good idea; therefore, try to keep your dog on a leash when you are outside.

  1. Let your dog socialize

Keeping your dog inside a crate is very good for their safety and behavior, but one day, when your dog goes outside, he/she becomes very nervous.

So let your dog join another dog. It will help to keep your dog’s mental and physical stimulation continuously.

  1. Be patient

Dogs are very innocent, and they depend on you. Because you have to be patient enough although your dog has an aggressive obsession.

Being rough will never help your dog to become calm. It will make your dog more stubborn.

  1. Change atmosphere

Living in a monotonous area is very boring for us. So it affects your dog too. Keep them outside for a while.

And also, dog walking is a very good fact for your dog’s both mental and physical health. Try to change the atmosphere at least once a week.


Reading this article, you already know what I talked about. Most of the large dog owners have this issue; that is why you read this article too.  I have clarified all the details you wanna know about this issue. How does it happen, what are the cons, and how do you overcome these issues. I have attached all the vital facts in detail. So have a good journey with your dog.


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