Are Brittanys Good Apartment Dogs? [Owner’s Guide]

Are Brittanys good apartment dogs

Have you been confused about keeping Brittany in your small apartment? Is that the matter you deal with? Not only you but also the majority of Brittany lovers have this matter. Let’s figure it out.

Even though their size is appropriate, Brittanys aren’t suitable for apartment living due to their hunting instincts, high activeness, sensitivity, heavy barking, and misbehaving issues. But this can be done with proper training, potty training, and adequate exercises with other proven tactics.

It is important to note that nothing can stop you if you have determination. Keep a plan B in your life. We put you to the right detection. What you have to do is read these whole points.

Why do most Brittanys not suitable for apartment living?

Do you have any idea about this matter? When we consider our Brittany buddies, there are some problems with the living apartments. The majority of people have failed to keep Brittanys in apartments. I’m gonna clarify one by one.

  1. They are highly energetic
  2. They want enough exercises
  3. Sensitivity
  4. They are very excitable and distractible
  5. Mischievousness
  6. They are hunting dogs
  7. Higher risk

1. They are highly energetic

Typically Brittany buddies are very active and, in most cases, wanna adequate space to run and play. By and large, the Brittanys try to be activated most of the time.

So you have to allocate sufficient capacity for your lovely Brittany. When Brittanys live in an apartment, they will be limited because they are unable to release their true emotions.

Did you get the problem? As a result, they will get sick. No one can live like that in an apartment. They are not prisoners. If you haven’t enough time to offer them, this breed is not suitable for you.

2. They want enough exercise

Wait, what?  How is this topic so bad for keeping Brittanys in an apartment? Look, buddies, previously I have informed you that they are very active.

So they want their daily workouts rotation. We have to take them out for at least one hour before and after work. They are getting used to doing that, or else they will become sick.

That’s why I tell you not to keep Brittanys in an apartment because they wanna a big area. However,  we can divide it into two parts.

  • Physical exercise
  • Mental exercise

Lemme explain more. Commonly they need to go for a walk two times per day. You have to get up early and fix the time for them. After they practice this rotation, they don’t care about the weather.

Brittanys are not considered the climate, and his main target is fulfilling their workouts. Can you take them out during the rain, snowing, or sunny evening?  As a responsible owner, willingly or unwillingly, you need to do it. If you are a kind of a busy person, this is too heavy for you.

Please keep your eye on mental health too. Do you know, they are attention seekers. If you cannot pay attention to your Brittany in an apartment, they will become destructive.

Most probably, they will destroy our vital things. For example, Brittanys will bite and tear your books, papers, clothes, and pillows. These canines will do anything to get your attention.

3. Sensitivity

I do not understand why they are so emotional that much. Leggo to figure out what the matters are. They highly need mental stimulation and attention, or else they become lazy, bored, and uncomfortable. It’s noteworthy that there is a risk when Brittanys live in an apartment.

Maybe they will hurt themselves. Brittney always depends on its owner. The point here though is they cannot live ALONE. Do not leave your Brittany alone in the apartment at all.

4. They are very excitable and distraction

As Brittany owners, we have met with this situation plenty of times. From my experience, this problem has not a solution. This is a very unnecessary thing because most people get upset and confused because of this behavior.

Brittanys are fond of jumping on towards people, and they are not a species you can leave outside without the owner. If you have much time to set aside for them, keep your Brittany as an apartment dog.

If you do have not enough time to take care of them, do not pick out Brittany as a pet.

5. Mischievousness

From my point of view, having Brittany in an apartment is kind of a challenge. The reason is Brittanys are like a one-man army. I’m gonna repeat it.

If you haven’t plenty of time to manage your Brittany buddy, please try another breed. When your Brittany lives in an apartment, at least it should have a little fenced yard. Naturally, they make their world themselves.

6. Higher risk

What kind of risk do you have to handle? You will not be able to deal with your Brittany buddies in an apartment because of their activeness.

When they are in the backyard, they jump over the fence, dig holes, and try to hunt. Oh, I missed an incredible message they’re good at hunting.

Generally, during this period, they become a risk for other animals. Does it mean that Brittanys cannot hang around alone in a park, dog walking side, garden, etc.? Yes, it is.

 They probably try to harm another animal (birds, rabbits, rats, cats), and hard to practice recall.

If your Brittany Buddy stays at an apartment alone in the daytime, they will run here and there. Please keep this in mind, you have to close your doors and windows properly unless they can fall from the apartment.

Can you take that much risk? Because some dogs don’t have proper awareness of heights.

Pros of keeping a Brittany in your apartments.

Every circumstance has two sides. If you really wanna keep a Brittany in your apartment, these advantages are available for you.

  1. Smart
  2. Naturally, they are healthy enough
  3. Affectionate and sentimental
  4. Enthusiastic and please
  5. Perfect size
  6. Good companionship with other dogs

1. Smart

 By and large, they have an open mind, and Brittanys recognize things very well. They are quick learners and can teach easily and shortly. Brittanys always keep an eye on their owners and attempt to do things their boss does.

That’s why Brittanys know how to open a door, how to sleep on a bed and ring the doorbell. How sweet they are. When you live in an apartment, that kind of pros can take you from your Brittanys.

2. Naturally, they are healthy enough

In the face of threats, we cannot ignore their marvelous health. Providing healthy foods, sufficient exercise, vitamins, and minerals can make your Brittanys healthy in a small apartment.

