Wife Wants To Get Rid Of The Dog [9 Reasons & solutions]

Wife/GF Wants To Get Rid Of The Dog

Ah, the joys of being a dog person! But, what do you do when your wife is an anti-dog person? Well, my friend, wonder no more! People have different attitudes, and we’re here to help you figure out what to do when your wife wants to get rid of or rehome your furry friend.

So, why might your wife want to get rid of or rehome the dog?

Well, there could be several reasons, including pregnancy, dog attacks her, aggressiveness, jealousy, workload, health issues, disruption of personal life, allergic to dogs, mess in the house, and noise. But, don’t worry, my friend, there are several solutions to this problem, including discussing with her, helping with daily tasks, and treating her equally.

But, there could be more reasons to consider. After reading all these facts, you’ll be able to get a satisfactory interpretation of why your wife wants to get rid of or rehome your furry friend. With proper care and attention, you’ll be able to find a solution that works for everyone involved. Let’s explore all the possibilities together!

Reasons why does your wife/girlfriend want to get rid of the dog?

Prior to you get married, it’s better to consider whether your girlfriend likes dogs or not. If you get married to an anti-dog person, you have to face to face with the below consequences.

Here are a handful of reasons why your wife/girlfriend gets rid of your dog.

1. When she gets pregnant.

This is one of the main reasons why this problem occurs. Lots of men had suffered from this issue, not only that but also they have broken inside. 

You want your child’s mother and your best friend too. How can you choose one of them? Most of the wives want to get rid of the dog after they give birth to the child.

That’s because, when they become mothers, their hormones and mental stimulation can be changed. Under this circumstance, they might try to rehome the dog.

2. When your dog attack her

Some dogs such as Rottweiler, German Shepherd,  American bulldog, Bullmastiff, Siberian Husky obey only their masters. And they don’t like when someone is close to their owner.

As a result, they will try attack your wife or girlfriend as well. Because of that, your wife/GF will get angry at all. This is one of the reasons your wife/GF wants to rehome your dog.

Considering this matter, they are correct. No one likes to get attacked by their partner’s dog when she tries to hang out with her husband/BF.

3. Aggressive behavior

Most of the time, your wife/girlfriend has to stay at home because you work outside. On this occasion, they have to look after your dog the whole day.

If your dog is too aggressive toward your wife or hyperactive, it will be a headache for your wife/girlfriend. Everyone likes to stay free and calm, and when your dog tries to bother your partner, the war will start.

And you are the innocent victim who is going to suffer. When you are going to find a partner, choose a dog person. And then you can live without any destruction.

4. Jealousy

This is a common attitude among every wife/girlfriend. They try to prevent you from being with your dog, especially when you take your dog as your priority.

Now that you are married; accordingly, you have to change your lifestyle.

If you give your priority to your dog; furthermore, your wife/girlfriend doesn’t enjoy being with you. They think that the dog should be kicked out of the track if she wants to spend a good life with you. And then they ask you to get rid of your dog or rehome.

Here is why a girlfriend/wife gets jealous of her husband’s dog.

5. Being sick of doing dog’s duties

As a housewife, she does a lot of duties, and it is a hidden sacrifice. Your wife might have children too.

The truth has a dog is a big responsibility because your wife/girlfriend has to do all the things alone and take care of the dog every time. The rotation can be very stressful for your wife/girlfriend. Morning feed, walking, exercising, bathing, and such.

6. Health problems

What are the diseases that can infect your dog?

  • Skin Issues.
  • Ear Infections.
  • Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Dental Disease.
  • Obesity.

Some of them are very bad when infecting your dog. Your wife will be able to reject looking after your dog because of the above issues. And then they will tell you they want to get rid of your dog or rehome.

We can’t leave our dogs when they become sick. That is not humanity. We call it inhumanity.

7. Breaking your personal space

What does it mean? When you fall in love with a dog, you don’t care about anything. You know what? It can break your family bond. I mention the reason why your wife wants to get rid of your dog.

  • Your dog sleeps with you
  • You hug and kiss the dog, and your wife/GF get nothing
  • When your priority becomes the dog
  • When you spend much money on the dog
  • Caring your dog when you go on trips
  • Spending much time with the dog
  • When you upload your dog’s photos on social media, and you don’t post your wife’s

Your girlfriend gets upset when they don’t get enough attention from you. And also your dog comes between you every time. Those are the reasons why your wife/GF wants to get rid of your dog. These problems can ride until you divorce.

Think if you’re always sleeping with the dog. Girls generally do not want their relationship to be interrupted..

8. Allergic

Some people suffer from allergies because of pets. The hair of dogs can be harmful to them. If your wife/GF is one of them, they try to get rid of the dog or rehome.

9. Making the house mess and noise

Dogs are hyperactive and aggressive. Women love to make the house clean and comfortable. What happens if your dog is playful? It messes up everything your wife/GF creates.

