My Boyfriend Likes To Sleep With His Dog In Bed [5 Reasons + Tips]

Boyfriend Likes To Sleep With Dog In Bed

Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend or husband likes to sleep with the dog in bed? Is this a common practice or an unusual one? In this discussion, we’ll explore the reasons why some men may choose to sleep with their furry friends and what you can do about it.

There are several reasons why a man may want to sleep with their dog in bed, including a deep love for their furry friend, a need for added security, having a small dog, the dog being sensitive, or to help relieve depression. While these reasons may seem understandable, it’s important to find ways to address any issues that may arise from this behavior.

If you’re concerned about your partner sleeping with the dog in bed, there are several things you can do to address the situation. These include talking directly with your partner, being supportive, training the dog, and making your relationship a priority.

In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore the different reasons why men may choose to sleep with their dogs and provide you with tips for addressing any concerns you may have. Don’t miss out on this informative conversation that can help you better understand your partner’s unique needs and preferences.

Reasons why your boyfriend needs to sleep with the dog

Some women, like me, cannot bear this weird situation because we expect more attention, affection, and care from our boyfriends.

Bedtime is the best time to share our feelings and happiness with our boyfriend.

When both are busy with daytime work, only you can have a good conversation at bedtime. But how do you feel if your boyfriend wants to sleep with his dog in bed?

If you are an anti-dog person, this matter goes worse. Before we make a decision, let’s evaluate why your boyfriend wants to sleep with the dog in the bed.

1. He loves his dog so much

My boyfriend has had a dog for five years, and it is an unbreakable bond. As I realized that he does love his dog very much. He enjoys sleeping with his dog, and my boyfriend wants to sleep with his dog in the bed, ignoring my hesitation.

2. To confirm security

If your boyfriend is overprotective like mine, these types of issues can happen. They are looking forward to protecting their dogs.

They are afraid of everything when dogs are not in their area and feel uncomfortable when dogs are not in their sector.

They already get used to sleeping with the dog in bed. When the dog is not with your boyfriend, he might feel a weird excitement like what is my dog doing at this time, does my dog get in trouble, does the dog eat poison, etc.

3.When the dog is too small

When your boyfriend owns a cute puppy, he gets used to cuddling, loving, and kissing it continuously. And also, he takes the puppy on the bed because the puppy needs more attention. In times to come, the puppy allocates a place from the bed.

4. When his puppy is too sensitive

If  your boyfriend has a sensitive dog breed such as

  • Golden Retriever
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Border Collie

He is fully aware of how important it is to keep their mental stimulation. Because of that, your boyfriend likes to sleep with the dog in the bend. It will help him to make his dog happy and protective both mentally and physically.

5. Help him to reduce depressions

As doctors say, a dog can fix humans’ physical health. And also, having a pet is like meditation. Some dog breeds like Labrador, Golden retriever can heal your both mental and physical issues.

You know these secrets if you are a dog person. Your boyfriend also tries to sleep with the dog in bed when he feels stressed or depressed. So, keep an excellent mutual conception.

Apart from the above reasons, if you feel jealous of the boyfriend’s dog, that’s is something you need to nip in the bud prior to things get worsen.

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What can you do if the boyfriend prefers to keep the dog in the bed?

As partners, you can have different desires and feelings. Although you are an anti-dog person, your boyfriend can be a dog person, and also it is kind of a challenge.

I am saying that when your boyfriend tries to sleep with the dog in the bed, you might be criticized for that incident. So here I am talking about what you can do if the boyfriend prefers to keep the dog in the bed.

At first, talk with your boyfriend directly, and then you have to be supportive, find another place to sleep, train your dog to sleep inside the crate, be his priority.

This little description is not enough for you. Let’s see what I learned when I was in this era.

1. Talk directly

Don’t be shy to express your feelings to your boyfriend. You have reasons for ignoring the dog’s arrival.

  • You can be an anti-dog person
  • Allergic conditions
  • The dog may ruin bed sheets
  • You might hate dog hair
  • When his dog has some kinda sickness
  • You may hate the smell
  • You miss the bedtime conversation with him.

Tell him how he feels when he takes the dogs to sleep in a bed. If he cares about you, he will listen to you.

2. Be supportive

As his girlfriend, you have to be supportive of his job. Try to stay with him every time and ask him kindly to get his dog away from the bed.

3. Find another place to sleep

If you are a dog allergic person, you can ask for another room and get some rest for a while. Give some privacy to your boyfriend and his dog. Or you can make a home for the dog inside the room.

