Your Husband Got A Dog Without Telling You [Do This]

My husband got a dog without telling me

Hey there! Let me tell you about a little surprise that my husband gave me one day. I had just finished work and was looking forward to some relaxation time, but when I walked through the door, I was greeted by a Labrador puppy!

The weird thing was, my husband hadn’t asked my permission before bringing the pup home. I was a little taken aback, to say the least.

So, I did some research and found that there could be a few reasons why he did it – maybe he thought I wouldn’t understand his desire for a pet, or maybe he just wanted to surprise me.

Either way, I knew I had to find a way to make it work. I started with some open discussions with my husband, and made sure to say “no” when necessary. I also tried to adapt to the new addition to our family and make the best of the situation.

It wasn’t easy, but we were able to work through it together. If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember that open communication, saying “no” when necessary, adapting, and even rehoming are all possible solutions.

So, there you have it – my experience with a surprise pup. Follow my lead for more information on how to handle this sentimental issue.

The reason why your husband/boyfriend brought a dog without asking you.

For a healthy relationship, mutual understanding is very essential. If you don’t have a strong bond like that, these kinda issues can arise.

You cannot blame your husband/boyfriend directly because everything has two sides. Whatever, I’m here to ensure that the reason why your boyfriend/husband brought a dog without asking you, according to my experience.

Let’s begin the show.

1. Because you don’t try to understand his desire

The majority of men are fond of adopting dogs because they think it is a kinda pride. It is a well-known fact that having a dog is so responsible and satisfying.

So men do what they want. As a good life partner, you have to catch his desires and weaknesses. The way you treat your man is affected for you when he makes a decision.

In this case, if you try to prevent him from getting a dog, again and again, he will be able to get a dog without asking you. Because you are the main threat to his aim.

Here’s why your boyfriend/husband sleeps with the dog and how to deal with it.

2. Because you are an anti-dog person

If he knows the way you think about every dog, he might be afraid to tell you about his new plan.

will try to take your willingness after getting a cute dog. Because men know most of the ladies are sensitive and lovable.

Here is why your husband/boyfriend needs a dog and you don’t.

3. Because he wants to surprise you

If you are a real dog person, this isn’t an awful idea. It will brighten your life too. And also, it will become a new beginning as dog parents. The problem is, what happens if you refuse dogs at all?

4. Because he is a jerk

Who can do that kinda thing without asking from his partner? Getting a dog is a big turning point in your life.

So, at a time like this, how can he refuse your interpretations? That is a terrible moment. So what next? Has he enough money for vet bills, enough space, time.

These kinda things cannot be done alone. Does it mean that your partner is selfish? Maybe! What if you are allergic to dogs?

Your boyfriend/husband should think about all the issues he has before bringing a dog without asking you.

Here is why your spouse chooses the dog over you and how to deal with that.

5. To refresh his life

Everyone is looking forward to refreshing or rescheduling their monotonous life.

So adopting a dog is an excellent interpretation because, in time, your marriage life or your love life might be boring.

After arriving as a new member, your lifestyle can be more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to make a difference.

What to do when your husband brings a dog without your permission

Firstly you will wonder why your husband/boyfriend brings a dog without your permission because you are his life partner, and you should know what is going on in your marriage life rapidly.

No matter who your husband/boyfriend is, he has to inform you about everything. That’s how a decent man acts in day-to-day life. So let’s learn what you can do if your husband brings a dog without your permission.

As a respectable woman, you can have an open, transparent, and fair discussion. And then again, you are free to say NO.

On the other hand, you can rehome the dog because you know the dog’s ability and how difficult it is for you. If you are a dog person or willing to have a dog, you can keep it permanently.

It means that you have to adapt and live with it. If you have doubts about living with a dog because of your mental or physical condition, you can leave home too.

1. Open discussion

Under this circumstance, most of the women try to be aggressive, excited, panic and disappointed. Is that the thing you should do? NO. Like I always say, you have to be patient because this is a kinda emotional issue.

What you have to do is, keep an open, direct, and transparent discussion. If you are willing to have a dog, this will not be a big deal. But if you are an anti-dog person, this conversation might be a crazy one.

However, here are some things to do if you feel jealous of your partner’s dog.

2. Say NO

Don’t hesitate to express your opinion and concerns. If you are not gonna accept a dog at this time, convey your decision to the boyfriend/husband. You are free to say NO.

