Are Australian Shepherds Good Off the Leash? [Owner’s Guide]

Are Australian Shepherds good off leash?

Have you ever wondered if your Australian Shepherd is good at off-leash walking? It’s important not to take this subject lightly, as it’s multifaceted. But don’t worry, I’m here to clarify everything for you.

While Australian Shepherds are obedient and highly trainable, they can’t always be trusted to be off-leash. However, with proper recall training, obedience training, socialization, patience, and various outdoor activities, you can help your Australian Shepherd become great at off-leash walking.

But it’s not just about training your dog. It’s also important to avoid certain interactions that could hinder their training progress. Otherwise, you may face some challenges during and after the training process.

Can you trust your Australian Shepherd good off leash?

When we evaluate their temperament, you cannot keep your trust in the hound without ethical training. We aim at studying these issues. And also, you have to be careful about the outsiders.

Whatever it may be, a well-trained dog can break the ice. If we follow these policies well, we can train our doggie as easily as ABC. Their companionship with a human is very significant.

This breed is very loyal, kind, and loving. As far as we know, they are weak in dealing with strangers. So sometimes off leash can be harmful to both your Australian Shepherd and strangers.

They are,

  • Intelligent
  • Affectionate
  • Good-natured
  • Active
  • Protective

Australian Shepherds are looking forward to playing with children. This breed has been recommended as highly intelligent and straightforward to train.

They are very competitive and should have a huge fenced yard. In time to come, you will realize the basic appearance and needs. Australian Shepherds are content under good understanding and loyal.

The majority of them are very childish and have an obvious and a wide mind towards their owners. All things considered, adopting an Australian Shepherd is a good option.

Lemme clarify their off-leash capabilities.

In my experience, I tell you that your puppy will be confused about going outside. Without prior notification, you cannot release your puppy.

On this occasion, being off leash can Australian Shepherd be very deleterious. Because their sensitivity level is very high, and they are bad at being alone. In my opinion, being off leash is very dangerous in the beginning.

During this period, keeping an excellent mutual understanding is very vital. When Aussies are off leash, there is a threat of being attacked.

By and large, this breed is afraid of strangers, like I said before. Under this circumstance, it is an excellent choice to train them off leash.

There is a valuable statement that ” off leash is not a skill, it is the effect of your dog trusting and respecting you”  Do not allow them to act freely.

We have to progress toward being alpha. If you wonder how to do it, keep reading this, and you will find out soon. They are not violent at all, and they can adapt to the situation.

The amazing thing is that your Aussie is an enthusiastic soul. Australian shepherds love to tramp because they need their daily fitness.

This breed is emotional in certain matters; as a consequence, they are getting cute. Because of these matters, we can decide that we have to alter our puppies a bit.

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Why is off leash walking good for your Australian Shepherd?

By and large, every animal likes to be independent. Freedom is one of the most essential things in the animal world. Your Aussie likes to be free too. Off leash walking helps to

  1. Relax your dog
  2. Enlarge physically and mentally security
  3. Establish and multiply good habits and tone
  4. Improve attention
  5. Decrease alienation
  6. Obey commands
  7. Keep companionship with other dogs
  8. Understand and adapt to nature

1. Relax your dog

Outdoor activities are better than indoors. It means that your puppy enjoys nature. Australian Shepherds are fast runners and let them enjoy being off leash.

Aussies are fond of doing adventure activities, and they are interested in playing with other dogs.

2. Enlarge physically and mentally security

This breed is very playful so, they need good physical fitness. Releasing from the leash can set them free. Having a leash is not a good opinion. Walking, running, jumping make your dog happy and healthy. It can widen their mind too.

3. Establish and multiply good habits and tone

This breed is not violent but, being alone can make them harsh. Aussies are interested in dealing with other dogs. Being off leash can reduce the boundaries and barriers. It is suitable for their mental and physical conditions.

4. Improve attention

The puppy who stays at home or in a dog crate is unable to modify with nature at once. You have to wait and watch the way they bearing. Your lovely Aussie will catch up with everything step by step.

5. Obey commands

When you do off leash walking with your Australian Shepherd, climbing down is vital. This part can do very easily in an outdoor condition because both have enough space. Do some extracurricular activities with your puppy.

In time to come, he will realize your commands. Take your Aussie’s attention because it will help you to control your puppy. I have added some commands below.

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Lie down
  • Leave it

Reasons why you shouldn’t let your Australian Shepherd off leash

If your Aussie is not well trained, don’t let him off leash, so keep the dog under your direction. And also, you can use a long tail leash to deal with your puppy.

As far as we know, off leash puppies are trying to escape and love to join with other animals. Maybe they would be harmful. These are the main difficulties of being off leash.

  1. Threats of being met with an accident
  2. Threats of eating toxic
  3. Threats of associating a clamorous dog
  4. Threats of harming strangers
  5. Your Aussie will kill animals
  6. Able to learn unnecessary habits

1. Threats of being met with an accident

When your puppy deals with a strange area, there is a risk of being met with an unexpected accident. They have no idea about the differences outside.

They will make sudden decisions like running here and there and jumping towards strangers. That is the result of oddness and alienation. If your Australian Shepherd is new to that area, you should not let him off leash.