Doing proper exercise is very vital. It can tolerate Brittany’s mind and body nicely. They are healthier than other breeds.

3. Affectionate and sentimental

This breed is very companionable. They love to hang around people and make love and join them. Cuddling is the main fact they love to get. You see, they truly care about you.

How to keep them happy? Playing hide and seek, cuddling, touching, giving toys, playing together will keep your Brittany buddies mind settled in an apartment.

4. Perfect size

Brittanys are the best medium-size dog for apartments because their weight is running around 15-20 kilos. On the other hand, they can adapt to nature and are well trained.

According to the size, we can categorize five breeds for apartments.

  • English bulldog
  • Bull Terrier
  • Schnauzer
  • Brittany
  • Basset Hound
  • Whippet

5. Good companionship with other dogs

This breed is very social. So, they are not gonna fight with other hounds. It is straightforward when you take him into a park or outside.

To keep Brittany’s healthy

  • Take him for a long walk
  • Give various toys to play
  • Turn on your radio with relaxation music when you not at the apartment
  • Play game with your Brittany buddy
  • Off-leash walking will increase his health
  • Listen to them
  • Make Brittanys your priority
  • Lead them well
  • Make mentally strong bonds

How to train your Brittany for apartment life?

A good train makes a good dog. You already know that Brittanys are not easy to accommodate in an apartment. If you truly wanna keep him in your apartment, you have various strategies to follow. Lemme demonstrate them one by one.

  1. Potty training
  2. Do not let Bark excessively
  3. Hire a dog walker
  4. Play games
  5. Take them to a limited park
  6. Make him or her take enough exercise

1. Potty training

When you live on a high rise, it is challenging to get up and down. Potty training is an excellent outcome to training your apartment, Brittany. Let’s go ahead and get clarification. I’m gonna explain it using a few steps.

Start the potty training since the very first day

Firstly you can introduce your Brittany to the sleeping area.  After that, you can take your buddy to the place where he or she is going potty. If Brittany does it correctly, please admire and thank your pup. That confidence will make your friend happy.

Use a command

The moment your puppy tries to poop, you have to use commands likes,

  • Go potty
  • Good boy, go potty
  • Potty, please

In time to come, your puppy will get it quickly.

Use the similar route every single time

Practicing will take your puppy in the right direction. In time to come, your hound will be able to find the place where he or she should use it.

Be consistent and sympathetic

Accident happens. Your puppy is not a victim. You have to sympathize with your Brittany in an apartment.

2. Do not let Bark excessively

The apartment is an engaged area, so people need quietness and peace. If your Brittany screams in your apartment, it will be big trouble for others.

You have to manage your Brittney to not bark in an apartment. Giving them toys, relaxing music, and playing with them will reduce that difficulty.

3. Hire a dog walker

Your Brittany cannot live in a small apartment throughout the day. After you leave for work, your puppy is all alone. As a result of it, he or she will become mentally and physically down.

Don’t let it happen. Hira a dog walker and give your Brittany a little change. It will affect your puppy’s health.

4. Play games

You already know that this breed is highly energetic and active when they usually live and always seek attention. Playing games is a good solution for that condition.

You can play hide and seek.  It is very vital for their mind. Please practice them playing with toys. When Brittanys stay alone in the apartment, toys will reduce loneliness.

5. Take them to a dog park

They will learn new exercise methods and recognize new friends at that time. You can take a little rest too. Combining with other dogs will deduct their violence.

6. Make your Brittany buddy take enough exercises

As an energetic breed, they cannot live like a rabbit. It means they need considerable relaxation mentally and physically.

There is a high risk of becoming sick both mentally and physically. Please be careful and deal with it. Make a timetable and set aside some time for their fitness.

What is the best apartment environment for Brittanys?

After I considered this matter, I found a few troublesome matters. Look buddy, if you are gonna live in a high-rise apartment with your Brittany, that is not much good. You have to make sure you close all doors and windows.

You know what I mean. Safety is the crucial thing. I’m not gonna tell you to choose an Urban area for adopting your dog. It is challenging because they always try to run here and there.

Another point is they are not good at living in hot weather. Please consider it too.

It is very good if your apartment has a backyard or something like a ground. Don’t worry about it if you haven’t an opportunity like that, you can choose the closest dog park in your area.

Things to be aware of.

  • Giving unlimited freedom

In my opinion, giving freedom is good, but you have to limit it. You should become the alpha and keep rules and regulations with your Brittany buddy when you live in an apartment. Unless they will become naughty and disobey.

  • Unvaccinated

Keep a healthy book for your puppy and continue it properly. Note down every medical thing in that book. Don’t forget to vaccine your hound because they always associate with another dog. Exchanging diseases can happen at any time.

  • Giving toxic

As a responsible owner, please note the foods your dog hates. Some foods can be allergic to your Brittany. When you give them something to eat, be careful and think twice. Do not let them eat anything, especially when you take them to walk.

If you are unable to do the things I have described,  the option does not have a Brittany in your apartment. Do not take it easy. Having a pet in an apartment is a big deal.

And only a real man can sacrifice their time for a dog. I repeat, It again if you don’t love your Brittany buddy truly, please do not keep him in the apartment.


Your dog is your best friend. But if you wish to live in an apartment with your Brittany buddy or considering adopting a dog, how do you keep him or her happy and healthy in a small place. Can you keep Brittany in an apartment? Those are the matters I talk about throughout the article. Hope you get every single piece of information.


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