4. Train the dog

If your partner’s dog cannot sleep without him, too, you can ask him to give proper training for his dog. In any case, the dog will learn how to sleep alone and peacefully.

For that, you can ask help from a vet or a dog behaviorist. You can use a dog crate instead of using the bed.

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5. Be his priority

Sometimes the wrong may be yours. Because as a lover there are some necessary things to do. If you ignore your boyfriend, don’t care about him, or hurt him, he doesn’t like to stay with you at all.

That’s where you made a mistake. As a result, he will try to find happiness in his dog. That’s why he likes to sleep with the dog in the bed, for keeping his mind happy.

My advice is to have to be friendly and kind.

However, if this is puppy blues condition, here is everything you need to know about puppy blues.

How to convince your boyfriend to keep the dog out of bed?

As an anti-dog girlfriend, l felt very weird when my boyfriend likes to sleep with the dog in bed. I really wanted to convince him to keep the dog away from our bed.

That’s because I hate the smell of the dog and hair. Not only that, it kept our relationship weak. I’m going to tell you how to convince your boyfriend to keep the dog out of bed, according to my experience.

First, you need to make a schedule, bring a dog crate, be emotional, try to explain the consequences of having a dog in bed, hire a dog trainer, and help your boyfriend do his dog’s work.

These facts will help you to convince your boyfriend to keep the dog out of bed.

1. Make a schedule

If your boyfriend is really addicted to sleeping with the dog in the bed, that will be so annoying. What you have to do is make a schedule and allocate some days for your dog.

You can let him sleep with the dog in bed at least twice a week. He will agree with this program.

2. Bring a dog crate

Consider your sleep schedule; the days your boyfriend sleeps without his dog can keep the dog in a dog crate in your bedroom. It will help your boyfriend to confirm its safety.

3. Be kind and emotional

Being rough is not gonna help you to fix anything. If you wanna try to convince your boyfriend to keep the dog out in the bed, ask it kindly. He will help you to deal with this issue.

4. Explain the consequences of having a dog in bed

Keeping the dog in the bed while you sleep is a kinda bad idea. Especially if you are allergic to dogs. Your boyfriend is not a baby, so you can speak up about your trouble because of this bad habit.

5. Help him to do his dog’s works

As a girlfriend, you should be supportive of your boyfriend. Help him to protect his dog, and he will admire you. It is an excellent strategy to get his attention.

Become a strength for your boyfriend. Let him feel you care about him and the dog too. And then you will be able to convince him to keep the dog out of bed.

Here are some things to do if your partner wants a dog and you don’t.

Things to be aware of.

1. Being harsh

Feelings and emotions can change from person to person. You are the woman who knows your boyfriend well. As a great woman, you have to think wisely about this matter.

Willingly or unwillingly, you should help him to recover from this matter.

If you get angry with your boyfriend when he likes to sleep with the dog in bed, that is not the way a decent woman acts.

2. Compare your boyfriend with others

This is another mistake you make. Your relationship is unique, and it is not a good idea to compare your boyfriend with others.

Like I said before, everyone has different behavior patterns. On the other hand, because of your annoyance, your relationship might be destroyed.

When your boyfriend likes to sleep with the dog in the bed, you should not be annoying at first. Let it happen, and in time to come, you can inform him of your objection slowly.

3. Revenge from the dog

This is a very cheap deed. If you are planning to do these kinda horrible things, you are the person who should be kicked out of the house.

Because your boyfriend likes to sleep with his dog in bed, how dare you think this way. That innocent soul needs good security, not punishments.

4. Make arguments with your boyfriend

Most girls get used to arguing with their boyfriend when he owns a dog and spends time with the dog. That is because of jealousy. Under this circumstance, you already know how vital that dog is for your boyfriend.

If you follow my above instructions, it is not a big deal when your boyfriend likes to sleep with the dog in the bed.

5. Being flexible

As a woman, you have to be adjusted to an issue like that. The most important thing is protecting your relationship.

Because your boyfriend likes to sleep with the dog in the bed, you will not break your valuable relationship.

Do not use the heart at this time; you have to use your brain. Try to be friendly and explain how you feel when your boyfriend sleeps with his dog in bed.

A simple conversation can find lots of solutions. By the way, Here’s what to do if your partner gets a dog without telling you.


Most of the ladies suffer from the above matter. Here I have mainly explained why your boyfriend wants to sleep with the dog in the bed and the solutions. As I think, this is a timely and significant topic among anti-dog people and dog people. Especially when it comes to the relationship, you have to be careful because this is a sentimental issue. I hope you get all the facts I explain. So break the leg.


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