Time is very quick, and you will be unable to take action on time. The best option is to keep your dog on a leash.

2. Threats of eating toxic

Australian Shepherds are very active and excited to learn new stuff. Therefore the risk is ongoing. Eating toxics is the main problem because they don’t know about toxicity.

They love to smell and bite odd things, and these childish Aussies don’t know the consequence of eating toxic. As guidance, please be careful with those issues because this breed is too sensitive. This is one of the pathetic situations during off leash era.

3. Threats of associating a clamorous dog

This innocent soul has numerous risks, especially during the off leash period of your Australian Shepherd. The majority are fond of keeping companionship with other dogs.

Everyone is not the same as Aussies; therefore, it is your duty to protect your Australian Shepherd puppy from the dangers. Situations like that will corrupt your hound’s both physical and mental health.

This breed is sensitive and soft, so the best decision is to have a leash.

4. Threats of harming strangers

I have confessed before that this breed is terrible at dealing with strangers because Australian Shepherds always try to save their owners from the bad.

Most probably, Aussies make problems themselves because of this condition. It Is not good being off leash in this situation.

5. Able to learn unnecessary habits

In our childhood, parents looked after and guided us well; as a result, we have become good. This theory can compare with our Aussies too. When you fail to guide your doggie well, the final result will be horrible.

That’s where you make a mistake. That’s why we always keep them with a leash. Being off leash is not safe at all.

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How to train your Australian Shepherd to be off leash?

This is the major part of this text. Do you have a condition to be off leash your Aussie? You can receive suggestions reading this part without any hindrance.

The recall is the major part of this unit. Lemme express the vital information and please keep in touch with me. This is not too difficult.

In my opinion, these techniques are short and sweet. Under this situation, don’t ignore anything because you are new to this subject. We can divide recall training into 3 parts.

  1. Train your Aussie to recall
  2. Help get used to going out with a long leash
  3. Insist your puppy to train off leash walking.

Train your Aussie to recall

The meaning of the recall is to bring it back to one’s mind. Leggo to expose the way to training your dog recall. Admit these concise and coherent methods. I’m gonna brief everything under this part.

  • Responding to his name
  • Train some commands during training ( I have put in them previously)
  • Select a quiet and familiar area to train your dog
  • Keep a suitable gap with your puppy and raise it day by day; it will help to be off leash for your little Australian Shepherd.

Responding to his name:

First of all, your puppy must recognize commands, and please make sure he knows its name. That’s where you begin this training. The moment you call your dog’s name should note him well and need to respond at once.

I’m gonna clarify a strategy to do it. Take some food on your palm and show it to your puppy, then call its name. Do this more and more. In time to come, your puppy will respond well.

Do not be violent and gruesome because your puppy is not a victim. Be sympathetic. This is a vital part of being off leash.

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Train some command

Always using its name is not very successful. Train them to obey commands.

  • Go
  • Sit
  • Stay, are some of them

By trying this command, you can get a wonderful experience because the Australian Shepherd is good at doing these things.

Select quiet and familiar areas to train your dog

Quietness is essential for your Aussie’s concentration. Calm-minded puppies are able to absorb instructions well. Safety is very valuable. That’s why I recommend you use a long leash.

This is a good beginning for being off leash your Australian Shepherd.  Selecting a fenced yard gives you extra confidence. You can play simple games with your puppy. Recalling will wake up his creativity and stamina.

Help get used to going out with a long leash

If you see progress with recall training, you can start this new role. Take him to a faced yard, a park, or a picnic. Both harness and long leash do the same duty, but the harness is more comfortable than a long leash.

The reason is, long leash directly affects his neck, and the harness can refuse that pain because the pressure is very low. 

Things to be aware of

So, we have come to the end of the lessons. As a reliable owner, you have noticed basic evidence of your puppy. Is that enough, buddy? I don’t think so.

We have misplaced an essential part of being off leash by Australian Shepherd. What is the stuff we should be aware of? Let’s turn into this topic

  • Do not run after your Australian Shepard, or do not let him run after you because the take is as a game. Therefore you will not be able to handle your puppy appropriately.
  • Don’t give its toxic tools. It means that owners get used to providing toys to puppies. As a result, If they might swallow or bite toys. That is not good for health.
  • Being violent and rough. They are innocent and sensitive. You have to be patient and kind. Being harsh will make thin worse because it directly affects mental health.
  • Don’t do this as fun. Recalling is not a game. It is a response.
  • Provide harmful devices. When Australian Shepherds try to be off leash, do not give harmful devices. Because they are very playful at that time and they will chap themselves.
  • Pass over the limit. Everything has a maximum time. You can train him for one hour per day. This is the standard time.
  • Being too friendly. Keep the gap between you and your puppy well. If you become too close, your puppy will disobey and naughty. Keep your pride as an owner.


Having an Australian Shepherd puppy is not easy. As a responsible owner, you have to find every detail of your lovely Australian Shepherd for being off leash. Here we discussed various types of issues and solutions.

We mainly focused on how to train Aussies off leash. I tried to analyze these matters throughout the article. I think that may have helped you.


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