The reasons why your wife/girlfriend wants to get rid of your dog are

  • Pooping and peeing inside
  • Barking continuously
  • Attacking strangers
  • Attacking other pets (cats, rats, rabbits, etc..)
  • Destroying children’s toys
  • Ruining carpet, sofa, bed, etc.
  • Hair loss problems
  • Sleeping on the bed, sofa, chair, carpet, etc.…
  • Jumping on her
  • Ruining clothes

According to the above facts, your wife doesn’t want to keep a dog in her house. The worst thing is becoming your wife/girlfriend is an anti-dog person. So these are things that are why she wants to get rid of your dog.

Here is why a girlfriend/wife doesn’t need to adopt a dog.

What to do if your wife/girlfriend needs to rehome the dog?

You already know the reason why your wife/girlfriend wants to get rid of or rehome your dog. It’s time to discuss what you can do when she needs to rehome the dog. Let’s see what they are

Here is a brief explanation.

  1. You can discuss with your wife/GF
  2. Help her to do daily work
  3. Fix her mentality
  4. If she has some allergy, you can meet the doctor
  5. Treat your girlfriend/wife smoothly
  6. Train your dog
  7. Hire a dog trainer

Leggo to a deep explanation

1. You can discuss with your spouse

Fix a calm time and make a cup of tea for her before you start to talk about this matter. Do not get excited and rough. Just act like a cool person, and you are going to have a change of heart.

First of all, listen to her like a gentleman. After that, considering her reaction, do these steps. Hold her hand and look at her eyes directly. And tell her how much it is worth having your dog for you. If she really loves you, she will listen to you.

2. Hire a dog trainer

You should hire a dog trainer because he can teach your dog how to reduce aggressive behavior.

And also, your wife/GF doesn’t want to take care of the dog if the dog keeps a dog care center in the daytime. When you return home, you can get your dog from the dog care center. Think about that.

If that thing works, your wife/girlfriend will get back her interpretation which rehomes your dog.

3. Help her to do daily work

No need to do much work. At least you can do your dog’s duties by yourself. All this considered, give her some rest. The owner takes all the responsibility for your dog because your wife/GF has a bearing capacity.

4. Fix her mentality

If your wife/GF is an anti-dog person or if she wants to get rid of or rehome your dog, you have to fix her mind.

Good advice, encouragement, motivation can fix her mentality. What it means is when you tell your desire, again and again, she will start to react positively.

5. Visit a doctor

Like I said before, some people are allergic to pets. Especially cats and dogs. Under those circumstances, you can take your wife/girlfriend to a hospital for medical treatment.

6. Treat your wife/GF smoothly

Being rough cannot help with this problem because this is a kinda sentimental issue. Give your priority to your wife/GF. That is not a big deal.

If you can treat her well, she will think about your needs too. As a result, she will not try to rehome or get rid of your dog anymore.

7. Train your dog

As a dog owner, you can train your dog easily. They want a backyard with enough space. The truth here is you don’t want to spend your money on a dog trainer, and you also will spend a better time with your dog.

After training your pooch, your wife/girlfriend will not try to get rid of or rehome your dog at all.

How to make your wife/girlfriend fall in love with dogs?

You already know why your wife wants to get rid of your dog or rehome your dog. Not only that but also you know solutions too. The next step is making your wife/GF fall in love with dogs. Let’s see how to do it.

Here are some strategic methods shortly
♦ Let her feed your dog
♦ Let your dog carry some gifts for her
♦ Teach your dog some attractive activities
♦ Train your dog not to bother her
♦ Arrange a doggy trip and have fun

Women like those kinda sweet things. I can confirm that your wife will fall in love with the dog after doing the above facts.

  1. Let her feed your dog- if your wife/girlfriend is afraid of dogs, this Is a good solution for making them close. Foods can build relationships.
  2.  Let your dog carry some gifts for her- Train your dog to bring some things for your wife/GF such as flowers, sweet notes, cards, etc.…
  3. Teach your dog some attractive activities – a handshake, walk by your wife/GF side, obey the command, etc.… because these things can impress her.
  4. Train your dog not to bother her – most dogs try to jump on people, play with them, bark at them, attack, etc.… A proper train can make your dog decent. Because of that change, your wife/girlfriend will not want to get rid of the dog.
  5. Arrange a doggy trip and have fun – Go out with your dog and your wife/GF, and then they can spend a fun time together. It will remake the bond between your dog and wife/GF

Things to be aware of

Under this situation, you have to be careful because you need both your dog and wife/GF. When you become rough, the risk of breaking up your family can increase. So here are some things to be careful about.

  1. Do not get angryy with your wife/girlfriend or argue. Be patient and try to solve problems correctly.
  2. Being rough to your dog. Your dog can do nothing about this issue. Don’t take revenge on your dog.
  3. Meet a counselor- if you have a dilemma about how your wife/GF tries to get rid of your dog, you can take her counselor. Because a furious woman has unimaginable anger.
  4. Let her feel your affection and love. Try to spend time with her, give your priority and don’t forget to do little surprises
  5. If she has an allergy, she better meets a doctor. Or create a dog crate outside the house and do not let your dog come to your spouse.


What do you do if your wife/girlfriend needs to get rid of the dog or rehome, and why does she want to do it? I have discussed these matters throughout the article. And I have suggested some solutions too. I hope you will grab all utterances and nail them.


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