3. Adapt with the condition

Sometimes we cannot get what we expect because we have to consider the people who love us. We have to keep their happiness, too; therefore, we need to shut our mouths up occasionally.

We can adapt to the condition instead of showing objection. That is good for keeping a vital relationship.

4. Rehome

If you have an issue with the dogs, such as allergies and fears, and your husband/boyfriend brings a dog without asking you, that will be a horrible experience for you.

You can talk with him and try to rehome the dog. It will be better than staying in a bad house.

5. Let him feel your pain.

If your boyfriend/husband wants to keep the dog ignoring your difficulties, which means he doesn’t care about you anymore. A good husband/boyfriend should be dedicated to looking after you forever.

As a woman, you know how to show your relationship issues with your spouse in terms of body language. I mean, give it a shot and see how it goes!

If you aren’t a dog person, how to make yourself love to dog

It’s a well-known fact that it’s really tough to live with dogs if they aren’t dog persons. Although you are an anti-dog person, your family might be a dog person.

Under this circumstance, you cannot ignore having a dog because that fact shows your selfishness. What you have to do is adapt to nature. So I’m gonna show you how to make yourself love a dog if you aren’t a dog person.

The following facts are based on my own experience. At first, you can feed the dog or give dog treats randomly.

And then try to spend time together and also you are allowed to give rewards. If the above facts don’t work, please get advice from the vet and read about dogs using magazines, articles, and books.

1. Spend time together

If you wanna swim, you have to jump into the pool. By and large, can you allocate some time for the dog? It will be an excellent period for both of you.

In simpler terms, if you want to love your husband/boyfriend’s dog, you need to spend a great moment with the dog.

As scientists say, dogs can make love hormones when they are staying with their favorite person. And try to be its favorite person. You can

  • Play with him/her
  • Go for a walk
  • Feed him/her
  • Cuddle him/her
  • Touch softly

2. Get vet/dog behaviorist advice

If you are going to stay with a dog for the first time, taking your vet’s or a dog behaviorist’s advice is vital. Because you know nothing about dogs. Before you mess up everything, it is good to get advice.

3. Learn about dogs before you close to a dog

Like I said before, you have to do very deep research before staying close with your husband’s/ boyfriend’s dog. What you can do is go on youtube and search for the matter you deal with.

You will be able to find thousands of ways to get attached to a dog. Not only that but also you can google it and also read articles, books, magazines, etc. It will help to do things easily.

4. Feed him/her

I believe that food can make powerful bonds. If you want to get attention from a dog, you can first offer some delicious food. And then the dog will get used to being attached to you.

5. Rewarding

This strategy is also the same as the above one. Dogs are fond of getting rewards from us. It is kinda an enjoyable aspect for dogs.

At what moment you can give rewards for your husband’s/ boyfriend’s dog

  • When he/she obey you
  • When he/she respond to your command

How can you reward your dog?

  • Give food treats
  • Allow going outside
  • Hugging
  • Let him/her play with other dogs
  • Give some toys
  • Giving your attention

Things to be aware of

1. Argue with your husband/boyfriend

Regarding this issue, the devil can climb into your head. But don’t get angry always.  You can solve this matter using a very quiet and calm manner.

If you are going to argue with your boyfriend/husband, there is a risk of breaking the bond between you two.

2. Don’t revenge on the dog

The dog is not a person who should get punished by you. That innocent and poor soul cannot do anything to fix this matter, and also, this is not its choice.

So be sympathetic not to get revenge from the dog when you are handling this pathetic situation. Some women try to kick the dog out, refuse to feed and do some terrible punishment. That is out of humanity.

3. Use safety methods

If you are willing to keep the dog, it’s borough your boyfriend/husband without making you. You have to follow these instructions.

Especially if you are going to raise the dog with many destructions, keep these things in your mind.

  • Get a dog crate
  • Make a fence over 6 feet (it can change from breed to breed)
  • Vaccinate on time
  • Hire a dog trainer

4. Do not compare with others

This is a mistake that most women make rapidly. They think how the man next door treats his wife, how friend’s husband’s take care of them, is like that. It is a huge reason for having family problems.

If your boyfriend/husband has got a dog without asking you, what you have to do is have a direct and open discussion with him.


Here mainly, I have mentioned why your husband/boyfriend brings a dog without your permission, how to deal with it and how you can bloom your love towards the dog. From my point of view, this is a timely issue among partners. So I have shown you the way you can react to an issue like that. I hope you will get the right direction.


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